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  1. Hey guys! Streaming now after being MIA for a couple months, Assassin's Creed Odyssey is the game so it should be fun!

  2. Platinum #33 - Assassin's Creed Origins. Now onto Odyssey; another mammoth of a game :)

  3. Not usually a race game fan but NEED FOR SPEED is pretty ok. The cringey dialog reminds me of old grindhouse movie lines lol

  4. I'm fucking livid right now....i went back to play Metal Gear Solid 2 HD, i'd put in a shit ton of time into it (those bullshit VR missions) i even passed the so called "hardest" VR mission i was 87% done. I went back after taking a couple months off and i load my save up, mind you, i don't cheat, use others saves, i didn't transfer the account to a vita or anything else. I just loaded my save....and now it says "unlocking trophies is disabled with this save......all my hard work, gone........i kinda wanna throw this game in the trash now.......i'd hoped to plat the series and i was close to platting 2.....

    1. IntroPhenom


      Any idea why such a thing would happen?

    2. enaysoft


      Did you back up your save to the cloud and then redownload it?

      Ah wait... " FINALLY lol i'm able to sign into the forums with my new PSN ID lol  "

      You changed your PSNID? Well that's asking for trouble, I remember back on my PS3 copying saves between my two accounts and having a similar issue.


      The save is locked to your old id name. Sadly you're going to have to change your PSNID back to what it was.

    3. Crafty Poe

      Crafty Poe

      Ahhhhh that's right! Thanks @enaysoft I'm a bone head lol

  5. Sitting at work listening to Demon Hunter while i fill out reports then it's onto the gym at 2 for some strength training and then it's game time, Saturday's are productive lol

  6. My Assassin's Creed plan to platinum every mainline game is working pretty ok. Almost done with Origins' main story then just some mopping up to so and then it's onto Odyssey.

    1. MidnightDragon


      Playing remasters, too?

    2. Crafty Poe

      Crafty Poe

      Almost exclusively lol i HATED the multiplayer of the PS3 versions lol

  7. FINALLY lol i'm able to sign into the forums with my new PSN ID lol 

  8. Changed my psn ID and now i can't update my trophies -.- regrets setting in lol

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    2. Crafty Poe

      Crafty Poe

      @NERVergoproxy BSKKayfabe, it's wrestling related. I figured I'll never not love wrestling lol

    3. NERVergoproxy


      Ohh that is you on my friends list.. haha. I miss DeathLovesLife, haha.

    4. Crafty Poe

      Crafty Poe

      Lol yeah but that was from way back in 2007 when i was 16 lol angsty teen and all that lol

      I could go back to it if i really wanted to but I've wanted to change it for YEARS lol

  9. Damn you aragon's quest.....i HAVE a second ps3 controller but somethings broken internally so it performs actions on its own....damn 2 player trophy(s) -.-

    1. Leenewbe


      u need a little electrical tape where the terminals touch, 


  10. Fist Of The North Star: Lost Paradise Is a game i regret sleeping on (figuratively). It's a beautiful ultra violent game that i can't stop playing. Holy Shit.

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    2. DaisyVilla102


      dang. too late n too early 😅 Glad you're having fun playing!

    3. PooPooBlast


      Thank you! Im pretty much sold! 


      P.S: I'm a dude but Faith (my female avatar) kicks all sorts of ass and is stoic/reserved - fits my style! 

    4. NERVergoproxy


      Awesome game. Now watch the anime! :D

  11. It's worth it. If you like stealth you'll like it. (Coming from a verified owner) it can be ultra hard on the harder difficulties (obviously) but it's great.
  12. Streaming FarCry 5 in 10 minutes! See you there!

  13.  Saturday's itenerary: work (now til 2pm), Gym after work (Fullbody High Intensity), Checking the mail relentlessly to see if gamefly shipped my copy of FarCry 5, streaming :) what's everyone else up to?

    1. DaisyVilla102


      👍 Watching qualifying for the Melbourne F1 race and getting some games in. ☺️

    2. Mesopithecus


      Just got back from the daily lap swim, about to grab lunch and then settle in for the afternoon with the Vita.  What are you planning on streaming today?

    3. Crafty Poe

      Crafty Poe

      @Mesopithecus not sure hopefully FarCry 5 but probably FarCry 4 lol

  14. Green's my favorite color so that's cool. Although they could have picked a darker or even denser shade of green. That's almost azure green.
  15. Looking through my "angsty teen" Cd's from like 15 years ago. In This Moment stands out still to me, little sexually cringey nowadays but still killer. I'm all for sexy time but it feels like Maria Brink is trying TOO hard to be seen as a slut lol that means i just gravitate to their first couple albums lol

    1. DaisyVilla102


      She puts on a good show in concert but after seeing it a few times it does feel a bit... schtick-y. (not a euphemism)

    2. Crafty Poe

      Crafty Poe

      I've seen them everytime they come to Chicago, they DO put on a killer show, it just gets kinda "we get it hon, you're pretty and you act whoreish, you're a keeper cause you do dirty things, we get it." As a guy i never thought I'd even think that lol like you said it's very schtick Heavy.