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  1. ^ obvious yakuza fan, respect for the grindage
  2. My wife was right, wearing a "I stand with blue" and a blue line american flag patch is getting me ALOT of death stares and hate. Since when did supporting police make you a villain? What happened to the time when you were a child and all you wanted to do was be a cop? Being a white guy in Chicago with pro police patches=death sentence lol

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    2. Spaz


      I don't think you've mentioned openly that you're a cop, or if you did it was probably a long time ago and I just didn't hear it.


      People are so fickle anymore that they look at cops the same way they look at gun control. One side supports the cops no matter what they do even if they beat up an innocent minority for no good reason. The other side has absolutely nothing they want to deal with when it comes to cops and I'm assuming that whoever reported you for pulling a woman over is playing the race card. Which is complete bullshit and I actually heard a lot of stories similar to yours in certain areas.


      Then when someone makes an opinion on cops or gun control, some people go "Great this guy is an asshole, why should I support him?" I mean really?


      Doing your job while in uniform and helping out fellow citizens, I respect you for that. Personally I could never do that job.

    3. Crafty Poe

      Crafty Poe

      My leather jacket is adorned with a plethora of patches that should solicit hate, my friedrich nietzsche patches "god is dead and animals are delicious" but i never thought I'd have people trying to fight me, I'm well aware that there are some not so clean police, i support the GOOD guys, plain and simple. I want to BE one of the Good police, even passed my POWER test but my wife is unmovingly opposed to me becoming a cop, Being white in Chicago, she's Hispanic and just can tell what i might go through. Still my Dream though. Maybe state or county police is safer? Hmmmm.

    4. Spaz


      There will always be corrupt cops, but the ones who have dedicated and risked their lives to save others and bring down criminals who get into gang shootouts, especially these sociopath nutjobs who go on shooting sprees, I have all the respect for the world in them.


      In my experience, certain cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit and the like have a long, storied history of cops being seen as some bad person who is just out there to give people trouble. I'm sure a white cop in Baltimore or Detroit has seen their share of racial hate considering that both cities have a predominately African American population.


      Likewise an African American cop working in the South has probably seen his or her share of scorn and criticism from racist white people.


      How a lot of people view the police in America I think comes down to how they grew up looking at them.

  3. Me and my co-worker were taking the bus to our respective homes and talking about the current state of police hate in America, and the fact that both him and myself have blue line american flag patches on the back of our leather jackets wasn't lost on the slightly overweight girl staring daggers at us as we talked lol i support the police whole heartedly unless it's proven they've done wrong.fight me.

  4. A co-worker and myself casually chew the fat every lunch break and any second we can. Our topic of choice? WWF/WWE history. I study wrestling as if it's a class in college and so does he lol then i got to thinking, it'd be cool to get a group of like 5 people together, I'd provide the network and we'd make nights of it just watching wrestling. Kinda how people get hyped for the super bowl but we'd get hyped for the 2000 royal rumble as if it was 2000 again lol anyway, that'd be killer.

  5. Road to Glory and its 50 win trophy csn suck a huge throbbing 6 weeks with out showering smegma covered cock. I HATE playing with other people, button mashers or even the people that choose to talk shit to you all delusional as if they're winning even when you clearly are. I've been on a winning streak even but it's just, i shouldn't HAVE to do the online portion, it's not fun and i couldn't care less about the newest pay-per-view blah blah blah i dont even watch wrestling from this generation lol I'm an attitude purist, fight me. Online trophies for wwe games should be outlawed, next thing you know they'll take out story mode in favor of MP because "that's what people like" eat a dick 2k lol 

  6. So my wife got me WWE 2k19 for my birthday, which was yesterday. I'm digging it........until i saw that it STILL has that BS Road to Glory and it's accompanying trophies......50 wins?! against REAL button mashing unfair A-holes?! great another non platinum Wrestling game for me :(

    1. ee28max


      Well, happy belated birthday! :) 

      Too bad it's another non-platinum wrestling game for you. I don't know how bad the Road To Glory mode is since I haven't played it ever, but I understand. You could always just play 2K19 for fun, maybe playing with your wife. 

  7. Platinum #25 - WWE Smackdown! Vs. Raw 2010, now onto 2011, which i can't platinum but I'll get all the non online trophies.

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    2. DamagingRob


      Nice work!

    3. ee28max


      Really? Thanks 😊

      I'll be hopefully getting a PS4 by the end of this year and definitely get a WWE game. I know I missed out on 2K but doesn't matter since most features are removed. I'll get one just for fun. 

    4. marvelboy10


      Great job! 👍

  8. It's a shame that Smackdown! Vs. Raw 2011 got the whole "Backstage area story-mode with ACTUAL voice overs" right but WWE 2k18 was so shit at it :( you can definatly see 2K isn't as loving to their money makers as THQ was -.-

    1. ee28max


      SmackDown vs RAW 2011 is my all-time favorite WWE game. Even many features from the THQ games are removed from 2K. Things were better back then.

  9. Just finished my Humanities mid-term and hoo-boy did i miraculously muff that up lol was getting an A in that class till idk what happened lol i might pull it off with a "C" for the exam but idk i just felt like i didn't really know my shit lol 

    1. Metal Slime King

      Metal Slime King

      Hopefully they don't revoke your Human status. :awesome:

    2. Crafty Poe

      Crafty Poe

      *buh doom boom poosh* lol

  10. Love the "Master of Your Domain" trophy in Retro City Rampage DX lol i love anything Seinfeld related and if it's in a trophy i love it even more. can anybody else tell me what games have seinfeld or movie related trophies? i know Tokyo Ghoul has em.

  11. Will be broadcasting a blind playthrough of WARFACE in a little bit, come join me, hangout or even hop in a match. looked up some reviews and it's a terrible poor mans CoD but i figured why not? lol come join me at :)

  12. "To Build a Fire" by Jack London (1908) is quintessential Man v. Nature. I love the revised version as it is more harrowing and ultimatly, tragic with the main characters death.

  13. Bought White Knight Chronicles II today, not knowing it already had a copy of the first game in it.......i bought the first game last week for 8 dollars -.- meh, still got both of them lol

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    2. Crafty Poe
    3. LuciaRosethorn


      Because it was heavily multiplayer based and so you could do missions with skilled people, now the servers are shut you have to do it on your own. You'll need to grind for gear, level up NPC's and even then you'll be the only one doing any work.

    4. Crafty Poe

      Crafty Poe

      sheesh lol you have to be really committed to just THESE games eh? lol i might just hold off till idk when lol

  14. can anyone help me with the Traced trophy in Watch_Dogs? i created a game session if anyone wants to join :)

  15. if anyone is interested in getting the Watch_Dogs online trophies i.e. Traced and the DLC, then join my session :)