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  1. Oh it absolutely is a waste of time, most things are. But "Time you enjoy wasting..." So the way i see it, Yes, it is a total waste of time, but wasting time isnt as bad a thing as we believe it to be. Almost anything we do is just to 'waste' time, make time go by, until we eventually run out of it. Okay shit didnt mean to get that philosophical..
  2. So, they're giving out coupons.. *facepalm* Great idea sony 🙄 I dont understand why they wont just give us a third ps4 game, the library is big enough now and thanks to crossbuy we usually got more than those two games on our ps4 before anyway.
  3. Anyone already having issues with games and content not working properly after changing their name? EDIT: Also the name i wanna use, it says is not available but i cannot find a psn account with that name, anyone know what's up with that?
  4. Is this trophy bugged for anyone else? I just did 7 bounties in less than 60 minutes and the counter shows 1/6. Redid another bounty but it's still at 1/6.
  5. Nah dude, there was another guy who liked the game but Bethesda banned him
  6. Didnt they already switch off the servers 2 or 3 years ago? Cause i remember hurrying to finish it up before the trophies became unobtainable
  7. The way i understood it is that any way a person dies, if by natural causes, an accident or even murder, it would be considered the 'predestined' way for that person to die on so the rest of their lifespan would take that into account. The only exception being if a person dies through a death note, since it is not originally part of the human world nor supposed to be there, it would be an unforeseen death and as such happen before the lifespan ends.
  8. Be on your toes and keep up without pausing, have the video play on a separate screen placed somewhere in a similar angle as your tv (phone on my tummy in my case), focus hard and just go.
  9. I think this is a great idea. The german forum i used when i started out trophy hunting a few years back, had those exact features and would display the completion time and difficulty rating on the game's main page!
  10. Has anyone tested yet how many times you can switch and if there's a downtime in between? Would like to switch to uk quickly to get my ps4 life video in english and then back to my original region
  11. To me these results all seem to be within margin of error. I can run 2 speed test on my ps4 back to back and have differences like these amounts in my results. I've been using cloudflare for a while and it's pretty good for your pc and mobile browsing, but i think the PS4 is bottlenecking internet speeds. Because even though i recently increased my ISP subscription from 100 mb/s download to 250 mb/s, games dont download any faster on my console.
  12. Cant deicide which one is better
  13. Is there any way to get my video in english if its not one of my countries languages?
  14. The comrades dlc trophies (and the comrades update ones) are now unavailable. You can still get platinum but not 100% the entire trophy list anymore. Also i like how OP complains about "one tiny line in japanese" not being enough, even though there where plenty of translations and discussions in this very forum. 😂
  15. Grindy, not hard necessarely, especially if you use guides for modding frames and weapons to become a hard hiter but be prepared to spend several 100 hours (and for a new addiction)