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  1. Another bonus on my Vita being returned is the thief forgot to delete their wifi from the network settings..... so I might just be able to find where they live 😈
  2. The gaming Gods are truly smiling on me Against all possible hope, the thieving mongrel that stole my Vita decided to reurn it - it was hanging off my front gate when I got home from work this morning! !!! Going to be a bit of a drawn out process rebuilding my friend list, so if you don't receive a FR from me, feel free to send me one
  3. Vita Island population currently down by one.... mine went missing sometime last night and my entire friend list got deleted, own fault really, think I left it outside when I went to bed... so will start sending FR's after I get to deactivate vita
  4. Still need to pull my finger out and start Hardline...
  5. Have most of them, looking forward to more
  6. Still possible to get, a lot of the lobbies are hacked though
  7. Have 7 of the plats, 9 more pending as well as a few of the 100% Will get back with the ones I have when not so tired
  8. Seems to be working ok, just idling clicker heroes atm, going to delete stuff and rebuild database tomorrow maybe, though did find a couple of long hairs had seized the fan up, fuck knows where they came from as I shave my head every couple of weeks, lol
  9. Big congrats Matty, very nicely done
  10. About to take my PS4 apart to see if I can get it working properly again.... Remember kids, "If you can't fix it with a hammer, it's probably an electrical issue" 😀
  11. Update: Profile - 14,867 Trophy advisor - 25,558
  12. Lol, wouldn't even begin to contemplate getting a pro in Bali, might as well play Russian roulette with an automatic, lol
  13. Not touching it until tomorrow night, then I will take it apart and give it a clean, delete a heap of stuff that I have no intention of playing for a while ( which is most of it going by my completion rate, lol), then rebuild the database.... if it keeps fucking up after that will trade it for a Pro...... as in PS4Pro, not a hooker, so get your minds out of the gutter