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  1. all my trophies are hidden now too, did not change any settings, went in and double checked.
  2. Yeah, bought 7-13, never played them before as I am the same age as FF VII 😂 My first were 15 and liked that, Remake sold me on the series in general.
  3. They have improved it alot, I played it yesterday and had only crashes every other hour, instead of every hour last year 🙉
  4. Yes, but then I put a coin inside the game cover and prayed to all of Valhalla, got the plat on the next attempt.
  5. yes tried that, got out of it and managed to beat him after i turned the resolution down to 720p tho, so wayyy!
  6. I have now beaten Eredin 12 times on Death March, and its starting to get pretty old... Same problem when the final stage happen, I have no control and get killed off screen, I have tried deleting the game and redownloading, changing the mission objective,, waiting before damaging him i stage 1, waited a minute before entering the portal to stage 3, tried rotating the camera when in this bug. Nothing is working and I am pissed. any insight would be aprecciated from this unforgivable bug that has apparently managed to not get fixed for half a decade.
  7. If bundled with a new Assassins Creed, then yes.
  8. I have put well over 200 hours in both, my favorite of them is Origins just because of the story and Bayek. It took itself seriously and Odyssey seems light-hearted and silly compared to it (tone-wise) ,did not like Kassandra or Alexios and their journey nearly as much. There is alot I love with Odyssey, like the mytchical beasts. The post-launch support has been outstanding. I put Origins down for good just a few months after the release of the game because I had done everything there was to do, but Odyssey I still check out every month because they keep adding quests and bosses.
  9. Update: Doesnt move me up, but got Assassins Creed 3 Remastered and Liberation Remastered done
  10. The game has become unplayable for me where after a minute in the javelin I am booted back to the menu with the message: Error Retrieving Anthem Live Service Data Anyone know a fix?
  11. Update: Got New Dawn plat
  12. Destiny: 1235 hours Overwatch: 473 hours Destiny 2: 256 hours Jesus I played alot of Destiny...
  13. When it happened to me I downloaded the dlc again, then it worked.
  14. Update: odyssey plat 🤗