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  1. WWE2k games just copy and paste their trophies.......i see a couple new trophies for showcase mode and a couple new payback trophies but other than that it's generic copy and pasted BS.....luckily I'm only renting it......i gotta stop doing this to myself every fucking year lol

  2. Even though i can't stand gangster culture I'm a firm advocate for remakes or ps2 to Ps4 rereleases of the Def Jam games there was something special about them,even ICON.

    1. KingGuy420


      I'd argue that Fight for New York is one of the best wrestling games ever made. Based on rappers or not, it's hard to ignore something that high quality lol

  3. Gonna be dusting off my Vita for the first time in about a year or more as i just rented a "Tales of" game that i didn't know was exclusive to Vita from gamefly! Just a quick question to anyone who actively plays their Vita, i was scrolling through the Gamefly rentals for the vita, and it seems like the Vita is dominated by visual novels and anime games, a silent hill game for vita keeps eyeballing me but that's about it it seems, should i look elsewhere for games like idk CoD or the sly series or games like that? Just kinda sucks that a cool piece of hardware is limited to a niche group of people....

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    2. Squirlruler


      Vita also has a ton of RPGs and Puzzler games.

    3. IntroPhenom


      Mostly RPGs, I'd say.

    4. BSKkayfabe


      @IntroPhenom yeah, i LOVE a good RPG and anime games aren't bad but when that's all that i see in the vita (at least, on gamefly) it kinda sucks lol

  4. Changing the profile name and a few aspects of the profile but it's still good ol' Crafty :)

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    2. BSKkayfabe


      Lol still Poe, just rebranding for a time :)

      I guess it more so comes down to, i have several loves in life between wrestling and macabre writers like Poe that, every year or so i can't decide what i want to represent lol an identity crisis if you will.

    3. DaisyVilla102
    4. BSKkayfabe


      @DaisyVilla102 Yay, Daisy! Yeah science! Lol

  5. [Tales of Symphonia] - i got "I Hate Gels!", "Eternal Apprentice" & "Brave Soul" all in one playthrough I'm also trying for "Gung-Ho". My characters are lvls 34 (Lloyd), 32 (Collette), 31 (Zelos) & 32 (Raine). I still have to best celsius and Gnome and the baby dragons and I'm always stocked on holy bottles and have Collettes holy bottle extension (duration) personal skill so I've gotten into MAYBE 14 random encounters? Idk, either I'll get the title by the skin of my teeth or I'll try again with 1/2 exp. On my third playthrough.....

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. BSKkayfabe


      @starcrunch061 you have to beat Rodyle with a team whos total level is below 145.

    3. starcrunch061


      Ah, of course! I don't think I've ever gotten that title before. 

    4. BSKkayfabe


      @starcrunch061 me either, because the difficulty of it petrified me but i want that plat so i dove in lol

  6. Waiting to see JOKER. At 1215 with the wife can't wait! The theatres empty :)

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    2. BSKkayfabe


      @Sir_Bee oh god yes! It was brilliant! I'll definatly see it again!

    3. Sir_Bee


      Awesome.  I am glad that it was worth your time, and that you got to share it with your wife.  :D 

    4. BSKkayfabe
  7. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles remastered comes out January 23, 2020 for PS4, PC, SWITCH, XBOXONE. Holy shit I'd forgotten about this game, i played it on GC when it released way back early 2003? 2004? Anyway, I'm so fing excited for that AND FFVII remake a month later!

    1. Dr_Mayus


      So am I going to have to buy 3 additional vitas to finally play this game :P



    2. BSKkayfabe


      Lol oh god i remember that lol i looked into it and not a whole lot is said about that but it seems like you won't need the extra hardware

    3. Dr_Mayus


      I never did get to play it back in the day so it could be fun. Especially if they did 4 player online co-op 

  8. ToS - going after Lloyd's berserker title and i hate gels and eternal apprentice on my second playthrough then I'll go for level 100 with each character on my 3rd playthrough and then Lloyds gung ho title on my 4th.

  9. My son is gonna be born feb. 4th and I've been working my tail off, 60+ hours at work every week for 3 months to make sure he comes into this world set for a while. Little cheapo but went to the goodwill with my wife and got the mini wwf champion 2 years worth of clothes from 6 months to 2 years. Also built his crib and painted his room, I'm beat lol so over the next 4 month's my gaming schedule looks like this: TRY and plat the rest of the "Tales of" series, plat the rest of the Metal gear series, plat the rest of the final fantasy and resident evil series'. That's alot but I'm already half way through each trophy list anyway.

