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  1. Really late seeing this but if anyone else is wondering yes you can get all the trophies on a community server, and it’s actually better to do so if you’re choosing to boost the trophies as the community servers are far less populated than the main ones making it easier to meet up with your buddies and avoid other players interfering.
  2. updated: realised this is a common problem on people’s ps4 profiles and there doesn’t seem to be a solution at this time. One of my friends has another players pornographic screenshots in their profile media so I guess I should count myself lucky. ________________________________________ Today I had a look at my profile on my PS4 which I don’t often do and noticed a video and screenshot in my media tab. I thought it strange as I’ve never uploaded anything via my PS4 and sure enough they link to media from accounts that have a similar username to mine (I am ser_davos and they are sSerdavos and serdavos_721) but obviously aren’t me. Apologies for the poor quality but these are a couple of photos to show what I mean, the first is a view from my profile and the second is the screenshot showing the name isn’t mine The video in my media is a Modern Warfare stream and it feels off knowing this person could say anything in his stream and it’s linked back to me who has nothing to do with it. Has anyone come across this before? I’ve never had a problem like this and had no luck on google but if it’s a known issue and there’s a way for me to get this stuff off my profile it’d be appreciated.
  3. You don't need to do multiple playthroughs to get the different endings in The Dark Descent. After finishing the game, the last autosave will be right before you make your choice that determines your ending so it's as simple as get your first ending then just choose to continue from the main menu and get the next ending. You can also make your own save towards the end to be absolutely certain. But either way it's definitely possible to get every trophy in one playthrough. The only way you will need to play a second time is if you don't complete a certain optional objective that is crucial for one ending so just play through the game thoroughly and you'll be fine. For Justine you have no choice but to play through 3 times as there's no save feature but like you said it's a very quick process. As for the collectibles what I have been told by fellow players is that they just have to all be collected in one run of each individual game so it doesn't matter if you get every note in Justine on your first run then get none on your next two, as long as you have them all in any one go it's fine. I actually had to do a full second playthrough of TDD after missing just one tinderbox so I try to pre-warn people not to make my mistake and be careful with the collectibles!
  4. I haven't had time to do a full guide but maybe my above post can help, a basic outline for the platinum is explained under the hidden content tabs and the collectibles videos are linked. Only thing I left out was the different ending requirements because I didn't want to spoil anything. The endings for Justine are self-explanatory just from the trophy descriptions. But for The Dark Descent I would recommend using this. It is important to remember that you need to collect all notes in the same playthrough to unlock Master Archivist. Same for collecting all tinderboxes in The Dark Descent, everything has to be collected in one run for the related trophy. Also certain areas become inaccessible during the course of the games so be certain to follow the video guides carefully. This platinum is a very easy one when using the collectibles videos. But if you have questions about certain trophies I am happy to try and answer.
  5. There are 3 Overseers in an apartment that only spawn right at the end of the level, be sure not to miss them. There is indeed no one in the Witches Room, same for the locked Morgue room. All the enemies are fairly easy to find if you make a lot of noise to keep drawing them all out. Having said that I did struggle with this contract for a little while, eventually I went around and combed every room, finding 3 people unconscious on my way. Which is strange because I used spring razor traps and grenades all over the place, no idea how they ended up asleep and not dead. So even if you think you've killed everyone, double check their bodies. When I finally had the contract pop up as complete my total killed was 57, although that probably includes civilians caught up in my grenade rampage since I've been told by someone they got Contract Complete at 54 kills.
  6. That was also the last DLC mentioned in the Content Roadmap but it looks like they update that as they go along so it might be worth keeping an eye on the page. I'm happy with the DLC and the free content we've been given so far and it's kept me playing long after I collected all the trophies. But I do hope they consider making the Bounty Hunter chases like they used to be before, I'm not a big fan of the Armored Truck events and I would prefer them to be a separate mode to the original Bounty Hunter.
  7. It's available now in the UK store, it released as soon as the clocks hit midnight here.
  8. Yay that's great news, well done
  9. Omg absolute legend! Well done, that is amazing work
  10. Thank you Saint only played the game for the first time ever yesterday but he already managed to get most of the trophies so you're right, only a matter of time now until he joins the platinum club, and hopefully the top 50 first achievers as well
  11. Thank you and I suppose in a way that's a good problem to have because you're consistently getting to the final chapters of the game so all it will take is that one lucky run and the trophy will be yours very soon. In 35 attempts pre-patch I never even got past Nick and Laird lol so things could be worse Just watched your video, another very unfortunate death I also never bothered to crouch before he came through the door, I had no idea it was even possible for the first enemy to path into the back room like that. I only ever reached that section post-patch one time (on my successful Insane run) so unfortunately can't give any good advice. Maybe the comment on YouTube suggests to crouch because the first enemy has a chance to look into the back room but will only walk into it if he sees you standing there? So you're supposed to crouch down until the 4th bang on the door (he breaks through on the 5th bang) when you get up ready to run? That's the only reason I can think why crouching at that point would be necessary. As for Marta cart section that was where a lot of my deaths took place. Sometimes she teleported behind me so I ran from her around to the cart and she teleported behind me again! Out of stamina or half a second too slow = goodbye run at least that part isn't too far into the game so you don't lose huge progress. Thank you very much my friend
  12. Just managed to get the platinum... It only took me 38 Insane attempts If I can do it then anyone can! Good luck everyone trying to complete this! And thanks again to people in this thread sharing great advice and videos
  13. Mine is fixed too
  14. That's great progress, about as far as I've ever made it too. I'm definitely having much more luck on the new patch though, glad to hear others are as well. Oh my god that is such bad luck! I would have to stop for the night as well if that happened to me you're making it far in on your runs though, definitely won't be long until you have it finished!
  15. Yeah it treats both copies of Doc the same usually, so killing Cargo Bay Igwe = real Igwe dead. Very odd. Congrats on platinum!