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  1. This game basically boils down to 1% skill, 99% luck
  2. Tread very carefully if deciding to change your name ..... as it is not compatible with everything, you may be saying goodbye to a large chunk of your digital library
  3. Lol, flying over for 3 weeks on Friday night 🍻 Congrats to all for your efforts in September amazing totals there. As predicted mine was pretty low due to work rearing it's ugly head.... this month will be even lower due to arguably excessive beer/alcohol consumption in a foreign land..πŸ₯ƒπŸΈπŸ˜ Also apologies to @igs63 , your code will unfortunately be delayed until Thursday (payday), but will be on it's way within 10 minutes of my local EB opening it's doors.
  4. .....Going by the Origin sides, I thought the entire world was eligible to play for QLD........ Damn, is it that time already?? ...better go sync the 1763 PS3 trophies I knocked over in the last 3 weeks. 😈 .....nah, got nothing
  5. Love the shirt Going to Bali for a while next week, might have to steal the idea......
  6. Ah, but you can.... https://forum.psnprofiles.com/topic/59929-how-to-get-other-region-vita-games-trophies-without-cfw
  7. Well I popped a grand total of zero trophies..... didn't get to play a damned thing due to work..... See how I go next year maybe...
  8. Joined on March 28,2012 First plat after joining was #6- God of War: Trophy of Zeus on the 8th of May... Now have 201 plats but still haven't gotten around to platting any more of the series, lol
  9. profile says 15,818 .... trophy advisor says 28,530 ..... but have a heap of games I haven't synced yet, so getting very scary, lol
  10. ...........
  11. Level 46- Globetrotter Fill-a-Pix: Phil's Epic Adventure ( PS4 ) This makes 20 consecutive levels marked with a ..... is probably turning into OCD for me
  12. #201- FullBlast (vita)
  13. #198 & psn lvl 46- Globetrotter Fill-a-Pix: Phil's Epic Adventure ( PS4 ) #199- Platinum Ship FullBlast #200 - Ye've Done It Burly Men at Sea
  14. #200- Ye've Done It