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  1. It's good to hear you're nearly done with Dirty Dangma. You guessed it, never heard of this game. In fact, I'm not really fond of Japanese games. Hence their lack on my profile. The only JP games I played were Dust, Okami and Nier (I guess). I don't like the anime style art. There's something to it that discourages me. Maybe it's the hair? Or the big eyes? Or being shiny all the time and wrecking havoc all over my TV screen so that I don't know what is even going on? Maybe it's all of these ? Who knows? Well I should...
  2. If you mean the 2018 Games list I definitely like God of War: Ghost of Sparta. The only God of War I didn't like was Ascension. Although it had good graphics and really badass first boss design it didn't come up to my expectations. For me it's the worst installment of the series. I like Deadpool too. Although it pissed me off yesterday because I thought I had to complete the game on the hardest difficulty without upgrading anything, like in every normal game. Turned out I could beat the game on Easy, buff my Deadpool so that he would be a total badass and then jump on the highest difficulty setting. I think that it wouldn't infuriate me as much if I didn't get stuck on the last chapter of the game. Well... The game I also like from my list is Spy Chameleon Assassin's Creed Rouge. Although, after completing Syndicate I'm kinda exhausted and need to take a break. There are many games that are yet to come out that I'm sure I'll enjoy. Titan Quest (tomorrow, can't wait), Agony (which I probably won't buy on release) and God of War (20th April). I also have some games in my library that aren't even on my profile since I have never launched them yet. I believe I was supposed to play Dark Souls from time to time too. Well, seems like I'll have to start over yet again. Also, for the first time ever I've reached 68% completion! Only for it to drop significantly tomorrow when I'll add Titan Quest to my list.
  3. Hi! I've been absent for far too long and didn't really mean to post anything today, but... here I am! I have little time for writing such lengthy posts. I am up to date with everything you guys have been posting as I read all posts daily. Be it in bed before falling asleep or in class I always have something to read. Thanks to you guys! I really wanted to post my view on all series, politics and childhood based topics, but I have one more thing to learn for tomorrow so I'll just leave you with a big update on my recent gaming. Enjoy! I got the plat in South Park The Fractured But Whole. I left it for far too long. It's a pity that the trophies are so easy and less engaging than in Stick of Truth. They seem kinda messy too. I get the feeling there was little effort put into creating these. Also, I despite this plat image. It's a fun game though. New combat system really adds possibilities and strategical thinking to this title. I await the DLC: From Dusk Till Casa Bonita. It's supposed to come out this Tuesday. Hope it has some trophies, but I'll play it anyway. I platted Hotline Miami. Downloaded it when my friend came over. I got hooked again. And I've been playing until I got the plat which took me about a week of 2 hours of playtime per day. It's the most arcade a game can possibly get. It's retro graphics, house/electro music, addicting gameplay and a fair difficulty makes Hotline Miami one of the best indie games on the market despite it's age. I finished Knack 2. God it's bad. It's not Knack one bad, but it's still bad. It's a big improvement since the first installment, but it's still not a good game. It's just decent. I feel like the story is too long. It has 15 frickin' chapters and I was bored and exhausted on the eighth. Not to mention all of the medals you need to get to earn a plat i.e. replaying levels you've already completed just to get more points or finish it faster. Then there are time trials and Coliseum. This is the game that made me think if it's healthy for me to keep playing games. Any games.... Then Seasons After Fall happened and all came back to normal. It's a beautiful 2D puzzle platformer that I fell in love with. The art style, the soothing soundtrack, relaxing gameplay and fun, environmental puzzles were all I needed after an abomination known as Knack 2. Nobody asked for the sequel... I managed to get through Kholat. It's not that bad. Sure it's slow, clunky and glitchy at times, but navigating using your compass, imagination, perception and a map that doesn't display your current location is engaging. It's not scary though. Unless you fall through textures which happened to me once. Also, it has great story. I know it's not how it really happened and it's just a fiction, but still... There aren't many games that use a yet unexplained mystery as a base for their plot. I will have to read more about this incident from 1959. It's a polish production too. I also made some progress in God of War: Ghost of Sparta, Deadpool and managed to get all MP trophies in Killzone 3 (excluding the DLC). The Spy Chameleon would be the next shitty game I will need to finish and forget about. I actually launched it for a few minutes. Then was struck with several emotions. Mostly sorrow, suffering and regret... I can't wait till Tuesday comes. Titan Quest is just around the corner. Or was it Spring? Don't remember... EDIT: Also, I just noticed that this is my 100th post on the forum. Celebration! Now excuse me, as I go and get myself shitfaced because of that. 2017 Completed Games 2018 Games
  4. Damn, you're right. I didn't know how this worked. But after your post I figured that the number after a month's name isn't the day, but a year... Sorry for unnecessarily starting a thread. Closure time then.
