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  1. Far Cry 5 (Dead Living Zombies) - 5,000 zombie kills. Fuck. Time to cheese it with the tractor method. 8 HOURS -.- that's how long it's gonna take lol fuck.

  2. RAGE 2 - [TV] overscan is a bitch, when someone calls over the radio, their name is supposed to show up below the radio. Only a SLIVER of the L in Lily's name shows up and the mini map is kinda cut off. I tried to go into my TV's settings but it doesn't have the option to fix overscan. It's a 60' panasonic viera, and while i have the model most people have ( i guess) the option doesn't appear like people are saying it does......Oi....

  3. Ion Fury is the tits. It's a killer little doomclone and i can't get enough.

    1. zizimonster


      It's in my wishlist! A cyberpunk game in glorious pixelated graphics. It is also believed that the protagonist's nickname references cyberpunk anime classic Ghost in the Shell. :awesome:

    2. BSKkayfabe


      Yep, yep lol it's JAMPACKED with references to pretty much everything lol it's very fun

  4. I'm just kinda giggling because no one would have given Mad Max so much attention if the servers weren't shutting down, as is how everyone acts when ANY games servers shut down, even if it's a game they wouldn't have played twice, frantically running around trying to complete it in a month and half when everyone's had ample YEARS to complete it. I've been playing it on and off for a couple years and finished those challenges in little less than afternoon. It should take you guys MAYBE a day or two, don't fret.....
  5. FarCry 5: Hours of Darkness - the DLC's not too bad on survivor difficulty, i just run through, not rescuing anyone, liberating any camps and just sprinting to the last bit of battle before the end. 32 mins tops i think.

    1. Spaz


      I think you can co-op the zombie DLC in Far Cry 5, though I also think it is quite possible to do solo

  6. Preordered Mafia Remake, excited. 15 days -.-

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    2. BSKkayfabe


      As i said, Mafia II seems to be case by case. Nothing horrifyingly game breaking happened when i played it. You may get lucky.

    3. Spaz


      I see that Hangar 13 and 2K Games are both involved with the making of the Mafia remake.


      Mafia 3 was a technical mess at launch. Fingers crossed that this Mafia remake doesn't have a fuck load of bugs and glitches.

    4. zizimonster


      @BSKkayfabe Thank you for the info. I can only hope my luck hasn't run out. :D


      @Spaz Yes, Mafia 3 was a mess back then, but it was smooth-sailing when it was released for PS+ members in 2018 though a small number of players still experienced glitched trophies.

  7. My last platinum was 5 Months ago, does it bother me? Fuck no. I decided 5 months ago that I'd simply play games for what i started playing them for 20 years ago, FUN, everloving FUN. If i like a game/series or if the trophy list is doable (nothing out of left field And no multiplayer -.-) sure I'll go for the plat. I just realized months ago that gaming was no longer fun for me, it was a JOB and not the paying kind. I cared so much about what you all thought of my virtual BLING, i lost sight of why i even STARTED gaming in the first place, it became a popularity contest ( and don't let anyone on here tell you it still ISN'T) now i play for the fun of it and if i see a *pling* in the left upper corner, I'll check what it is i did and move on. Not saying you can't enjoy the nuance of Trophy hunting; i just enjoyed it for the wrong reasons. Hunt responsibly friends :)

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. BSKkayfabe


      @Spaz precisely bud. I couldn't care less if it was 1% or 19% I've enough stresses In life, don't have time to stress about gaming too. Besides, (and this is NOT a knock on ANYONE, even though you'll take it that way ) i enjoy becoming skilled in lifelong endeavors i.e. engineering (day job) or computers (side hobby) you can't put that you got 70+ plats on a resume, i mean you could but no one would take you seriously ;)

    3. Spaz


      Engineering is difficult. My sister tried that when she went to university, gave up on it and picked a different degree.

    4. BSKkayfabe


      It took me a while to get the hang of engineering but now I've been doing it going on 5 years.

  8. Metal Gear Solid V - replaying MGS V as i must of deleted my Save file after completing the TRUE ending way back when.......and I'm now regretting it lol i had everything researched, almost every mission S ranked, the works......been a long time since i played it so I'm lost, and at square

    1. Spaz


      Way back when? It was only five years ago.

    2. BSKkayfabe


      Dude......5 YEARS in life nowadays that's a millennia....least to me it is.

    3. Spaz


      I'm 32 years old so that may be why it doesn't seem all that long.

