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  1. Entry #3: The reviving machine from Borderlands. That revives me for a fee and tells me to be more careful next time.
  2. Entry #2: Watchdogs phone, so I can have the ability to know if people are bad and rich, so I can get their money lol. Also, for my data to be safe.
  3. I want Claptrap from Borderlands cause he is the best. ❤️
  4. Does any one actually plays Code Realize games and enjoys the story? Or its all just about how fast you can get a plat?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. DaivRules


      I enjoyed the story. 

    3. WhiteDragonAura


      I actually enjoyed the story and characters.  Cardia is a nice feisty lead, something you don't find too often in an Otome game.  I thought her character was very refreshing.  Story was cool too...really liked the Steampunk vibe.

    4. Mapa


      @Spaz Too bad. They are a good.

      @Edunstar84 Im there with you. Since they gave the one for free I have been waiting for a sale.

      @zajac9999 @DaivRules @WhiteDragonAura Yeah I enjoy the stories too. They are good. Sucks for who just skips through them. At least this game. Other VNs could not be as good. I would only skip if I actually read and was boring or so. But not just get it to skip and plat. Glad to hear theres some peoole that does read them. :)

  5. Can someone tell me how to unhide 2 hidden trophies? They are literally just trophies. The game is actually showing. Is Days Gone. But dlc trophies are hidden. (?)

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    2. NERVergoproxy


      Is the 2 dlc trophy participation award and Second the best from Challenge mode? they show on your PSN profile, but not on PSNP profile, so Im gonna assume it was a sync issue, maybe earn another trophy in a game and resync with PSNP and see.

    3. Mapa


      Ok thank you both! And yeah its dlc. Guess havent tried that earn another trophy to sync method but its kinda weird is just dlc and not whole game. Odd.

    4. OhDearDevilRun


      PSN is having issues, and you earn those 2 maybe while its having issues and it didnt sync right. 


      You can see there was over 10k+ reports of issues.

  7. Well, lets say they called a delayed penalty, that doesnt mean the Bruins would of scored. Bruins got away with non-called penalties, and it was on the player that decided to stay down on the ice instead of getting up and trying. Wont deny the refs have been awful, but with almost all teams, Sharks against GKnights, Avalanche and even us. Even Bruins got the refs on their side against the Hurricanes and us. Anyways, shall see how it goes Sunday... Let's go, Blues!!1!
  8. Western Conference Final here we come!!1! Lets go, Blues!!1!
  9. Just wow. What a turn of events. I guess Golden Knight's fans must be hating Eakin right now or the refs or both. I started watching the game literally when SJ was getting their first goal, so didnt really see if the penalty was fair or not, but either way, he gave the win to the Sharks. So, yeah. Lets go, Blues!!1!
  10. I've never really been the type of person who watches sports nor like to scream to the tv lol, until I became a St. Louis Blues fan yeas ago cause of my bf, so this was me last night when they scored the winning goal with 15 secs left. 💙 Let's go, Blues!!!1!
  11. #360 - Dark Souls The Dark Soul All trophies obtained. Congratulations! I love Souls game, but I always play them in coop, so it sucks that the "new" one (Sekiro) is just sp. Well, we played DS 2 first where you can fast travel anytime to any bonefire, so it was easier to go through areas together without worrying about dying going back to the last bonefire to help each other through, unlike on DS (which Im glad they changed that). On this one you cant fast travel to bonefires and when you can, you can just to specific ones, so some areas were weird and tough to go back for each other, or at least for me, I get more scared of dying so I die more and keep loosing humanities which I need for summoning and also health, (glad they changed that too lol), here you cant really heal when summoned, unless you have magic and you want to use your humanities. But beside those things and a lot of glitches, I still enjoyed it, fun hard game to play in coop with @HailHale81. 😀
  12. Count me in, thanks for the giveaway. 🙂
  13. 1) Dont Starve 2. 2) Nom Nom Galaxy 2. Both with coop included tho. Thank you for the giveaway, very kind of you.
  14. #355 - Battlefield 1 World War One Hero Obtain all trophies Single player was interesting, not a big story but individual ones. I did miss small maps like in old games, I dont like much playing on huge maps, although they were really nice looking, and the details such as sandstorms or blizzards were great additions. Had fun playing with @HailHale81. #356 - Blood Bowl 2 Blood Bowl Expert You have won all the trophies #357 - Burnout Paradise Remastered Burnout Paradise Elite Awarded for successfully collecting all trophies from Burnout Paradise Amazing game, had tons of fun playing with @HailHale81 on the ps3, and tons of fun as well doing it again, especially taking him down when he less expects it, or following him around (to take him down) lol, and playing kinda hide and seek lol, ahhh such a fun game, brought good old memories.
  15. #352 - Twisted Metal Twisted Metal All Trophies It wasnt hard at all with ammo glitch, never died, but last boss 3rd area where you need to go through shit that kills you, that.. was about to stop me from getting my plat, until @HailHale81 told me he saw there was a way to go through it with Sweet Tooth car, I was like "I can't even choose it", but by accident figure it out how and then he found the video, and that saved me, took a couple tries but damn, that was the savior. Thanks for also boosting with me. #353 - Assassin's Creed: Unity Master Assassin Earn every Trophy. Always liked AC but on this one even climbing was glitchy and annoying, specially trying to go through a window. So prolly the only thing I liked was being able to do coop missions with @HailHale81 and messing around like throwig poison gas while he tries to open a chest or climb a latter lol 😁