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  1. Bringing my old PSN account back from the brink of death after abandoning it for "unknown" reasons? Lol

  2. Destroyed another PR in the gym today, feeling good, good enough to go for MAX PAYNE 3's New York Minute hardcore trophy lol

    1. redcar200


      What's a PR n how was Max payne trophy hunting?

    2. ThePhantomWriter


      Personal Record, fruitless unfortunately lol

  3. I bought the entire Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy and am playing FFXIII for the first time, it's a gorgeous game and a doozy to get the hang of, but fun none the less. lightening is my favorite character so far, explains why shes i n every spin off lol



      I love it no matter how many tend to hate it. 

      I really want them all remastered. It would be gorgeous with ps4 tech.

    2. Masamune


      It gets more hate than it desires, imo it's way better than XV. :P Out of the 3, the first one is my favorite.

    3. skateak


      I liked the game myself too. Was kinda a grind to get the plat but I still enjoyed the game. There really are some amazing cutscenes in the game. One of them in particular, about 60%-70% into the story part of the game, is fantastic but I don't want to spoil it. I have the plat for FXIII-2 also and enjoyed it for what it was. Haven't played or ever seen FFXIII-3 before but I still plan on going for the plat sometime. Just having too much other stuff to play is the only reason I haven't bought it yet.

  4. Thanks everyone, you guys are killer, gonna attempt my second playthrough tomorrow.
  5. So I completed my first playthrough following @Ultima456 's guide ALMOST to the T. i didn't get a couple of the coliseum titles for certain characters and SOMEHOW missed a chest for Sheena's TREASURE HUNTER trophy, i was hoping to maybe start Playthrough #2 with the X10 EXP item, to both, get all of the battle-oriented trophies and titles (Coliseum and the EXdungeon enemies,i was hoping to blaze through it, then start ANOTHER playthrough and get Lloyd's GUNG HO title, SOLEY just for that. i was smart and kept my save before i fought the final boss of the game in case i wanted to grind grade, but that'd be like 300+ fights grinding around Iselia forest. Anyone have any advice for people that are terrible at strategy and/or can't get more than 0.45 grade in MOST fights, i literally just rush in and kill everything that moves lol idk what to do i'm now lost as to what i should do, what sort of battle plan to gave for the next few playthroughs and it's REALLY discouraging me from even attempting them FOR REFERENCE: i beat the first playthrough with only 1343 Grade, terrible i'm sure.
  6. Destroyed my previous PR in the gym not even 10 minutes ago! Time to go home and play some duke nukem forever lol

  7. I've gotten most of the titles for every character, i think i'm not going to rush it, even if it takes 7+ playthroughs to get right. ToS is very grind heavy and IMO the worst of the "Tales Of...." games.

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    2. Honor_Hand


      Oh, I'm playing Tales of Symphonia as well right now. Just finished my first playthrough and getting ready to start the next set of playthroughs for the titles. I still love the game considering its age. Yes, the combat mechanics are not as fun and flashy as the newer entries and the story is much simpler but I still enjoyed it. I'm hoping the Platinum attempt won't make me end up hating the game instead lol.


      @ThePhantomWriter I got my ToS copy on GC back in '06 and the first difference I noticed when playing on the PS3 is the sluggishness of the game compared to the original. I did some research on it and found out that the GC version of the game is locked at 60 FPS while the PS3 version of the game is a port of a PS2 Japanese exclusive that was locked to run at 30 FPS. That may be the reason of why this version feels a tad bit sluggish. I personally don't mind it that much but thought about pointing it out.


      Out of curiosity, does your game kinda like freezes for 1-2 seconds when exploring the overworld? Mine does that a lot when loading monsters I have noticed. Not sure if it is an issue with this version or what as I don't remember that happening on the GC. :o

    3. ThePhantomWriter


      @Honor_Hand oh wow, no that'd make sense you may be right about the FPS. As for the freezing, yes, i experience that alot lol I've gotten a MAJORITY of the titles for everyone, minus the coliseum titles and GUNG-HO for lloyd (the title that made me shout "YOU BASTARDS!" When i saw that getting every title was required for plat. My hope is to plat all the tales games that are platable. So far all i have is Xillia's plat lol i own all the games and I'm trying to do them in chronological order instead of doing it the easy way lol

    4. Honor_Hand


      @ThePhantomWriter Ah, I see. It must be some issue with the game or the port or something as I don't remember that freezing on the Gamecube. Yeah, getting all of the titles for everyone is way too demanding for the game. I think ToS is the more time consuming of the series to plat. Judging by the rarity of the Platinum against the rest of the series, you can see that a lot of people don't go for it.


      lol I also only have the Platinum on Xillia and was planning to do them in chronological order too. It just so happens that the first older ones are the hardest of the bunch xD I'd say that if we can beat this and Dawn of the New World, then the rest of the series should be a cakewalk lmao :P

  8. I LOVED Night Trap back in '97 but i guess i never really grasped it because i'm so confused, it's so hard to follow

    1. Spyro


      Night Trap is a big part of why the ESRB exists.

