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  1. gotta drive in a game SPECIFICALLY made for driving that's your one hang up?, THE HORROR.... Lol
  2. MASS EFFECT 3 - replaying 3 after not playing it for over a year to mop up the 5,000 kills (at 2,800 using the starting infinite spawn point) and the overload specialist trophies for the plat. Then I'll have the MAIN trilogy plat'd, then I'll continue Andromeda (haven't played it since it released). ME3 has the most idk, heart wrenching opening. The whole, saving the kid then seeing him as you get on the shuttle, he waves then gets on HIS shuttle only to have it blown up by reapers a moment later. i know you don't even KNOW the kid, but it's the implication that you TRY to save the boy and it's for naught. Shows how despicable the reapers are. Best antagonists in a game series (spanning an entire series)

    1. PermaFox


      Woah - sounds like an unbelievable opening to start the game. 

    2. BSKkayfabe


      It's pretty grandiose, one of my favorite series'

  3. Metal Gear Solid 4 - i got MOST of the emblems like 6 months ago, haven't played it since, can't find the notebook i checked off the emblems in, tried going into big boss extreme essentially time blind (only games i ever memorized top to bottom and have muscle memory with, are RESIDENT EVIL lol I'm fucked....unless i can find that notebook but even still, big boss extreme terrifies me lol

    1. ihadalifeb4this


      I don't see a reason why you couldn't finish extreme in MGS4 if you did it in MGS2. Good luck!

    2. Deceptrox


      If you saved/bought non-lethal ammo (tranquilizer rounds and V-ring) from last run you should be fine. The only part that gave me a bit of trouble was the second part of the bike chase but fortunately it didn't take me as much time as I was dreading. Good luck.

    3. StewartBros


      The Big Boss run actually isn't as hard as it sounds.  I personally finished it in under 3 hours, and you have 5 hours in which to do it.  You can defeat Raging Raven with a single fully charged Railgun shot, and Vamp with a single charged Solar Gun shot.  It's possible to defeat Crying Wolf in under a minute by using Stun Grenades, though it requires a little luck, as if you are downwind then she will smell you coming.

      Just make sure you have a decent supply of non-lethal ammo, as Drebin does not sell non-lethal ammo on Extreme difficulty.  Aside from that, it's just a bit of trial and error - you should be fine.  If you managed to plat MGS2, then this will be easy.

  4. Batman: Arkham Origins - FINALLY got all of the online done! The prep was more stress inducing than the execution. After YEARS of trying, i got it done. Only took 3 weeks lol

  5. Batman Arkham Origins - Holy hell, now i see why the game is so high in rarity....the MP LOOKS like a horrifying pain to even get coordinated......i couldn't care less about having a rare plat. I just wanna round out the series as I'm cleaning up my backlog (or trying to)

    1. Copanele


      Can say beforehand... If you don't care about the platinum and want to go for the story, avoid the MP like the plague. It is NOT a fun experience by any means. 

    2. BSKkayfabe


      I meant i don't care about having a RARE plat. I do want it though lol i know, just looking at the forums and playing normally is excruciating as there are actually still people who are insanely good at it who don't seem to care about the trophies like in random lobbies lol who wants to be "the best" at a six year old game 4 people play? Lol i just want the stupid plat so i can move on unburdened.....

    3. Copanele


      Oh in random lobbies you have no chance xD there are a selected few that rarely play but when they play... Woo boy it's like they were playing since day 1 with their lives on the line. Especially predator paragon is insanely tough to get even via boosting since you need 8 people, a stable connection and prayers that the trophy wouldn't glitch (that is also a possibility) 


      There's a good multiplayer guide on the site if you plan on getting it with boosting ofc :D best to hurry since the servers were supposed to be long dead, nobody knows why they still work now. 


  6. I put my two weeks into my engineering job today......It's bitter sweet, on one hand, i get to escape an overgrown frat boy and his goons (my 2nd day there......this was 5 years ago mind you, they all took turns calling me gay, not the actual word but saying shit like "someone get his bf for em." When i'd have an episode (i have severe mental breaks (schizophrenia with visual hallucinations, not cool, not interesting, not special, they fucking suck.) And i tend to break alot, crying and shit.....I'm a big ol tough guy but cry worse than a woman at the end of the notebook. Anyway, i went to HR.....5.......5 years ago and nothing happened, eventually they eventually i mean like 2 years later off and on. Well today, i had a severe episode (coming off a weeks vacation and my 29th B-Day) because this jackass I've worked with for 4 years (I've got seniority, doesn't matter.) Always comes in and starts what i call "doomsday talking" I'm sure you know people like this "ohhhh, bro it's gonna be a bad day today bro, this is broke, you gotta fix this, heatpumps are on the fritz" EVERY day......i"m not saying everyone needs to be Chipper kangaroo (KANGAROO SONG!) But when you come to me with some bullshit an hour before my shift starts (can't help it, either I'm an hour early or an hour late, i don't mind being early.) It just puts me in this mood. Like, on edge all day. So, in this episode, without thinking i got up, found my boss and said "i quit, I"ll type up my 2 weeks today, i can't take it anymore." The sweet part is, i live in Chicago, a mecca of industry, buildings in need of engineers. I already have 2 interviews for Friday. Holy rant lol on the train home from work and thought I'd decompress a little sorry lol

    1. DaivRules


      Good luck, hope things are better at your new place. If your current place didn’t change for 5 years, don’t let anything they say entice you back. They should have done something a long time ago and they aren’t changing. 

    2. BSKkayfabe


      Thanks, brother. I'm sure it will be.

    3. Rally-Vincent---


      Well, good luck finding a new job where they'll treat you better.

