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  1. Oh, thanks for the fast reply. I guess I'll buy it now
  2. It was. But does it work with the base version of the game? If I remember correctly it costs less than the season pass did and on its page it says: "This DLC unlocks all of the content for Shadow of the Tomb Raider Definitive Edition.". Now, I've read that everything included post launch is on disc and nothing is supposed to be downloaded from the Store. I am kind of reluctant to try though. Did anybody buy it? It's on Black Friday sale now in EU at half price. I'd like to buy ut, but I'm still afraid to lose the money in case it doesn't work.
  3. Hey, I never said that this game was excellent. At least I don't remember me saying that. To be honest I've never beaten the first act. Don't ask why... My excuse is and always will be: "I have too many better games to finish."
  5. Thanks. I've spent a few hours on it already. It's fun, but I'm worried about the trophy which requires 4 controllers...
  6. @donut_plz @Toogie53 Guys, I'd still like to swap this garbage Rayman game from my list. BUT... in order not to bend the rules of this event and stick with a team sport theme I will not exchange it with Oceanhorn. Instead, put Stikbold! A Dodgeball Advenure there please Also, I am going for 100% in EVERY game on my list. So Watch Dogs 2 isn't officially finished yet. Just FYI
  7. I was playing. I did launch it once since my last update and got a Speedy Collector trophy. Now I'm prepping myself mentally to finish this shit one day before the Last Day of June (see what I did there?). I played it for a bit. Didn't even complete the first chapter, but I am enjoying the game so far. There is one thing worrying me though. There's this one trophy that is supposed to be done in cooperative mode. I know for sure I can't play it on a couch because apparently "Connection to the other player has been lost" every time I try to join with my second controller. I've read that there is a glitch and some people just can't play it locally. Just like that. My only chance to get this trophy would now be via PSN Multiplayer or locally on a different console. *Sigh* I also finished another game for Toogie's event on Sunday. I've completed LEGO Star Wars 3: The Clone Wars and I have a love/hate relationship with this game. I like it because it's LEGO, it's fun and simple, but the RTS part of the game was soooo repetitive and boring I really couldn't stand another mission. And there were so many of these... Also the bounty missions were annoying. You were given a time limit and a fragment of a story level. Your task was to find a certain character in a given time. You had to figure out where that character could be and this could take you from a couple to a dozen of retries. Annoying... After that I started another LEGO game I bought recently because I still want more LEGOs. I'm playing Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues now. It's my childhood game by the way...
  8. Well hello there Long time no see guys, right? I have been so busy due to my high school finals, but I have 4 months of summer vacation now. Hopefully I'll be able to post more. You may ask - what's new? Oh, I'll gladly tell you what's new: Firstly, I had my maturity exams which I got through and hopefully passed. It took me whole week to realize that I actually finished high school education and started my longest holiday ever. Also, I managed to fix my controller last week. Here's the whole story: One day I was playing Rayman Legends and I got frustrated - as usual. When I'm angry at a game I tend to smack the left side of a controller against my right thigh - don't judge. After 4 or 5 consecutive strikes the left trigger (also known as L2) left its cozy nest and flew to a better place - the corridor. I could also hear it screaming "Fuck it!" the moment it lifted off. I looked on my controller then on the L2 button and again on a controller. I wasn't really sure what's happened. It was the ultimate incentive to fix my controller as I have been waiting for a good day to try and fix my R2 button - it wore off and I couldn't fire a shotgun or a sniper rifle in Battlefield. So, I disassembled my controller, put back my L2 and reassembled it. It worked with an exception of a light bar and the right trigger remained pressed forever. So..... I went back to my desk and began the whole process once again. It worked perfectly the next time I put it back, but the R2 was still worn off. The next day I bought myself a tube of silicone, cut out the broken part of silicone in the controller and put a new layer on it. After a final reassembly I was ready for anything. I was prepared for the worst. But it worked! And now my controller is like new! It felt good... destroying feels better though I also signed up for Toogie's event. I hope to complete all the games I picked. This is the first event I participate in on this site - on any site ever actually. I wish you guys good luck on completing your games, too. Hope you'll have fun playing your picks When it comes to games I've finished..... well, there's been a few: I finished God of War: Ghost of Sparta at the end of March. I think it was one of the easiest GoWs to plat. I don't really remember if I got angry at any point in the game. I platted Resogun, one of the first games I've played on a PS4. I don't really know why it took me so long, but I finished it at last and that's what matters. I'm sure everyone here know what Resogun is, so I won't describe the game. If you haven't played Resogun and you like arcade games - what are you doing reading this? Go buy it, play it! I finished Deadpool. I have a love/hate relationship with this game. I love it for its humor, jokes and fourth wall breaking. On the other hand, it's kind of glitchy and clunky. It really takes time ot get used to the controls. The game is fun though. I heard it was supposed to get delisted from the PS Store, so if you want to play it you have to rely on a physical version. I've played and finished Headlander and I have to tell you, IT IS A GEM OF A GAME! It's a 2.5D side scroller platformer shooter - yes, it is a genre. You play as a head in a space helmet and are capable of pulling other robots heads and "headland", which lets you take control of a chosen body. You can even be a dog, A FREAKIN' DOGGY. How cool is that!? On a daily basis you also shoot your laser firearm at security robots and solve puzzles. This one also has a good sense of humor. It's a Double Fine Studio game, so you can imagine that it is funny in their specific way. I have also played and finished Oxenfree. It's a great story driven game, so I can't really tell you anymore in order not to spoil it for you. It's kinda scary too if