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  1. Seriously, why we EU players can't have the same release date?
  2. Never played this game on PC, but based on the review it seems this title is a horror walking-simulator? The trophy "Death-defying: Finish the game without dying" is strict or not?
  3. 59.99€....WTF
  4. No, not yet. Sudden announce with only 1 week left to release. But not long time ago these 2 titles had been rated in some country so at that time we were already pretty sure of this annouce though. I think it'll be 19.99€ for each.
  5. 4K 60 FPS Improved Lighting Updated Controls HITMAN HD Enhanced Collection January 11th, 2019.
  6. Online trophies removed, even easier than PS3 vers.
  7. So we need do all the things in Onimusha, great~
  8. Glad to see Nightcry finally coming to us, especially on Vita. Already on steam, Nightcry has been released on it since March of 2016. As it's an indie game, it received mixed reviews.
  9. Never expected a sequel. Sure to play this on Vita!
  10. No, it's not region locked. I'm playing CN version and i live in China. Now i'm doing quests with players from the worldwide.
  11. glad you found this solution, but now i'm in Cote D'Ivoire so not working for me.
  12. OK, thanks. Apparently it's SCEE’s fault, it's them who manages PSSTORE, right? So dissapointed at this issue. Hope it'll get fixed soon.
  13. Hi, something bothered me since thursday was that i couldn't download the Vita version after the purchase. 1. It didn't show in my download list. 2. I can't even buy one more time (it show "you're not allowed to buy this game" of course in French) 3. I turned on my Vita and looked for this game in PSSTORE, well it has "download" button but after clicking nothing happend. I checked the recent players for Vita version it seems none from EU has played this game. So could someone know what the duck the publisher is thinking or it's just me who can not download it? Thanks
  14. Worst sand-box game ever played.
  15. I just don't get why the jumprope mini game even exists.