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  1. Yes you have to apply to decommission your carrier but it takes a week before it is removed and you get your money back (minus the decomission fee of course). I think its to give people a chance to change thir mind as you can cancel the decommision request at any point if you want to. You can also still use the carrier during that week and on the day it gets decommissioned any ships that are on board will be delivered to the nearest Space Port to the Carrier Location i believe.
  2. I believe the Standard Carrier will have enough fuel for one jump so you should be fine
  3. Am still not getting any Joy on this, I still regularly check on the VITA and also on the PS4 and they are both the same with not being able to reach the servers. Still have to hope that the reason they are down is due to them taking them offline to try and fix the issues that were there before but its been a long time now so can only assume they are lacking resources or ability to fix it. If they have been taken down for good you would think that some sort of communication confirming that would be the polite thing to do. Especially as you can still buy the game in the PSN Stores.
  4. To enable a Device that you have not used in a long time (PS3, VITA etc) Log into your PSN account on a PC or tablet. Then click on your Profile Avatar which will be at the top right of the screen and then select Account Settings. This will take you to the new SEN portal. From here on the left hand side look down towards the bottom of the list and select Device Management. You should then see all the various consoles you have used on your PSN account. From here you can Activate or deactivate devices.
  5. I still check on a regular basis but no luck as yet. I hope they eventually get around to sorting it out but all we can do is wait I guess. I have only booted up the game and tried to access the community levels so have not gotten any other Trophies on it yet so it it gets confirmed that the Servers have been shut down for good i can still remove it from my Trophy List.
  6. I got the Platinum on the first game and added this one to my library years ago when it came up. I enjoyed the first game and was just getting around to giving this a go when I saw this issue. I have loaded the game up and will keep checking each day on the community levels but I don't hold out much hope of getting connected. I have not played anything on it so far so the Trophy list will remain as 0% giving me the option to delete in the future if I need to so if I do ever get connected to the servers then this will be the first trophy to pop and can then carry on with the others.
  7. I have recently been going over my old Trophy lists to see which games I left for whatever reason and still need to Platinum. BO2 is one of those games however I am very fortunate that when the game came out back in 2012 I concentrated on the MP aspect before moving to a different game so the only Trophies I actually got back then were all the MP ones plus some of the Zombie ones (plus the first mission on the Campaign). I was disappointed to hear that Platinum is now unobtainable for anyone that didn't get the League Trophy out of the way before they shut it down and I can sympathise with anyone that is in this situation as I have always believed that ALL Trophies should always be obtainable no matter when you pick up the game and decide to play it whether that is when revisiting a game you put aside or if you pick up a game years later from a bargain bin. I can also accept and understand that resources at the software houses need to be reallocated to new projects as if they didn't then it would effect the quality of new games, however the very solution is extremely simple/ Just don't make a Trophy requirement based on something that will not be supported in the Future!! They choose and set the Trophy requirements so why not set requirements for Trophies on things that are always under the players control. Make it as hard, difficult and as challenging as you like but at least make it obtainable without the need to rely on anything other than the individual players skill. I have a some incomplete Platinum trophies on my list that are now unobtainable which is annoying, but at the end of the day people that enjoy earning Trophies are and will always be in the minority so we will have to accept it. These sorts of silly Trophy requirements are always likely to be around so I guess a lesson to be learned is that if getting a Platinum on a game is that important to you then you should check if the Platinum is still obtainable before purchasing the game and if it is then play the game exclusively until you have the Platinum and don't leave it aside for any length of time.
  8. I guess our interpretation of how difficult a game is differs but that’s fine as we all have our own benchmarks. I honestly didn’t have any real trouble getting platinum on any of those games and when I compare them to some of the platinums I have on PS3/PS4 they are certainly not near the top on the difficulty scale. I admit I wouldn’t exactly call them Easy which is why I refrained from using that word and instead said not too difficult (meaning medium depending on your skill level) I really enjoyed COD (tho with the small screen was glad there were no online trophies as the online would not be enjoyable), comparing it to getting the platinum on [email protected] and MWR tho they are what I would call Hard not the Declassified game on the VITA. I would however say that Unit 13 is similar but much the better game tho but I am not sure if the online Trophies for that makes it impossible now or not as I haven’t checked.
  9. An old thread but for anyone still looking plus recommendations to the OP are the following 5 Vita games that I found enjoyable and not very difficult to Platinum Army Corps of Hell Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified Rayman Origins Shinobido 2 Plants Vs Zombies
  10. Hadn’t used my Vita or PS3 in years and dug them out and tried to sign in again yesterday and had the same issue. found out I had to log on to my SEN web account and generate a new one time device password for them which worked so both now able to connect again so try that.