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  1. I'm a fan of Fallout 4 and Bethesda, and i was intrigued when i first heard about FO 76. But i'm not gonna buy it cause it just looks and sounds rather dull and boring to me. And that's besides it being apparantly borderline unplayable at times (a day one patch that is bigger than the game itself, WTF?!). Yeah it can be fixed later through updates but if i'd bought that game on release i'd be pissed bad. I dont wanna wait to play a game i already own. I might give it shot once it drops down to 20-30 bucks. Now to the defendants, i'm not saying the game is shit, it just doesnt look very good either. And in the marketing and release phase that's a rather bad thing. I have enough other games to play, there's more releases than i get around to, so passing this one up and just not taking the risk that a purchase is right now, is an easy decision for me.
  2. Again, Tabata said Dec. 13 for Japan, Dec. 15 for the rest of the world. I dont think you can take dlc trophie lists of games and even if i doubt they'd care enough to do it. Also it would piss off the people who already got the trophies. Why not? I'm pretty certain the stand alone game get's it's on own trophy list, very rarely do you see game releases without trophies. It's usually required by sony from what i understand, with a few exceptions. Not updating the game like @Milkyray said would probably work, but make sure you have the game and dlc installed before that date. You wont be able to do it after the deadline without installing the latest update! As for completion time, took me around 22 hours, though i got my chocobo quickly and also had help from my stream chat.
  3. Are people still wondering if the trophies become unobtainable or not? Because to me the game director (even if he quit now) saying the trophies wont be obtainable anymore is pretty clear cut. I doubt it, they said besides the photomode Comrades wont be accessible from the main game anymore. They're not closing servers, just moving the dlc over to a stand alone game, with a new trophy list to boot very likely.
  4. Okay now that i know there's a red tail boa i'm really excited to get there cause i got one as a pet and she's my little baby girl There's no way to catch a life animal and keep it in the game right?
  5. This feature is just shit this way, they should trash it. Most people wont even use it out of fear of losing their savegames, purchases etc. Those wo dont care about these things already made a new account long ago. And even out of the people who do try it out most will probably regret it in some way and just revert back to their old name and be done.
  6. Oh so it is supposed to hide your identity, i just assumed it was more for roleplaying and story missions after it didnt work for me but good to know that this would be it's intended use.
  7. Welp, about 17 hours in now and i gotta say some severe issues start showing. Dont get me wrong, the game is fricking great and the world is unbelievably beautiful and immersive. But some tasks and mechanics are overly tedious, criptic and sometimes just broken (not to an extreme degree). I feel like they went way to hard for realism and quite a few things would have been way better off and sound if they had been "gameified" more. Overall some stuff is just simply not fun to do. EDIT: Just finished Chapter 2 btw, so the game is fairly long.
  8. It was fixed, but the issue might be back? If that's the case you're probably screwed considering telltale is dead. Might wanna try and contact sony, it's their store after all.
  9. Yes, she's a big children cartoon and comic star. Also has alot of audiobooks which i mostly listened too. Very similar to Benjamin Blümchen. (They actually have a shared universe)
  10. What the hell, this was a huge part of my childhood 😂 Didnt knew it was thibg outside of the germany and switzerland, but it has an english title and english trophies! Man, this is gonna be great to play on Stream! Just kinda disappointed that it's a racing game, would've prefered something in the vain of spongebob games. (Not the racing ones duh)
  11. Well name changes probably not gonna be tied to the console. They're not gonna be like "you need to buy a ps5 to able to change your name". So shouldnt we rather be looking out for PSN updates?
  12. Was working on a guide for PermaDeath mode but no point in it now.
  13. Your wrists are not supposed to be bending 90°, you're doing something wrong 😂
  14. I wanted to get the Million Strums through regular play, and already made it to over 600'000 playing on advanced. But due to the server closure i'm now just gonna cheese it. Cry of achilles is a good tip, (probably the song they name in the guide). I tried it on a Rise Against song on advanced, which i thought had over 1000 notes from adding it up in my head. Imagine my face when it turned out to be 997 on my FC. 😂 Otherwise some BFMV songs that all where on around 800-900. Havent bothered with it much yet but these are the only two online trophies i'm missing (and 6 hero powers in one song).