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  1. As a person who loves Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Metal Gear, GTA and Assassins Creed, does anybody have recommendations for Similar games either on Ps3 or Ps4? I'm looking on Mercari for some good deals and can't think of just one game that I wanna search for (besides Lollipop Chainsaw and its ludicrous prices lol) 

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    2. ihadalifeb4this


      You have Splinter Cell Blacklist at 1%. I think it's one of most underrated games i had chance to play on ps3.

    3. DeadlyPerfume


      If you liked AssCreed: Hitman series, Prince of Persia trilogy, Dishonored

      If you liked Resident Evil: Dead Space, The Evil Within

      Silent Hill...there's a million indie horror games trying to recapture that feeling but none succeed. Maybe try Siren. 

    4. DaisyVilla102


      I second the votes for the Dead Space series and Splinter Cell Blacklist!  I assume you've already played The Darkness since you have the sequel on your profile (but maybe finish it? :giggle:)  Also, did you not like X-Men Origins: Wolverine?  I was totally going to recommend those three, plus maybe keep playing SOMA, unless you didn't just really didn't like it either.

  2. I'm thinking about dusting off my ps3 after 2+ years of no activity to play some old games. Anybody still ACTIVELY play their Ps3? Curious. 

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    2. BSKkayfabe


      @nestamar5 I have the legacy collection and I totally get what you mean lol

    3. MidnightDragon


      I do fairly regularly.

    4. AihaLoveleaf


      Yep. I'm in backlog mode, so the PS3 (and sometimes Vita) see plenty of use. As of right now, I have 68 unstarted PS3 games. Don't intend to play all 68, but I'll be happy enough if I make it to all the most interesting ones on the list while trophy sync is still functioning.

  3. Platinum #55 - Batman: Return to Arkham: Arkham Asylum

  4. Batman: Return to Arkham: Asylum - one last combat challenge and 3 Predator challenges stand between me and my 1st Batman Arkham platinum.......played Asylum when it came out in 2008 on Xbox360 and stayed clear of the combat challenges, out of sheer "I can't git gud" I've dreaded them for years but I finally took a stab at em and I'm better than i thought I'd be, with Shock and Awe (Extreme) being pretty difficult and Rumble in the jungle proving just as painful, almost have the plat.

  5. YAKUZA update: Over the past month or so I've been playing the yakuza series, only the main stories of each as they'd be overwhelming otherwise and today I finally started Yakuza 4 and am enjoying it. My favorite so far is Kiwami 2, if not for the ending alone.  I have the entire series and have played: Yakuza 0, Kiwami, Kiwami 2 and just finished 3 today. Again, I didn't do ANY sidestories or anything else in the games but the main stories. My plan Is to play every main story and then go back and mop up from 0 onward to 7 (like a dragon). 

  6. So, Anywho who knows me knows that I'm a HUUUGGGEEE Noir fan. Books, movies (black and white old noire movies are my bread and butter) anyway, my favorite book series is a series that started in 1955-56 and ran for 55 novels or "pulp" stories called the 87th precint series by Ed Mcbaine ("Remember when i said I'd eat you last? I lied..") And I'm hard pressed to find a noire type game (Max Payne and Blacksad and LA Noire count) but i can only find parodies. I want a game akin to the 87th precinct books (there's a "main character" in Steve Carella but each novel kinda focuses on OTHER side characters and cases i.e. right now I'm on book 4 "The Con Man" About a conman that kills a girl in order to get paid and a Carella and a couple "Dicks" *old police lingo for detective* try and solve the case) idk if i can even find a game or series that comes close....idk.....

    1. BSKkayfabe
    2. DrBloodmoney


      The old Gabriel Knight games would certainly fall under Noire - I believe some of them were released on IPad at one point.


      In terms of stuff on Playstation systems, pure Raymond Chandler style noire is slim pickings, but some that would fall somewhat oncthe Noire scale would be:


      Murdered: Soul Suspect

      Noire Chronicles: City of Crime

      Observer (sci-fi noire)

      Knee Deep (swamp noire)

      Heavy Rain

      Hidden Agenda

      White Night (Horror Noire)

      Lone Survivor (Horror / Lynchian Noire)

      Bloodborne (Eldrich Horror Noire)

      Mafia II 

      Deus Ex games (Cyberpunk Noire)

    3. Rally-Vincent---


      Might want to have a look at Bear With Me.

