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  1. Akuma is canon in the Tekken universe? Are you serious? Not only is this a slap in the face for original fans of the games, but it's insulting to our intelligence when they just expect us to believe it has been like this all along. I questioned Harada about it via twitter and he called me an narrow minded child.
  2. Wow, had no idea. That's kind of weird. I don't have a vita. GG I guess. =/
  3. Couldn't think of where else to post/ask this, but where do you change your trophy stats border? I have seen others with a colored border and I have no idea where to change it. Is this a paid subscription option?
  4. Like I said, its obvious, If you can't see it, you're beyond my help.
  5. It's both of those things, and the "well that's just the way it is" mentality is exactly what I'm attacking. Except I do. Because the DLC was available along with the release of the game. Also, the things they are selling now, were attainable through gameplay in previous titles in the series, the pattern is painfully obvious.
  6. I cannot choose to unlock extra costumes through gameplay anymore because they have taken them out and put them behind a paywall. I cannot get special scenarios by completing extra mission constraints anymore, because they put them behind a paywall. Your logic is flawed in this matter because a lot of the MTs are aspects of the game that used to be included, and I most certainly can fault the developer for taking advantage of their user-base No that's not what I'm saying. I'm saying they need to put more effort into making the game fun. The end game content isn't acquired by just playing the game my point is that the game IS designed where you grind a certain mission over and over in order to get something. The fact that you can just buy it shows they actively chose to keep their game boring in order to incintivize DLC to unlock these weapons.
  7. Ya, that's the rhetoric most people use, and honestly, it's severely flawed. The point is they are cutting out aspects of the game and re-selling it to you. It astounds me how many people just accept it, and that is why it will continue to happen. The Micro-transactions, especially in this case, are in a way "pay to win" It's not largely multiplayer, but that's not the point. I did some research before posting this, and apparently getting some of the best weapons is either an arduous grind, or you throw out a couple dollars and get better weapons. Games these days are seemingly designed to bore you to death so that you are more inclined to spend money on short cuts, instead of providing engaging gameplay that makes you want to earn item-X or whatever it is I agree to an extent, it seems they make their missions and playlists such a headache, that you would much rather spend $5-$10 to get what would take you hours of repetitive in-game time. A lot of people say "Well heists will be better" and I simply don't believe those will pay out that much either. No matter what, they will always nudge you to buying shark cards.
  8. Yes, they have reered their ugly, greedy, lazy developer heads yet again. This time in Samurai Warriors 4. This is a series I have always liked a lot, and the local multiplayer is fun as well, as my little brother and I grew up playing these games together. So, naturally, I was excited when the 4th game was put on the PS store, but I noticed something when I went to buy it. It has a lot of add-ons. My heart instantly sank, but I still hoped against hope it would be the avatars or soundtrack... well, the avatars were a small part, but overall, no. They have put things previously attainable in the older games through gameplay, behind MT paywalls. Asking $60 for a game that has had features blatantly cut out is unacceptable. I was willing to forgive the repetetive gameplay and graphics that are lagging behind an entire generation because, like I said, I have been a long time fan of these games since the beginning, but it seems the franchise has fallen prey to the cancer that is MTs in full games. What's next for this instant gratification generation of "gamers"? *Generic action movie announcer voice* "Recycled re-release title X-Über editon, and for only $99.99 you get everything, all the xp, levels and weapons, you don't even have to play the game. Beat your friends before they beat you. Be a gamer without gaming, because you're far too busy to play a game"
  9. I'll take "what is stylization for $100 bob" and in response to my use of bold... NO
  10. Mmm, not really. DDoS is just sending a bunch of bogus traffic to their network. There's not a lot that can be done.
  11. Pre-Ordering anything is not recommended honestly. These games, games ship broken and unfinished. Always, ALWAYS wait for user reviews.
  12. This would only be an accurate comparison if a flagship character was on the chopping block for Tekken, which is far from the case. Anyway, like I said, Chloe isn't being removed.
  13. These "Finest" guys obviously know what they're doing. They came out of nowhere and already have 16,000+ followers on twitter, so they have a solid reputation in a very short time. Judging by how hard and fast they hit Lizardsquad, that will probably act as a sufficient deterrent for copy cat script kiddies looking for their 15 seconds of fame. Anyone can DDoS. I learned how to do it during some network security classes. FS is obviously a few hundred notches above these people.
  14. I was beginning to think all these anonymous(not the group) hackers were bad. Good to see someone use the anonymous mask correctly for once.