    1. DaivRules


      Congrats! I lucked in a network at work where a couple of guys from my team have sons 6 months to 2 years older and they would hand me down their sons clothes, jackets, and shoes when they outgrew them. I found three ladies that had sons 6 months to 2 years younger than mine and handed my stuff down to them. It’s been working out awesome for the last couple years. 

      Good luck! My gaming took a nosedive after my son was born, but plenty of people say you can still

      make it happen!

  10. Infamous, and if i can cheat and add more than one, GTAIV & Blood Omen & Final Fantasy VII: Dirge Of Cerberus
  11. -- Episode I -- 2242 at night, the glare of the television burns my eyes as i scroll through list after list of games either outside my price range or games that don't seem that interesting. Then, just as boredom grabs hold somewhere around the PS+ section of games my finger slowly juts the joystick to the right once. Stopping on my selection i stop and stare, thinking, would it be worth it? What if there's a god awful multiplayer? (There is.) I reach for my phone and quickly look up both a review and trophy list. The review goes over needless filler and then the voiceover says something i never thought it'd say, "career mode almost hits RPG levels of depth with a skill tree, perks and dialogue options." My curiosity peaked, i click download and am at a loss, growing up in the heart of Chicago my family was always hooked on sports, i couldn't stand them, all except wrestling of course. So, here i was, all out of witches and warlockes, foul mouthed protagonists, beautiful story, bored with it all at the moment and, resigned to my choice i hit "start" and then the Load in background lights the room up with text.............MLB The Show 19............ This concludes our broadcast day, tune in next time when, once again, i go "Outside My Wheelhouse"........
  12. This seems like a very dumb thing to complain about (or as some people call it, a first problem.) But i was scrolling through my game library on PS4 (379 games) and my physical collection (another 76 games) and i had no desire to play any of them, i felt idk, bored. Is it just me getting older or what? Lol again i know it's ludicrous to complain about something but i guess it's true: You CAN have to too much of a good thing.......

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Copanele


      I never personally felt overwhelmed by the choice of games nowadays. I mean, it CAN happen, but when I feel like " not in mood for my library" I immediately switch to the other hobbies: reading, gym, walking etc. Boy how the desire for gaming comes back xD 

      Surprisingly it's not a dumb thing, it might quite be the lack of variation in your hobbies! I bet you are not in mood for gaming in general at those moments.

      I guess it's just like eating pizza every day. At one point you kinda get fed up with it and you need a salad.

    3. Lorajet


      Now I'm in the mood for a pizza.

    4. PermaFox


      Me, too.  Just bought a pizza and ready to kick back with some games!  Probably play some of those games I don't want to play.

  13. I decided I'll skip FINAL FANTASY IX as the hail to the king trophy is ungodly and the story is kinda I'll plat every FF game besides IX and maybe 14.............

    1. damon8r351


      Good call, if you're only playing Final Fantasy games for the trophies then FFXIV is not the game for you. People don't play FFXIV for the trophies, they play it for the true end game: glamour items.

  14. Finally got Anthem today from Target and got a cool halographic poster with it :)

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    2. DaisyVilla102


      @Crafty Poe Aw, I'm jealous!  I didn't get a poster.  😾  Must've been a Target exclusive?  If I wasn't eating right now I'd jump on.

      @NERVergoproxy you indeed only need a disc and do not need a code.  Alternatively, if you happen to have an EA Access subscription, the game is now included with that.

    3. NERVergoproxy


      Thxs I can now grab me a used copy then. 😁

    4. BSKkayfabe


      @NERVergoproxy i copped mine for $19.99 

  15. I've officially decided that I'm done playing the infamous Series.......TWO playthroughs (one semi that was before the warrens)(in case i missed a shard or two i could go back)....I'm now missing TWO shards on the back up save, even with every dot manually crossed off on my printed out map, my main save did better than the back up save with a map......I'm so angry......soooo I'm quitting the series, the story gets tiresome after playing the same levels over and over......there will be no "coming back to it in 4 months" like i usually do....i hate it that much I've spent 9 hours over the past 4 days trying to find one shard.....too much time for a husband and father to be devoting to a virtual ding..........NNNNNNNNEEEEXXTT SERIES lol 

    1. TugaSonic


      Yes, the shard collection on the first Infamous is really frustrating especially when you're just missing one or two and have no idea where it might be.

      It's a shame though since the following Infamous games don't have that problem since you can unlock an ability that tells you the locations of the shards and the second one is a great game.