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  1. Well, that week was hard, but the upcoming one is even harder. I barely had time to play this weekend. I was on a party on Friday. My friend had her 18th birthday and threw a party for approx. 40 people. I had good time. Also, I could meet my long-time-no-see friend. Got home at 4 a.m. on Saturday and got up 5 hours later to clean the house and take care of all the chores. Then I helped my father bring upstairs a 4,5 x 5 meters carpet. Damn it was heavy. Later, I went to see my goddaughter. UPDATE #6 15.10.2017 On Saturday, when I came back home at 8 p.m. I sat down to Maize and finished the story in 4 hours or so. Throughout the course of the game I collected 70 out of 75 Folio items for the gold trophy. I was falling asleep with the controller in my hands so I decided to finish it the next day. On Sunday, I got up at 10 a.m. which is quite late for me. I am very angry when I waste time. Hence me sleeping about 6 hours a night. I had very little time to play. I jumped into Maize for a quick clean up of the remaining 5 Folio Items and I also managed to complete the first mission in AC: Syndicate. Wow! What a great day to rest after a whole week of school and work. That half hour game break was what I really needed. I am also very sarcastic. Every. Day. Every. Sentence. I got the idea to ask you guys a weekly question with every update I make. You don't have to answer. I promise I won't track you down and steal all your cookies while you sleep. Of course, I will continue only with Cassylvania's consent. I will however let myself ask the first question today: I COLLECTED THE REMAINING FOLIO ITEMS WITH A GUIDE, THEREFORE I WONDER WHAT'S YOUR OPINION ON TROPHY GUIDES? DO YOU USE THEM ONLY IF REALLY NEEDED OR STUDY THEM THOROUGHLY BEFORE PLAYING A GAME SO THAT YOU KNOW HOW TO COMPLETE SAID GAME AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE? @Spaz I appreciate your cheering but I am waiting for the right moment to commit myslef to these challenges. Maybe next weekend? We'll see about that. @Avalynch Good job on Legend of Kay! I also bought the Humble Bundle. I'm gonna play 8 games out of 14 I got. Two of these are on PS3 and I already platted these. I'm not gonna play Arcania, Super Smash Bros, the Motocross game and BattleWorld Kronos. Well, they are not the game I'd like to dedicate time to. Mostly negative feeling from this week and even worse feelings toward the next. But hey, I will welcome South Park: The Fractured But Whole on Tuesday and probably start playing on weekend. I am also collecting scary games to play near the end of the month. I have Layers of Fear to finish, The Evil Within, Amnesia Collection and I will try to buy Alien: Isolation as well. I'm really eager to see Halloween Deals on PlayStation Store too. Wonder what they prepared... List of Eggplant Farm Games God of War II (PS3) - DONE (100%) Get Even (PS4) - DONE (100%) Child of Light (PS4) - DONE (100%) Batman Arkham Knight (PS4) - GONNA BE A PAIN IN MY ASS (95%) Uncharted The Lost Legacy (PS4) - DONE (100%) 101 Ways To Die (PS4) - DONE (100%) Hue (PS4) - NOT YET DONE (68%) Layers of Fear (PS4) - NOT YET DONE (57%) Maize (PS4) - NOT YET DONE (90%) Spy Chameleon (PS4) - NOT YET DONE (59%) Assassin's Creed Syndicate (PS4) - AT LEAST I TOUCHED IT, OK? (1%)
  2. I am missing just three trophies which for some doesn't seem to be that bad. But it is. I've done the easiest ones from the Community Pack. Now I'm left with the most ridiculous trophies there are. I've read many tips for this and thought of some on my own. I'll try them out as soon as I get down to Batman and let you all know if they work and make it easier.
  3. For me, a person who is as you said "okay" Batman Arkham Series player - not very good, but above average, it is something between catching 10 gummy bears thrown at you from 5 meters straight into your mouth while looking directly at the sun AND grabbing a mosquito's left testicle while wearing a boxing glove. Respectively, it is possible with enough practice, but very tiring, discouraging and frustrating in the process.
