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  1. And what does it proof? I can confirm that finally I've got all the trophies.
  2. Really appreciate your personal opinion but all the time I justify myself. You don't try to understand how to be one on one with game bugs and waiting for a new patches to resolve a problem or try to get any help from support team. And finally I'm glade to achive all the trophies of this game `cause I have some, like in The Crew 1, I'll never get because of Ubisoft bugs they never correct. Not all get such bugs but some users have and other tell it's impossible, everything is great. That's why I don't play the second part of this game too.
  3. Now you're continue to blame me and compare to cheaters. This is unacceptable. Some of the trophies didn't pop during coop play and I continued playing. It happened in some games and the worst thing to do is stop playing and start resolve the problem `cause the only one thing you'll get is a stress. Other trophies popped but not all. I don't remember exectly but one time reinstalled the game or DLCs and sometimes reloaded the game, turned off internet connection and connected again. If you asked me about it in the middle of January I could explain what I've tried and what was the result. But now I'm successfully forgot this nightmare.
  4. Just want to repeat. I don't remember exactly what was wrong with this game. Bathe in all hot springs and it didn't popped at the right time and only after the last one or deleted and installed the game after that it popped. Too many questions about the game was completed seven months ago.Finally and fortunately all trophies popped. Anyway I'm not going to hide the trophies or games that took me too much time and difficulties. Write to developers and ask them what kind of glitches were foung in all versions of game and what of them were corrected with patches or servers stability. You are talking like developer of the game and ask me the same questions. I played a lot with other online gamers. Connected to other players and they connected to my sessions. It was in December, 2019 and January, 2020. You're playing this game in July, 2020. Think there were a lot of patches that improved the game stability and trophies popping too. Stop blaming me all the time. Prove something. Or I'll start to do the same thing. Take an example from iriihutoR84. He writes I don't think this is possible. But he does't rejects it. I'm trying to remember what was happened. But you've just removed me from the leaderboard. You made the decision like a judge and blayming without any proof. I understand when users get all the trophies in seconds, but it's not in this situation.
  5. That's online game. In such games from timt to time something happening. Have we play disc or digital version, what kind of version of the game did we play? You're asking me to explain things happened more than a half year ago! Are you serious? The only thing I can remember exectly it was pretty hard to fight in the beginning that's why I asked to help in level boost and in loot experience. One of the hardest game I've ever played and wasted almost two months to comlete it. I had a lot of disconnections and bad connections too that's why I was worring of popping trophies. There was happening something like this but I won't remember what exectly. It was after this game was on Plus giveaway. You're having more than 300 plats and played more than 600 games and never had problems with trophies in online games or with trophies in bad developer's games?! Why bad...all kind of developers. When there are long delays in popping or it popps after the restart or after servers reconnection?! Really?! It's better for you to blame active players and delete them from leaderboard? No previous discussions just making decision and then talk about the game that was completed half a year ago. Shame on you! I payed the premium hope the site team will delete real cheaters, but never thought to be slandered.
  6. Ramchandr Nioh I was in main, summer and winter, of course, 'cause I was invited to my friend's sessions to boost level faster.
  7. Have the same problem. There is no any universal solution.