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  1. Not a game that fits your requirements, but no Platinum looks better on your Profile as #100 than Undertale
  2. Ugh, you're disgusting, don't even look at me! How could you play an EA Game
  3. Sadly not Ubisoft club works fine, and all my friends can connect too but i get the same endless loadingscreen. No error message though
  4. Oooff, i would have loved to play this on Ps5 (once i can get one in 20 years), but completing this huge ass list AGAIN? Nit sure i wanna do that, depends if like some people say, the grind trophies get transfered at 99% but otherwise i'm not spending all this time again, some of these trophies are ridicoulus. Plat would've been nice, but i dont really care.
  5. Anyone else getting stuck in an never ending loading screen of "Please wait while we connect you to the Ubisoft Servers"? When trying to launch any Multiplayer OP (Phone and Map) Been unable to connect for a few days now.
  6. I get it but i still think it's kind of a weak move considering it's been released barely 2 years ago
  7. Hell yeh, we back beby!
  8. The game industry is getting worse and worse. I figure there's just more and more people who feel bored or just plain burnt out by Triple-A games and gaming altogether. I'm feeling the same way, i'm playing a lot less than i used too and most new releases just dont interest me anymore cause they look boring or unnecessarely grindy to sell aditional monetization. Or it's just the same old formula over again, that once was fun, but now has been overdone to complete oblivion (CoD, AC, pretty much any Ubisoft game). Nothing new and creative, it's stuff that has been done in 30 other games before it, like how everyone had to be a battle royal last year. There's been less new games this year i want to play than i have fingers.
  9. Most of this goes way ovee my head, but i'm interested in seeing this come to fruition. But would that be allowed by the various Trophie forums (mainly this one), or would our accounts still get flagged for earning these trophies this way?
  10. Back when i played Far Cry: Blood Dragon ror the first time, i'd gotten a smoke (weed) from a friend and that shit was somehow super strong. Let me tell you, playing through FC Blood Dragon High as fuck is one of the best things i've done.
  11. Bumping your head against a wall until it breaks: The Game. But somehow the concusion feels amazing
  12. Thanks for explaining mate!
  13. dafuq, why would i get a random ip ban? Well i know hiw to switch my ip so if it happens again it'll be no issue. Just wierd that it resolved itself without me doing anything. Interestingly, after it worked again, netflix wouldnt let me watch stuff cause apparantly i was using a proxy server (which i wasnt) so i ended up reseting it anyway. Now it all works fine
  14. Just got home and now it's working again. The code was NP-40833-8 Also wanna add that i live in switzerland to make this more precise