you're into that. I strongly recommend it. I have also played Forma.8 and.... fu** this game. It's fu***** sh**. It was made by a fu***** monkey with a hairy fu***** di** for fu***** brains. It's so fu***** sh**** that if dog's sh** was a game it would be way better. Ugh... Then I played some Infinite Minigolf to relax. I don't know about you but I like to play some minigolf from time to time. Especially, when you can create your own holes.... And then there came the game. And it was enormous. It was Its still is a blast to play. It's one of the best if not the best game of this generation. GOD OF WAR! I don't want to bore you with a lengthy review because it wouldn't matter and there are a lot of them on the Internet, so I'll just say a few words.... Play it. It's gorgeous. If you have a PS4 and you won't play God of War then why not have Xbox. It would make no difference. This is a game that sells hardware. Last Day of June was a few hours experience. Another game with great aesthetics and a moving story of a couple. Not saying anything more because Cassy will play it for Toogie's event. And then I started another great game that I haven't finished yet - Resident Evil 7. It's a blast. I'll have to get back to it now that I can fully darken my living room even at high noon. Fat Princess Adventures. Wow, it's a gem. Published by Santa Monica and developed by FunBits. It's a Diablo-like game, but in Fat Princess universe. I did not giggled at that at times. I laughed while rolling on the floor all the time. It's a great game to play with your friends on a couch too. Add a drink or seven and there's a great evening for you with a plethora of abstract jokes you're surely burst with laughter after hearing them. Recommended! Then there came Hitman. The new one. The Definitive Edition. The first Hitman I played was Hitman Absolution with nun predators. I liked it, but I like this one better. And I have only completed the prologue... There's more to come ladies and gentlemen! I bought Little Nightmares at last. I have been waiting for it to go on a sale bigger than 10% off. It reminds me of LIMBO. And that's good. But the controls are clunky from time to time and I feel like it drops some frames here and there. But it's nothing too bad... Rayman Legends, oh my... This game really scarred me. But I got through the majority. Now for the stupid fu***** grind of daily and weekly challenges. One of the trophies requires you to achieve the highest level of awesomeness - 11th. You need 6000 points which you earn by getting medals from original levels and Daily/Weekly challenges. You get 1 for Bronze, 5 for Silver, 10 for Gold and 50 for Diamond. Diamonds are out of equation, unless you are a god of Rayman and have divine hands of dexterity. I need 1400 more points to reach 11th rank. Also, this trophy can glitch on me. Yay... Assassin's Creed Rogue. There's nothing to say. It.s basically Black Flag, but in North Atlantic and the story is decent. That's all. LEGO Star Wars 3: The Clone Wars. I needed a LEGO game. I really wanted to play one. They are soooooo good. Easy, simple, relaxing and OH MY GOD WHY IS MY LEGO GAME A REAL TIME STRATEGY!? It's not a bad game though. I'm having fun with it. I also bought three other LEGO games. Just in case I want to play another one after this. Last but not least, Watch Dogs 2. I really detest the protagonists. All swaggy and juvenile. They're so fu***** obnoxious. The gameplay is way easier than the original too. It's worse than the first one in my opinion, generally. And to all people complaining that Aiden was all grumpy in the original - yes, because you would be all fu***** happy and smiling after the death of your niece while blaming yourself for that. Grow up, fu***** grow up. I've nearly finished it though. Just a few trophies away. Wow, that was a long update... Hope it didn't bore you and you're still here because I have a prize for you. Here take this lollipop: lollipop.rar 2017 Completed Games 2018 Games
  9. Naaaah, I'm way better at destroying and wrecking havoc around me 😈😈
  10. @Evil_Joker88 Thanks, I actually wanted to fix that damn worn off silicone for quite some time. It made it impossible to fire a sniper rifle and a shotgun in Battlefield. The Left Trigger accident made me take a risk of disassembling the cursed box of low quality plastic earlier than I expected. I was prepared for the worst after the final reassembly (yes, final, I opened and closed it several times). Also, I did not throw it. When I get really angry at the game I tend to hit my thigh with the left side of the controller. That's a new thing for me. I usually just cuss a lot. And I mean an "effing" lot. The left trigger did not survive 5 consecutive hits... @Kristycism It doesn't require any force. Just a hard thigh and a few consecutive hits with pin point precision regarding the strike angle. I needed more force when disassembling the controller. Those damn L2 and R2 triggers are like an RNG, but in reality and are waaaay more annoying to convince them to let go. I wasn't sure if I could put a little more force into that. I did not want to break it beyond repair, right? Anyway, it's like new now. And I now try to not squeeze it in rage... Let's see how long will I be able to resist myself.
  11. @Evil_Joker88 It's not that I don't know what to do. I just suck at platformers. Plus, this is the first game that made me hit my controller so hard my L2 button lifted off and flew to a better place - the corridor. In case you're wondering - yes, the controller survived. I disassembled it fixed the trigger and the worn off silicone and put it back together. So it's still with me. No burial needed
  12. @Toogie53 I'd like to swap one game in my list. Would you kindly replace Rayman with Oceanhorn, please? The reason is that this game is bullshit with its Daily Challenges and the awesomeness level and I might not get the plat before the end of the camp. I think that fishing in Oceanhorn can be considered a sport, right? Thank you for all the time you put in this thread. I can't imagine the amount of work you have to do with all the updating... Have a beer or two from me for that
  13. Top 10 most frustrating? I know what will be #1. That fucking lizard...
  14. @Toogie53 I went ahead and updated my original post so that I have a game in every category and made it look fancy too I hope it's not a big problem for you to find it now. It's about halfway on 14th page. Glad to see so many people attending this event. Also, I like the idea of dividing us into cabins so that we can find ourselves easier It's an honor to be in the same cabin as the organizator 😂 Keep up the good work, man!
  15. I heahd those Riptide GP games are fun to play. And I'm close to certain they have no MP at all.