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  1. YES this really happened..... played the last match of mls and got the milestone then went for the last game for stadium developement 2 and fut crashes so I‘m being kicked out the lobby impossible to get the trophy because you have to do it in „one sitting“. I‘m so fucking mad. Have to play this stupid shit game for 20+ FURTHER alltough that would have been the last trophy to platinum, this is just fucked up!
  2. I can confirm that this works! I colkected all 49 collectibles and played a random ending (kept gun, nice to vince, everyone dead except andrew and angela, carver guilty) and still got the trophy and the 10th collectible
  3. I‘ve tried nearly everything to save everyone but nothing seems to work here.. I got to the ruined house with all characters but I only got the trophy for „save angela” before i get into the house. Everyone else excluding andrew and angela is dying in the house after the court trial.. what am I missing?
  4. Can someone tell me how to play Taylor in the church to get the collectibles and the picture? Whatever I do it‘s skipping directly to the cut scene and I have no chance of moving arounf in the church...
  5. Sounds like a lot of fun! Was a huge fan of The Forest which is kinda similar to this one - really wondering how much it will cost tough! Anyone know when this will be released?
  6. hey man i have a fully upraded certified one. I need a painted and a very rare for the car though, are you interested?
  7. You can't do anything else in this run!! Just follow the whole route till the end and then goe into the differnet areas back! The best is when you watch a video! PS4Trophies has a nice one!
  8. I've done it with my girlfriend! It was amazing!
  9. I have The plat in surgeon simulator so i think i will get this plat too! Looks really funny but also challenging! Somebody know how much that will cost ?
  10. 'Extra Effort' in FIFA 15!!!! It's my last trophy to get but it's so annoying! you can get it in 20 minutes but also in 50 hours, it's just luck if you get it or not.. Hate those trophies!