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  1. NOTE: Got my 50 uniques, thanks a bunch, I'll play the ones that remain though. Please play my level My Level I will check the activity and will return the play! Thanks.
  2. I was asking about the PS3 version.
  3. On the gamecard, it says that the game was released in the NA region on physical media in 2016. I can't find proof of this at all, everything seems to point to a physical release for the PS3 only exists for the Japan region. Can anyone confirm that this does or doesn't exist for the NA region? Thanks in advance.
  4. I suggest you all open a trouble ticket with Ubisoft. It will only take 5 minutes out of your time, but maybe if enough people poke at them, it will get escalated. Mob mentality etc. I don't want Kamal to do it all on his own, if possible we should all get on them and keep the pressure up.
  5. Oh very nice! It's time to spank these Discord secret agents!
  6. So. You say that somehow the PS3 has a different method to access the PSN?
  7. I agree as well. My question is how it will be handled or what the consequences will be?
  8. Working on the DLC for Kane and Lynch 2.
  9. If you still need help, I'd gladly help you. Though I've never played the game, so if that's a requirement I may not be your guy.
  10. I don't really know yet TBH, I'm only trying to achieve MP related trophies so that I guarantee the platinum for later. I'm racing against the shutdowns but at times I try to finish quick games, especially when I feel that they're garbage and I'll never want to go back. I then get all excited because I actually finished a game and then subsequently crushed when I'm reminded by another shutdown announcement and I go back into MP grinding mode. I feel that by the time I finish the PS3's obtainable MP trophies, a decade will have passed. Then I'll get to my backlog to 100% all of them and... Yeah... Now I'm sad =(
  11. I checked on the EU stores and it seems that the DLC is not available to download. I'm wondering if it was delisted or if it is part of an update.
  12. I have no problem leaning on the filthy casuals.
  13. You do realize what site you're on right? We call it boosting. Not cheating.
  14. I love the idea, but there's a little bit of me that figures if everyone has a "follow" flag on a trophy, no one will end up firing up the game to check to see if the event started or ended. =O