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  1. Hi guys, I'm looking for 3 other players to get the trophy: Who You Gonna Call? I leave you a small description for those who do not know: The ghostly orbs refer to entities that are being spawn by the end boss of the mission "Zhurag". Once you take away like a quarter of the boss' health, he'll spawn these orbs. As the trophy description says, you need to break the shields and destroy the orbs in a single phase. A phase lasts only about 10 seconds so you need to be fast. Position each player in a corner, while one attacks the boss to get his health down. Once the orbs appear, hurry up!If you miss one or several orbs, have the host quit the game immediately. This resets the mission at the last checkpoint. Wait for that player to return and try again without having to play the whole mission again, note that now another player is the host. I have the archer at level 50, and I think this is a problem for me, but with 3 other players of the same level we could try the same. I'm Italian and I play mostly on the evening of the 7 p.m. ( sorry for my bad english )