  7. Watchdogs 2 - i ended up getting the MP trophies without boosting thanks to blind dumb luck. Thats all for the MP section of the game. Now if i can just get past the writing, i can enjoy the rest of the game. In time for Legion.

  8. Watch Dogs 2's MP is simple but ultra infuriating. People disconnecting before i get to em or camping. I managed to get 2 neutralizations legit but it's too hit and miss. I just wanna finish the MP already....i joined a session but again, they're hit and miss. People in different time zones, not on when i am, sessions are a pain in the ass. Just a few more kills....i hope LEGION doesn't have MP trophies, even though i know its going to -.-

    1. BSKkayfabe


      Nevermind, just looked. Legion has no MP trophies :)

    2. ihadalifeb4this


      Off topic and i think 2 days late, but... 


      Happy birthday!


    3. BSKkayfabe


      Thanks buddy :) means alot :)

  9. Blasting my Danzig/Type O Negative discography playlist while i grind out Uncharted 2's CRUSHING difficulty.

  10. Dude, there's a flyer being passed around my neighborhood, asking residents to please take down any pro-Trump signage or otherwise. I wish this was a "things that didn't happen for $100" kinda thing, but i live in a predominantly Hispanic neighborhood (I'm white, my wife is Hispanic, we compromised) but it's not, i have an American flag hanging outside on my stoop and a vote Trump sign in the corner of my front window but I've had that since like 2015 lol they're talking about me and this other white family on the block, an older couple who, coincidently are also pro Trump. In Chicago, 2 weeks before the election lol......oi.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. snakebit10


      I seen a post on Facebook of a letter that had been going around warning Pro Trump supporters and telling them that they better make sure their house insurance is paid up. Last month we had a Trump boat parad ehere where I live and 2 women I know who took part in it received death threats.

    3. BSKkayfabe


      That's fucked. I'm sorry. Maybe that's what the flyer is? I'm at work, my wife called me and told me someone handed it to her.

    4. Spaz


      It's pretty obvious minorities do not take kindly to what Trump has done these past few years. He is the same man who wants to block Hispanics by suggesting a giant wall be built on what is the Mexican/American border. Some of my friends who are Hispanic did not voice kindly about that.


      He is the same man who wants Muslims to get into testing procedures to see if they have "American values". That is completely unfathomable.


      Because I'm half Filipino, I am considered a minority. And Trump does not accept minorities. Obama practically had to force himself to introduce Trump into the White House. 


      We need a competent leader.

  11. Treated. J/k that sucks dude. You'll get it I'm sure. Bad luck is bad luck. I assume you're skilled at the game? I've seen it, never played it. Good luck friend.
  12. Platinum #47 - Uncharted (remastered), I'm gonn do 2, 3, 4, and lost legacy back to back. 

  13. Watch_Dogs 2 (bro) - i can't bring myself to keep playing it. I made it through the cyber driver mission and deleted the game.....i get that I'm the trillionth curmudgeon to bash the game for its cringey writing, or Douchebag characters but this game is the living embodiment of the "hello, fellow kids" meme (again i know others have said this). But the glaring thing that kinda made me roll my eyes hardest was the blatant "hey I'm black. Hey, Hey, did you know I'm black?" Writing. Like, when Marcus first meets the crew of dedsec, he casually says hey to everybody, but when Horatio is introduced, he gives him this bro hug, then later on Horatio tells him "it's good to have another brother around here" i WISH i could say this is BLM level cringe writing, but i actually KNOW and work with lots of black people who do this. They're casual with everyone but act like family with other black people. I remember a white guy who Joked to me when i first started working security saying "boy, it's great to have another white guy around." A black co worker overheard and told our boss (who's black) that the guy was racist. The whole rules for thee not for me, Schtick. Again, really weird thing to be fixated on but THAT'S why i deleted the game, the constant, "i'm intelligent, can literally make thousands of dollars in seconds, and can buy the nicest things, but I'm black, look how opressed i am" character that Marcus is. He bitches to what is essentially Kit from knight rider because she says something Like "i don't recognize the term "black" in response to something marcus says and he goes "of course you wouldn't" even my wife who is psychotically liberal and progressive goes "that's a bit much huh?" I let out a groan and deleted the game. I hope i can skip 2 and just play legion ok.....again sorry for ranting lol.

    1. Crispy_Oglop


      I felt completely the opposite about the game really. Alot of the issues you have with the game seem to be influenced by/connected to some issues you have with real life with certain demographics based on what you are saying. So I won't really comment on those, you do you, essentially - but I thought the characters and writing to be pretty refreshing and a pretty nice departure from some of the generic formulaic shit we see nowadays.

      You'll probably enjoy Legion though - so that might be worth a look in terms of your own preferences - because you have more direct control over the nationalities and character backgrounds you play as/with.

  14. Dude. As someone who's completed the story and 90% of the challenges, as tempting and "completionist" as you may wanna be starting out, you're gonna fuck yourself at the end game If you clear every camp out 100% before then. Unless you're focusing on all combat challenges, you aren't gonna have any dudes to fight against almost anywhere lessen you wanna drive around for an hour hoping to find one or two shitheels on the side of the road. (Specifically talking about the "unstoppable" challenge and/or the challenges for disarming guys and the breaking jaws challenge. Leave like 5-6 camps for later. Trust me.
  15. Platinum #46 - Watch_Dogs (first plat in like 6 months lol) Fun Factor: 10/10 (I'm biased because i LIVE in Chicago lol) Difficulty 4/10 (For ME it rose to 8/10 with some of those fixer contracts, multiple retries)