  9. I own and actively write in a bullet journal everyday. Not a very masculine thing to admit but it helps keep my lazy ass accountable. Thanks to my wife for trying to organize my chaos by showing me these journal creators on YouTube.

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    2. IntroPhenom


      Writing is therapeutic, exercises your brain, unclutters your thoughts, frees your mind.  It's one of the more advantageous activities for our big, complex human brains.

    3. Metal Slime King

      Metal Slime King

      A journal you write in by shooting bullets at a wall seems like the epitome of manliness. :awesome:

    4. mako-heart


      I should do one, but I'm so lazy. I like looking at the fancy ones, though.

  10. MAFIA III - this is an ultra petty thing to be urked about, but it's annoying that Mafia III doesn't have trophies for the collectibles i.e. playboys and Vargas paintings. MAFIA II had 2 trophies for em. Gave a little incentive to actively look for em and collect em. I mean sure they're cool to look at (i simply see em as nude "art") i have a wife, so i have boobs on tap. But other than that, there's no real reason to collect em, which like i said, urks me. I HATE collectables in games that aren't at least tied to trophies. I'm not 12 anymore, random boobage doesn't make me laugh or get giddy. The more i write this the pettier this seems, meh lol just a thought as i'd just gotten the last playboy in the Mafia II definitive edition and a nice little "collect em all" trophy popped lol

    1. starcrunch061


      "I HATE collectables in games that aren't at least tied to trophies."


      Not me. If collectible trophies vanished from the face of the earth, I would be much happier.

    2. BSKkayfabe


      I'm inclined to actually agree slightly, I'd realized after i said that, that alot of collectables add to the lore of a fame and are kinda cool. I retract that statement slightly lol

    3. Caju_94


      I would say I hate collectables if they do not bring a significant in-game reward. For example, upgrades, clothing, vehicles, stuff like that, I think this is what makes collectibles interesting. Not just collecting for me to bribe about and well, turn on the game just to look at the gallery? Who cares about gallery these days? Not me, at least.

  11. 93 Degrees, Feels like 107 according to my weather app. Good old Chicago weather...i know other places are hotter but this is Chicago. You can always tell a suburbanite or a Toury from a Chicagoan.....not that we're so fucking great but we're like meh with the weather, it's what we get. They're all "omg, it's brutal here" and no, I'm not saying Chicago is full of badasses lol

  12. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - 9 trophies and no plat. Does it suck? Yeah it sucks, but I'm not gonna NOT play it, i spent $30 on it. I may end up (Re)enjoying it. Make some lifelong friends in it (or not). It doesn't feel "lazy" on the dev's part as some people are saying. Does it feel like they banked on the game itself selling copies? Yeah and it shows, they remastered the thing. I guess i just had high hopes  it'd be all the other FF games. I'll still play it though, like i said, may enjoy it fully anyway.

    1. Raveniteh


      Which is a very healthy attitude to have. I do understand people's dismay and disappointment, we are on a trophy hunter site after all, but one way or another I remember FF CC being great game so do have fun! 

  13. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered - 16 hrs till it downloads, uber excited! 

  14. DOOM Eternal - i ABSOLUTELY hate MP trophies in video games that don't need em. I know I'm like the billionth person to say this (where's my billionth complainer t-shirt reward) but i hate MP in general. Yeah, could be a suck donkey dick at MP anything or could be that, MP that simply says kill this many people do this amount of stuff, takes god damn ages and I'm a husband and father with a full time job who gets MAYBE 1-2 a night to play games....i don't care that It'd take forever to get a platinum in this way but it's just the fact that it's even a requirement, turns me off the entire game immediately and i delete it....

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Cloudbahamut


      Eternal is way more awesome then Doom 2016. The level designs are much better, amount of weapon upgrades, player upgrades, skills, the rune system, different player and weapon skins, cheats, enemy variety, the story and that unique flow between using chainsaw, flame belch, glory kills or the Crucible sword and with the different challenges (Totem battles, Arch-Vile buffs, Slayer Gates, secret encounters) there is so much more variety and depht in this game then Doom 2016 had where you just went from arena battle to arena battle.

      I admit in the beginning Eternal is hard and be frustrating when you only have 2 weapons and no upgrades but once you get most of the weapons, upgrade your stats and get some of those weapon mods and you learn how to get into the rhythm between killing, chainsawing, glorykilling etc. it becomes such a blast and honestly the best shooter I have ever played.

      The only thing that truly annoys me in this game is the amount of platforming where you have to navigate traps, dash through portals and swing from poles like a goddamn Donkey Kong game. This gets especially annoying in the Urdak mission. Other then that this is by far the best and richest Doom game ever.

