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  1. Yeah this is not possible unless there is some glitch I don't know about. Spaghetti cinema pops during the cutscene at the end of tanker level and midway through like a 10 minute cutscene if I remember rightly. You pick up the camera a fair bit after switching to Raiden or get it at completion. also getting "A cut above" after earning all dog tags rewards is impossible AFAIK because the rewards require you to play through the levels on multiple difficulties to earn the correct number of tags(it's been awhile so I could be wrong on this) Edit : I forgot you could play the scenarios individually and "A Cut Above" requires you to play the combined scenarios. My last point was incorrect
  2. If the reason you chose that time particularly is because of trophy timestamps, you shouldn't worry. trophies are timestamped based on an internal clock that has nothing to do with your displayed system clock. You should be able to set the clock to a year ago and it shouldn't matter Never mind. I reread what you typed and understood you're reasoning. Don't know how I missed it the first time I read it. I'm blaming lack of sleep. Care to elaborate on what you mean by a timed trigger on a previous patch?
  3. It does not come with dlc on disk. I bought the royal edition new and sealed just a few days ago. It comes with a voucher to download all dlc. I believe they are going to de-list comrades on the 13th so download it sooner than later @Brightblade76 ninja'ed the hell outta me. That's the first time it ever happened to me.😒
  4. The royal edition comes with a voucher to download all dlc released so far. the update file and the dlc is a substantial download size so I would start it as soon as possible. The update file is 28.79GB, Comrades is 7.53GB the episodes are 3-5GB each and I'm not sure about the rest. I don't have the fastest internet ever so my updates say around 8 hours currently. The internet does massively slow down around this time of night in my neighborhood though so it might not be as bad as it looks now. I intend on turning my network capability off entirely until I finish. I've read about several people having trouble with the ps4 auto updating even with updates option turned off so I'm going the super safe route and going offgrid until I 100% FFXV.
  5. @madbuk I think it mentioned the possibility that Kratos by becoming the GoW became the owner of all Ares weapons including Blades of Chaos. It also mentions that Athena could have somehow modified the BoC into BoA. Try rereading the wiki if you're interested. I don't necessarily like those possibilities and they are a stretch as far as I'm concerned but they do demonstrate that these things could happen. I imagine the next game will give more explanation to the transition from Greece to Midgard. My point was only that there are tons of ways they could get him the BoC back. I mean, Kratos came back from the dead multiple times right? What is the stretch of imagination here? As far as godship is concerned he defeated Gods and Titans after he was dethroned as GoW. He did this by acquiring other power sources and maybe by some lingering effect of his demigodship. So by defeating the pantheon perhaps he absorbed some God powers in some way. None of these are plot holes. Just because people don't like the lore or don't have all the answers now that doesn't make it a plot hole. Out of curiosity: you said the Blades should have floated away when Greece flooded. How would they float? Update: The wiki mentions Kratos had sworn not to use them again so that would explain the absence as a usable weapon in other games. Being freed from their influence doesn't mean they cease to exist or that he cant use them. I read that as saying they are no longer attached to him. He was unable to remove them prior to this
  6. Here is a potential answer for Kratos possessing the Blades in Midgard. Maybe there is more lore that connects them in the comic series? I haven't read them. I would disagree that missing information automatically equals plot hole.
  7. I agree that it would be a useful feature but it has been suggested several times and not gotten any traction that I've seen. I started using grouvee for that purpose and am loving it so far
  8. I'm guessing you mean using a patch blocker like elite mossy. AFAIK patch blockers no longer work. I think they had a firmware update that made it impossible. Maybe there is a way that I dont know about to use it with a lower firmware version.
