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    I'm basically a quintessential geek. My likes and hobbies include:
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  1. Glad to hear that my contribution was helpful, at least in determining that PS+ is a contributing factor. It seems particularly odd to me that PS+, which is supposed to be required for most online play, is actually blocking online activity for this game. It's really getting my head spinning about possible reasons that could even be possible (E.g. PS4 Plus users go through different servers at Sony than non-Plus users, which somehow are being blocked by Activision's firewall?). In any case, I've tried doing some searches on it, and there unfortunately does not appear to be a way to pause or "turn off" PS+, so you may be right in that the only option would be to turn off auto-renew (if you even have it on) and wait for it to expire. Once that happens get the trophy, then renew. All-in-all, a pretty crappy workaround, but probably better than the trophy being completely unattainable.
  2. Is your PS4 set as the primary PS4 on your PS+ account? If so, it would be sharing the online gameplay benefits to your other accounts. It may help if you deactivate it temporarily to test (or activate if it's not). Here's a link to Sony's support site with the process. This is just me brainstorming a bit. Unfortunately, I don't have the game, so I can't test it myself.
  3. Looking for someone to trade with for Swap Meet. It's the last trophy I need to regain my 100%. PSN ID: CLef86 Edit: Got it now.
  4. From what I understand, PSNP doesn't consider it cheating, since it's taking advantage of a glitch in-game. Cheating is when you use an outside tool to modify a save file, or use someone else's save file to auto-pop trophies. I don't think you'll have any issues there.
  5. Hey guys, I'm looking for a painted item. Willing to trade for it, or give right back immediately (whatever works for you). Edit: I just got a painted item from playing (Finally!), but I'm still willing to lend it to anyone who needs it. I have a Veteran Certified decal (centering) and a Certified topper with a couple wins on it (Victor Pizza Topper), if anyone needs the certified trophies. I also have a couple of crates that I'd be willing to trade for a key. PSN: CLef86
  6. It could also be that the fans aren't able to circulate air properly due to dust buildup. That happened to my PS3 recently, it would begin to power on and just shut itself down without anything coming up. Edit: It's apparently not recommended to use an air duster, as this could push the dust further in. The recommended method is to use a low powered anti-static vacuum.