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  1. 100%, the DLC is not available for Mafia II on the NA PSN store.
  2. I poked around the mentioned forums and support sites and cannot find anything regarding Blacklist. Just sharing what I know.
  3. Sounds like it's shutting down rather than only being delisted. The full text of the email that I got follows: Hello Players, It’s the final chance to play NFL Arcade 2010. Starting February 17th, 2019, the game will no longer be available, but be sure to check out EA Sports’ latest titles, including Madden NFL 19. Thank you for playing! Add another one to the shutdown list. =/
  4. Pretty pathetic IMHO. If I remember correctly, Nuclear Throne has the same issues
  5. That's strange, not how I got mine. I paid $15, did you? Maybe at another tier it's different?
  6. Also as a heads up, the whole bundle is one code, when you redeem it states that you own x of 11 or whatever games you were adding. So in my case I couldn't give away the codes I thought would be dupes and I paid $20 CAD for 4 glitchy/bugged games.
  7. You sir, are the man! Thank you very much!
  8. Right, thank you. No news doesn't necessarily mean it's still running. I can think of a few examples of companies simply shutting down services with no notice, though... people did certainly protest when it happened. Those games had a sizable player base, though this one seems not so much.
  9. As the title suggests, I'd like to find a kind soul that can confirm if the servers are still running or are now down. It'd be a waste of $10 otherwise. Thx.
  10. What do you mean exactly? No new challenges are being given?
  11. I used this system exclusively to mark games I own and my PS3 just downloaded them. I don't understand why Sony is so completely incompetent.
  12. I've done 20 events, seems that two of the events I posted times in no longer have any posted times. Seems the servers are getting iffy. This is very frustrating.
  13. So, I just bought the 6.99 version and it didn't include the DLC... ugh. You owe me $2! =)
  14. I would suggest using sweet tooths special "laughing ghost" when you have 3 available press L3 to change your target to the nuke. Fire 3 ghosts and bam. The trophy is yours.
  15. Still would like to find out what this one's all about.