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  1. Looks great! I spend so many hours in this game, I played the story with all the characters. honestly the best racing game for me.
  2. #134 Ys VIII Lacrimosa of Dana EU As always, Falcom game #135 Final Fantasy XIV Realm Reborn After many many years, me and my sister together achieved this platinum together. Wonderful journey! In my opinion the best MMO there is. And will not stop playing this even though the plat is done. #136 Psycho Pass Mandotary Happiness Okay visual novel, to tell the truth.. It was free and good for keeping trophy streak alive.
  3. The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki IV the End of Saga was the Game of the Year for me.
  4. Guide of the Year英雄伝説-閃の軌跡iii-trophy-guide Very helpful guide, lots of effort is made with the guide. It is very professional and well made. Has very much information and translation work is amazing! Exceptional Walkthrough Guide英雄伝説-閃の軌跡iii-overall-walkthrough Like the trophy guide of this game: very very well made. Everything is made easy to understand even to those with not much knowledge of Japanese. Guide is also very well formated. Exceptional Niche Game Guide英雄伝説-閃の軌跡iii-trophy-guide Same stuff mentioned as above. To add more: very detailed images, controls of the game is explained, game mechanics and the use of images is good. Exceptional DLC Guide This guide helped me a lot during my play of Episode Ignis. Detailed explanation of trophies and very good videos to help you get the trophies. Exceptional Use of Original Content Very good use of videos and pictures. Made my platinum for this game a pleasant journey. Very easy trophy guide to follow.
  5. A question: Could there be any category for Japanese guides? A prize award for guide writers who write guide for Japanese/Korean/Chinese version? Just a thought I had, since there is lot of helpful Japanese guides in the site that I'm pretty sure many people have found helpful.
  6. #133 KINGDOM HEARTS II MasterObtain all trophies. Kingdom Hearts II Oh sweet childhood memories.. Very nice to play again after many years. Now sometime later Birth by Sleep and others, and then I am all ready for Kingdom Hearts III!
  7. Third time I buy this game, and will enjoy it the third time also! All three bought from Games under 20€ sale.
  8. There is also PC version of Ao no Kiseki, it's only in Chinese though. Also Zero and Ao for PSP have little bit of voice acting for battle and in some scenes. I think this goes with all PC versions. And, Sora FC, Sora SC and Sora the Third have PS3 versions also. They are equal to Evo versions minus the new artwork, voice acting and trophies.
  9. Grand Kingdom is not very hard to platinum, I think the platinum is ultra rare just because the game is kinda grindy. Thanks! You yourself have a nice profile! I'll take Persona 5 from you!
  10. Hey, you should totally play J-Stars Victory VS+ if you are into it.  The online required trophies are really not hard at all!

    1. killivincent


      Oh, really? Thanks for letting me know! :) I'll try to look for it from sales then!

    2. daftprophet


      For sure.  There are I believe 4 online trophies, two for titles/icons and two for playing online (one and 20 matches) 

      Also, I think I have since deleted the game from my Vita, but if you're having trouble finding matches I would be able to help. :)


    3. killivincent


      That's so nice of you! I don't own the game yet, but if I end up buying it, I'll be sure to ask your help. :)

      Thank you very much again.

  11. J-Stars Victory VS+ I would very much like to play this one... But, online trophies...
  12. Yes this happened to me too when I played. I also have PS4 Pro. But, not in the place you mentioned. To me, fan started making noices when I played for many hours straight and when there was lots of cutscenes with lots of characters. So, guess there could be something with the game. Do you have the digital or the disc version? I have the digital version.
  13. You will get to play someday too... Maybe after 2-3 years.... Seriously, hopefully soon there will be news of the localization of both Sen III and Sen IV, so everyone could play already.