    3. MikeCheck--


      Yeah, the levels are much longer. I do like you can go back at the end of a level for collectible cleanup. I'm only on level 2 but yeah it is proving tough so far

    4. Cloudbahamut


      It gets much better later on, trust me. Once you upgrade health and ammo, get some of the weapon mods and better weapons it will be much easier. The Super Shotgun for example is incredibly OP. It consumes two bullets per shot but it blasts away smaller demons in a single shot. Not good for glory kills though because it usually kills the demons too quickly. For glory kills I suggest the Heavy Cannon as you can very quickly stagger demons with it. Later on you can runes like enemies remaining in stagger longer or glory killing from farther away which is super helpful.

      What you wanna do is getting into a rhythm in battle where you leave the smaller demons (zombies, imps, gargoyles) alone because those are essentially ammo bags. Focus on the biggest threats first, then whenever your health dips too low stagger a smaller demon and glory kill them for health. never wait until your ammo runs out, chainsaw smaller demons (for ammo refills) whenever your chainsaw has refilled and in between killing the bigger demons. With the flamebelch you can ignite enemies and while they are on fire they drop armor shards. So light them on fire whenever you can and then kill them quickly to get a ton of armor shards. I usually combined this with chainsaw because then you get health and armor in one go.

      If you later mastered the Super Shotgun you can ignite enemies simply by using the meathook and then instantly kill them with a blast, giving you a ton of armor shards straight away. Just don't ever try to chainsaw anything but imps, zombies and gargoyles because the other demons require much more chainsaw fuel and it's a waste. Keep the imps and zombies around for quick ammo refills. Much later you get the Crucible sword which kills ANY demon in one hit and always rewards you with health so that is useful too.

      The only guns that are not refilled with chainsaw kills are BFG and Unmakyr because they require special ammo you can only find as pickups. On the flipside they are the most powerful guns in the game. I usually reserve my BFG ammo to quickly kill Archviles as they are super tough, summon and buff other demons and need to be eliminated as quickly as possible. Later you also get the Blood punch which you charge up with glory kills. That punch can instantly destroy a Cyber mancubus armor or kill several demons at once and reward you with health so I use that a lot for desperate situations when I need health quickly.

      One of my alltime fav weapons is the Chaingun, specifically the Turret mod for it (which turns it into a 4 barrel gatling gun) The Turret mod shreds absolutely everything and I use it on almost all the bigger demons. the gun can overheat quickly but if you fully mastered the turret mod it can no longer overheat and you can fire the gun as long as you have ammo. I usually alternate between Chaingun (for bigger demons), Super Shotgun (medium demons) and Heavy Cannon (staggering small demons) and use the Plasma rifle for shield enemies and the BFG for Archviles, especially if Chaingun turret mod and Super Shotgun are fully mastered which I focused very early on. It's just very important to regularly glory kill and chainsaw smaller demons in between for constant health and ammo refills because especially the Chaingun will go through ammo quickly.

      I generally advise to complete every battle, including the secret encounters and Slayer gates because this will earn you weapon points which can be used to master the weapons mods. The Slayer gates are especially intense. You need a special key to open them and if you beat a gate you get a special key. There are 6 Slayer gates (and they can only be done when cheats are not active) and if you get all 6 keys from them you can unlock the Unmakyr weapon (best weapon in the game IMO) in the Fortress of Doom.

      It's also really important to find the Sentinel Crystals (one in each level) which increase your health, ammo or armor permanently. I focused on on health and ammo first and maxed both out after Mission 9 or 10.

      Eternal requires more strategy and you need to know what you're doing instead of just mindlessly pumping ammo into enemies but it feels so much more rewarding and is so much more fun and offers so much more variety and content (and the story is really epic and even connects Doom 1 and 2 with the newer games).

      And if you find all the cheats in the game (some of them are very well hidden) and beat the game once you can replay all missions and use cheats like infinite ammo, instant stagger etc. which makes the game even more fun. Going through the levels and spamming the Unmakyr into every demons face is so damn awesome.

      I also love the addition of the extra lives system that allows you to respawn instantly when you die  and there are many extra lives in each level. After completing two levels I had already almost 10 extra lives. I did follow a collectibles guide though which I strongly recommend.

  15. Ghost Recon wildlands - just got the "Heavy medals" trophy.....long before i got all the bonus medals. I was clearing out an outpost with a bonus medal in it, i collected it and the trophy popped....i looked and i still have like 17 to get....hmmm