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  1. Level 106: Platinum Hat - Ultra Hat Dimension ...this now makes it 80 consecutive levels marked with a plat
  2. Finding it to be a turd of a game myself... but such is life
  3. Symphony of Hell The Cursed Crusade NA 4 years, 5 months, 1 week 1st trophy - 4th April 2016 Platinum - 13th September 2020 #666 ; trophy #20,666
  4. #666: Symphony of Hell - The Cursed Crusade NA ..also trophy #20,666
  5. *Updated: 1969 played 710 completed Damn sales.... now my games played matches the year I was born, lol
  6. ...It was after midnight, I'm old, I was tired..
  7. @Squirlruler Love your work on this, many thanks 👍 but you have given me too much credit for August : 313 trophies and 64.85% .. should be 271 trophies and 64.79% Popped the extra 42 trophies today, guess the difference is due to my timezone?
  8. So, you don't want a "Chinese made" controller?? Maybe take a look at the sticker on the back of your existing controller.... lol
  9. #665: Vasilis Platinum - Vasilis (Vita)
  10. Level 105: Vasilis Platinum - Vasilis (Vita)
  11. Just as another option, here's my A-Z of Platinums that mark a PSN level... so far... #UniteInSpeed ⭐65 # Awarded all trophies ⭐27 Bucket Knight Platinum ⭐99 Chip Off the Old Block ⭐35 Done Done Done ⭐38 Energy Cycle Platinum ⭐39 Fait Accompli ⭐50 Grab them all ⭐33 How Did You Like Them Apples? ⭐91 Iro Hero ⭐92 Just Amazed ⭐90 K Laundry List ⭐31 Memories Returned ⭐30 N One Night Stand ⭐89 Platinum Scavenger ⭐82 Quote Unquote ⭐51 R Storm Boy ⭐57 Trophy Collection Complete ⭐102 Ultimate Sweet ⭐97 Vasilis Platinum ⭐105 What Do You Want, A Medal? ⭐15 X You did everything you possibly could. ⭐76 Zero Escape ⭐42 non-English:
  12. @Dr_Mayus If you were to take a look at my Level History, you can see that I'm getting close with Plat names/titles too.... but that's a different thread, lol
  13. ...and to throw another one out there, here's my A-Z so far of games where the platinum marks a PSN level.. 36 Fragments of Midnight ⭐36 Amnesia: Memories ⭐30 Bloodbath ⭐33 Cybarian the time travelling warrior ⭐69 Driveclub ⭐65 Eventide: Slavic Fable ⭐40 FullBlast ⭐49 Grasscutter ⭐73 Hitman GO ⭐29 I am the Hero ⭐66 Jak 3 ⭐50 Knightin + ⭐103 L Medal of Honor Frontline ⭐15 N One Night Stand ⭐89 Peasant Knight ⭐58 Queen's Quest 2 ⭐104 Reverie ⭐59 Shadow of the Loot Box ⭐54 The Deadly Tower of Monsters ⭐31 Ultra Hat Dimension ⭐106 Vasilis ⭐105 Warhammer 40k: Space Marine ⭐102 X Y Zero Time Dilemma ⭐42
  14. @Dr_Mayus Here's my list... # AdVenture Capitalist Battlefield 1943 Clicker Heroes DeathSpank: Thongs Of Virtue E Fighting Vipers G HiQ Ace It's Spring Again J K Loadout Murasaki Baby N O PlayStation Home Q R Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse Episode 5 - The City That Dares Not Sleep Tekken Revolution U Virtua Fighter 2 Wurroom X Y Z となりに彼女のいる幸せ ~Two Farce~