  4. Well that week went quickly, didn't it? No, I just made two updates in one day. So, in order to be regular in posting my progress I will try to update my profile on Sunday evening weekly. Hopefully I'll be able to maintain that regularity for longer than a month. What happened in my life during this week? Nothing extraordinary. I finally went to the cinema to see "It", then went drinking with my friend. If somebody asked me whether it's worth seeing Stephen King's book screen adaptation I would say: "Definitely.". "Why?" - you may ask. Well, I've only read one King's book and can with confidence say that Muschietti's movie really lets a viewer feel the style of Stephen's writing. I claimed "It" the best screen adaptation of a book I have ever seen after 40 minutes. If you are a fan of the genre, you should definitely watch Pennywise's story. After seeing the movie, we drank some booze ( in reasonable amounts ) and went home. End of story UPDATE #5 08.10.2017 On Saturday I sat down with an intention to finish 101 Ways To Die. And I managed. However, I would like to get back most of the time I spent with the game. Envision a puzzle game with RNG elements. It was so frustrating to replay the same level over and over and over again just to get lucky and have a fan blow a Splatt ( a Splatt is not a celebrity; I mean an electrical fan to cool you down in summer). Some levels really felt cheap. But with that out of the way I will stop complaining. Then I decided to download Hue and check it out. It sucked me in so much that I completed the story in one sitting ( it is short, but still ). I didn't use any guides or videos and I'm proud of it. I don't play many puzzle or platforming games, but I liked Hue a lot. The unique graphic style, innovative game concept and gameplay, soothing soundtrack and responsive controls really make this title a gem hidden in the stack of useless rocks. I did not have as much time as I would like to have on Sunday, but still managed to play for about an hour. I decided to start a new game - Maize - which some might label as another boring walking simulator, but I would not agree. Yes, it is indeed a walking simulator ( kind of ), but all of this can be forgiven if you focus on the story and humor. The game is hilarious so far. I am looking forward to playing it next weekend. I also added some games to my Waiting-For-Me-To-Have-Some-Time-To-Complete-Them-So-That-I-Get-My-Money-Worth Games List. Most of these I will try to complete as soon as I can. Spy Chameleon and Batman Arkham Kinght I will be "nibbling", because of their tendency to irritate me. Killing with Style! Collect all other Trophies List of Eggplant Farm Games God of War II (PS3) - DONE (100%) Get Even (PS4) - DONE (100%) Child of Light (PS4) - DONE (100%) Batman Arkham Knight (PS4) - GONNA BE A PAIN IN MY ASS (95%) Uncharted The Lost Legacy (PS4) - DONE (100%) 101 Ways To Die (PS4) - DONE (100%) Hue (PS4) - NOT YET DONE (68%) Layers of Fear (PS4) - NOT YET DONE (57%) Maize (PS4) - NOT YET DONE (9%) Spy Chameleon (PS4) - NOT YET DONE (59%) Assassin's Creed Syndicate (PS4) - NOT EVEN STARTED PROPERLY (0%)
  5. Yeah, I know, It's been long since I last posted. It was mostly caused by lack of time or tiredness. However, I'm back. Will try to update regularly from now on. UPDATE #4 08.10.2017 On Saturday (I mean the last Saturday of September) I was nearly done with Uncharted The Lost Legacy (which I played a lot the previous weekend). I was left with getting all collectibles, finishing Crushing run and getting to Chapter 5 without firing a weapon or using an explosive. Basically, fists only. I got all collectibles and went halfway through Crushing mode. I believe I played a bit of PvZ:GW2 and several Battlefield 1 games. I also played a bit of 101 Ways To Die. I bought this game in order to make my ordeal for Community Challenge Pack from Akrham Knight a little less frustrating. I equated developers working for Rocksteady that thought such a DLC pack would be fun with Splatts you are supposed to kill in 101 Ways To Die. This game is the exact opposite of Lemmings of Flockers. You are supposed to place traps in a way to kill all Splatts. On Sunday I finished my Crushing playthorugh in Uncharted and got the platinum in the evening. Also, played a bit of 101 Ways To Die, Battlefield 1, Star Wars Battlefront and PvZ:GW2. Not a very productive day. 101 Ways To Die is not on the list because I don't remember what was my progress on Sunday. I will add it when I make an update covering this weekend (7th and 8th of October). Don't Ruin The Moment Collect all the Trophies List of Eggplant Farm Games God of War II (PS3) - DONE (100%) Get Even (PS4) - DONE (100%) Child of Light (PS4) - DONE (100%) Batman Arkham Knight (PS4) - GONNA BE A PAIN IN MY ASS (95%) Uncharted The Lost Legacy (PS4) - DONE (100%)