    2. ThePhantomWriter
  9. I'm kinda bummed, does anyone know where "The Awesome Adventures Of Captain Spirit" is in the PS store? i was ecstatic to find it was Free to play *from watching PlaystationGrenade* but i can't seem to find it in the Free2Play section or otherwise. i'm in NA if it matters.

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    2. ThePhantomWriter


      @PooPooBlast You're killer dude, Thank You!

    3. PooPooBlast


      You're welcome bud :)


      I think that it might be placed in different places, Lucia depending on what region you're from. 

    4. ThePhantomWriter


      sadly, it IS only a demo, I guess hyping up the 2nd game coming in September, still gonna try it.

  10. "5 Seconds Alone" in Future Soldier? i'll take it lol

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    2. Death_Ninja


      Yeah I was pleasantly surprised when I heard it playing in the background lol

    3. ThePhantomWriter


      It's always cool when older metal tunes end up in games you least expect lol

    4. PooPooBlast


      ^saints row is known for that! "Don't want to close my eyes" and "what is love" are the first thing that pops to mind :D

  11. At work fantasizing about starting a new game in tales of graces f, hoping to go for the plat. This time round. Is that bad? I only work till 2pm and have the house to myself for 3 1/2 hours till the wife gets home lol. Should be enough time to make a dent if i skip cutscenes

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    2. ThePhantomWriter


      Ive played it 4-5 times already, trying to plat it. Only, the titles are a pain and the battle system is so different. The only plat. I have for a tales game is tales of xillia, took me 3 playthroughs lol

    3. eigen-space


      I didn't find the titles to be too difficult... just repetitive with all the ones that require you to use various artes 700 times a piece xD 
      Tales games are no joke, but they are some of my favorite plats. I actually started an EU account just so I could get a second stack of trophies for the games that have separate lists (Graces, Xillia, Xillia 2, Zestiria)... they're just such good games!

    4. Edunstar84


      Graces was very grindy but enjoyable. It took me over 200 hours to plat. I don't remember too much, except for a few scenes and character interactions/relations. But I wish you good luck! Graces is definitely grindier than Xillia.

  12. sitting watching Raw is War from 1999 and playing WET trying to go for the plat

    1. ee28max


      I enjoy going back in time with WWE. Throwbacks and more. :) 

  13. completed Femme Fatale mode in 4 hours and 13 minutes ( i timed it myself) thank jeebus that is done. The most frustating part was the glitchy platforming, i died more from botched jumps or jumps not registering than enemies alone -,- lol

  14. Wow Femme Fatale mode is IMO EASIER than hard mode for some reason lol less pot-shots at me and slower reactions by AI lol


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    2. Dragon-Archon


      WET is still on my wishlist, so this is good to know.

    3. ThePhantomWriter


      @Dragon-Archon i finished Femme Fatale mode (Very Hard mode) in 4 hrs. 13 Min, don't let the constant dying deter you, you'll get through it eventually, the only time consuming trophies are the "Medal" trophies. Once i get those it'll be an easier plat. Lol

    4. Dragon-Archon


      After playing Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, and Dark Souls II, dying doesn't bother me anymore.... unless it's perma-death :P .

  15. Wet is an under-rated GRINDHOUSE inspired little cult game that i'm glad to say is one of my personal favorites, if not only for the Grindhouse undertones, as i'm a lover of old, well, grindhouse style movies, and drive-ins. Sad as all get out that the sequel was canceled :(

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    2. Spaz


      You mean movies that were shown in bad neighborhoods. Right?


      Quentin is a bit of a mixed bag. He's done some excellent work, Pulp Fiction being the best example. But on the other hand he's made some piss poor garbage.


      Bit of a weirdo and quirky personality Quentin Tarantino has.


      His movies was where I discovered George Clooney in the film From Dusk Til Dawn. Rather silly and ridiculous, but virtually every Tarantino movie has a good amount of violence.

    3. ThePhantomWriter


      I'm assuming you're referring to "Jackie Brown"? and MAYBE inglorious basterds? those are the two that everyone has a hard time liking. i literally like them solely on the fact that Quentin made them lol

    4. Spaz


      Well like I said Quentin is a mixed bag. He's instilled violence in movies for no real reason other than to portray the shock factor. He's not a consistent director. 


      Yes, but From Dusk Til Dawn is the film I first saw with George Clooney. One of the most respected and talented actors of his time, both him and Samuel L Jackson are men I highly respect for their work. Jackson being of course in Pulp Fiction with John Travolta and Uma Thurman.