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  1. Same happened for me, finished the game without getting it. However, I just got it while going for a speedrun on the second chapter.
  2. Just picked this game up in the January sales, the bug where every online level says you've already completed it is still a thing, and searching for "trophy" only brings up two easy boosting levels. However, if you sort the levels by clear percentage, you'll get loads of easy and quick levels to do. Like a pervious poster said, favourite the level before you do it to keep track of what you've done. Annoying, but it works.
  3. I'll test it once I'm back from work and post what I find if no one else has said anything by then. Update: Noticed no difference with xp gain. I'm using a created park to do a 10 second manual, lip trick, and grind, ending in a 250k+ point combo. Seem to be getting exactly what I got before the patch.
  4. Oh no... "Reduced XP gains for super short runs" From:
  5. This game has nothing to do with the Sandlot Earth Defence Force series you're on about, it just shares the name. I believe the game listed here was a SNES game. The first EDF game was on PS2, and released in the west as "Monster Attack". I'm also looking forward to Earth Defense Force 6!
  6. No word of a fix in the patch notes, but I'm no longer getting area discovered messages. It now says entering area instead, like I've already been there. So maybe the patch did fix it?
  7. I'm up for guild card swapping if any wants. PSN: LilMaggot
  8. I ran into this problem too. I've been playing the rest of the game in the hope that something would trigger the trophy to unlock, but that hasn't happened. I do plan on starting a new game and going for the trophy, hopefully it wont take too long
  9. Just come to this site, saw this topic on the main page and recognised your name from my freinds list, I believe I added you for Pixeljunk Shooter boosting. You have a pretty awesome trophy list, a few plats there I'd like to have. You also seem to have a larger backlog than me, which I wasn't sure was even possible.
  10. My record is 147. I wanted to see how many I could get, so I did some planning... Firstly I got the last collectable in Sly Coooper 4 on PS3 giving me the plat, then I loaded it up on Vita to claim the full trophy list, giving me 52 trophies in total. I then played Paint Park Plus and Guacumelee! Skin pack dlc, giving another 17. I had one easy trophy to get in LBP Vita. I then got all the Sound Shapes DLC that was aviable at the time for PS3 and Vita, adding another 60 trophies. Finally I started prototype 2, getting another 17 in that before the end of the day.
  11. Hey everyone, I'm looking for people to get the 4 player trophy 'First Among Equals' with. I'm online most nights between 9 and 12 GMT. Send me a friend request if you can help. Thanks!
  12. Looking to get 50 plays on my level. Send me a message though PSN, post a review or comment on my level and I'll play your level. Thanks!