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  1. Waiting for peole to boost Church of Purification, add me and ill invite ya
  2. if anyone wants to grind out the church operation for legendary xp, add me to make it go way faster
  3. haha yeah, been playing for like 20 -22 hours
  4. its up and normal, for now...
  5. yeah you can do that easy, im not too sure about my self
  6. me and ayden need more people. it will make it easier for everyone to get the xp
  7. sorry for asking alot of questions but how does it work exactly? do i just go to operations and keep repeating while also doing the optional objectives
  8. how long would rank 3 - 5 take with max xp bonus's from characters, cosmic and boosts
  9. im getting my character through the story atm and then im gonna legendary farm which is gonna be great
  10. i saw you put "you'd have 5 hours" and i saw 18 hours on the website, i got confused
  11. nah, the website says otherwise
  12. i need to level 2 people up , get 1 mil, and do legend weapon, ima be going hard but i thinks its all over
  13. is there any characters in specific i should do for level 60? already done blade and am currently doing daredevil