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  1. I've seen these events floating around, and considered joining before. In an effort to tackle some of my backlog, raise my completion rate a bit, and to become more active in the community, I'd like to join this one. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (PS3) - 1% Ico (PS3) - 1% Teslagrad (PS4) - 1% Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon (PS3) - 10% Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection (PS3) - 16% Grim Fandango (PS4) - 0% Life is Strange (PS4) - 0% Mirror's Edge Catalyst (PS4) - 0% I figured my list here gives a decent variety. A couple of AAA games, some graphic adventure, and a few games that I started a long time ago (around the time I first got my PS3 in 2011/2012) and need to go back to and restart/finish up. If any of your trophies have impossible timestamps, or you've obtained a trophy that's unattainable, another user can report that on the leaderboards. The staff will then review it, and if they feel the report is valid, that game will be flagged on your profile and it will remove you from that leaderboard (and I believe all other leaderboards, if you don't hide the game on your profile). You can get more information from the following post.
  2. Sign me up for Cactuar Hunter. I have no plats at the moment, but will eventually get around to cleaning up XIII, and play some of the remasters. I do have 100% in A King's Tale, though, so I guess that qualifies me for the bonus award!
  3. I would love to sign up for this. I currently qualify for Recruit + Liberator, as I have 3 unique (4 total) plats and 100% for Freedom Cry (PS4). Platted Games: AC2 (PS3 & PS4) Brotherhood (PS4) Revelations (PS4) I'll probably get a few more sooner or later, when I decide to go back and complete the multiplayer portions and/or start some of the newer game. Thanks.
  4. Sign me up, please Currently I qualify for Shadow Vigilante (assuming only plat is required, and not DLC/100%). Platted Game(s): Arkham Asylum (PS3) Arkham City (PS3) Thanks.
  5. I would like to be added, please. Currently I qualify for Metroidvania Apprentice. Platted Game(s): Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition. Thanks.
  6. I only have 17 plats, so far. If not for online multiplayer, I'd probably have 5 more (Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood through Black Flag, and Injustice 2). That being said, here is my list. 1. Assassin’s Creed II (PS3) My first platinum ever, and what really got me into trophy hunting, after a few stops and starts with this and other games, earned more than a year after initially starting it. Also, the game that truly drew me into the Assassin’s Creed franchise, though I did enjoy the first game (sadly, it never received an update adding trophy support). 2. Batman: Arkham Asylum (PS3) My second ever platinum. Earned within a few days of AC2, nearly a year after starting the game. Could have just as easily been my first, if not for a couple of the combat challenges, but those are a large reason I’m so proud of it. 3. Oddworld: New ‘N’ Tasty (PS4/PS3) This one is on my list because it’s my rarest plat so far, and because I loved the original game back on PS1. I felt that this version did a very good job of bringing the original into the modern era, and there was enough challenge to make me work for it, but nothing over the top. 4. Rocket League (PS4) Super fun game, and I never really felt like I was grinding out the trophies, even though I certainly did grind for a few. I still hop on every few months (usually when they release new trophies) and make an active attempt to keep it at 100%, but it doesn’t feel like a chore, despite the fact that I'm not really that good at it. Also of note, this is my brother-in-law’s one and only platinum, and much of the trophies were earned while we were playing together (sometimes online, sometimes couch co-op/vs). 5. Table Top Racing: World Tour (PS4) A fun little racing game that I didn’t think I’d like at first, but immensely enjoyed. The pride comes mostly from the challenge of a few of the Special Events. I could have finished it 9 months sooner, but I just never bothered grinding out the multiplayer wins until last month. Honorable mentions Batman: Arkham City (PS3) I enjoyed this game somewhat more than Asylum, but the challenges weren’t as tough. This was a very close contender for the top 5. I also still haven’t completed the Catwoman/Nightwing/Robin DLC ranked maps and campaigns (I should probably go do that soon). Saints Row: The Third (PS3) Super fun and silly game. I had a lot of fun just running around doing random stuff. Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition (PS4) Also a really fun game, I guess I’m just a fan of the GTA-style sandbox. The combat was cool with the unique environmental interactions.
  7. It's fairly active still. I don't play online often, but when I do, I'm usually not waiting longer than 30 seconds or so for a match. If I didn't suck so bad at fighting games, I'd probably play a bit more often. I suspect the Legendary Edition release/update will inject a bit of new life into it, as well.
  8. Well that sucks. I'm sorry for the issue, and hope you find a way to get past it. One last thought. I've, on occasion, had a trophy pop but not give me the notification. If you check your trophy list on your system and sync it with PSN, is the trophy still missing?
