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  1. #370 - Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Borderland Defender Round 1.5 Unlocked all Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel trophies. My favorite feature of this game was being able to play as Claptrap. He will always be my favorite character. Maybe not the best Borderlands game, but is always fun to play it with @HailHale81, got good memories of first time we played it (this is the second time). I remember he hated that I used my power cause it was random and I wasted his ammo, or the duck power where we just bounced non stop lol. Cant wait to play Borderlands 3.
  2. #366 - Rime The end is a new beginning Obtain all trophies This is a beautiful game with a heart touching story. ❤️
  3. #364 - Zombie Army Trilogy You have no reason to fear the dead Platinum Trophy Fun game to play, especially coop, which I played it with @HailHale81. The Horde maps, and the campaign. Game is easier when you have more people since it has a setting where you can choose "less" zombies, and even in some sections there's still a lot of them. I think we died less in Sniper Elite difficulty than our normal walkthrough lol. Enjoyed playing it. #365 - Nex Machina Nex Incarnate Complete all trophies I really love HouseMarque game like Resogun, Dead Nation, Stardust and this. Im good at them and enjoy them quite a lot. This one was hard and for what I read they made it harder, so I played the harder version of it lol. What sucks, is that for some reason they didn't add online coop, even the "multiplayer" is not really that. Thanks to shareplay I was able to play coop with @HailHale81, although we had issues on arcade if we werent fast enough (shareplay lasts an hour), so once it gets disconnected is automatically game over, it doesnt pause, it just ends and it sucks. But I loved the game.
  4. Why the rectangle in my psn profile doesn't change color? Shows green but its been blue for a while.

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    2. Mapa


      Oh ok :( Guess just gotta wait until @Sly Ripper fixes it. (?)

    3. DamagingRob


      One can hope. While it's broken for a long time, not sure if anyone ever made a thread or anything about the issue.

    4. DaisyVilla102


      There was a complaint about a year ago in an old thread and @Sly Ripper replied to it, but I don't know if he still plans on implementing a manual setting on the site in order to change it.

  5. Solo: Days Gone. One of the best game I have ever played. Great story, gameplay, atmosphere, the music when a horde sees you, freaked me out everydamn time. Gotta say I also loved Metro Exodus. Metro games are always gonna be one my favorites. Coop: Borderlands Pre-Sequel. Although it's hard to pick. No matter what, I always love playing with my bf. But that game brings back good memories. NVM. Just dance 2016. It wasn't a platinum for me, but I went to visit my boyfriend and we platted it together in less than a month. (so if it doesn't count, there's my pick on the top). I had a lot of fun, and laughs with him, that's always gonna be a big factor for me to pick a favorite plat. Also this made me realize we didn't play as much as coop games as other years, we still played a lot tho, maybe longer ones but, that is not so bad since that means we actually spent more time actually together, can't play a lot of coop games if together, even tho we played Overcooked couch coop, was awesome, we could strangle each other and not just say it lol. ❤️
  6. Payday 2: Crimewave Edition Becoming Mean Reach the tenth level of infamy.
  7. Entry #3: The reviving machine from Borderlands. That revives me for a fee and tells me to be more careful next time.
  8. Entry #2: Watchdogs phone, so I can have the ability to know if people are bad and rich, so I can get their money lol. Also, for my data to be safe.
  9. I want Claptrap from Borderlands cause he is the best. ❤️
  10. Does any one actually plays Code Realize games and enjoys the story? Or its all just about how fast you can get a plat?

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    2. DaivRules


      I enjoyed the story. 

    3. WhiteDragonAura


      I actually enjoyed the story and characters.  Cardia is a nice feisty lead, something you don't find too often in an Otome game.  I thought her character was very refreshing.  Story was cool too...really liked the Steampunk vibe.

    4. Mapa


      @Spaz Too bad. They are a good.

      @Edunstar84 Im there with you. Since they gave the one for free I have been waiting for a sale.

      @zajac9999 @DaivRules @WhiteDragonAura Yeah I enjoy the stories too. They are good. Sucks for who just skips through them. At least this game. Other VNs could not be as good. I would only skip if I actually read and was boring or so. But not just get it to skip and plat. Glad to hear theres some peoole that does read them. :)

  12. Well, lets say they called a delayed penalty, that doesnt mean the Bruins would of scored. Bruins got away with non-called penalties, and it was on the player that decided to stay down on the ice instead of getting up and trying. Wont deny the refs have been awful, but with almost all teams, Sharks against GKnights, Avalanche and even us. Even Bruins got the refs on their side against the Hurricanes and us. Anyways, shall see how it goes Sunday... Let's go, Blues!!1!
  13. Western Conference Final here we come!!1! Lets go, Blues!!1!
  14. Just wow. What a turn of events. I guess Golden Knight's fans must be hating Eakin right now or the refs or both. I started watching the game literally when SJ was getting their first goal, so didnt really see if the penalty was fair or not, but either way, he gave the win to the Sharks. So, yeah. Lets go, Blues!!1!
  15. I've never really been the type of person who watches sports nor like to scream to the tv lol, until I became a St. Louis Blues fan yeas ago cause of my bf, so this was me last night when they scored the winning goal with 15 secs left. 💙 Let's go, Blues!!!1!