  7. Streets of Rage 4 - i started playing this at the beginning of the week and i love it. Does anyone know if the original trilogy is on PS4 in any capacity? Thanks

    1. Stevieboy


      all 3 are included in this collection


  8. Mafia 1 - That fffffuuuuuucccckkkkinnn' race on classic, blah blah, its hard, blah blah, can't do it. You know the drill i literally don't wanna play the game anymore because of that BS. Lol

    1. AK-1138


      So what you're saying is, you've got two words for 2K Czech?

    2. BSKkayfabe


      2k won't be down with it......

  9. GIMP (which i know is the lesser software but i'm on an ultra budget so i know not to expect the world.) I honestly just want to learn how to insert my own text over photos, change specific color schemes to colors i want. In a nutshell. BTW, thank you very much for wanting to help, it means alot
  10. Having plat'd most of the series and being a horrifyingly hardcore fan of the series, the list is pretty standard, in a bad way....kinda cookie cutter if you ask me. Not saying they needed to reinvent the wheel but at least use different material in the wheel blueprint, to use a weird analogy.
  11. Platinum #50 - Resident Evil 2 Remake, i now have: RE0, RE remake, RE2 remake, RE4, RE 5 all plat'd or 100%, all i need now is to finish up RE3 remake, RE6, and RE7. Can't wait for RE8 this Friday!

  12. Hey everyone, I was wondering if I could get some pointers on creating, or rather manipulating photos i.e. changing the font, text, color etc. As i'm not very artsy but would like to create my own signatures, banners, profile pix etc. That way i can have them exactly as i want them without much hassle. Any guidance would be appreciated.
  13. Saints Row 4 - Went from 22 hours played to 38 1/2 hrs played since yesterday while at work over night. Pushed the right stick slightly, logged out of PSN, told to update software...............back down to 22 hours played.........left my PS4 running all night for nothing....... I'm furious. I couldn't give 2 fucks about any bullshit updates........i'm so pissed i dont even wanna start the game application ever. Yes its that dramatic for me to check the time and see it at 38 hrs (so close to the plat i could taste it) to then be booted from psn to install an update i could give a fat fartcicle about only to see the time go from 38hrs to 22 plat for me today.... 

    1. BSKkayfabe


      I've said "Fuck" so many times in the past 5 minutes i'd give Fred Durst a run for his money......I'm so fucking mad. All that time, wasted. My Ps4 coulda croaked while i was at work over night and i still risked it for it to be for naught......I'm pissed.

    2. Masamune


      That sucks. 🙁 Whenever I have playtime trophies I need to go for, I try to save every hour or two if possible (even checking it in the middle of the night), I get power outages here at the weirdest times. <_<

    3. DaisyVilla102


      💩 I'd be cussin' mad, too!





  14. Doom (1993) - [Knee Deep in the Dead] Containment area has a level skip kinda thing that i used back in 1998 when i was a kid and i thought i was so cool lol Hint: circle around the map to the exit door, fall into the pit. Repeatedly press the " use" button and the exit bridge should raise. Be quick and you can finish the level in 12 - 18 seconds.

  15. I'm back after a stay in a mental health facility that lasted about 8 days. Those that know me, know that i've been in a real dark place for a long time and things culminated in a mental break down at home. Crisis team was called and i was committed for a total of 8 days. I'm now on anti-psychotic meds (that i sorely needed but could never afford) my wife's forgiven me and we are starting to repair our marriage. An over share? Sure, but if you're a friend, thought you'd wanna know.

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    2. BSKkayfabe


      thank you all for the well wishes. I appreciate that you guys at least either battle what i am or are close to someone who IS. It's never pretty, in fact, it can be down right devastating. I don't have any real life personal friends so I'd like to think some of you call me friend. One thing i was looking forward to as i was getting closer to discharge was my sons 1st birthday, Feb 12th, but we're giving him a Valentine's day party.

    3. Sofa King

      Sofa King

      Absolutely know where you're coming. My wife and I have been separated for 6 months now and it's been a living hell coping with it. Thankfully we've been talking more lately so hopefully I too can repair my marriage. Sure you've heard it a million times but stay positive and I for one will definitely be hoping things turn around for you.

    4. BSKkayfabe


      @Sofa King we were separated for 4 months, because of my mental illness. Since I'm now able to be medicated, she's coming back with my son, slowly.