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  1. What a kind thing to do! c:
  2. Just finished my first play through of Until Dawn, good game !

  3. Fallout 4
  4. Rain 100%, found it to be an interesting little game c:

    1. MortalRikku


      It's a brilliant game! Loved it ^_^

  5. Time to get started on Fallout 3..

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    2. ShadowStar83x


      @Candi Have you ever tried playing the first two as an idiot?

    3. Zanzarro


      Fallout 4 hype gave me motivation to finish Fallout 3 and i'm almost done with the 100% ^-^ good luck in the wastelands :D

    4. CandiBunni


      @ShadowStar Huh?

  6. Really looking forward to Guacamelee and unfinished swan. Heard a lot about them! Not a bad month for me.
  7. Due to such a huge backlog, and never knowing where to start... i randomized a list of all games, and plan to tackle most of my backlog now that summer is here. (lets see how this goes)

  8. Chrome & Safari for my apple products
  9. Thinking of getting a decent gaming desktop, or looking into building one. Any suggestions for a complete beginner?

  10. Beat Cleric beast after finally making it to him! Lets see what else bloodborne has in store for me

    1. Lady Blanc

      Lady Blanc

      Congrats on killing Cleric Beast, wait until you reach Father Gascoigne, he is much harder in my opinion, but serves as good PvP practice as well.

    2. mandsxo


      he's proving to be difficult. on my second try!

    3. Lady Blanc

      Lady Blanc

      If you have the Tiny Music Box, you can use that to temporarily stun him, but it makes him transform sooner, I'd suggest trying to use as many Visceral Attacks (while he's stunned, get up close & hit R1) on him as possible

  11. Just ordered a Loz: Majora's mask limited edition 3ds xl ... life is complete :)

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    2. mandsxo


      $299. And i know right? :)

    3. Dead Weight

      Dead Weight

      that's pretty good considering scalpers ask for so fucking much

    4. mandsxo


      yeah its insane

  12. Gotta say, really enjoying Final Fantasy Type-0

    1. daftprophet


      Same here! Just wish we could change camera sensitivity. Seems to whip about quite fast!

  13. The Walking Dead Season 2
  14. Umbreon