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  1. Ps3-Ps4-Ps Vita versions can all count as one platinum each. So, you can actually get a platinum for one game, on multiple consoles.
  2. Carey Price (Montreal Canadians goaltender) after the 2015 NHL awards ceremony. This is what im rocking as a wallpaper on my phone.
  3. Im very much for this. Some of these tournaments award winning teams with millions of dollars.
  4. Lol, it'd be so dark you'd fall asleep with your eyes open, lol
  5. I grind quite often at night, but i always leave a light on. That way it isnt harmful for the eyes. (Of course, forcing the eyes to work when you're tired is slightly harmful, but what are you gonna do )
  6. Hey, now I'm sure this has been asked before, but upon a search i couldn't find a thread that matched what i wanted to discuss. How do you deal with grinding? Personally, i need something or someone to distract me. I find it very relaxing to grind while talking to someone. It takes my mind off of it. I'm just wondering about what are some things you, as players, do to prevent the tedious feel from coming on. Or to at least delay it.
  7. The vita has tons of great games. I did say a used vita. Im sure you could buy one for around 100 dollars. Or 90 euros. Perhaps a bit out of your price range, but all my friends talk well of there vitas. I wasnt a massive fan of the psp, it was good, but i've played with the vita a bit, its a really good handheld machine.
  8. Id suggest getting a used Vita instead.
  9. Just like everyone else said, store hasnt finished updating yet. It's very weird how it works, but in a few hours it should be up. Be up when you wake up tomorrow for sure.
  10. I never had this issue when i played, but that was quite sometime ago. Perhaps check borderlands forums for more confirmation that you arent the only one. My best guess is delete and reinstall the game.
  11. I never see any important news on the activity feed. When i want to show people videos or screenshots, i use the ps4 to upload them to my facebook, but set it to "only me" so i can just grab it off of facebook and post it wherever i want to.
  12. Master of the way of curry? Lol, radical plat name. I've never even heard of the game that it came from.
  13. MW2, got my AC130 and i was so close to the nuke. Back in those days i wasnt very shit hot at FPS games, so i was really proud of myself. All of a sudden, host migration. We all know how they usually went. After about 45 seconds the game dc'd, and i lost my shit. I didnt break nothing, but i was salty for the rest of the day.
  14. The PS3 wasnt has a big of a success as Sony would have liked. The console had a very poor start, but did bounce back. The PS4 is blowing microsoft out of the water though. Sony learns from their mistakes.
  15. Wi-Fi on the PS4 has always worked great for me, but it varies on the quality of router you have, and the distance from the machine. Ethernet is always the way to go though. Just cant beat it.