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  1. Phew! Thanks for the update!
  2. Seeing that the OP is now blank, can anyone confirm?
  3. You sir. You are the bomb shizzly indeed.
  4. I have a rule that I try to follow, but admittedly it gets into disarray when shutdowns are announced, or I have to rush to try and fulfill a trophy that may become unobtainable in the near future. As I only do multiplayer trophies, I have the following list. PS3 One game with difficult and/or lengthy multiplayer requirements (Platinum) One game with light or quick multiplayer requirements (Platinum) One game with any requirements (100%) For the PS4, it's certainly only on a whim when one of my friends asks for help, or wants to take it on. Or if it looks quick and fun.
  5. Four.
  6. I can appreciate the work you put into this, and thank you for propping up this community by investing your time and expertise in creating something everyone can benefit from. Hopefully you don't regret doing this by taking the negative responses to heart.
  7. Forgive my naivete, but why so salty? I would understand it if some kid with a chip on their shoulder sported your attitude. For a moderator who is meant to be a keeper of civility in this community, I would expect a higher level of professionalism. You sure leave much to be desired in that regard.
  8. *cough* HK *cough*
  9. Makes the leaderboards matter ... zero if all 4 million gamers have to come and hit update on their profile.
  10. When you first install this game it asks you to visit a site to get a code to access the online functionality. Unfortunately, that site is now gone. The code you need is: 3edcvfr47ujmnhy6 Enjoy!
  11. Honestly I think they just need to make an effort to help their customers, rather than reading a script. From what I can tell they don't know what any of us are actually talking about.
  12. Unofficial is subjective. The rarity here is unofficial yet it's accepted and mostly taken as gospel. So ribbons are a welcome addition because it feels quite well thought out.
  13. Ok but substantiate your claims. What stats are better tracked elsewhere? I'm curious about your views and what you saw that I may have missed. I've delved about as deep as I could a while ago and feel that the other sites are a mess generally. In aesthetic appeal, in how much they ask for premium, in how they navigate etc. The stats aspect always felt more in line on this site than the others I know of. So your statement needs some elaboration. Right yeah. TT does have a billion of them which doesn't necessarily mean better stat tracking. I'll assume that's what he meant.
  14. This... This statement intrigues me. Can you elaborate please?
  15. Haven't even really reached that point, feels like I have hundreds of games on my PS3 backlog that still need the MP trophies done and out of the way. Cleanup mode is a long way off for me.