  6. Well, it's Wednesday, but I feel like it is my 8th Labor Day in a row. I beg Friday to arrive quciker than it should. I have ambitious plans regarding Friday. Go out with my friend to see "It" and then get shitfac... go have a cultural drink in PadClub. It's an amazing place - a club with consoles ranging from Nintendo 64 or PSX all the way through to XBOX One and PlayStation 4. You can play Guitar Hero, Tekken, Soul Calibur, FIFA, Mortal Kombat, Mario-Kart-Racing-Game-However-It's-Called or even board games. You can even see collectible figurines of e.g. Cole McGrath, Harley Quinn or Sackboy from LittleBigPlanet. Let's not forget about drinks served in the bar. However, you should rather call them "Shots". These are reaaaaally cool. You know how there are hundreds (if not more) drinks or shots recipes. Well, they either used existing ones or created their own naming them accordingly to which game they would fit. For instance, normally there is Kamikaze which is vodka, Blue Curacao liqour and lemon juice. The thing is you are supposed to drink four of them one after another in a quick succession. They have their own colored shots which they called "Need for Speed" - you are also supposed to get four of them down quickly. There is a shot with Tabasco called "Castlevania" or just straight Vodka called "Headshot". I can't wait till Friday!!! UPDATE #3 20.09.2017 As you remember (or not) I suffered from food poisoning on Tuesday and Wednesday last week. When I got over it I came down with a sickness (yeah, just like Disturbed) - a regular cold to be exact. I'm still regenerating, however I returned to my daily routine on Monday. I spent most of Saturday in bed, but got up in the evening. I used this evening time to play Child of Light for a couple hours. Did not make much progress on Saturday though. On Sunday however, I managed to finish Child of Light and get all trophies. If someone asked me whether I recommend this game... hell yes I do! The story is rather straightforward, but the art style, soundtrack and pure fun make up for it. There is something to these hand-drawn games (I guess it is hand-drawn, but I'm not sure; correct me if I'm wrong) that just attracts me to the screen. I love Indie games in general, but the graphics in some of them is just outstanding. It's a bit of a paradox, because I normally don't care about graphics. The game can be made of pixels of building size, but I will play it as long as it's playable and I'm having fun. That's why I have played games like Hotline Miami (it's also soundtrack and difficulty what got me into the game - can we please disregard the fact that I am yet to finish it). I also bought myself Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition in case I run out of games to play (yup, you guessed it, the second half of the sentence is pure sarcasm). What's more, I played it for a few hours and found it hella fun. Will definitely play a few matches every weekend. I am not adding it to my Eggplant Farm Games because I do not intend to finish it in a near future. It's more of a far-reaching goal. I also bought myself three online courses on Udemy to hopefully make some significant progress in my game developing learning process. Today I also bought myself Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2. I loved the first part and I'm looking forward to playing this one too (did I mention I buy these games in case I run out of titles to play?). When it comes to planning my next move (i.e. next games to finish) I add two to the list: Batman Arkham Knight and Uncharted The Lost Legacy. I hope when I play Batsy I'm not gonna throw the game out the window to see if he can really glide in the air. I added Platinum Emoji () to the games on the list I have platted (obviously if there is no platinum to achieve, there is no emoji). List of Eggplant Farm Games God of War II (PS3) - DONE (100%) Get Even (PS4) - DONE (100%) Child of Light (PS4) - DONE (100%) Batman Arkham Knight (PS4) - GONNA BE A PAIN IN MY ASS (95%) Uncharted The Lost Legacy (PS4) - AND THIS ONE HOPEFULLY WILL BE A RELIEVER OF THE AFOREMENTIONED PAIN (18%)
  7. Time for a second update! There will always be some story in Italics and Bold (just like one you're seeing now). These will usually be non-gaming rants so if you can't be arsed with them feel free to skip past. From Tuesday last week to Friday (also last week) nothing really interesting happened, but I had one of my last driving licence practices. Today I was supposed to write a theoretical exam in my training centre for drivers, so I went to the guy's lecture at our Sports Centre. Although he knew I'd come he didn't bring his computer. And he didn't call me with this information either. A friend of my from elementary school was supposed to write it today as well, but two hours earlier. He was sent home with the same response from the guy. And it's not the first time he does such thing. Plus, yesterday I diagnosed myself with food poisoning (you don't have to be a doctor, it's not hard - OH MY GOD THE PUNS). I stayed at home today so I had more time then I would've. I'd write more but well, who cares? Ain't nobody got time for this (just like the memes say) so let's move to the gaming update. UPDATE #2 13.09.2017 