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  1. I would agree the most.
  2. For older gamer's who played on SNES, it play's a'lot like Zelda : A Link to the past. For new gamer's who have never played the Snes Zelda game, take RED's word it's worth the $3 !
  3. 1. Bio Shock Infinite 2. Drag-on Dragoon 3 3. Lone Survivor 4. L.A. Noire 5. Hitman Absolution 6. Dead Nation 7. Dynasty Warriors 8 XL 8. Warriors Oroichi 3 Ultimate 9. Dead Pool 10. Silent Hill Downpour Would one's that can be played on all systems count??
  4. @ Starcrunch Just need a couple of grindy ones done & u shall have DW 8 done.
  5. You & me both Jiaho, Remake or a HD Remastered would look sweet. Side note, I'll wait for the PC Port to come over to the 4. They will F this title up just like the past so called FF game's.
  6. It's been a minute since posted, here's the most recent! Axiom Verge #115 PatternMind You have fulfilled your legacy. Everything about this was well worth the money, between the 2D platforming & that Music If you'r a Old School Gamer u will fit in just fine with the setting's. If u no like 8 bit or 16 Graphics stay away lol Nothing to hard with any of it, Speed Run may test u but easily doable.
  7. Dynasty Warriors 7 A Step Toward Glory Completed a stage in Conquest Mode. No Time stamp... NNoooo!!!
  8. Just gonna leave these here lol, from everyone's favorite Despair game.
  9. Axiom Verge Speedrunner Complete the game once in Speedrun Mode. Overclocked Complete the entire game in under 4 hours. ^ Finish in 2 hour's & 30 min's, just 2 left .
  10. Double Plat Day Killzone 3 (Base Game) #112 Platinum Collect all Killzone 3 trophies Thank's to the Awesome guy's Dr.Mayus & snakebit10 for helping with the remaining online trophies needed! Uncharted 2 : Among Thieves #113 Platinum Platinum Now with the Collection done, just have to wait till UC 4 come's.
  11. Jam some Metallica or Breaking Benjamin while gaming.
  12. Persona 4 Golden The Truth In Your Hands Defeat Izanami Child of man... Well Done... Now i'm worried about the Hardcore Risette Fan
  13. Grab the Launcher, the Blade's & Flare's Let's go to work again
  14. It was fun all the way good sir!! I'm hoping for a Sequel myself lol. Now the Garden will be over ran by the horde's of Zombies lol.
  15. Murder Soul Suspect (PS4) #111 Moving On Collected every trophy in the game