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  1. the sollution is easy in the area that dont own search for bad guys & kill them, this is randomly but once you kill some bad guy he will lie in the ground or whetever in rellow indicating a secondary mission, most of it are take down caravans or find out shards with some photo, hope this helps you out
  2. muy sencillo ve al area que ahu te queda co presencia de la milicia o de los hombres de hielo y empieza a matarlos eventualmente alguno de los cadaveres de los enemigos se pondra amarillo dando inicio a una mision secundaria de buscar fragmentos con fotografias o eliminar a una carabana o cosas asi no es muy dificil
  3. am unable to connect but somethig odd happens to me when I started the game like 2 weeks ago, I begun as good karma then when the UGC mission were available I can do like 4 then got disconnected during the entire story, I just started the game again but with bad karma but before the UGC were available I did a savefile before, so the game let me do 2 UGC only the ones sucker punch published, then after 2 second one the game disconnect but if reload the file before the UGC apears I can connect to the UGC again only to get disconnected after 2 missions, this is really weird
  4. am trying to enter without any luck so it's probably down now, hopefully I have it in 0% so I can delete it but it's a shame that this things happens