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  1. Plat #18 - The Order: 1886 Got this game in special (5,99$CAD). It's a very beautiful game, nice story, amazing animations. Gameplay is not revolutionary but it's not a problem. The game is very short: 6-7 hours with no replay value, it would have been a problem if I had paid 60$ for it, for that not the case. I had a great time and enjoyed discovering this game. I would recommend it if you can rent it or get it at a reduced price. The platinum is very easy, no guide needed, just make sure you take the time to explore and use every weapon you can find.
  2. #17 Short game, still need to 100% the DLC but I don't feel like playing it anymore. It looks good, plays okay. I'm more of a speed fan than drifting, so there's was too many drift related events for my taste. The AI is not really balanced, it's either too easy or too hard. The part I hated the most tho is the "Outlaw" storyline where you need to escape cops and stuff like that, the cops AI is SO bad ! First, it's hard to find cops, and when you find them, you have to wait and slow down or you end up escaping really easily.. So, again, Most Wanted stays #1 in my NFS chart..
  3. AC Black Flag, never had the patience to find people for those MP trophies...
  4. I looking for a refer-a-friend. I play almost everyday and I would be happy to help, not only with RaF quests but with the rest too
  5. It just started today
  6. Completed The Swapper on vita, the concept was nice. I liked the puzzles. But the trophies were a real pain. They were not related at all to the story, you just had to try and teleport yourself anywhere in the void, walls, ceilings.. To maybe find a hidden path to a terminal.. o.O Thank for the youtube videos or else I'll never had found all... Sucks o.O Almost done with MotoGP 14 also.. Only missing trophy is for the 25 online races, I think that the only people who plays that game are from Europe because I only find online lobbies in the morning (my time, EST), so I can only work on this on the weekends... Someday I'll get it ! But I won't buy other MotoGp soon, it's way too repetitive. Meanwhile, playing a lot of Destiny, the endgame content of this game is the real deal, addictive a little bit !
  7. Currently: Xbox 360 (Haven't powered it in more than a year) PS4 PS Vita Used to : Xbox Gamecube Wii Nintendo DS Gameboy color
  8. It was a TV show, The Moomin or something like that. I hated it also has a kid. They were scary !
  9. The guide says around 10 hours...
  10. I just started playing that game. It's my first "multi directional shooter" and I have a hard time with it. I think it's very challenging ! I'll probably use your videos in the future so thanks And congrats on the completion and fastest times
  11. Summer because I can't ride my motorcycle in Winter, Early Spring and Late Fall.. Plus I hate cold and snow
  12. Kill bill Favorite band ?
  13. Plat #8 added, Super Exploding Zoo (played on Vita) It was a fun game, quite easy, fun puzzles. A little buggy, my save got corrupted 2 times, but I upload to the cloud everyday, so it was not a big deal. The only bad part, online trophies, as always. I boosted by myself with the PS4 because the online community is dead. I only met one player online and 2 of the trophies are almost impossible to get during a "real" game so... One of the last trophy I got, whhhattt ?! Come To A Sticky Ending In the meantime, I'm slowly progressing toward the Plats on : Batman Arkham Knight : finished the main story, now I need to clear the remaining side missions and attack the challenges Destiny : progressing slowly and randomly during casual gameplay with my friends MotoGP14 : Hard to find people online and it gets repetitive pretty fast Also, started Geometry Wars 3, daym this game is hard !! It's fun, but I don't think I'll ever be able to complete it !!
  14. Motorcycles !! Mine is a Triumph Street triple 2014 and it's THE thing that makes me happy in summer Summer sports or winter sports ?