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  1. This may be a dumb question but did you use Custom game or Matchmaking?
  2. This works very well with tampermonkey. It should do what your looking for quite nicely.
  3. I'm pretty sure I read somewhere on the forum here that they patched the mad max scrap glitch Never mind. I found the forum posts and I misremembered. Some people still have the scavenging glitch. It seems they only fixed the races.
  4. This is late but yes you can return. After finishing the game the whole world is still explorable using a special feature. You can travel between Lucis, Altissia, and insomnia during post game. several quests do not become available until post game. And if I remember correctly the armiger unleashed accessory(king's sigil?) isn't available until after the main story is finished
  5. @Newhopes I noticed you dont have the game on your list. Did you play it on an alt or on a friends account? How far did you get? Or are you basing your opinion off of information from others or videos you have seen?
  6. I finished the game up back in 2015 and even back then there were terrible connection issues. Certain people could only connect to certain other people. It took some time to make sure everyone got connected okay and one person was unable to connect to anyone in our group and decided it wasn't worth it. The point being if you have trouble boosting with someone you should try different combinations of hosting to attempt to connect
  7. he means @B1rvine I think
  8. I used to track all my games in a homemade spreadsheet but found it unwieldy and was worried about losing it even though I added it to my dropbox constantly. I started using grouvee for tracking my backlog and think it works quite well. However I would also like to see this site add an option like this so everything we need is all in one place
  9. The topic right beneath the one you created has several people talking about having this happen. check near the bottom on this topic: It seems to happen to people after a long hiatus from the game.
  10. I don't know if the PSnow version of undead is same as the disc but according to this: the disc version includes both of those packs. I have a copy but haven't gotten around to installing and seeing if they are actually included on the disc or not.
  11. I was fortunate enough to have no issue boosting this game as I was able to use 3 ps3s and self boost everything. But I have had large issues in other games. I agree with nearly everything you say here. But I never understand the logic of the part in bold. We're still jacking around in the game they love. It's like stolen valor to them. We don't deserve to come in and wear "medals" we didn't "earn". We are just a bunch of noobs coming in and clogging servers in the last few days it's active. I don't see how that's different than saying it doesn't matter if someone hacks or cheats trophies as long as they dont make a impact on the leaderboards (I don't agree with this btw). There has even been a dispute I can't find right now where the guy showed his position in the leaderboards would fall from like 120000 to like 120020. Many people(I'm not calling anyone specific out here) seem surprised that people who dont trophy hunt aren't interested in other people gaining trophies. I remember old call of duty games on xbox where people would make booster busting videos. The rise of griefing and trolling is an unfortunate trend that spans many games. It just always helps to remember that your behavior might be considered "toxic" to others. At least, it helps me keep from throwing a controller through my tv at times. There are no rules against disrupting boosters. They just have a different definition of fun then we do. Even some trophy hunters are guilty of this using main and alternate accounts to keep games trophy rarity lower. I'm not condoning what they do. I just want people to understand both sides of an issue. Even if the other side is wrong, I think it's wrong to simply write them off as toxic. Also: congrats on the very quick plat time. Impressive to say the least
  12. First I want to be clear I don't support their actions. If someone boosting is screwing up my game I would make it my mission to wreck them. But I wouldn't join games I knew were boosting to disrupt them. But to play devil's advocate, perhaps from their perspective they were preventing "cheaters" from earning a place among people who earned the trophies "legit". Or maybe they don't care about trophies. Maybe they just view boosting in general as a cheat method that they want to prevent, which would make them knights of honor in their cause. Maybe they think we were the toxic ones. coming and clogging their servers for some stupid trophies in a game we didn't even really enjoy or want to play just so we could have some shiny digital bling. Maybe they didn't like a ton of people joining the servers at the last minute and making connections difficult for them to play the game they love that they've stuck with for years.
  13. Check this board : and this :
  14. Yeah this is not possible unless there is some glitch I don't know about. Spaghetti cinema pops during the cutscene at the end of tanker level and midway through like a 10 minute cutscene if I remember rightly. You pick up the camera a fair bit after switching to Raiden or get it at completion. also getting "A cut above" after earning all dog tags rewards is impossible AFAIK because the rewards require you to play through the levels on multiple difficulties to earn the correct number of tags(it's been awhile so I could be wrong on this) Edit : I forgot you could play the scenarios individually and "A Cut Above" requires you to play the combined scenarios. My last point was incorrect
  15. If the reason you chose that time particularly is because of trophy timestamps, you shouldn't worry. trophies are timestamped based on an internal clock that has nothing to do with your displayed system clock. You should be able to set the clock to a year ago and it shouldn't matter Never mind. I reread what you typed and understood you're reasoning. Don't know how I missed it the first time I read it. I'm blaming lack of sleep. Care to elaborate on what you mean by a timed trigger on a previous patch?