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  1. Prison Break, which is a rare game nowdays.
  2. Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions
  3. Medal of Honor
  4. Thanks for the info but sadly now i live in a poorinternet region. I've been looking for a copy on Ebay it's almost 60 dollars. But like you said, it's not worthy.
  5. Having seen so many players considered it the worst game they've ever played, now i'm seriously curious about this game. But i found it too rare to buy one copy nowdays.
  6. Friends Two and a half men Breaking Bad Fargo S1 True Detective S1
  7. Great game. With correct strategy and a good guide you can get the platinum within 6 hours by 1 walkthrough.
  8. Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince
  9. Is this DLC still available to purchase?
  10. Devil May Cry
  11. It's JP physical, the only region which got a physical release.
  12. This game is one of the ones i didn't want to play 10 years ago but really want to play now. Just purchase 1 copy for 10 dollars. Dark Void, Damnation, Blades of Time, Wet, Prison Break, Dante's Inferno and Saw 1 are also on my list.
  13. dude, i'm from France. sorry not mentionned that what i said was talking about the situtation in EU.