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  1. It needs to be done in the first try, if you fail and load check point it doesn't count. You need to restart the level
  2. I did We Can Kill It self-boosting in split screen if i remenbre right (this was in 2015), i did it in the Village Map in Coop Arena, the method i used is as follows. 1. Hide your alt in the house near the center (or a place you can protect very well) this is to avoid wasting lives 2. Kill the enemies until the brute appears (i don't remember the exact wave), but don't kill all the enemies leave at least 1 enemy alive (1 brute + 1 enemy) this is to avoid the wave to end 3. Kill the brute and then kill your alt and yourself, this way the wave restarts (because there is still 1 enemy alive) and another brute appears 4. Repeat until you lose all your lives It was not easy BTW until you learn the pattern of the enemies and stay close to your alt to avoid the chokers. To farm Key Master i used a similar method but in Cooperative Adventure using the map Monastery. In the beginnig there are 3 mini bosses i killed the 3 of them but procuring to leave another normal enemy alive, then kill yourself and repeat until you have no more lives.
  3. I used this metode years ago to farm brutes (We Can Kill It) it was the only reliable way i found back then because people never wanted to boost this and playing with randoms was impossible there were always a pro that killed the brutes in seconds and the medal in only granted to the one that shoot the last and not to the one that do the most damage. The same way for Key Master (gate keeper) i repeated the same level so many times in split screen and i don't even remember the name of the level, is the one you start tied. Another one i did self boosting was Air Mail and the ones related to killing shadows Of course i am not confirming anything because i did this when the servers were running but using this metode of split screen or self boosting
  4. Add Little Big Planet and Gran Turismo to that list SONY.
  5. You know what is worst, if you load any game in an alt account those games also appears in your main
  6. Try installing the full system (not the update) from usb drive this will erase everything from the ps3
  7. There you have it, Sony heard your complaints and instead of MG: Survive we now are getting "OVERCOOKED".
  8. Yes it is I did it by myself, just kill your alt account in every savepoint while playing the coop campain (BTW morbid is easier playing solo)
  9. My all time favourites in that order 😁 Terraria Dead Nation Mercenary Kings The Witness Fez Ibb & Obb Limbo
  10. Does anyone know the complete list of games? Hopping for Resident Evil 1-2-3 and Parasite Eve 1-2
  11. Going 100% digital would be suicidal, i don't see myself downloading a 100 GB (Next Gen Size) game
  12. @GastNDorf I can confirm that at least infinite energy and life are still working
  13. Thanks, got mine Valid in: US, Canada, México, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Panama, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, El Salvador, Paraguay, Honduras, Bolivia, Uruguay, Nicaragua
  14. "Ranetki Girls – O Tebe " removed from GTAIV F**K U Rockstar
  15. I don't like that there is not a private mode for earning trophies in games, for example i want to try some plus games but i dont really know if they will be good enough to spend time on them and of course i dont want a 2% game on my profile from a game i didn't liked, i know you can try all the games you want on an alt acc but this can solve the problem of some gamers that say trophyes are shit and OCD people like me. And a measure to avoid 1 sec platinum is that the only way to earn trophies in private games is to delete your save and activate normal mode.