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  1. Playing through the GTA V story again after not having played it since 2015 and its STILL killer lol "not like tien, exactly tien." Even my wife who's VERY liberal (we've been together for 10+ years and somewhere down the road she just accepted that i'd voted for TRUMP) *sidetracked but it makes sense to the status*, even my liberal wife (the kinda liberal that cries racism at everything) laughed her ass off when the Devin guy mocked Franklin's ghetto accent lol

    1. BlackSquirrell1


      Will always be my favorite game.  Still play it every month, and love the Rockstar events.  Fav survival?  Stab City!

    2. SinisterPledge


      The conservative radio stations are the best. So many tears of laughter. Glad you can both enjoy the humor in the game despite your different opinions. 👍

    3. BSKkayfabe


      @SinisterPledge ikr? Lol whenever I have them on my wife yells at me to put my headphones in because she doesn't wanna hear that garbage lol i just turn it up louder and hand her the headphones lol