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  1. Patch 1.19 is out, for The Path Home dlc.
  2. Oh my god!!! It's finally coming!! I even purchased it on Steam cuz i think it wouldn't come on Vita anymore!
  3. Hard Corps Uprising and.......Fxxk Konami!!!
  4. I just started another walkthrough to obtain them. In my opinion these 2 trophies are glitched in some way, maybe you need much more than 50 kills to make them pop.
  5. Hi, I finished all 5 characters' skill-related trophy within 10 minuties, But to farm The specialist and The strategist trophy i already spent 50 minutes at least. Are these 2 trophies glitched? Thanks.
  6. Next dlc will be "the path home", Apr 23rd.
  7. Mafia 2 is way better than Mafia 3. I'm still waiting for a remastered edition of 1st Mafia.
  8. Yes, it includes all the dlc content.
  9. End of Telltale.
  10. At first there were 7 slots in the menu for dlcs, but now the number is 8.
  11. Until now, 6 dlcs released, still 2 to go.
  12. Oh no, i completely forgot this activity. Now i update my profile on BIO:
  13. This dlc's price is almost equivalent to the one of Season pass.
  14. It seems not hard, hope that CN version could also get the dlc at the same time.