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  1. ...and another one down from my Vita backlog... Pic-a-Pix Classic 2 1st trophy: 6th February 2020 Platinum : 22nd September 2022
  2. who doesn't love stroking a pussy.. sorry, cat
  3. Got another one to 100% Jetpack Joyride (Vita) Took me 8 years and 9 months to finally pop the 5km trophy on this version... popped it on my very first run when I played the Deluxe version, lol
  4. Nope, no joy with the move... connection is now NAT type 2, so that's enough to get the PS app back, but Vita keeps insisting on a device code, even after entering them multiple times... so update won't happen until I get back home on the 30th ( unless my flight gets cancelled, lol)
  5. Finished another game, Vita still won't sync, internet here is NAT type 3, so Sony servers won't connect... have even lost access to the PS app, lol Am moving to another villa tomorrow, so hopefully a better connection... if not will have to wait until the 30th when I get back to Australia Habroxia 2 (vita) 1st trophy: 13th March 2022 Platinum & 100%: 15th September 2022 Plat: 64.10% AR: 18.32%
  6. Finished this one today, unfortunately my Vita won't sync in Bali atm, so will update when I can. Thy Sword • 1st trophy: 30th May 2020 Platinum: 7th September 2022
  7. Level 1208: Platinum DISTRAINT Distraint • NA
  8. August was an interesting month for me... started with my run of consecutive PSN Levels marked with a platinum coming to an end at 189. So began my new mindset of not caring with a rainday of 51 plats, and a new personal best of 167 plats in a month. Somehow, despite being called in to work for a heap of overtime shifts, I managed an increase of 1.22% for the month, reaching 78.63%. Next month will definitely be much more low key/sedate as I am going to Bali for 28 days 🍻🍹🌴
  9. Last one for August... Distraint • NA All 17 Trophies 30th August 2022 • Platinum in 2 years, 8 months Off to Bali for a well deserved & overdue 28 day holiday on Friday, so September will be a quiet month for me, as will only be taking my Vita, which has been neglected for several months now.
  10. Level 1199: Great job! You got all the trophies! Congratulations! Bowling: Story Four (Mark Version) - Project: Summer Ice • NA Level 1200: A YEAR OF SPRINGS A Year of Springs • NA Level 1201: Now I'm hungry The Jumping Pasta Level 1202: Some llamas can grow up to 6 feet tall. The Llama L Level 1203: Travel 14000 m in total. Desert Journey Level 1204: Travel 1000 m in total. Drift Journey: Nitro Level 1205: There are numerous varieties of Kebab The Jumping Kebab: TURBO Level 1206: Living soul Don't Fall: Aleph Level 1207: Reach target 300 Fump Jump
  11. Level 1198: Fixing is never over Robby's Adventure
  12. Level 1195: Platinum Wizard The Wizard and The Slug • NA Level 1196: Now I'm very hungry The Jumping Kebab Level 1197: Unbreakable! Wordbreaker by POWGI
  13. one more for August .... One-Eyed Lee and the Dinner Party • EU All 12 Trophies 19th August 2022 • Platinum in 8 months, 3 weeks
  14. Haven't touched this since 2013, lol Think I only need 2 trophies that are affected by the closure: Billion Dollar Babies & Nothin' But a Good Time So will try and pull my finger out in October
  15. Level 1187: Hippos Are Territorial – But Only In Water The Hippo G Level 1188: In Japan a museum is dedicated to Cup Noodles The Jumping Noodles Level 1189: Boost run Burger Run Level 1190 & trophy #43,000: But in Asian culture is an appreciation for your meal The Jumping Noodles Level 1191: Christmas Run master Christmas Run Level 1192: Accumulate 15000 points in total Weben Blocks 2 Level 1193: The Hyped G The Hippo G Level 1194: Platinum journey One-Eyed Lee and the Dinner Party
  16. when I was creating my user name it kept rejecting 1969, 69, 669 so tried 6-9 and here we are
  17. 53 years on this mortal coil .... my plan to live forever seems to be working so far
  18. It has actually been very pleasant and relaxing no longer deliberately aiming to mark levels with a platinum.... any that occur now are purely a bonus. Level 1179: Now I'm sooo hungry The Jumping Nuggets: TURBO Level 1180: Nuggets were made to solve a food storage problem The Jumping Nuggets Level 1181: All Tentacles Organic Engine Level 1182: Striker 2 Round Invaders Level 1183: Chicken Nuggets The Jumping Nuggets: TURBO Level 1184: Margherita Pizza The Jumping Pizza: TURBO Level 1185: Vump Jump Vump Jump Level 1186 & #1700: Platinum Bunny Barry the Bunny • NA ...Yes, I have been going through an inordinate number of easy games this year, but with all the hours I have been working the braindead stuff suits me just fine atm, lol
  19. Meanwhile, at the Sony boardroom.... "Hey, how about we find a way to add this game to the next update.... with one trophy auto-popping when the system reboots?" 😜
  20. Think this one could be an easy fix, maybe just need to add RARITY to the viewing options ie: LAST PLAYED, LAST TROPHY, PERCENTAGE, etc
  21. Level 1174: Puzzle Master Don't Touch This Button! Level 1175: Now I'm very hungry The Jumping Taco: TURBO Level 1176: Ad Infinitum Space KaBAAM • AS Level 1177: Level Master Squad Killer Level 1178: Platinum Star Rabisco+ • AS
  22. Popped a few in the last couple of days.... Don't Touch This Button! All 14 Trophies 4th August 2022 • Platinum in 6 months, 2 weeks Kingdom of Arcadia • AS All 22 Trophies 5th August 2022 • Platinum in 6 months, 6 days Pretty Girls Klondike Solitaire • JP All 13 Trophies 5th August 2022 • Platinum in 8 months, 2 weeks Pretty Girls Mahjong Solitaire [Red] All 13 Trophies 5th August 2022 • Platinum in 8 months, 1 week Rabisco+ • AS All 13 Trophies 5th August 2022 • Platinum in 10 months, 5 days (Forms submitted)
  23. Level 1172 & trophy #42,000: You got all the trophies! Congratulations! Welcome to Mark's Story in the World of Project: Summer Ice • NA Level 1173: Deer Black Death: A Tragic Dirge • NA
  24. Level 1171: Oh well, another streak comes to an end... 182 consecutive levels marked with a plat - 989 to 1170, 1075 to 1170 without stacks... I miscalculated tonight, so here's a Bronze for a change, lol Time to cool down The Jumping Soda • NA
  25. Definitely not plausible for me.... have 8 days left, am rostered at work for 6 of them; work (& travel) takes up 13.5hrs of each day..... yeah,nah... not happening, lol