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  1. GermanProGaming1 Dead Nation The Report say i received the Trophy for Round 10 only 30 Minutes after the Trophy for Round 5. I uploaded now a Movie on my YouTube Channel to proof this is possible in that Time, and like you see a lot Faster too. Gameplay and Movie done by a Awesome Dead Nation Gamer and same Guy who helped me with Platinum. For the Second Part of the Report, that i unlocked Morbid 53 Minutes after Grim i will upload same Movie for a unquestionable proof. Just take Time for upload. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas The Report say i collecting the 3 Gold Trophys out of Order. Thats easy to say. The report is complete wrong. 90% of the Guys who earned Platinum received Maximum Respect BEFORE finished End of the Line. You don t need to complete End of the Line to have enough Respect to Receive the Trophy. The Trophy don t mean you had to earn each Respect in the Game. You just need to do a few Gang Wars and should have Maximum Respect. I played 1000s of Hours GTA San Andreas back in the Days on ps2. I hold Worldrecord on PS4. With the same Order of Trophys. You can check the Guide on who show you the same.
  2. Freedom of spech not include Insulting People. I never act like a Child. Vut most people here do. If other Sites allow to Insult People just show on which Level they are. To the Disputed Games again, because since Sly Joined it seems more possible to Discuss this as before: GTA i give a 100% clear Statement about Trophy Order. Most people earn Trophys in same Order like me. Guides say too that you earn Maximum Respect before End of the Line. Think that cleared. To Dead Nation was 2 Movies uploaded which shows that it is possible to Rush through Morbid and from Wave 5-10 with same Timestamps like there was on my Acc. On the End of first Movie you see that my Acc is logged in. That are 2 unquestionable Proofs for the booth reported Games. What is about them now? @Sly Ripper
  3. That shows awesome GPG1 Skills again. To everybody who talk about i had to unhidde 1600 Trophys. No i don t need to do that. All this Games was over 2 Years on my Acc, without any report against them. What should change now? I don t see any Point that i had to unhidde. You all try since Hours to found a Hacked Game, but found nothing. This proof my Acc is the most Legit PSN Acc in the complete Rankings. And again i don t need to explain ps4 Games. Its meaningless to Discuss about PS4 because its always Legit. Dead Nation + GTA should booth proofed now.
  4. Got no Link. I m on Phone. Lock into my Acc on YT
  5. I respected the Rules. Its in each Sport the same. And i not hack + Hidde Trophys. There was never any reason to think that. I always stand against Hacking. Movie is uploaded, did you Watched, Cheater Team/ Mods?
  6. I don t comment previous posts. Meaningless to Discuss how quick i done ps4 Novells 😂 Btw, Movie is uploaded. Cheater Team you can check it. You got your last needed proof. Played on Empty User, thats why unlock Trophys. But you see its possible in my Time.
  7. Ok thats a word. Movie is done. First try a few Minutes faster than 53 Minutes. But my Friend is sleeping. Not sure he started upload before. Next 12 Hours i m sure it is online. Very very slow connection. First upload take 5 Hours
  8. You know anybody who don t played this same Time. I feel like i m in nursery. Pointless comments, but no Cheater Team Member which is doing his Job and simply check 2 Games.
  9. Yes exactly. I have 2 Hidded Games which are Flagged. And 2 more which are new Flagged but without any Reason. So all what i had done aggrees with the new psnprofiles Site Rules. I read here many currious things about how i cheat, but see no Facts. I want come Back to the Topic. This 2 Games you see on Picture. What is with them. Will my proof accepted or did i need to explain more about? All other comments what had nothing to do should deleted. This Thread is to find a Solution, not endless Discussion.
  10. Movie is uploaded soon. Take 11 Hours. 1 MB/s. That proof definitly comes later today. Playthrough is done
  11. I got 2 Games hidded for some Reasons. But this not break the psnprofiles Site Rules. I got 2 Flagged Games which i hidde. This Dispute is only against my new Flagged Games, GTA and Dead Nation. Booth got fine Timestamps and should not be flagged. Which mean, with respecting the Site Rules i need to be unflagged. I m Flagged on psntl for Tales of Symphonia. On Gamercards. Exophase and other Sites i m Legit. Only psntl Flagg me. But as Far Skippycue said, he can t proof any Hacked Games. I got no GMes which i hidded quickly. 90% of my Acc is vita/ ps4 Exactly what i try to say. I don t break any Site Rules. I simply can t understand why this Games got Flagged
  12. Because it is PS4 which means its impossible to cheat anyways. If you feel any of my Plats isn t legit, feel free to report. back to Topic now: I see here 2 Mods posting. How is now about my booth Flagged Games. I showed a 100% accurate proof that booth Reports against my Games are wrong and my Trophys are Legit without any Question. When i will be unflagged?
  13. I can ask a Friend for that PS4 Game. He sold it like 20 Times over my Store. He know better about. But as far i looked over the Trophys it all look fine. But i don t care. Its ps4. Like i said. PS4 not possible to Hack. PS4 Hacks leads into Bann on Sony
  14. Its PS4. Pointless to Discuss. PS4 can not be Cheated. Simply Impossible.
  15. Exactly. More Detailed as i said with my horrible English. But thats the Point. You earn respect for everything, it had nothing to do with the last Mission in the Game (End of the Line)
  16. I know there are a huge number of Reports against my Acc. But i don t get why i m flagged for 2 Games which are even not questionable. With checking Guides, or other Gamers Accs you should see that booth Reports was baseless. I just hidded 1600 Trophys to kidding my Rivals with let Blackangel Pass me in the Leaderboards. Or you wanna say Games like Los 40 Principales or Monster High which i Hiddet are Hacked? All my Hiddet Games are without any Flagg longer than 1 Year on my Acc. Ok, so i checked the Trophys on the latest Platinum earners in GTA san Andreas. All Accs which i checked had same Order of the 3 remaining Trophys like me.
  17. After reached my Goal -  German #1 - my Project GermanProGaming1 is finally complete. Tomorrow i will sync my Last Novells into my Acc to get 999 Platinums. After finish my Super Meat Boy next Days i will need a longer Break from Trophy Hunting.

