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  1. So, I just bought the 6.99 version and it didn't include the DLC... ugh. You owe me $2! =)
  2. I would suggest using sweet tooths special "laughing ghost" when you have 3 available press L3 to change your target to the nuke. Fire 3 ghosts and bam. The trophy is yours.
  3. Still would like to find out what this one's all about.
  4. As long as you just do community events you won't pop a trophy. You're safe to start at any point, but you may get lucky or unlucky. Seeing that it got the "Greatest Hits" red label treatment. I theorize that they will add events at least one more time. If you look at my profile, I have zero trophies in Project CARS, but I've been playing community events since July.
  5. I hate saying this, but what are you doing on an achievement/trophy/boosting/hunting community site? If you feel so righteous, can you just stop trolling the rest of us and allow us a forum to complain about how unfair this all is? In other words can you just gently fuck off into that good night?
  6. You sir, are a gentleman and a scholar, thought I'd post something to this extent as I was going through it but felt like it'd make a really crappy guide so I'm glad you took away those guilty feelings for me. Great job!
  7. Oh what? More explanation is required here.
  8. I appreciate the response, the reality is that the names for the addons don't seem to exactly match what's on this site. I bought the master plan and the most wanted bundles and was absolutely flabbergasted that I still had to buy like 10 more addons, so I tried going through them to identify the ones I needed but got lost in the excercise. Your message tells me I need to buy the big score as well. That sucks heh.
  9. How do we get Sony's attention in extending the shutdowns? This is not enough notice honestly.
  10. Anyone planning on doing packet captures? Would be decent to have a chance to make a public server.
  11. Could someone please explain the DLC needed to get 100% like I'm 5? In short, can someone put together a one to one list of the packs in the store to the packs listed on the trophy list?
  12. After adding the Limited Edition upgrade, it worked, so apparently I needed something more than the Racing Icons Pack.
  13. I confirmed that I have the Racing Icons Pack installed, in the garage I can pick the McLaren F1 GTR Longtail, but I can't select a regular F1. It's either this or the track isn't available to me somehow.
  14. Bought the Racing Icons Pack and I can't race in this event. Am I missing something?
  15. I read that like 10 times, still couldn't figure out what you're trying to say. Hitler was fine, I should just buy the Hitler adLC...