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  1. Well name changes probably not gonna be tied to the console. They're not gonna be like "you need to buy a ps5 to able to change your name". So shouldnt we rather be looking out for PSN updates?
  2. Was working on a guide for PermaDeath mode but no point in it now.
  3. Your wrists are not supposed to be bending 90ยฐ, you're doing something wrong ๐Ÿ˜‚
  4. I wanted to get the Million Strums through regular play, and already made it to over 600'000 playing on advanced. But due to the server closure i'm now just gonna cheese it. Cry of achilles is a good tip, (probably the song they name in the guide). I tried it on a Rise Against song on advanced, which i thought had over 1000 notes from adding it up in my head. Imagine my face when it turned out to be 997 on my FC. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Otherwise some BFMV songs that all where on around 800-900. Havent bothered with it much yet but these are the only two online trophies i'm missing (and 6 hero powers in one song).
  5. DOOM ETERNAL and of course Kingdom Hearts 3, but i've been hyped about that for 10 years now
  6. My Pro works fine with a Cat7 cable (connectors are Cat6A though).
  7. No way! Holy shit.
  8. I wish. I'll believe it once i have it in my hands on that day. Dont get me wrong, i'm happy about every single delay!
  9. Thanks for the heads up, not surprising yet still disappointing. Luckily i'm already most of the way there. I've just been playing from time to time as a relax game, looks like i'll have to change that.
  10. Dude, dude, dude! I've already pre-ordered the PsXYZ69K for that super ultra early bird discount of fuck all!!!
  11. Nah dude, wait for Ps5 to come out.
  12. Actually a creative and interesting concept or just another dumpsterfire?
  13. Woah there, i wont argue about the other ones, but My name is Mayo? My name is Mayo is neither bad quality nor lazy. It is an easy plat and it might be a stupid premise, but that's the whole point. The devs are trying out a new and creative way for storytelling through achievements. I was fascinated when i first saw the game on steam cause that was such an interesting and new concept to me. And obviously the whole 'Jar of mayo' thing is for comedic effect, which i find charming. It probably shouldnt have been released on playstation as it fits so perfectly into the steam niche. But it get's so much hate just for being an easy plat, despite being quite creative. And the original Artwork of this at least looks actually good compared to most lazy cash grabs.
  14. Seems pretty straightforward to me. Sounds like it could be done in 1 or 2 sessions. Then you can finally say you complete Pewdiepie's Ass! (for whatever reason you might wanna do that..)