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  1. It has the same list but this one includes all the dlc
  2. How were you able to use the the bavarium wingsuit in the base game challanges?
  3. why do i have "Moderado" under my profile's name

    1. DaivRules


      Dunno. That is typed in your About Me on one of your consoles.


      I think you can change it in the PS App as well.

  4. I had the same problem with rust resistant, i had to start a new campaign. Luckily i didn't need to delete my save. My advice is that if you don't get it after a few tries you'll have to restart from the first mission. The game is short so you won't waste too much time.
  5. I hope XCOM 2 Collection costs less than 20 dollars It is a small selection of games
  6. You can get everything solo but i highly recommend you to bring at least one other person to heal you
  7. But this problem only affects the ps3 version, on the ps4 you can toggle run and it stays active until you run out of stamina. As a side not a did get the platinum on the ps3 version despite not running most of the time.
  8. I also used the guide from trueachievements and it helped me get the harder trophies
  9. Can someone confirm if we need the Arc de Triomphe, because im having problems getting kids into elementary schools
  10. Get someone to play with you that can heal you so you dont die before reaching level 7 Its really hard for some classes to survive alone
  11. I have a few questions if you could answer them Do you guys think the Imperium Edition is worth the extra dollar? Also how stable is the game ? Does it crash often? Can i play everithyng co op? Can i do everithyng by myself?
  12. I played some Fallout new vegas and Deus Ex mankind divided
  13. Is nightmare really that easy You can also adjust the fov in this version
  14. You should play quick matches until you have enough experience with the mobile suit you want to take to rated matches. Dont go to rated matches with a lower cost mobile suit than the cost limit. Also tried to avoid going into 300 plus cost rated matches, Some mobile suits at that cost get more complex with more weapons. If you get a winning strike while playing rated don't stop playing until you lose.
  15. i had this problem in apex legends, the only way to fix it was to change the running button See if you can change running to another buttons