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  1. The Last of Us is one of my favourite games. It mixed perfectly the story-telling and gameplay. But just like a perfect ex-girlfriend, good memory should be buried in the past. As Naughty Dog only enhanced the graphic and some minor gameplay, i can't see the importance of this remake.
  2. 11-11: Memories Retold
  3. Eliminating all of them would be a much better option.
  4. R.I.P, Killzone franchise.
  5. I can't believe it.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  6. On PS3 there are varies of games, not like today only cheap platinum + 3A sandbox shooting.
  7. Stop publishing these craps.
  8. Platinum trophy: Sward and Fairy. Hilarious mistake.
  9. No doubt i'll choose Dying Light.
  10. 35 platinum achiever already so it's safe to start this game?
  11. Compared to the previous titles of Project Zero, Maiden of Black Water is more like a camera-shooting game with some jump-scare. But i am a horror game/movie maniac so i don't know where exactly your boundary of fear is. You don't have to play the Zero 1-4 to understand the plot or characters as there are so many cutscenes and files in this game which are fairly enough.
  12. South Park: The Stick of Truth PS4 vers.
  13. RE2, RE3 and RE7 PS5 platinums obtained. Return to Biohazard.
  14. Goodjob, marvelous work as usual!
  15. The developer has made a typical mistake. Dreadout 2 is more like Silent Hill Downpour. In this game you can talk to many NPCs and accept some side quests. Maybe the content is bigger but it surely weakens its horror atmosphere. In conclusion, the style switches from "Evade the ghosts" to "Hunt the ghosts".