  9. which vpn are you using may i ask? have you tried this method: Set up PS4 VPN via your PC There’s also a way to connect to a VPN on your PS4 using a PC – it’s essentially the same method as connecting with a Mac but utilises the Windows equivalent of Internet Sharing. As with above, make sure you’ve signed up to a VPN provider – you can take a look at our choice of the best gaming VPNs if you’re unsure of who to pick, but again our VPN of choice is NordVPN. Install the VPN software of your choice on your PC. Plug an Ethernet cable into the back of your PC and the PS4. Open Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center and select Change Adaptor Settings on the left-hand side of the window. Right-click on the icon with the title of your chosen VPN and click Properties. Open the Sharing tab and make sure ‘Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection’ is selected. Select Home Networking Connection and select the home internet connection from the drop-down menu that you’d like to share with your PS4. On your PS4, go to Settings > Network Settings > Set Up Internet Connection > Use a LAN Cable and select the Easy connection method. This will automatically scan and set up your Ethernet connection. Select “Do Not Use a Proxy Server” when prompted. You can test your internet connection if you want, and if all has gone well, your PS4 should now be connected to the internet via a VPN.
  10. I haven't but I have friends who have used this method to get this particular trophy so I know it works. Try this or this From what I gather you need to set your router up on a vpn then connect through a lan cable to your pc. If your trying to connect your ps4 to a vpn, that might be your issue.
  11. They won't care if you did this or someone else did it. They probably won't even believe that you didn't do it. If you want to appear on the leaderboards you'll have to start a new clean account. If you don't care about leaderboards carry on as usual.
  12. T Getting the stars in MW2 within seconds of each other is AFAIK impossible. It's a commonly used save file pattern and I can almost guarantee they won't lift it. WaW has some dlc trophies impossibly close together and completing three levels within a few seconds of each other. Maybe whoever hacked the other trophies accidentally did some of those because the first trophies look fine, but if you order them by date the more recent ones are not feasible
  13. On topic: boosting is cheating. It's an accepted form of cheating on this and many other trophy sites. I'm not opposed to boosting and I often do it myself. The logic of it not being cheating because "The servers are dead on such-and-such game so it's the only way to do it" is in my opinion fallacious. That logic would give far too much of a shaky foundation for what is considered cheating. This would also not apply to any active game because it would still be attainable. RDR 2 already has a session setup last I checked(which I'm fine with). Some games had built in antiboosting measures like the Killzone series(I think). Another argument is "it takes too long and is such a grind. so therefore it isn't cheating to boost" I don't understand that one at all. The logic generally seems to be I wanted to do it therefore it is okay. Many people who use save files and hacks make the same argument about not wanting to grind. "as long as you dont mess up the tops spots in the leaderboards it's fine." You could apply that logic to this website and say "Who cares if someone hacks trophies or uses save files as long as they are far enough down on the leaderboards." (I'm not saying I feel that way btw) Go on gaming sites that aren't so interested in trophies and ask if boosting is cheating. Especially sites devoted to games that people commonly boost. I think you'll get quite a different response. At the end of the day it doesn't much matter what a group or an individual persons interpretation of cheating happens to be. Just play games how you want and be prepared to live with the consequences. Off topic: What are C.F.C. and L.G.C.?
  14. maybe it did. It looks like he hacked these just recently.
  15.'re entire profile is obviously not legit. They will never lift these. Both flags are correct and you should get like a hundred more at least. If you want to be on the leaderboards you can't use cfw to autopop trophies. From the rules: Things that are flaggable: Using CFW (Custom Firmware) to unlock trophies - Similar to using save files to auto-unlock trophies, using files and custom firmware on any console to unlock trophies instead of playing within the game environment is flaggable. This is 100% done on purpose, it can't be done on accident by regular players, and you will get flagged if your timestamps are detected. Joining hacked multiplayer lobbies that auto-unlock trophies - Due to the impossibility of these times affecting specific game leaderboards, it's not fair to players who unlocked trophies under normal circumstances. Right now there isn't a 'white list' system for these kinds of games and a regular flag is made - you'll have to hide that game to get back on the leaderboards. If this happens to you, don't sync your trophies and go here to see how to reverse it.