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  1. Sega is a little out of control now. Yakuza on RPG and Sakura Wars on ACT...
  2. 01. Resident Evil 4 02. The Evil Within 03. Silent Hill 2 04. Dead Space 2 05. Parasite Eve 06. The Last of Us 07. Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception 08. Metal Gear Solid 4 09. Ninja Gaiden 2 10. Resident Evil Remake
  3. I can help u as i live in China now and own a CN account to play FF15CN. But i don't really remember the registration steps or the payment method. I think i used Alipay as my payment method.
  4. Whenever sang my songs, on the stage on my own~
  5. PS3 games which i own but never platinum will be FarCry2, just because of the huge time consuming and the server issues.
  6. I've gotten all 100% in Uncharted series. Hope that SIE will still publish more UC games.
  7. Sign me up for getting all GOW platinums.
  8. I've gotten all 5 platinums (100%), so i'm the prince lol
  9. Resident Evil 5 before i got my console and Uncharted Drake's Fortune after.
  10. so MP trophies removed? Bravo
  11. For me, i finished the 1st coop mission on Nightmare difficulty in Splitscreen 3 times, nothing. Even tried deleted savedata or installdata, still nothing. Then i played 1st coop mission on Normal difficutly then the 2 trophies popped. This is my solution.
  12. For the Killing a jetpacker during decent trophy i got it by accident. For the 1st walkthrough i already began it on Nightmare difficulty not the Ultra Nightmare so it doesn't bother me getting 100% completion. One more question, i haven't found the entry to coop, is that "select scenario" the coop mode? Thanks
  13. Thanks for the tips. BTW are there really many glitches in this game? Sounds really disturbing.
  14. i regret starting my 1st walkthrough on Nightmare difficulty, should have started on Ultra Nightmare difficulty. This game is a little hard because of the mechanic not the difficulty itself as most of the shooting enemies will always hide behind the wall not rushing toward you, but which annoyed me are the running enemies.