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  1. En event that helps poor innocent fluffy and cuddly animals? And spiders. Sign me up! Gotta pick up the pace with Outlast 2 if I want it for my 300th plat then. Now, what says "animal" in my enormous backlog...
  2. @DrBloodmoney Thank you for the badge. I love it 😀 @Beyondthegrave07 @Starrk_01 Thank you so much for organizing this awesome and wholesome event. You did a great job in showing how gaming can support great causes. I just wanted to congratulate everyone who took part and contributed. I've been reading replies to this thread and realized that many of you played games especially for this event. You changed your gaming plans to help people in need. This is commendable 🙂 It's times like this I feel proud to be a gamer. As a community we are so varied. One plays 6 hours daily, the other one plays only on weekend nights. One plays games that are hard as nails, the other play games they could fall asleep to. Yet in the end we all unite and our kindheartedness shows through such events. It is truly beautiful. Thank you all! Stay strong and stay safe. Never neglect your sympathy.
  3. Another orange game 😀 It is funny how much time I had to sink in this game to get it done. When you look at this game it doesn't look demanding at all. Just a nonogram puzzle game so it should be over in no time. You cannot be more wrong. For this type of game it is quite long. There are 480 nonogram puzzles to solve. One takes about 3,5 minutes to complete. You can do the math yourself. I recommend it for fans of sudoku.
  4. Add Eventide 3 to my orange games list please It barely makes it being very close to 80% completion.
  5. Finished another orange game
  6. Finished another game. I would like to count it as pink please
  7. Finished my second game overall and first orange game. I enjoyed this game so much I can't recommend it enough. It is on a quite big sale right now so it is worth grabbing.
  8. It was a good game. Do not expect to be blown away though. I liked the art style, enjoyed the story and the feeling of the game playing out as if it was a series. However, very quickly I found the abundance of swearing tiring. I also experienced problems while selecting dialogue options or ticketing - it looked like my analog was drifting which it doesn't do on a daily basis. I bought it on a sale when it was 90% off so it was a steal. No worth it for the full price though.
  9. I can confirm I managed to complete Beat Cop over the weekend making it my first pink game done.
  10. I'd love to participate. And love the cause too. Beat Cop is soon to be completed from my list so I would like to count it as one pink game. If I can get any other games done I will post them here before the end of november.
  11. Oh, thanks for the fast reply. I guess I'll buy it now
  12. It was. But does it work with the base version of the game? If I remember correctly it costs less than the season pass did and on its page it says: "This DLC unlocks all of the content for Shadow of the Tomb Raider Definitive Edition.". Now, I've read that everything included post launch is on disc and nothing is supposed to be downloaded from the Store. I am kind of reluctant to try though. Did anybody buy it? It's on Black Friday sale now in EU at half price. I'd like to buy ut, but I'm still afraid to lose the money in case it doesn't work.
  13. Hey, I never said that this game was excellent. At least I don't remember me saying that. To be honest I've never beaten the first act. Don't ask why... My excuse is and always will be: "I have too many better games to finish."
  15. Thanks. I've spent a few hours on it already. It's fun, but I'm worried about the trophy which requires 4 controllers...