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  1. You can type the profile name in the address bar. Eg: That's the easiest way. Otherwise, you can type the account in the text box and before submitting you can select View instead of Update from the pop-in context menu.
  2. Zero class.
  3. Anyone else still pushing these guys?
  4. I think it depends if you have a solid crew that you play/boost games with. If you do, you should have no trouble, the treasure drops are fair and work fine, and overseer is a matter of simply getting in a bit of practice. As far as Uncharted 2 goes, I find that one is a decent challenge, but again, no problem if you have a decent set of friends to help you through the journey. It's how I got it done and together, we got a lot of people 100% of the MP trophies.
  5. I've actually avoided anything Vlambeer ever since this game. Thanks for pointing out that they go under different names. I'll have to find out what other games I won't buy =D
  6. In their infinite wisdom and immense level of caring, they'll probably just tell you to check the forums for updates. It'll be stellar! You'll be overjoyed!
  7. @FarSideOfSaturn is the man! Got my trophies and is a super patient guy. Thank you very much kind sir!
  8. Wow, an amazing offer! I'm GMT-8 so we're 8 or 9 hours apart. I can wake up early tomorrow, or whatever. I'll send you a message on PSN. Thanks very much!
  9. I think we missed the boat man =/ Perhaps another kind soul will pick this up where it left off in the future. Can't imagine doing this sort of thing for as long as @iamthedotcom did, massive props for being such a kind and generous soul.
  10. Add me as interested if possible. Thanks.
  11. Normally I'd just go by the last date the online trophy popped for someone, but this one is peculiar because it seems that no one has earned any trophy in the span of 2 years. This tells me it's not the most popular game out there, so I feel that I need to ask if someone can confirm that the online is still available for this one before I drop that massive ten-spot on this. Thanks!
  12. Oh no! Was hoping to start this sooner and have a scheduled session for another game on Saturday. Would anyone else be available after your retirement date?
  13. Yep, same topic different month. I wonder why google or ddg even exist?
  14. I really do hate being the one to bring this up... but I don't think you truly understand what DNS does. DNS is a service that translates IP addresses to domain names. So could be "". No matter how fast this service responds, it has zero effect on your transfer speeds. I ... don't even want to start guessing why you got faster speeds in your tests, but all I can say is whatever you've put together here is false. Almost feels like cloudflare sent you a PSN credit or two. =D No offense intended, but have a look at what Wikipedia or any other source on the internet that explains what DNS is actually used for.