  5. I am not sure if this was suggested before and I could not find it on the forum, so I decided to make a new thread. I thought it would be a good idea to have a counter of some sort that counts all the trophies one has earned since 1st January 0:00 of one's time zone. It could be in the statistics section or as a sort of widget on one's profile above the trophy cabinet. It could also be count and display trophies by rank i.e. You've earned X Platinum trophies this year, Y Gold trophies this year etc. Also, I have a bit more complicated to implement idea, but I'm certain Sly will make everything work with enough time and patience. It would be good to see how many trophies one's earned during a specified period of time. Let's say I want to check how many trophies I achieved last summer, so I could set the dates manually (in this case from 1st July to 31st August) and it would count the trophies I've earned during this period. It would be also nice, again, to see a rank division - Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. What do you think? Sly, could you make that happen? Pretty please?
  6. The plat is not so bad, but it's boring and cheap in terms of bosses, side quests and variety. Also, you have to collect all Riddler's trophies and finish NG+ on which the difficulty is set to Knightmare (haha, funny... not) so you don't see a counter prompt and have to actually look at enemies. What's difficult is the infamous Community Challenge Pack as a DLC. With enough training it's doable. I think that just Br1ste, Spaz and I have it done on this thread. Sorry if I skipped someone. Feel free to yell at me.
  7. Sales can be harmful for your completion. That's my experience. I did also level up after gaining this and I'm not buying games on impulse anymore. Says the guy that bought four games on Monday... I suggest you finish Batman. It's so close. And if I have done it, you'll do it too. You have waaaayy harder plats than me on your profile. Finishing Batman should be a piece of cake in comparison to completing Darkest Dungeon.
  8. Congrats on your plats and an impressive milestone Cassy! You got your first hundred. The hunt for the next one begins
  9. Lol, normal... Should be called abnormal though... I've only once gotten so angry I broke something... twice actually. First time I smashed the chair on the floor while trying to beat Challenge of the Gods in the first God of War. I remember that it was a sixth or a seventh trial and I was pushing the left joystick. I died while still pushing the joystick and accidentally exited to main menu. You have to beat the Challenge in one sitting without exiting. There's ten in a row... I repaired the chair though. Stools at my house are easy to fix, there are just two parts: legs and the seat (that's one of the weirdest sentences I've written). Second time, it was near the beginning of this year I decided to return to Castlevania Lords of Shadow for the DLC. I completed the first one but the second one on the hardest difficulty is AIDS. After a 974537882th try I gently put the controller down, took a deep breath and then brought my fist down on it like I was on a debate. It still works though. My friend is a rage machine. He broke his DS4 in two. He took the left side in one hand, the right side in right hand and began to turn one hand clockwise and the other one counter clockwise. He opened his controller like a jar of jam. Also, he throws his controller across the room reeeaaaaallly frequently.... I'm not saying it's the worst game ever made. Because I usually exaggerate waaaay too much I'll clarify some things. I don't like the difficulty level - it's like Dark Souls with kids graphics but more unfair in terms of difficulty. Knack moves too slow for me - I can make myself a coffee and I'll get back before he is finished punching once (exaggeration - told ya). Checkpoints should be scattered densely - for such a difficult game there are way too few of these. Knack looks fun, it's even fun to play for an hour or two, but it's too monotonous and difficult. As it is a game for kids over the age of 7 (as PEGI suggests) I don't think any kid that young could finish this game.
