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  1. didnt they have the challenges go down once before and come back up?
  2. I think he already completed it. But I would be able to help you as I still need the trophy on this account anyway. @Dr_Mayus
  3. can do what? not really necessary to beat it first. but you must be at the same place as the person you are trying to join. It's easier once you have neaten the game because you can chapter select to the same chapter
  4. white coats cant play with first time redcoats. you can turn off your white cloak though. edit: I should say they dont seem to be able to. I'm no expert on this game I will also say i have done the ps4 version on this account and would be able to help on that if needed
  5. I cant because I havent finished the game on ps3 yet I dont think. I will check I just checked I dont have access to an account that already beat it. I will try to rush through it on my main so i can help. send me a fr if you want
  6. I think you can either unplug ethernet cable/turn off modem or sign out of psn and resign back in. I have the ps3 version and could try it with you if you need help I suppose
  7. Yes it is very easy. I did it many times with no problem. AFAIK it is the only method for connecting to a specific partner that works quickly and effectively
  8. yes that is the basic concept. I mostly did it on mountain chapter to help people with companion trophy. sat on the first little rock hill just after the mini cutscene and waited for them until we connected.
  9. I used this method when helping others get the trophies. I did it nearer the end for them to get the companion and crossing trophies
  10. Unless I'm remembering incorrectly, while wearing the white robe you only can match with people who have not completed the game. yes it is
  11. This may be a dumb question but did you use Custom game or Matchmaking?
  12. This works very well with tampermonkey. It should do what your looking for quite nicely.
  13. I'm pretty sure I read somewhere on the forum here that they patched the mad max scrap glitch Never mind. I found the forum posts and I misremembered. Some people still have the scavenging glitch. It seems they only fixed the races.
  14. This is late but yes you can return. After finishing the game the whole world is still explorable using a special feature. You can travel between Lucis, Altissia, and insomnia during post game. several quests do not become available until post game. And if I remember correctly the armiger unleashed accessory(king's sigil?) isn't available until after the main story is finished
  15. @Newhopes I noticed you dont have the game on your list. Did you play it on an alt or on a friends account? How far did you get? Or are you basing your opinion off of information from others or videos you have seen?