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  1. Mine's running like crazy playing the digital version
  2. I've done that a few times with this game so far. Just download everything while you go to work
  3. Thanks for this. Really helped out
  4. So, after spending most of January S ranking Horizon Zero Dawn, I'm finally making some decent progress on reducing my E ranks. I moved sly Cooper thieves in time out of my E ranks and started the process of getting Assassin's creed 4 out of the E's as well. I've also added a few new plats. I played through Hellblade and Day of the Tentacle. Both amazing games. I've been focussing more on my completion and unearned trophies rather than trophy ranks, but after looking at my progress spreadsheet might need to change that.
  5. I'm really excited to play these games again. This was THE series for me and my siblings growing up. I remember watching my brother play Ripto's Rage for a half hour before the timer went off and my Mom would make him let me play, then playing it for a half hour before having to pass it along to the next sibling. Can't wait to see it all polished up.
  6. This was such a fun forum last year. I'm glad you were able to keep it going. My goals are: S 77-> 90 A 53-> 60 B 25-> 35 C 26-> 35 D 27-> 20 E 36-> 20 I'm also hoping to get my unearned trophies to below 4000 and boost my completion above 55%
  7. So, I haven't made much progress in cutting down my E and D ranks lately (mostly just goosebumps the game). But I have added a few new plats and my completion percentage is now over 50%. I'm thinking of putting together a goal for S ranks as I have been playing a bunch of games I haven't played before in addition to trying to work in some games that are low grades, but just have to take some time to figure it out.
  8. Just finished Hitman:GO and moved to an A average! Lots more progress to make, but it feels good to see some movement.
  9. So, an update on what I've been doing. I got back into shadow of mordor woth the announcement of shadow of war so I moved that grade up a bit. I've also started playing Valiant Hearts as that's been on my backlog for a while, so I got rid of a D rank and added another, but am playing two great games at the moment so can't complain. Just working through the last few dagger missions and liberations and then maybe try the dlc just to cut down on the unearned trophies. I'm also inching toward my unofficial goal of 50% completion. So that's exciting
  10. My list for the april 1st season is: Valiant Hearts 100% Gone Home 100% Assassin's Creed Black Flag (Story Completion) Hitman Go (Platinum) Everyone's gone to the rapture (Platinum) Uncharted 4 (Story Completion) This list may need to be updated depending on the amount of free time I get between now and then. This should also help with my Boost my Trophy Grade goals too, hopefully get rid of a few D ranks.
  11. Put me down for Lightning's sidekick. First intro to the series was Final Fantasy 15, may have to delve deeper.
  12. I recently platinumed Final Fantasy XV taking it from an E to an S. I'm going through the Wolf Among Us right now (for the third time because I love that game) and slowly working on hitman go when I have some downtime. Also think I might dust off my PS3 and start earning some old trophies there.
  13. I'm a tourist
  14. Add me on. I have The Walking Dead Seasons 1 and 2, the Wolf Among Us, Life is Strange, Tales from the Borderlands, Game of Thrones, Batman, Minecraft:Story Mode and Until Dawn.
  15. I would like to join if it's not too late. Current: S:55 A:41 B:27 C:21 D:26 E:34 F:14 Goal: D, E and F less than 50 combined.