  9. Are you saying the in-game menu lists your total sync at 100%? Did you complete the guild challenges then, as I thought those counted toward your total sync? If that's the case, there are only a few things I can think of that might help you get this. 1) Go through the DNA 1 more time, and make absolutely certain that every section has 100% sync. The trophy guide here lists which sections are needed, but it's probably best to check even those that is says aren't. 2) Check to be sure you have all buildings renovated and upgraded (Rome 100% rebuilt on the map screen) and all weapons/items purchased. Again, it shouldn't be necessary, but we're getting kind of desperate now. 3) Replay and 100% sync a mission by getting the optional objective (or a few) to see if that somehow kickstarts it. 4) If you have a slightly older save, something maybe in the 90%+ sync range, load that one up (you would probably want to back up your current save, first) and complete whatever is remaining. 5) Uninstall and reinstall the game (leaving your save intact), then replay and fully sync a couple of missions. 6) Worst case scenario, if all else fails, you may have to choose between starting from scratch and replaying the game from the beginning and fully syncing everything (the thought makes my head hurt so bad, even though I love this game), and letting it go and leaving your game at 97% trophy completion 😭. I'll keep searching to see if I can find anyone else with this issue, and hopefully a solution, but I haven't found much that's useful so far.
  10. Back in the summer of 2011, I was looking to pick up either a PS3 or X-Box 360, because I hadn't had my own gaming console since PS1, which I shared with my brother (he had an original X-Box for a while, too, but it was only a few months before it somehow ended up in pieces in the back of his friend's tattoo shop). Most of my friends had PS3's (one of them seemed to switch systems every few months, though), so I decided to go with that. Funnily enough, I never really played online, so the point was kind of moot. Anyway, I played a couple games (LittleBigPlanet, Dead Rising 2 which I borrowed from a friend, Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection [AKA: Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection]) without worrying at all about trophies, and not even really working to complete the games. When I started Batman: Arkham Asylum, most of the trophies just came pretty naturally, as I was basically trying to get 100% in-game, and that sort of began my trophy hunting. I did end up hitting a brick wall in some of the challenge maps (looking at you, Shock and Awe Extreme!) and so I moved on. Played a bit of Assassin's Creed 2 borrowed from a buddy, and about 1 level of Uncharted. One day, I ended up comparing trophy lists with my friends and decided I wanted to be the best (of this small group, an honor that I was probably the only one to care about). They had some platinums, so I was going to get some of my own. Started with Dragon Age: Origins since one of them had the plat for that, but for some reason stopped after a few hours. Began Final Fantasy XIII (another one my friend had platted), completed the story and played a few other games here and there while going back occasionally to grind out levels and what not. Finally gave up on the post game grind and moved on, though I would come back from time to time and play an hour or two, but wouldn't make any more progress toward plat. Next up: GTA IV. I would surely get this one! Played through the story, grinded out all the single-player trophies, including the pigeons, but couldn't bring myself to make any headway in the multiplayer, for some reason. Started Batman: Arkham City, got through the story, and cleaned up most of the side missions, so I got inspired to go back and make another honest attempt at Asylum. Got the Hard difficulty no problem, cleaned up the predator challenges, and hit the Shock and Awe Extreme wall again. I bought a copy of the Assassin's Creed Ezio Collection and went to finish up AC 2. Completed the story, and used a guide to help me find all the feathers. When that platinum popped I felt such a rush, it was great! Went back to Arkham Asylum to face that last challenge. After 5 days of attempting it, taking breaks when too frustrated, and attempting it again, I finally beat Shock and Awe Extreme. Freeflow Gold popped, followed by Perfect Knight, and the Platinum! That felt even better than the previous platinum! From that point on, I've been hunting trophies, though I have taken a few months off of gaming here and there when it becomes too all-consuming. Granted, my 13 plats pales in comparison to most of you here, but I AM number 1 in my group of friends (and none of them care). Edit: I didn't realize I had written a novella here. TLDR; basically, the reasons others have said, I guess.
  11. Glad to hear that my contribution was helpful, at least in determining that PS+ is a contributing factor. It seems particularly odd to me that PS+, which is supposed to be required for most online play, is actually blocking online activity for this game. It's really getting my head spinning about possible reasons that could even be possible (E.g. PS4 Plus users go through different servers at Sony than non-Plus users, which somehow are being blocked by Activision's firewall?). In any case, I've tried doing some searches on it, and there unfortunately does not appear to be a way to pause or "turn off" PS+, so you may be right in that the only option would be to turn off auto-renew (if you even have it on) and wait for it to expire. Once that happens get the trophy, then renew. All-in-all, a pretty crappy workaround, but probably better than the trophy being completely unattainable.
  12. Is your PS4 set as the primary PS4 on your PS+ account? If so, it would be sharing the online gameplay benefits to your other accounts. It may help if you deactivate it temporarily to test (or activate if it's not). Here's a link to Sony's support site with the process. This is just me brainstorming a bit. Unfortunately, I don't have the game, so I can't test it myself.
  13. Looking for someone to trade with for Swap Meet. It's the last trophy I need to regain my 100%. PSN ID: CLef86 Edit: Got it now.
  14. From what I understand, PSNP doesn't consider it cheating, since it's taking advantage of a glitch in-game. Cheating is when you use an outside tool to modify a save file, or use someone else's save file to auto-pop trophies. I don't think you'll have any issues there.
  15. Hey guys, I'm looking for a painted item. Willing to trade for it, or give right back immediately (whatever works for you). Edit: I just got a painted item from playing (Finally!), but I'm still willing to lend it to anyone who needs it. I have a Veteran Certified decal (centering) and a Certified topper with a couple wins on it (Victor Pizza Topper), if anyone needs the certified trophies. I also have a couple of crates that I'd be willing to trade for a key. PSN: CLef86