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  1. It's pretty dead late at night US time. not too bad to boost honestly.
  2. six people to start any game mode
  3. @Golden Devil Gamer you may want to update your original post with the information from yoranto
  4. Secret Victories emblem is from beating all 6 ascendant challenges which rotate weekly. Braytech Osprey is farmable on Strange Terrain nightfall but the new exotic quest Exodus Evacuation.
  5. I agree with jimbob about the whole reason being "because the plat can be obtained by basically mashing or hold/releasing O the whole game and none of us learned how to play it properly". Use divine armor for any levels you struggle with. no other magic is necessary. Don't forget you can remap for trials where the magic is in a position you don't like. circle spam(Dante) and charged circle spam(Lucia) makes almost every trial a joke. Here's a collection of tips I've used for people I've helped:
  6. One of my buddies just tested it and said its back up working. He completed a trial
  7. To the best of my memory: Gang wars needs 4 to start, 16 to lock. Last man standing needs 3 to start, 8 to lock. TDM and DM need 2 to start, 8 to lock. Two DLC trophies requires 4 people. Two DLC trophies require 5 people. The rest can be done with 2-3 people You shouldn't need to worry about randoms. The game is almost entirely dead and if you play in free aim you will almost never run into another person.
  8. yeah i wouldnt expect anything
  9. you should try to contact playstation and bungie. they might not help you at all but its worth an email imho
  10. couldn't you downgrade to use the old glitches?
  11. For future readers...once you migrate to PS4, both platforms progress separately. So your progress cannot be transferred back to PS3
  12. I just bought the collection on ebay sealed. both codes said they were expired but still worked
  13. it says in the blog they linked : "The Curator’s Cut allows you to play an alternative version of the story which was previously unavailable in your first playthrough. Play new scenes, receive new information, make new choices that affect the story and see the game through different characters’ eyes."
  14. I cant find the info but i think it was truetrophies for some reason. I dont use it but someone on discord told me about it
  15. @Koro249 there is another trophy site that sends messages when server shutdowns are announced. I cant recall which one but if I can remember I will let you know