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  1. Will definitely grab this when i finish my roadtrip in a few weeks... might even have to open a Canuckistan PSN account
  2. Fun Fact : If you die, your dog will stay with you and guard your body..... your cat on the other hand, will eat you....
  3. Necrophilia is arguably a victimless crime.... ....although it is dead boring
  4. Last milestone was PSN level 39 - Energy Cycle - 13th consecutive level marked with a plat. Upcoming milestones are #150, #1,000 and trophy #9,000 ..... still undecided as to what they will be
  5. ..
  6. Level 39- Energy Cycle Platinum (NA)
  7. Shame that I can't remember any of my US account passwords, lol
  8. #145- Midnight Deluxe (NA)
  9. #143- Energy Invasion (NA) #144- Energy Cycle (NA) .... also PSN LVL 39 & trophy # 8,888
  10. Nicely done
  11. #142- Slyde Popped it in 3 seconds on one of my alts for a test run, so then deliberately tanked it to 4:32 on my main to leave a possible option for a faster plat in the future, lol
  12. For most of them you can get away with just 2..... it will take a long time, bit can be done
  13. Methinks that if you close the game when the first trophy pops, then go to your trophies they all show... will test it on one of my alts tomorrow
  14. "It can sometimes be difficult to prove or trust the veracity of quotes you find on the internet." -Abraham Lincoln
  15. Only have a 2 week window ( and work blocks 10 days of that, lol) to do anything before we go on our 3 week roadtrip. So this is likely to be a very low month for me as well as a non starter for the first week of May.... Basically what I get by the 13th of this month will be it for me....