I woke up on Saturday and went to my pracices I mentioned in the story. I came back home and around 2 p.m. I could sit in my armchair and sink into games. The objective was to finish Get Even adn then start Child of Light. Guess what I loaded up first... Yup, you're right - Child of Light. I don't regret it though. I immersed myself in the game so much I played it continuously for about 4 hours - no breaks. I love the art style, the soundtrack, the dialogues, the ambience. Combat started to get boring though. However, I could'nt help myself and played it a little more today, the combat got kind of challenging (i.e. I can't spam any attack with just two characters anymore, I have to switch party members and sometimes even use a potion, WOW). I feel like I'm underleveled for the next chapter though. Every single fight got harder immediately. As to Get Even, I played it a bit on Saturday evening. Really, just a bit - like 40 minutes. When I woke up on Sunday and found myself with nothing productive to do I turned on my PS4 and got turned on by the sound of it turning on. My excitement was suddenly broken by a message saying: "Sign in to PlayStation Network". I thought to myself: "Damn, they released a mandatory software update without letting anyone know.". I checked to see how far was I from downloading said patch and I didn't see it. I went ahead to the settings and tried to sign in. I was greeted by an unpleasant error code known as WS-37397-9 - an IP ban. What a way to start a day, isn't it? I was trying to connect for one hour. I tried everything I looked up on the web. Rebuilding the database, restarting the router - twice, changing the MTU to 1470 (whatever that is), messing with the router settings - guess what, none of these worked for me. Then I connected my console to my mobile Hotspot. I was able to sign in. Then changed back to LAN and it was working. However, I lost ability to access Store or my PSN account on my PC. In the evening I e-mailed PlayStation help desk. It fixed itself on Tuesday (so, yesterday). I was able to finish Get Even on Sunday. This is definitely one of the best stories ever and the best this year. The complexity of the plot, the hidden dialogues to be accessed after getting all collectibles. PURE MASTERPIECE. I am proud of Polish game devs recently. There are games to be proud of: The Witcher, Dying Light, Get Even and many more. I am proud to be Polish and hope to be such a successful game dev as they are right now. Perfect Recall Collect all trophies. List of Eggplant Farm Games God of War II (PS3) - DONE (100%) Get Even (PS4) - DONE (100%) Child of Light (PS4) - NOT YET DONE (61%)
  8. South Park The Stick of Truth is gorgeous. I am looking forward to playing The Fractured But Whole. My preorder has been made, now to wait until October 17th (hopefully they don't call off the release again)
  9. @Cassylvania Oh, OK, I get it. You understood I told you to play it for the event. I wrote you should play it regardless of the event. I meant that you should play it but didn't specify the time and date. I don't even know why would I do that. It's your game carrier. Live it as you like, right? I put in Bold all games I recommend. They just fit in with the event but it doesn't mean you have to play them now. Maybe I made it ambiguous, but I hope I cleared things out for you
  10. If you decide to play Dying Light I can help you get MP trophies. However we will need two more people. Hope you have some up your sleeve. You shouldn't be avoiding a great game just because it has no platinum. Outlast is really a must play for all horror lovers. If you decide to 100% them both then be ready for a challenge. Zombi is clunky (I should become a rapper) and it takes some time getting used to. But after you understood the mechanics the game can be pretty enjoyable. You HAVE to finish it three times on all difficulties as they don't stack.
  11. Is not sure who or what they are
  12. Shadwen isn't even a bit spooky. I have to finish it as well. Meh, maybe some time soon. I saw that your list of spooky games isn't made of typical horror games. At first I thought you were going fully horror theme games, but now I see you didn't (neither The Escapists nor Metro is a horror game). With that in mind I might have a list of spooky / disturbing / horror / thriller / mysterious games to choose from for you: Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice (With Platinum) The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (With Platinum) DOOM (With Platinum) Outlast (No Platinum) Outlast 2 (With Platinum) SOMA (No Platinum) Dying Light (With Platinum) Layers of Fear (No Platinum) Zombie Vikings (With Platinum) The Evil Within (With Platinum) Zombi (With Platinum) Zombie Army Trilogy (With Platinum) Don't Starve: Console Edition (No Platinum) Don't Starve Together (With Platinum) Get Even (With Platinum) Sorry if I listed a game you already have completed or chosen as one of 13 Spooky Games. Games in Bold are games I highly recommend playing regardless of the event.