  10. I actually spent some time online in Killzone 2 and 3 yesterday. I now have to get one trophy in Killzone 3 MP i.e. Complete a match as part of a squad. I saw the weekly leaderboards in Killzone 2 and saw a guy with over 50000 kills and 4 deaths. Noooooo, definitely not boosting. I won't bother getting MP trophies in Killzone 2. Firstly, no time as it's the last two months of high school for me. Secondly, I don't have anyone to boost this with and there's about 10 people playing on public servers. No way you could do it without boosting. Happy news for you then, you can put your wallet back and keep the donation money Now you've discouraged me. Revelations is the only part I've not played. I platted AC 2 and have a few MP (arghhhh...) trophies to get in Brotherhood that keep me from getting the plat. If I could choose three games in which I wanted to auto pop all remaining trophies (or at least MP trophies) it would most probably be AC Brotherhood, Resistance 2 and Ghostbusters The Video Game. PS Store is slowly beginning to look a lot like Steam Store. With titles like Life of Black Tiger, Spear of Destiny, My Name is Mayo, Mr. Massagy... need I list any more? No, you get a point. There's plenty of shit games that shouldn't be there. Sticking to the indie games topic, I don't if you saw my profile but I dare to say there are more indie games than AAA titles. I don't need realistic graphics to play a game and enjoy it. I can play a game as long as it's playable i.e. it works. Graphics could be cel-shading, pixel art, cartoon or realistic, don't care. As long as it doesn't hurt my eyes (I'm looking at Ace of Seafood) I dig the graphics. I've recently played Firewatch and really enjoyed it. From the games you mentioned I've platted Valley and Transistor. I've not completed Hotline Miami yet. Bastion is waiting for it's trun in my library and I've just bought Headlander. I reaaaallly like a well done indie game. No it's not the crystals, it's the game itself. I reached the end boss today and gave up after a few tries, uninstalled the game and loaded up Knack 2. It's way better so far. I wanted to complete the story in the first one before I start the sequel. When the last boss turned out to be the way it is I thought to myself that I can't be arsed to play it anymore. Not this month at least...
  11. I've been playing a bit since my last update. It's also my first week of the winter break. The time goes by so quickly.... There's so many games I have to finish and I have less and less time to do that. I have a game plan in my head. I want to finish story mode in Knack, then platinum Knack 2. Then platinum South Park The Fractured But Whole. Then I'll probably try to finish multiplayer trophies in Killzone 3 and Killzone 2 (probably not gonna get it done though) while the servers are still up. And then... I don't really know yet. It'll probably be March 20th so I'll focus on playing Titan Quest all day long. Then there's God of War in April. Then Vampyr which I find really interesting. It's hard to organize everything. Also, I usually make such a plan in my head and then everything goes to sh... sheep. So yeah, planning ahead so much is harmful for me. Now to the update: I finished AC Syndicate. The only thing I enjoyed was the DLC (that's a sentence I'll probably never repeat in my entire gaming career). It was reaaaaaaallly booooring. Now I have just a whole bunch of other ACs to finish: Rouge, Unity and The Whole Freaking Ezio Collection. I also finished Cat Quest, sadly. I wish there were more games like this one. Gentlebros' game is really a gem in a sea of poorly made indie games. I had a two day binge playing Ratchet and Clank. This game is awesome. I can't remember the last time I sunk so badly in a game. I recommend it to anyone looking for something that's not stress inducing. I also made some progress in Deadpool and started playing Prey. No review until I finish them though I started playing Knack. There are no words in Polish or English that I did not use when playing this game. God it's awful. It's like Dark Souls but more unfair. Good thing I'm just playing it now for the story and I don't have to plat it yet. There will be time for this and I'll surely break something. 2017 Completed Games 2018 Games
