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  1. GREAT FRIEND... just to say it!  🙃

    1. Piramidoglowy


      Why, thank you. I didn't expect you saying that. 'specially that I haven't done anything to deserve it :)

  2. Wendy's (becouse of their recent internet fame) => Burger King => McDonalds => All the rest. My question is: Moe Blobs or 'Serious' Anime (The is only one good answer. Choose wisely)
  3. As far as I remember, you need three parts of the Fury. First two you get from Lola for her side-quests. Last one you get for defeating one of the bosses in the last map. After killing him, immediately escape the dungeon (use Fang's skill or an item) and go back to town. You'll have to remodel the Fury in the shop (don't remember the name of it, but there's only one that does it). To do it, you need the three parts of the Furz that Iąve mentioned and... some Orichalcum? Don't remember exact item, but it's one of those that you get from secret stashes, hidden on each level. Just go to the shop and you'll see what you need. After that, you'll get a scene in the inn. After that (if I remember correcly), you should get the Fury. But here's the catch (!) => you won't be able to pull it out from the Vile God / Goddess untill your next playthrough. You'll still have it, but the character that helps you with it won't be in your team, so... yeah. That's why I'd recomend getting it in your first playthrough and use it in NG+. Since you're already in NG+... I'm not sure how it worked out for you (you've asked about it a month ago, so you've possibly figured it out already), but I hope it'll turn out ok
  4. NOBODY expects the Moe Inquisition! Either than that, please, have a nice day :)

  5. Been trying to send you a private message, but the big, bad PsnProfiles doesn't let me. Any idea why?

    1. MesopithecusUK


      His inbox is probably full

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      It is because he is a super popular person. :) 

    3. 30 Year Old Boomer

      30 Year Old Boomer

      Yeah, my bad. It tends to get overfilled. :P 

  6. meow! wish you a nice tuesday ;)

    1. Piramidoglowy


      Why, thank you. Same to you :)

  7. Starting a few games, just to play for five or ten minutes and then noticing that I dislike them. Things like DC Universe Online, Castlevania: Lords of Shadows or Little Big Planet come to mind. Never went back to them. I keep them visible in my trophy list, just to keep remembering not to make the same mistake twice My question is: Through some magic shenanigans you're transported to any world, choosen by you. It might be a world from a game, anime, comic book, whatever. What world do you choose. Obviously, all the rules of the world apply to you. I.e in stereotypical anime world you'll have your own harem, in Fallout setting (post-apo America or any other country) you'll have mutants, radiation and so on and in Westeros you'll possibly be killed by some drunken midget
  8. Player above me? Certainly too many platinums (yes, there is such a thing!)
  9. My first Ps3 game? That'd be Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition. Got it with the console (Not in a bundle. Got the 'basic' Ps3, and then the RE5 'on the side'). Funny thing is I got many other Ps3 games since then, but RE5 is still with me. Sure, it's not a great game (I know), but... Somehow it's still with me Usually I get a new game, play it for some time, and then get rid of it (I'm not a trophy wh**re *gasp*). But RE5 somehow is still with me. Is it great graphics? Or good gameplay? Possibly none of those things. I'd say it's me collecting silly games
  10. Just got the platinum. And.. you know? It's not actually all that hard to get. Obviously the Hard difficulty might seem scary, but it's doable. The beginning seems the hardest. You don't have good gear, not many healing potions. But at some point, after getting the right set of skills (Healing + Summon are a must) it's much easier. I actually went through the first half of the game grinding, doing side-quests, getting good At some point you start running around groups of enemies and going right to the point of the quest. Yes, it's possible. So, if someone needs tips how to get through Hard diffulty, I'd say this => Grind for the first half of the game, later it'll be easier. Oh, and get about 5 or 6 Fate Potions (you get the recipe around half of the game) for the final boss. It'll make that fight a lot easier (it took me literally two minutes, instead of 4x or 5x that). Besides that you might take some upgraded healing potions [40 or 50 should do]
  11. My latest platinum? Aliens: Colonial Marines. Yeah, THAT game. To make it more intersting, it's platinum number 20. Nice, round number. Certainly not a trophy I'd put in my Trophy Cabinet. But I'll tell you what - I'm actually glad I went through that sh!tty game. Same thing with Duke Nukem Forever. Sometimes you need to go through a river of sh!t, just to come out cleaner on the other side (to semi-quote one of greatest movies). You need to play sh!tty games, so you could appreciate the really good ones. And now, when I'm done with Colonial Marines, I could easily trade it in and wait for Odin Sphere Leifthrasir (it comes out in Europe in about two weeks)
  12. Yes, that is correct. What does it mean? Well, you'll have to do it four times, on each of the basic characters. Start a new character, go through the whole game to get Deity difficulty, grind in Icecreek. "But it's gonna take ages!" I hear you say. Wel then, guess you better start going I realise your post is from April, and you already have the platinum. Let's consider all this a tip for all those seeking an answer, ok?
  13. I admit, that RPGs are my main field of interest. There's nothing like grinding for 30h to get to the maximum level
  14. After checking the cabinet of x410xDragon, my first thought was: "Many action games... but with a twist " (Mamorukun Curse)