  13. With Cassylvania's consent I am now officially claiming Eggplant Farm for my own. Neither did I swear fealty to Cassylvania nor did I bribe him. The Great White Rabbit presented me with this swath of land and I shall defend it with my Platinum Collection. I vow to keep it safe from evilness, Predator Broccoli and droughts. May the whole community following this thread aid me in my devoir and I shall promise them a light of hope in their ordeal to make the plats rain. Those who refuse to aid me, blaspheme against The Great White Rabbit or disobey him, shall be banished from existance by an eggplant stuffed with gunpowder and their names shall be derided for centuries to come. Damn, what an intro! I will try your way Cassylvania and do my best to make my posts as pleasant to read like yours are. I don't have as much time as I would like to have (school started, high school to be exact - last year, to share my suffering with you in even greater detail) so I will be playing only on weekends. Thus, I will have five days to publish an update, which is enough for me. On the evenings of every Labor Day I will work on my game project as I would LOVE to become a game developer one day. For anybody curious I am using Unreal Engine 4 and I have no online courses. I learn everything from YouTube, Google, Unreal Forums and the invincible method of trial-and-error. Should you be even more intrigued and have more questions feel free to ask me. UPDATE #1 05.09.2017 On Saturday I thought to myself: "Let's finish God of War II before Monday.". I left it for some time and felt like I had to finish the game already. I sat down with beer and snacks ang began to play. I only had half of the story to finish so I did it in no time. It was really late (everybody normal was sleeping already) but I was down to two trophies to unlock the platinum: Bleeding Thumbs (for completing the Challenges of the gods) and Eye Sore (for ripping out 20 cyclops eyes). Obviously, I couldn't just go to sleep with two trophies remaining. I beat all Challenges in one hour (I did REALLY bad on the last one, on which I spent about 15 minutes) and quickly farmed the remaining 15 eyes on the arena. Got the plat, turned off the PS3, went to bed, slept a bunch. On Sunday I thought to myself: "Let's take on Get Even as my next plat.". I completed the game a few days after I bought it on release date, but still had trophies to gain for the plat. What I did on Sunday was gather all collectibles and unlock all secret memories. After that I got some miscallenous trophies and now I am down to only one trophy - getting the True Ending. I have to complete the game without killing anyone, pure sneaky skills. I plan to finish it on this week's weekend. Who knows? Maybe if I'm quick enough I could complete Child of Light as well. We'll see. List of Eggplant Farm Games God of War II (PS3) - DONE (100%) Get Even (PS4) - NOT YET DONE (91%)
  14. Oh oh, can I please have my own vegetable farm to care about like Ava? Pretty please? I promise not to abuse the power probably to be received from thee and not to plant any mutated cauliflowers or eggplants from Chernobyl or Hiroshima (or from post apocalyptic Moscow, haha, joke on topic). Until Dawn? Finished the game on my birthday last year (June is a pretty anti-climatic month for horrors set in ski lodge during winter season). I enjoyed the game so much. The pretty graphics, voice acting (so good I had to change to original English, couldn't bear Polish voice acting) and the ambience. The jumpscares in the first half of the game were obnoxious. It's good once, twice, maybe three times during 4 hours, BUT NOT A DOZEN! This is NOT how you scare. It is cheap, it is not fun and it harms the immersion. Not cool Supermassive Games, not cool. The second half was very good fortunately, because it started to make you anxious about your next move and what's waiting around the corner. This I commend. When it comes to Never Alone, I do not have good memories regarding this little platformer. For me the controls were kind of clunky and the fox's AI was more AS than AI - Artificial Stupidity. Especially during the boss encounter (the humanoid mother- ... ekhm, lover). I nearly threw my controller into the wall. The DLC? Must have been lame as I do not remember a single thing about it. The only good thing about Never Alone were the soundtrack, the art style and the story (partially). Once I get permitted to post my small updates here I will post my first small update here... that doesn't sound right, does it? Well, let's leave it like that. At least you'll have something to laugh at. This is what happens when English isn't your first language and you are so tired your car could use you as a spare. Get it? TIREd? No? Ehhhh... PS The intro music to Until Dawn is THE BEST !
  15. Wow man, you are doing great with your Trophy Checklist Blog Thing. I was thinking about doing one myself but that requires a lot of time and commitment. Which I have none. Plus, doing a checklist for 120 plats alone is a chore. But who knows, maybe one day... I loved both Metro games. However, I just could not get through the Tower Chapter, which is a DLC on a PS3 version. There is a glitch to do it easily though. Don't know if you'd like to use it, but I would if I were to platinum it once more. I could not get through the first (easiest) level. There are mutants on later stages. I thought I just don't care about finishing it legitemately. Good luck Cassylvania, keep doing what you're doing. I love these little stories you make with every post. The way you write just makes these post really pleasant to read