  12. Hello everyone. It's been a while since I've posted something here. Well... sorry for my absence. I haven't also been able to read all posts. So I have a good deal of reading ahead. I came down with a flu yesterday so I'm currently at home doing math and playing games. I've decided to let you know I'm still alive and kicking. I've been playing only on weekends since the beginning of the year. Thus, there's not much to share. However... I've played and completed Firewatch. I've been waiting for a sale and a good opportunity to play it. I enjoy story based games as long as they're not predictable and boring. Firewatch really made me happy. I spent a few hours with this game, had laugh from time to time, but there also were sad moments. Basically, it's a swing of emotions. I recommend this game to everyone that like a good story telling and don't mind walking a bunch. Camp Santo managed to create a good story and was able to hide it in an adorable graphic wrapper. Playing this game and advancing the story is like unwrapping a candy. You know what's inside and want to get to it, but you still enjoy the whole process. Congrats, Campo Santo! I got a second platinum in Life is Strange. This time on PS3. I picked it up for a really good price digitally. It costed me about two loafs of bread. I was hungry for four days, but got a platinum. Joking... I am not sure if it's the same with Telltale Games' games because I didn't finish any one of them twice, but Life is Strange doesn't change that much based on your choices. Sometimes you'll see an additional cutscene or this time another person will be with you but it doesn't really affect the ending. Sadly... I started playing Shadow Warrior 2 because I got bored of the collectathon in AC Syndicate. Played it for an hour and a half and had a blast. Will come back to it at some point. No review for you until then I also started playing God of War: Ghost of Sparta. There was no significant progress made though. However, I was really surprised to see this game have full Polish localization. Not that I really need that to understand the story, because I don't, but it's nice to see someone actually care about Poland. Good job Ready at Dawn, good job! Added AC Rogue to my list of games. Hopefully I can finish it quickly... I've bought myself a game. Nothing new, right? Or should I say "Nothing MEOW"? Cat Quest, ladies and gentlemen! The best RPG of all time... in a CATegory of hilariousness (is it a word?). If you're looking for a game you could relax to I highly recommend this one. It's rather cheap. It's short though, I've nearly finished it in one day... Hopefully we'll see Cat Quest 2 or Dog Quest, pleeeeaaase??? I've made significant progress in AC Syndicate. I think I'll be able to finish it next weekend. I'm really exhausted after this. I've already done the worst though. All collectibles are in my pockets and now I just need to finish the story while acquiring 100% synchronization in every main mission and get some miscellaneous trophies. And then I'll be done with it... Next target: Prey ! 2017 Completed Games List of Eggplant Farm Games 2018
  13. Does anybody know anything about a release of The Surge Complete Edition on disc? I am not sure if I want to buy the standard version with a steelbook or wait for a possible physical copy of this game with all DLC included...
  14. Ok. I've made the 2017 games list (only the ones I've been tracking on this thread) and a Complete-Before-June Games for 2018, which are basically games from the list that I didn't manage to finish. I hope I'll reduce my backlog this year. 2017 Completed Games List of Eggplant Farm Games 2018 [DUE JUNE 2018] Spy Chameleon (PS4) - NOT YET DONE (59%) [DUE JUNE 2018] Assassin's Creed Syndicate (PS4) - NOT YET DONE (10%) [DUE JUNE 2018] Kholat (PS4) - NOT YET DONE (14%) [DUE JUNE 2018] South Park: The Fractured But Whole (PS4) - NOT YET DONE (91%) [DUE JUNE 2018] Deadpool (PS4) - NOT YET DONE (18%)
  15. Well, it's 2018 in Poland now so... HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS! I wish you all the best and may 2018 treat you all better than 2017 did! All the best!
  16. Hi, me and my friend both had this problem. We played cooperatively through the whole campaign once it came out. As soon as the patch was released we got our missing gold bar. There were no more patches up to the point when we platted the game. I'm not sure if there were any more fixes after I sold the game. Were there? I don't remember which mission this gold bar was in, but you could always try backing up your saves and starting the game from scratch. Unfortunately, that's the only solution I can think of right now. Maybe one of them did not register but is still somewhere out there waiting to be found? Try replaying it solo with a collectible guide if you haven't done that. Keep me (and us) informed about this. Good luck man!
