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  1. It seems that using “Active Rosters” as opposed to the Real NFL Rosters or Preseason Rosters prevents trophies from unlocking this year.
  2. After each college season there should be a cutscene with Archie asking you if you want to declare for the draft or play another year in college atleast thats what it did for me
  3. Lol thats how it usually goes when u talk about it and say its hard u get it lol.
  4. Thanks! Yea that trophy can definitely be a pain I remember having difficulty with it when it was included in one of the older MLB lists. Chopping firewood was a big pain for me to finally get while I’m sure a-lot of people just got it playing naturally lol
  5. Hello Guys, I have created my own guide for MLB The Show 2021 that may be helpful to some people to go along with the main site guide. Here is the link for anyone interested. Thanks
  6. Seems like since the newest update/patch people are having issues with trophies popping.
  7. I found another workaround today to this trophy as the spamming x after the play now live technique wasn’t working for me. Step 1) Start a play now live game, finish this game and currently the glitch will create a franchise as this team automatically. I used the Steelers vs the Bengals as this was the Monday night game. Step 2) Next go to Franchise and create a new league, now scroll over to the Steelers (Or whatever team you used in the play now live game) and it should say this team is already taken. Step 3) Next select a team that this team has versed in a prior week. Since this was week 15 choose a team that they played in weeks 1-14. ( I choose the Broncos and started the new league in week 2 as this was who they played that week. Step 4) Then play the moments of this game and once you press finish game spam x after and it should allow you to create a season with the play now live team and the trophy will pop.
  8. I am not 100% sure if you need an onyx for the trophy however you can easily acquire another one by doing the first 5 schedule challenges for any team, assuming you haven’t completed them all.
  9. Your welcome! Yea the Goat collecter is the only reason due to the large amount of games you have to play to get it, plus we dont no how many total cards will be released.
  10. Hey guys For those struggling with some trophies i have created a written guide here is the link: