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  1. 3rd party. You know...? I never even saw the used option there, that does answer my question, thanks! Now to find a complete one for a fair price...
  2. Yeah, saw that one still think it may not be real as I got a EU copy of Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires from amazon when the cover was 100% an image of an NA copy. This is why I'm asking. I can't be sure that amazon's info is right.
  3. I have the digital copy of this, but trying to find out if there is a physcial release for North America. I've seen pictures of the NA cover, but cannot find any actual evidence that this was ever released on disc for NA. Can anyone confirm they've either seen one or own one? Thanks!
  4. Nope, haven't had a chance yet. Currently going through some real life stuff and trying to get a handle on things. I will certainly try to get to it as soon as I can. Sad that I didn't capture network data while the PS3 version was still up. I wonder if anyone has that kinda stuff around.
  5. Is there somewhere where I can become a lifetime premium member of PSNP+? =D
  6. I wonder if you can use a DNS trick that responds OK to the game and allows it to register that you voted. I may give it a shot.
  7. Activision is scum.
  8. Confirmed, just helped 3 guys through the online portion of the game, it's still up and running.
  9. Just popped that trophy with an alt.
  10. Ehm, just matched with others. This is false.
  11. Mine worked during the day, so I think it doesn't matter when you do it. I think the night suggestion is simply anecdotal.
  12. Very nice. How did you manage to do so?
  13. I'm thinking that this will finally give me my opportunity to rule the world. I would take it and place it on my shelf, insert circular discs in it and expect magical souls and amazing images to appear in the black window. After this, I would introduce it to all of the common folk and upon gazing at the wonder I will most certainly become their leader and king. I will appear to have magical and supernatural powers over the common man. Those unfortunate Xbox hippies, I feel sorry for them, they won't even see it coming.
  14. Everything I've read identifies "World Wide Warrior" as the only online trophy. The encountering yourself from a previous play through seems like something that would only be related to your local save. I don't think that one's got a requirement to be connected to the internet. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  15. I must ask again. What two trophies?