  17. I had three goals to achieve this year: 1) Get at least 26 platinums (which is one plat per two weeks) 2) Reach 70% of average completion (which I'm unable to do) 3) 100% at least half of the games I have played (which I'm unable to do as well) This was not a productive year, but it's my last year of high school so I have to refrain from playing in excessive amounts. I'm gonna do a list of games I've completed since I started tracking them on this thread. The rest I'll have to finish until June 2018. I have to get rid of my backlog. Speaking of backlog I've just bought four games from the January Sale. The thing I have to reduce is getting bigger and bigger...
  18. Merry Christmas guys! I hope you spend this time with your family and by the fireplace, not in front of your TV playing video games
  19. Well, I didn't even try getting Requiem for a Killer yesterday because I just had to finish watching Netflix's Punisher series. It is soooo good. I highly recommend you watch this. I've tried today though and now I'm probably one of the happiest people alive. Here's a video of my successful attempt. Maybe it'll prove useful: With that I think my list of tips is complete. At least nothing that I should add and can think of now. Good luck everyone trying to complete this. It's doable but frustrating. I am merry that I'm done with this thing. I've just gained 70GB of free space on my hard drive. Thank God that's over. Phew...
  20. Tried setting your Internet connection once again? If the above doesn't work try to connect your PS4 using a Hotspot created with your mobile phone if it's possible. You can also try initializing your PS4. CREATE A BACK UP SAVE OF EVERYTHING YOU NEED ON YOUR USB STICK BEFOREHAND.
  21. @AydenBonnette Hey man, I'm sorry to hear that. I've been there a couple of times but never needed help from a therapist. I got over it myself and with help from my dearest friends. Have you tried talking to your relatives maybe? I don't know you, but I'd rather turn to my friends than my family in such situations. Try going to a party with your colleagues. That'll cheer you up hopefully. You could also try doing some physical exercise. You don't have to go to gym. I train at home and I'm seeing effects when I train regularly. I'm less tired, not moody and more energetic. Try these before seeing a therapist. Who knows? Maybe these will help you and you won't have to spend a lot of money. Good luck with fighting your problems. Keep us updated. @Cassylvania It's not hard. It's frustrating. There's a problem with the game's responsiveness sometimes. It's not always consistent when it comes to the rules it's created and presented to you as you were playing throgh the story mode. I dosed this challenge so I am unable to say accurately how much time have I spent on this. However, I can say that I did it on my First try as Robin and about 20th try as everyone else. That would be about 2 hours. I suck at Batman though, so you might be able to do it quicker. I'm currently on my way home from school which I'm having no more of this week. I'm gonna try getting Requiem for a Killer today. Yesterday I was oscillating around 500k points before I got hit so I'm closer then further away from reaching 1 million. Good luck!
  22. Well... that happened...
  23. I also have to make room for new games. That's why I'm beginning with Batman. It takes up so much space on my HDD. Plus, I have to return it to my friend. Plus plus, I want to be done with it already. I'm having another date with this garbage tomorrow. Disc Jam is an ok game. It's one of two sports games I'm good at (if you consider Rocket League a sports game). I guess I could help you with Shutout! and Unstoppable trophies if you want. However, one of us would have to stay up late or wake up really early (damn you time zones). I haven't played Grim Fandango yet, but I think it's sentiment what makes this game score that high (it does score high, right?). Free games don't always suck. There were plenty of good games given out to IGC. However, they are usually indie games people never heard of. That's why they tend to say it's garbage after an hour of playing and not experiencing anything grasping. Same with graphics. Usually gamers say indie games' graphics suck just because they are not realistic like Uncharted, Battlefield and other AAA games. Graphics can be pixel art, cel-shading, cartoon. The variety of graphic styles used in games is infinite. However, there can be shit pixel art - that's when you'd use poor graphics. I'd murder anybody who said that e.g. Stardew Valley has shitty graphics. For crying out loud, just because it is pixel art it doesn't mean it's poor graphics! What's your opinion on this issue?
