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  1. now we all should know why it is PS+ free game for 2 months...
  2. too bad no additional trophy...
  3. ya, i have check the error code it shows people saying the same as you, but this game already few years ago, don't think they gonna update it after all... i bought it on special offer from Asia PSN download digital, original version which was release on 2018. yes, sync shows error NP-32136-5
  4. i just bought this game but the trophy shows unavailable to sync even i have platinum it... any asia version player have the same issue i had?
  5. too late to notice this, already bought all before unlocking all primary weapon... damn... edit: lucky 1.01 patch fixed it 😀
  6. don't know why i did not get Moonlight Pendant after complete Golden Poem arc stage 6 no matter how many time i replay it... can't platinum just because of this only code cast missing...