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  1. Passenger boarding counts at any station. However, if you take over control of a train at end of service it will count all stops that service had. You can check your experience points to see if done it correctly.
  2. As of today DLCs are working again.
  3. Seems like a nice game for this price. Anyone played this on PC or Switch? How difficult is Platinum going to be?
  4. I can confirm that it works, but did it in MSB.
  5. The DB BR 182 DLC adds an additional 63 timetable services. 32 are driven from the DB BR 182 locomotive, and 31 from the cab car of the Doppelstockwagen included in the DB BR 182 DLC. What worked for you?
  6. I read that you can save the game when the doors are halfway closed, at the end of the journey, and just keep replaying that. It should count towards services completed and passenger boarding tasks. I am trying to pop the trophy this way.
  7. I bought Frostpunk, tried it with a PS Now free week recently. Amazing game!
  8. Seems to be the PS4 trophy list. Kinda disappointing. Any infos on auto pop?
  9. This. It can be finished in around 10 minutes though. Might buy it on sale.
  10. Fall Guys, I wont plat this aswell.
  11. I completed over 30 daylies in the menu, no trophy. Then after reading this thread I went to the Hub to Major Howard, turned in one and got it.
  12. Hi, please sign me up. Thug - Earned a platinum in the series Grand Theft Auto V
  13. Hi, please sign me up. Elite - Platinum 2-3 games Killzone 3 Killzone Shadowfall
  14. Hi, please sign me up. Fantasy Acrobat: You have obtained the platinum for 1 game on the Fantasy Path. Apotheon Dust: An Elysian Tail Sci-Fi Ensign: You have obtained the platinum for 1 game in the Sci-Fi Missions. Teslagrad