  24. This below is my post from another thread. I thought it could be of use for anyone struggling to get these trophies done. I spent nearly whole day trying to beat Crime Alley as Batman without getting hit. Yes, whole day. And yes, only as Batman. I managed to pull it off in the end. Now it's time for Robin and Nightwing... While playing I think I figured out the game. Beforehand, I also came up with a certain idea, it worked for me and made the challenge easier. That said, I've come from the war and I brought a handful of tips and tricks. Here's a mini-guide: Before I list the tips I'd like to introduce some game theory. Game is a program. Program is an algorithm. Algorithm is a list of instructions. Instructions that are written by a human. Humans are predictable. So are the algorithms created by them. Batman is one of these algorithms. I don't like to brag and I don't mean it, but I think I've worked this algorithm out. Playing for so long, observing and remembering enemy patterns (yes, remembering, in a seemingly unpredictable fight) I have made some conclusions. There are some patterns in enemies' behaviors the game does not inform us about. I present to you a great list of tips and tricks to tackle Batman Arkham Knight's community pack DLC (at least the fighting trophies). First off, the fucking camera. I hope that whoever made the combat camera in this game is unemployed right now. This is going to be your worst enemy. Not AI, not the level geometry, not your temporary lose of focus, not the controls. The camera is everywhere. It flies around trying to get you dizzy. I am unable to count how many times have I got hit because someone attacked me from where I couldn't see him. Fuck this camera, seriously. I was looking in the setting menu for an option called "Disable shitty camera" but couldn't find it. There is something good about the camera though. It always points towards two actions being performed by enemies - Gun Load and Dash. Also, if you're quick enough you can attack an enemy armed with a gun that camera has just pointed at. Batman should ignore other enemies in his way and attack the gunner instantly. This also applies to the dashing enemies. However, I suggest vaulting over them to be on the safe side. Then there's controls. There are several moves that are useful when tackling these challenges. Block, Counter, Vault, Cape Stun, Blade Counter/Evade, Disarm and Destroy and any needed Gadget Move. I found it hard to press + simultaneously for Disarm and Destroy. I changed with on my controller in Availability Setting on PS4. This made it infinitely easier to pull out the Disarm and Destroy move. It takes a while to get used to hitting with and stunning with , but it pays off in the end. It should only be used when playing as Batman though. He and Azazel are only capable of executing Disarm and Destroy. Disarm and Destroy is probably the most useful move in the game. It permanently removes certain weapon from the fight. When there's no armed enemies it becomes a Special Takedown. Abuse Vault. It is a move you can perform infinitely and it won't reset your combo counter AS LONG AS YOU VAULT OVER AN ENEMY. If you roll TWICE IN A ROW on the ground your combo meter is reset. Use this ability to plan your next move carefully. Take advantage of your dexterity. Batman moves quicker and basically leaps from enemy to enemy when your combo counter is x5 OR ABOVE. Raising it to this number is your first objective. Master the Blade Counter and Blade Evade technique. The second is a must. The first one just saves you time and eliminates one more enemy in the process. Animations and Batman's movement is important for you to understand if you want to succeed. As with enemies, there is also a priority in the moves you perform. There is just one move that can be performed instantly - Parry. If you press a button for stunning you WILL NOT be able to cancel that by pressing the attack button. However, during pretty much every action's animation you can mash if you see an enemy trying to attack you. If he started attacking you after a said animation started you are guaranteed to parry him. Be careful as it does not always work with enemies with blades and the unblockable attacks. I don't know if I squeezed my controller too hard here and there but it didn't work for me sometimes. My character was standing still and not responding to me pressing to counter. There are some actions granting you immunity for the time they last. You cannot be attacked during these. However, for this to work they have to be performed on a specific enemy. These entail: Blade Counter or Blade Evade, Grapple-Hooking an electrified enemy, finishing an enemy, Disarm and Destroy move, vaulting a shielded enemy previously stunned using Batman's cape (STUNNING AN ENEMY WITH A CAPE NEVER GRANTS IMMUNITY). If there is a medic near a standard enemy you should refrain from hitting this enemy as the medic can electrify him and instantly end your run (trust me, it happened to me at least three times). The assassins are