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  1. My bad, forgot to post here... popped it on 29 December
  2. Damn, have been neglecting my HK account for way too long....
  3. Level 35 - Chip Off the Old Block Level 36 - Platinum Midnight
  4. I always found getting to the green is a piece of piss, once there however.....
  5. @CjShai Now to find a place for this crap. Hmm...... reckon I could find space for it in my game room
  6. remember you're talking to someone with a current average of 1.27 plats per month and 3.06 trophies per day, lol Having said that, this month am averaging 2 plats per week and 7.06 trophies per day..... but that is definitely going to drop 🤔
  7. Think my list started in January 2011....... pretty sure there was less than 10 that I didn't pick up since then....... I'm doomed from the start, lol
  8. Damn, was just looking at my goals for the year.... need to average 7 plats per month, 5.3 trophies per day...... should be interesting, lol
  9. Okay, yesterday I popped: #119- XBlaze Lost: Memories #120- Tales From the Borderlands (PS3) #121- Truck Racer #122- 36 Fragments of Midnight (EU PS4) 36 Fragments was also my PSN LVL 36 trophy, and snuck me into the Australian top 150 ( for the night at least)
  10. Reasonably productive day today, popped 4 plats, reached PSN LVL 36 & snuck into Aussie top 150 ( for tonight at least, lol)
  11. Have all of them except Uno in my backlog too, lol
  12. Seriously very nice, I'm impressed
  13. Yes they will, dlc for battlefield games is crossbuy
  14. Ah, things to look forward to..... nearly every game listed is sitting in my backlog, lol
  15. AllHailKingBundy was a bit obvious too...... Try again, lol