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  1. Can't seem to collect any tonight... odd. Maybe it's down already?
  2. I read this over and over. Am I missing something here? Doesn't clicking 100% (the first option) show both non-platinum and platinum games that you have 100% in? It does for me. You're saying you don't have the "100%" option?
  3. I have to say I giggled reading that link... pretty pathetic that a company like Activision wouldn't know how to reduce costs for running some packet manglers.
  4. Any reason I should be looking at Beach Buggy Racing? I see it on other people's lists as possibly closing but can't really find any supporting information.
  5. Yep, just got the online trophies a couple of days ago. Confirmed it is still working.
  6. Unfortunately yes. Sorry, it seems licensing and this digital future is making people sad.
  7. I remember it was a Twitter post, and an article or two came to light regarding his wording and passive aggressive attacks on the people that buy their games. It was bad, and afterwards ... the blog post that was linked here somewhat refers to us as bitchy. I don't have a source, but if you want to scour the nooks and crannies of the interwebs. It was on Twitter.
  8. Any chance that this topic can be updated? It's been over 6 months. Or maybe someone else can take over?
  9. So just to be clear, this is still running...? Can anyone confirm before I buy it?
  10. The other sites might simply be setting the order themselves rather rhan relying on PSN to do so. Which confuses the point completely. I assume if Sony doesn't pull it's head out of its ass then Sly may have to implement a sorting order to override the broken PSN order.
  11. How do you put in a ticket with Sony? I'd like to know.
  12. My games updated in the correct order just now. Hopefully this means it's fixed! Now... on to the messaging bug. Sony... it's understandable now.
  13. I had 6 hidden, and after an update that seemed to work, then it went down to 2 hidden. I checked the list and can't find out which game has its trophies hidden. This is crazy infuriating!
  14. There's another thread in this very forum discussing profile updates. It's actually quite actiive. Maybe you'll find your answer in there?
  15. Ok, it seems to be updating now, but the latest game that I earned trophies in is like 10th down the list even though the most recently earned trophies are at the top showing correctly. It still shows hidden trophies (6 to be exact) which are the same number of trophies I earned last night. I don't have _any_ hidden trophies in my profile. The game card for LBP2 does show that I finally earned them, but does not pop to the top as it would normally.