known for attacking from a certain altitude. Their attacks can take them a while to perform. However, if you see them going for a wall to try to attack you and leap in order to hit them on the back and miss then your combo meter will not be reset. Keep that in mind, but I suggest not risking it if you don't have to. As I stated in the theory, enemies' have predictable patterns and take turns when attacking you. Some are more likely to take a swing at you first. With some observation I was able to devise an Enemies' Priority List of Taking Turns in Attacking a Guy Wearing Black Latex Suit and Looking Fancy, or EPLTTAGWBLSLF for short. The list is in order from the most to the least aggressive enemy: Brutes - these bastards are the most aggressive. They are most likely to attack you first as long as they are in your nearest proximity. After you perform a move which grants you immunity for a short period of time always be ready to counter or evade their attacks as these can be surprisingly quick. However, the same brute cannot attack you multiple times in a certain period of time (THIS RULE APPLIES TO ALL KINDS OF ENEMIES). So, you know you can rest for a while if you just parried one of their attacks, but don't let your guard down as they can appear out of nowhere to land a hit in an instant. They also tend to defy physics (THIS BULLSHIT ALSO APPLIES TO MOST KINDS OF ENEMIES) as they can slide to you while performing an attack. Basically just like you, they are somehow able to cover a big distance just to hit you in a face. Enemies with blades, katanas, swords, cleavers, scissors and other common things used for cutting - they are most likely to attack right after brutes when near you. You should master the blade countering technique to make you life easier. However, I do not recommend countering assassins as they are quick and have two different sequences of attacks (both of them have different speed and the timing needed is also different). They can effectively ruin your run. Suggestion: vault the assassins when the yellow warning icon appears above their heads. Stun baton enemies and electrified enemies - they should not be difficult to deal with. You're good as long as you don't come face first in them or their baton (wow, that sounds wrong). Use grappling strike (+, then ) against the electrified enemies to debuff them. Shielded pricks - now, these guys are annoying and can fuck up your run really easily. Surprisingly, they are pretty quick for guys carrying a heavy metal shield around. Most of the times you will be screwed when you decide to land just in front of them in a kissing distance as you will be bashed with a shield almost instantly. That's why you should look around while abusing vault and not land directly in front of them. However, they cannot bash you with a shield instantly after vaulting over them. Use it to your advantage as attacking you then will take them two instants rather then just one. Armed villains - yes, including guns. They are almost harmless. As long as you take out the gunners first you're good. The rest of the useless, pathetic, weak swines - they just are there for you to build up your combo.
  25. @Cassylvania You are making significant progress in EG. Congrats! Now the platinum is just a matter of time. Nice work on Shantae too. Trophies seem difficult(ish). What's my opinion about Star Wars? Well, I am not able to throw as much information as you guys. The reason behind it being the fact that I've seen the original trilogy back in my primary school days when I was too stupid to understand the plot and I was just enjoying the laser show. I barely even remember the 4th, 5th and 6th parts. I haven't seen Rogue One yet. But on Wednesday I went to see The Last Jedi with my friend. We went on a mini-marathon and seen The Force Awakens again and then The Last Jedi. I enjoyed both. Sure, there are some weird coincidences as Br1ste said, like Han Solo finding Millennium Falcon which Rey and Finn used to escape the TIE Fighters on Jakku. Because of such scenes both movies have little differences when compared to movies based on books. Some parts appear to be missing something. Also, the jokes are sometimes put in inappropriate moments and therefore the movie sometimes seems like a parody. It's more visible in The Last Jedi though. There are also some parts that don't feel right and are made just to lengthen the movie. The soundtrack and special effects in The Last Jedi are gorgeous. And the Porgs are soooooo cute I recommend you see The Last Jedi. And I have to plan myself a Star Wars marathon. As to gaming, I have a video showing the greatest bullshit I've seen in games so far. Of course it's from Batman Arkham Knight. I tried tackling Crime Alley unharmed as Robin once more yesterday. I did it on my first try. Then I decided to strike while the iron is hot and.... yeah, see for yourself. Yesterday was a good day I will also regularly update my post with tips as I continue playing so if you're going to use it remember that it's on 12th page on this thread.