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  1. I would recommend Kleese as well, I had trouble at first, but after gaining some decent gear with Health Regen and Shard Gen, it made it easier for sure. (Buy lots of turrets, that's the key).
  2. Ugh, I hate useless posts with external resources.
  3. This is unfortunate, but I do want to add that this behaviour did happen before for me in Battlefield 3, 4 and 1. Seems that it's not just on Hardline servers and I did get a refund and in two cases they extended my rental by an extra week when it messed up. Just keep persevering, get it done.
  4. I'm about to start the MP. Wish me luck etc.
  5. Omg.. I missed it =(
  6. Gonna have to call the "Useless Response" police on you ...
  7. Yeah, looking for PS3 games on this list. Just trying to grab them while the store still works. Thanks for the heads up on this one though, I'm sure it'll help someone out.
  8. Thanks, updated.
  9. Hello all, I've run into a few gems that either have been delisted in the North American store, or exclusively availabe only in other regions. I've even run into one where it's available in the US store but not in Canada. So in the hopes of making it easier for others to find these before they're gone for good. Here is what I've found, and please feel free to add any I've missed. Or alert me if they're no longer available as I've put these together over a few years. Hong Kong Store: Games Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition Invincible Knight Pixeljunk Sidescroller Retro City Rampage Rochard SEGA Rally Online Arcade Sideway New York Star Trek DAC TerRover Tumble DLC Xcom Enemy Unknown Slingshot Pack UK Store: Games International Snooker Ion Assault HD Ra.One The Game Smash 'n' Survive The Expendables 2 Time Machine: Rogue Pilot Thunder Wolves Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta - Episode 1 Warhammer 40000: Kill Team US Store: Games Absolute Supercars (Not available in the Canadian store) I have many more lists and will continue to update this list from those and any feedback that you may provide.
  10. 3rd party. You know...? I never even saw the used option there, that does answer my question, thanks! Now to find a complete one for a fair price...
  11. Yeah, saw that one still think it may not be real as I got a EU copy of Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires from amazon when the cover was 100% an image of an NA copy. This is why I'm asking. I can't be sure that amazon's info is right.
  12. I have the digital copy of this, but trying to find out if there is a physcial release for North America. I've seen pictures of the NA cover, but cannot find any actual evidence that this was ever released on disc for NA. Can anyone confirm they've either seen one or own one? Thanks!
  13. Nope, haven't had a chance yet. Currently going through some real life stuff and trying to get a handle on things. I will certainly try to get to it as soon as I can. Sad that I didn't capture network data while the PS3 version was still up. I wonder if anyone has that kinda stuff around.
  14. Is there somewhere where I can become a lifetime premium member of PSNP+? =D
  15. I wonder if you can use a DNS trick that responds OK to the game and allows it to register that you voted. I may give it a shot.