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  1. Swing and a miss for me. This reeks of pandering to an audience that clap like seals at memes, devoid of any actual humour.
  2. Platinum Agent Unlocked every Trophy in Tom Clancy's The Division™. A good game, not great, with a bit too many collectibles for the sake of it. I have a lot of podcasts to catch up on though so it served its purpose for that. ​This is a good start, and I'm looking forward to what future content will be made available.
  3. What's got to give is people have to realise it isn't going to happen. The servers are write only, as in once a trophy has been achieved and synched to the server that's the end of it. The reason you can remove 0 trophy is because nothing has been written to the server yet - games don't tag your profile with first day played. Deleting 1 trophy in a game and deleting a game with platinum is functionally the same thing. Not functionally viable. On to the topic of name changing - the way Sony coded our names was using the actual name as the file identifier rather than assigning a number and the name being a display level article. They aren't denying it because they want to be cruel - they're denying it because it is a fundamental structural issue with how the PSN is designed. You bet they want to solve it, there is millions on the table just waiting to be snatched - for both things.
  4. Final Fantasy XIV is the only game that's kept my interest after Platinum, and that was considerably long time after as well. Minecraft too - but I don't really count that owing to its nature. Reminds me, more trophies in that to get before back to 100% I think it stems from what the Platinum makes you do most of the time. Collect everything in the game. Be maximum level. Complete everything on maximum difficulty. There isn't really a lot to do after that. Then the bad trophies have you grind before the Platinum. Kill 100,000 enemies. Collect 1,000,000 gold. Why - other than for the sake of it. That will leave a sour taste in your mouth. Final Fantasy XIV was different in that it had reams of content after the fact so I stayed in its world for a lot longer - most games don't; so once the Platinum is there its a good jumping off point.
  5. It has, but evidently in this one side quests have been a focus - hence my stating I hope it hasn't been at the expense of the main quest, hence my "worried" about it rather than stating it is dilute. I hope the side quests were actually built in tandem with the main quest - because that is what will turn this into the fantastic game it can be. It will be so much more engaging if the side quests echo the sentiment of the game rather than "let's fill up the large areas we've built". There has to be DLC and a spin off because they have an engine running this game that is only running this game, a decade long development cycle and a massive red pit that they need to fill before this game is anywhere near in the black. Its business, they have a lot of product to shift before this becomes an endeavour worthy of its investment. It isn't just about being profitable - its about being profitable enough for the length of time its been MIA. No one wants this game to be successful more than I do, but that doesn't mean at the same time I'm going to have blinkers on. The Platinum Demo was a strange choice to provide to the general public if I'm frank. I wish Duscae and Platinum had traded places, because Duscae is a fantastic pull for anyone not knowing what Final Fantasy is. Platinum starts as you running around as a child, collecting glowing orbs and having the engine shown off to you. At first it seems more like Jak and Daxter - a casual downloader of that demo will not have a clue what this game is meant to be. Its getting praise from those of us engaged in the community, the 1%. The game dies on its ability to get people other than you or I to buy it - those preorder numbers aren't impressive yet. There's still a long road until release - I'm just hoping that the messaging won't be "look at the high numbers we can quote" and trust that they'll be enough. They've got to mean something - people's time is at a premium more than money these days so you've got to make the time investment attractive.
  6. Not wrong, IX stepped it up and that had 30ish, with X going back down again. This is a vastly different game though - so does need more content. I'm just worried about a dilute main quest if their focus is side stuff. I do not want a Final Fantasy where it's praised for a sandbox world and its story is a side note.
  7. That changes things a bit then - they're the same story then as opposed to a continuation of one another? I know I could easily Google, but it would definitely result in something cropping up that I don't want. All I know is that it has something to do with time and anything with time as a central point starts at a 6 for me. Full Metal just has that look to it that I know it will be good. Sword Art I watched with Japanese audio - partly because I'm trying to familiarise myself with the sounds and more that there typically isn't enough going on on screen that you will miss it. Subs also keep my focus on the show, as I have a habit to do something else whilst watching TV if I can get away with it. I do like some steampunk. Speaking of which - who has watched Steamboy? I bought that a long time ago and I absolutely loved it. I'm wondering how that classes in comparison to other properties. It's made by Mr Akira if I remember rightly?
  8. 200 is a high number. That's all that is. 200 "go and collect a rabbit, cook it and eat it" quests are not fun. Density does not equal fun. If anything, this worries me slightly - as stating a number completely out of context makes me think the wrong thing is viewed as important. That said, I like the usage of the car as storage - but hope gassing the car isn't too painful. What happens if you run out of gas in the middle of nowhere for example? Run to the nearest gas station whilst getting hunted down by Flans? Maybe you can cram them into the gas tank? Further, the game will definitely have DLC - they have to - and there will definitely be a spin off - there has to be.
  9. No - threads about things you haven't watched, have spoilers for that same thing you haven't watched. If you clicked in a Bioshock Infinite thread and there were Edge of Tomorrow spoilers then yes, you're hard done by. So what's the alternative? Nothing can be discussed ever because it might spoil something for someone somewhere - you admit yourself you even click inside spoiler tags inside a thread about something you don't want spoiled.
  10. It may be a stealth update to fix the always on Wifi issue that bleeds the battery out.
  11. I watched the majority of Sword Art Online - at least the majority of what's available on Netflix. I've heard it getting a hard time, but I like it. That may be because I haven't taken too deep a dive into the Japanese Animes yet. I don't know whether to start on the games though. I'm planning on watching Stein's Gate soon, as I've heard the Visual Novel is exemplary and Full Metal Alchemist has my interest piqued.
  12. If you haven't seen the film and you come into a thread about its sequel, you're asking for it. I haven't seen it either - but I'm more of a "the journey is more important than the destination" type of person, so anything in here means nothing to me. Plus if you haven't seen a film, you have no idea whether the actors returning means they're dead, alive or caterpillar at all. There are innumerable ways in which actors can return; prequels, flashbacks, visions, premonitions, alternate realities, different characters.
  13. I can never put into words what that feeling is either. All the hunting for 60 FPS and I feel like I'm the only one that sometimes thinks its detrimental to a product to be refreshing that fast. Like the entirety of the first Hobbit being so "uncomfortable" to me to watch I still haven't gone back to the watch the next couple. On the topic, the games have enough variation in them that I vote you should play both if you have the access to do so, obviously omitting the DLC on the PS3 and using that as the sweetener on the PS4. Maybe stick Bloodborne and Dark Souls III in between so it feels fresh again when it gets around to it.
  14. Understood, thank you. I just searched Android and it isn't there - and I don't think I should start getting into the habit of downloading games on my work phone. Hopefully it comes over shortly, it seems like an interesting concept. Even clearer - makes sense seeing as that's what they've done with a couple of other games so far. Thank you.
  15. Isn't this one of the games coming with Fragmentary passage and Dream Drop Distance on a third compilation? If so - at first blush this seems very geared for mobile play, how will it translate to a singleplayer environment?