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  1. They should integrate facebook next!
  2. I can honestly tell you that the best method to get official cases is to buy complete games. There is no supplier with a consumer facing storefront that can sell Sony PS3 cases. Seems to be a licensing issue of some sort (yeah, thanks Sony). Also, the covers can be easily reproduced, but if you're collecting, that has an awful taste to it. In short, your best option is to buy complete replacements.
  3. Glad it worked for you. One of the strangest online trophies I've struggled to do.
  4. Until Sony in their infinite wisdom decides it's an issue.
  5. I'm ashamed I've invested so heavily into the Playstation walled garden. Like I said elsewhere, this is where Sony loses a customer. I will no longer purchase anything from Sony. I'm beyond disbelief about all of this. Fuck you Sony. Just ... fuck you.
  6. You... thought at some point that Sony was competent? I can do better than this. I'm done with Sony, no more purchases from them at all.
  7. I think this is one of those games where you need to agree to EA's EULA from a different game such as Bad Company.
  8. And. It seems we're still waiting?
  9. I would suggest simply checking when the last dates of online related trophies were earned. If close enough, I'd assume the servers are still running.
  10. Just wanted to add my "thanks" for this method. It seems to work just fine!
  11. Nice, thank you for confirming!
  12. I would recommend Kleese as well, I had trouble at first, but after gaining some decent gear with Health Regen and Shard Gen, it made it easier for sure. (Buy lots of turrets, that's the key).
  13. Ugh, I hate useless posts with external resources.
  14. This is unfortunate, but I do want to add that this behaviour did happen before for me in Battlefield 3, 4 and 1. Seems that it's not just on Hardline servers and I did get a refund and in two cases they extended my rental by an extra week when it messed up. Just keep persevering, get it done.