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  1. Peacewalker is gonna stall for a bit......those damned MP trophies lol kinda hard to get em going with dead servers. I started a game session for anyone interested.

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    2. Crafty Poe

      Crafty Poe

      Yeah like past mission 4-5 one of those lol. 

    3. Stan Lee

      Stan Lee

      Cool, if I get to it soon I'll let you know!

    4. PostalDudeRus


      Once you unlock gas granades, gas mines and some *spoiler* weapon (you need to raise your development stuff for it) you can go for S rank in various missions, because almost all missions asks you to go full non-leathal. I suggest you beat whole campaing on with any ranks on missions and then jump into COOP stuff (also try to finish versus as soon as possible). If I remember correctly, if you play with same players you score much more camaraderie points. 

  2. Platinum #36 Metal Gear Solid 3. Difficulty 3.5/10 (slight misstep and i had to do two playthroughs) fun factor 12.3/10 I'm on a roll with the series, now onto Peacewalker!

  3. God Damn King Of The Jungle trophy! I must have missed getting an item again after one of my "reloads" while going for kill trophies in MGS3.......every other trophy popped but that one I'm so upset i have to replay the game from start to finish...............for one measly trophy......

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    2. lordguwa


      agreed, i had that happen in another game which i had to replay again (had to get the hasselhoff trophy in stick of truth).

    3. NERVergoproxy


      This would had killed whatever mood I have left for gaming...

    4. Crafty Poe

      Crafty Poe

      @NERVergoproxy Honestly, i LOVE the Metal Gear series but I'm like, FUUUUCCCCKKKK! Lol i wanted to be playing PEACEWALKER by now lol

      @lordguwa I've had to do that for TOO many games man. It kills any hype for a game i had while originally going for a plat. Lol

  4. Platinum #35 - Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty. Difficulty 10/10 fun factor 10/10. Finally after 3 years it's mine. Now to complete the rest of MGS3's trophies.


  5. METAL GEAR SOLID 2: SONS OF LIBERTY, 3+ years in the making.
  6. FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY! BEAT ALL VR MISSIONS AFTER 3 YEARS!!! (MGS2) the Virtually Impossible trophy is mine! Now i can move on to plat the game!

  7. A. The game can't tell me I'm an evil PoS even when I'm the good guy.....Lookin at you Youngblood and Battlefield V....... B. The game MUST be enjoyable from start to finish, even the "fetch" quests have to be ok. C. The Trophy cards gotta be unique or at least attempt to be (i.e. Until dawn named almost all its trophies after horror films, same with Tokyo Ghoul.) D. I'm a sucker for UNIQUE collectables.....i.e. Either lore laden and/or are added to your safehouse/bedroom/building in some way ala Bully (as you progress things you've done ingame get placed around the room......killer concept)
  8. I own several handguns, I've never once thought of killing's the PERSON'S mental state that's the problem, not the guns themselves. Guns don't kill people, people kill people, that old adage. They shouldn't ban video games because little timmy indoctrinates himself with bullshit nor should they ban guns because little Johnny can't handle being rejected..
  9. 4 missions from finally completing the VR missions in MGS 2. those Damn Mgs1 snake hold ups....this plats like 2-3 years in the making lol

    1. AuroraHistoire


      Good luck on those.

    2. Crafty Poe

      Crafty Poe

      I test ran mission 6 before bed and it's actually easier than mission 5 with the enemy placement. Missions 7-10 I'm not so sure about since the pattern I'm seeing with enemies in missions is "add one enemy per mission." I.e. mission 5 had 5 enemies and mission 6 has 6 etc. So by 10 I'll have to hold up 10 dudes with finicky controls lol

  10. Can't believe i died last night. Oh god, I'm dead again.

  11. Yyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhh....i now remember why i don't post threads thanks internet lol

  12. Again, unconventional but good answer.
  13. Unconventional but good answer.
  14. Afternoon everyone! I'd like to start this this thread by saying, i hope you all are having a killer day/night. Anyway, i wanted to ask, what videogame character relationships do you find most endearing? For me it's hands-down Monkey & Tripp's grown on friendship. At first, Trip sees monkey as a brute but after saving her time and again, she starts to soften to monkey. Also helps that the facial animation is spectacular, you can see real emotion in their eyes.
  15. Something i wanna address, probably not the site for it but hey, some of you guys are my friends and most of you I've yet to know so........i get that i have an abrasive attitude (nice way of saying i can be a ♥y Bastard at times) i go against any type of grain, is this socially acceptable? Probably not. I do not hand hold or tell my friends they're Good boys and girls, in that, i shouldn't have to....they're my friends for a reason. I consider you all family, whether i know you or not, I've known alot of you for years and am thankful you're my friends. I will never, however sugar coat things.....i.e. If you ask me if you're getting fat I'll say, reasoning is, you shouldn't NEED to ask people something only for them to lie to you and reinforce a biased view of you.......if YOU think of yourself like that, no one lying to you is going to fix how you feel about YOU. As for my beliefs, I'm open in the fact that i both voted for, and support Donald Trump. Now, do i have a filter when it calls for it? You bet your ass i do, i feel like, in order to live in society you need to. I'll never pat my friends on the head and tell them they did good even when they fucked up. If that makes me an asshole then so be it. I'd rather be honest with my friends than to reinforce lying to them. Don't get me wrong, I'm proud of all my friends, because they're my friends. Now I'm not saying I'm "cool" or "rebelling" i'm simply saying, too many grown men and women nowadays get butt hurt by simply being told, yeah, if YOU think you're fat, maybe you are, if YOU think you should vote for someone or support someone other people think is evil or bad, maybe you should. Those are the types of people i respect. The ones that know their flaws and don't try to hide them but embrace them, people that enjoy other people's company even when those people's views don't align with their own......fucking hell this took longer to write out than to think up, it usually does lol

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    2. thepeaguy


      I just put the abrasive types of this website on my ignore list. Job done. I can then browse the website easily without someone trying to ruin my experience. Otherwise, I'll end up getting the blame for standing up for myself (happened before).

      As for you, if you're the type that's set in his ways, then they shouldn't have befriended you in the first place when you offend them. Their fault.

    3. Crafty Poe

      Crafty Poe

      @thepeaguy lol i respect you because you have Balls, that's about the extent of the respect friend. And seeing as you felt the need to comment on something thats been dead and on the side of my road for oh, say 12 hours just about? Maybe 6? I seem to rub you the wrong way. Not my intention and i may have asked to have people try and hand me my ass, even still, you chiming In now with a passive aggressive comment like that, just shows malice. You're better than that.....

    4. MidnightDragon


      I try to be nice. Life’s too short to be a miserable son of a bitch.