    Time to play just 4 Fun again.


    Thanks for a great Time.


    Greez GPG1

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    2. Mr-Of-TacTicZz


      Srry just putting all that money to ve country number 1 is lame. Well im just thinking you are out of money and scared for the number 1 spot even not ready for it because number 1 and 2 is better.

    3. GermanProGaming1


      I got a annual Salary from over 250k $. I think i m not gona run out of Money 😂

    4. GermanProGaming1


      Meaningless comments got Deleted now

  18. My complete Trophy Stats will be Hidden until Platinum 1000.


    I will be right back with a big surprise very soon.

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    2. PViddy


      They're not YOUR stats fucktard. You paid your way to the top... congratulations on having everyone get you to where you are. Do the whole gaming community a favor and make that long break a permanent one. You are a sad sad lil man child that no one respects. Those that do respect you don't count though bc they most likely don't have a brain, if they did they'd realize your whole account is utter bullshit.

    3. Raitandrul


      You hid it at 956 odd plats! wot happened m8? Is it becaus I flagged your Dead Nation list?

    4. GermanProGaming1


      I Hidded 1 Hour before. Like i was planning since Days. But yes i see some Reports too. I send a proof for them very soon. Booth are complete meaningless.


  19. Its Vita. Means no explain need because its Legit. Forgott that Plat to sync. Btw, i hidde again. I m not out because of Flagging.
  20. I unhidded 30 min ago
  21. @Sly Ripper I don t want out of that Discussion. But here is only hate and insulting people. Psnprofiles is made to present a Leaderboard, not a fightíng area. Maybe you should close this Thread.
  22. Unhidde the Year and we will see your Lie.
  23. I did not payed any Site Owners. If i would do this it would be against the Code of Compliance from the Company i working for. I would loose my Job. Worth more than a simply PSN ACC. Yes Sly Flagg me if i unhidde Tales. Platinum are questionable. And for fair competition i understand that i had to Hidde.
  24. Ah the Boss is there. I not say i m Premium. But i know how i got my Premium Access, your site is not the NSA ; ) I hidde 2 Games, thats right. Booth Games got 1 Glitched Trophy and thefore questionable. Glitches happen from Time to Time. You got a few Glitched Games too. It not considering Hacks. Seems fair from me, to hidde. But you re wrong with i m Flagged in all the Leaderboards. Check my Acc. All my Trophys are Hidden. To much hate since i started my Novells Clean Up. And if it would be true that i spending 100 000$ for Trophys, why i m not spend 1 Mio. to be number #1 with lot of advantage? There was never any proof that i buyed Trophys. No sense to enter it ever and ever again. Again, show any (real) proof i m not a Legit Trophy Hunter. Now i see words only.
  25. One more thing. I was from beginning with my Acc a Honest Guy. Not insulted people and stay always out of fights. I m not a 15 Years old Guy. I got a Family, been married and have kids. I study until i was 27 and got the academic degree of a Master. Which shows, i m not a reallife Looser who Acts for attention. To insult me, like i read a few times, not here but in other Sites (yes i got Premium on Imports over contact ), just proof your own Character. Competition should always be fair. Fair competition mean that you had to accept the rules and follow them. I never break any rule from any Leaderboard. Only psntl removed me, all other Sites show me Clean. Sony Bann Vita Hackers. And all Vita Hacks are done in less than 1 min. Its not possible to Hack on Vita like on ps3. My past Vita Games was VNs only. You can ask some people here why 10 Plats a Day with VNs are not unrealistic.