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  1. Looks like some of the best things from the first and second games combined and after feeling pretty let down by 3 I think this is exactly what the series needs!
  2. I’d say between 2 and 3 hours for a run, I did everything in my first blind run and it took me 3 hours ingame. It’s a lot simpler than the first DLC in terms of trophy requirements. Hope you enjoy!
  3. Anyone concerned about Pascal as Joel should give a watch to an underrated sci-fi film he was in from 2018 called Prospect, I never in a million years would’ve associated him with Joel until I watched that film and ever since I’ve thought if they couldn’t get my first choice Nikolaj Coster-Waldau to play Joel then Pedro would be a solid option. Even just watching the (spoiler heavy) trailer I linked is something I highly recommend to everyone who hasn’t seen it and has doubts whether he can pull this off. No opinion on the other casting, the actress was ok in Game of Thrones but not really how I pictured Ellie so I’ll have to reserve judgement for a trailer.
  4. I went straight in blind on ultra violence extra life mode without knowing how much of a challenge the DLC would be and as a result scraped a finish with exactly 5 lives left and the trophy popped no problem so hopefully that helps ease your worries.
  5. It’s on a whole different level isn’t it! Try to prioritise using the super shotgun and its hook for the armour it gives plus remember to hit triangle as often as possible for the armour from that too, it really keeps you alive during the long and frantic fights which is pretty much 95% of the time during this dlc. I was struggling relying just on glory kills and blood punches, you really need the frequent armour boosts too.
  6. Definitely don’t think the word easy goes with this DLC at all! Very challenging but great fun, and a word of warning to anyone going for the Extra Life mode trophy - as with a lot of things in Ancient Gods it’s nothing like the main game and you really don’t get an abundance of extra lives so be sure to try and collect as many as you can to finish with the 5 needed.
  7. Still not showing for me but that’s great news, thanks for letting me know! Hope you enjoy the game and get a chance to play the others at some point especially Dark Descent, one of the best horror games of all time IMO.
  8. It’s just gone midnight in the UK, I’m currently playing and have the day 1 patch downloaded (version 1.03) and there is no trophy list showing for me. Not sure whether they’ll add some later as it also has no achievements on Steam right now either so I don’t think it’s an error. Hopefully won’t put people off playing and supporting the game.
  9. I had to do this to complete the driving challenge too, for some reason I kept slowing down whilst going for it normally but as soon as I changed R2 to ⭕️ i got it first try. You need to reassign the buttons through your PS4, you can’t do it through the game itself. Go into Settings then it’s in the accessibility options, just change R2 for anything else and it seems to help a hell of a lot as I’ve seen plenty of others succeed with the same technique.
  10. 1. Set up a new account either through your PS4 or Sony’s website, note that you need an email address that isn’t associated with any existing psn account but it doesn’t need to be a US email account, I used one of my old UK ones without issue 2. Choose United States as your country of residence when asked 3. For the address information you can just google an American restaurant or something and put their zip code in 4. Once the account is created and email verified you can access the US store but not buy things with your non-US bank card/gift cards so you’ll want to purchase a US psn card for whatever value (I believe Code Veronica is $15 right now) and use that card’s code, you can do this through Amazon and most other online retailers that provide the code via email 5. Buy the game, make sure your console is activated as your primary PS4 and you can play whatever you buy with your US account on your non-US accounts too! It’s an easy enough process to justify doing it based on how ridiculous the EU platinum is supposed to be, the downside is I don’t think you will be able to carry your saves over so you’ll be stuck unlocking anything you need again.
  11. Glad op fixed their problem but I have to agree with this, my dumb ass even managed to fall to my death immediately after getting 100% loot in a scavenging location and it still didn’t glitch. The game is enough of a grind without all the unnecessary anxiety and do’s and don’ts being spread around.
  12. I’ve never heard of this trophy being glitched but there’s one ingredient (supplements) required that’s such a rare spawn it’s possible that making the 2 things that need it is what’s holding you back from getting the trophy. Also I’m sure I’ve read that crafting something then reloading the save to make something else with the same ingredients will void that instance of crafting being counted towards the trophy so bear that in mind. Here’s the list of what you need to make, short of keeping a note of what you’ve made as you go there’s no way to track it unfortunately: Herb + Chem Fluid = First Aid Med Kit Herb + Strong Chem Fluid = Strong First Aid Med Kit Gunpowder + Chem Fluid = Handgun Ammo Gunpowder + Strong Chem Fluid = Enhanced Handgun Ammo Solid Fuel + Chem Fluid = Burner Fuel Solid Fuel + Strong Chem Fluid = Flame Rounds Supplements + Chem Fluid = Psychostimulants Supplements + Strong Chem Fluid = Neuro Rounds And here’s a link to a great article that lists every location you can find the ingredients needed for this trophy, especially helpful for not missing supplements and if reading the list of required items jogs your memory at all about what you could be missing. Unfortunately they played on normal mode and some things won’t be there on Madhouse but it may still prove useful. With any luck you’re not too far into your run to find enough stuff to craft one of everything all over again and even if you are there’s the hope you’re only missing 1 or 2 combinations and can craft something then reload until you find the right one. Absolutely last resort would be a new run on easy mode collecting and storing all the ingredients needed to make one of every item in a box then when you have everything make it all in one go. Definitely don’t give up, a game this big would surely have a trophy glitch well documented and I can’t find anything to suggest it. Good luck!
  13. I completely agree with the praise of this game and would add that I think the online hacking/tailing is great fun too and is one of my favourite multiplayer modes ever. I enjoyed the sequel but not as much as the original, I once read a great analogy that Watch Dogs 1 is the Batman to Watch Dogs 2’s Joker. Looks like 3 will be closer to the sequel’s vibe but I got my preorder in the moment Aiden was confirmed to be involved in some aspect, he might not be the most layered character ever written but I’ve always hoped we’d get to see where his story went.
  14. You don't need to do multiple playthroughs to get the different endings in The Dark Descent. After finishing the game, the last autosave will be right before you make your choice that determines your ending so it's as simple as get your first ending then just choose to continue from the main menu and get the next ending. You can also make your own save towards the end to be absolutely certain. But either way it's definitely possible to get every trophy in one playthrough. The only way you will need to play a second time is if you don't complete a certain optional objective that is crucial for one ending so just play through the game thoroughly and you'll be fine. For Justine you have no choice but to play through 3 times as there's no save feature but like you said it's a very quick process. As for the collectibles what I have been told by fellow players is that they just have to all be collected in one run of each individual game so it doesn't matter if you get every note in Justine on your first run then get none on your next two, as long as you have them all in any one go it's fine. I actually had to do a full second playthrough of TDD after missing just one tinderbox so I try to pre-warn people not to make my mistake and be careful with the collectibles!