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  1. Servers are up. Just not a popular multiplayer unfortunately.
  2. Don't listen to the other dude. It's Carmageddon meets Twisted Metal. Good times!
  3. Seems the search is failing in the store. I guess they know about it since that's what chat support said.
  4. Aren't these technically not achievable now?
  5. According to the tweets, they should be back up now.
  6. Yep, servers down, quite frustrating. I've done my part and poked at Ready at Dawn and the @deformersgame account, hopefully someone wakes up and decides to put it back online.
  7. Looks like I may need a hand. FR me with Deformers in the message.
  8. I give it 6 months before Sony decides running the MP experience to be too "costly".
  9. Let me know how that goes for you. It's a Sony published game, you can just use to contact them.
  10. Indeed, I am oft heard saying that I wish Sony had a budget to hire competent people, perhaps if we paid a subscription to help maintain their network and hire good staff which know how to program... That would be ideal.
  11. Totally agree, but there are a few large games I need to do that were published by Sony, namely this one plus Payday, Fat Princess and Warhawk. There are quite a few others that Sony published so they're all in danger. So it seems that either I do them all this year, or just forget about doing any at all.
  12. I find it disheartening watching Sony just fail with these services. I have never seen a company so driven by the dollar and care so little for their customers. I started playing the single player mode for this game with the goal of getting to the end on Twisted difficulty so that I could finish the MP requirements. Now I can't. If there's a way to get Sony's attention so that the problems could be rectified, that would be swell. Though judging from me talking to their "support" staff about the store download queues being broken on Vita and PS3, it won't do much good. Sony sucks on a massive number of levels.
  13. Where did they change it to June? Did I miss something? Edit: Got it, the link on PS. How ridiculous, Sony ... it's the EA of our time.
  14. Seemingly I can't seem to find out any straight answers on this, how long the MP trophies would take, what kind of commitment is needed in these 15 days etc. Also, will be looking for a partner if these answers fit my availability. Hate having to rush on a game I paid decent money for and hasn't even really been out for long.
  15. Backwards compatibility confirmed!!!11