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  1. Where do you go to spend these?
  2. Well guess i will pickup on sale 😤
  3. Ya same thing happened with salt n sanctuary had to dload on ps4 first then showed up free on vita at work so cant test but pretty sure thats it
  4. Still not on NA store either 😞
  5. if u have a ps3 u can use those as for the vita its just the stupid boring ones none to buy maybe one day tho
  6. i dont remember why i got one but i know i dont regret it i love my vita
  7. borderlands,resident evil revelations 2,n far cry 4 are fun to play coop
  8. this is bs konami what are you thinking you have zero support from me from now on
  9. orange rehab monster
  10. i work at subway so thats pretty much what i eat everyday today was chicken breast with ham extra cheese n bacon toasted with mayo n onions
  11. for me its final fantasy 7,the last of us,red dead,n the waliking dead
  12. i was just saying i got mine just for uncharted but everyone is diff some people want more of a selection
  13. ya mine took about 3-4 hours as well n i agreee it runs really well
  14. no thanks