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  1. Will drink a slab or three in Bali on your behalf mate🍻
  2. Heads up to all..... You can still get one year PS+ cards in Woolies for $69.95
  3. Awesome giveaway Matty, will try to knock over the Vita version while drinking alarming (to some) amounts of Bintang in Bali over the next 3 weeks 🍻 Then hopefully the PS4 one when I get back ( dependant on winning it of course) Good luck to all
  4. Thanks for the updates Matty & Wayne..... methinks I be looking at relegation next year
  5. You don't have to..... unless you want the plat
  6. Same in Australia, there has been no sign of the September PS+ games in the store on the Vita, still showing only the August games.
  7. 152 drinks??...... That's just a warm up, lol
  8. Not for me thanks, my backlog is already of Himalayan proportions, but big congrats for the giveaway
  9. Last year I bought a 2TB Xbox One S .... took it back the very next day, hated the interface, hated the amount of BS just setting up an account. Might buy again one day, though mainly just to use as a media server, lol
  10. The Last of Us...... totally despised that game
  11. Nothing for me thanks, but awesome of you to give stuff away
  12. If I started to care about my completion rate, I think I'd end up curled up in the corner banging my head on the floor, lol
  13. Will check it out tonight and let you know Thanks for reminding me, need to finish the PS3 version
  14. Thanks for the tips, I truly suck when it comes to fighting games, usually just a button masher, ended up deleting BlazBlue from my Vita as I couldn't even clear the tutorial where you have to master all the combos to even play the game, lol
  15. 590 now.... Can't take a breath deep enough to be able to list mine, lol