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  1. I played some Fallout new vegas and Deus Ex mankind divided
  2. Is nightmare really that easy You can also adjust the fov in this version
  3. You should play quick matches until you have enough experience with the mobile suit you want to take to rated matches. Dont go to rated matches with a lower cost mobile suit than the cost limit. Also tried to avoid going into 300 plus cost rated matches, Some mobile suits at that cost get more complex with more weapons. If you get a winning strike while playing rated don't stop playing until you lose.
  4. i had this problem in apex legends, the only way to fix it was to change the running button See if you can change running to another buttons
  5. you can avoid lag if you play split screen. if you dont have real friends, you can ask a family member
  6. Hi, what do i need to get the Multiplayer Ability Trophies from Space Hulk: Deathwing ?

    Its not really clear.

    Thanks in advance

    1. A-D-I-L_99


      You've got to kill so many enemies till that number levels up. Basically keep yourself in an area and channel the enemies towards you, don't finish the objective. 

      I used another player so they could revive me and I could heal them, it takes quite a long time to reach highest level. 

  7. How many people do i need for the co op trophies? Is it possible with only 2 people? Is the platinum too hard or there's just not enough interest in the game?
  8. yes i can confirm they do stack, i just got them both
  9. I expect the loading times to be better, that was the most annoying thing while doing nightmare on doom 3
  10. Im not sure if i should get just cause 3 xl edition and killing floor, im not sure, they are usually on sale
  11. Im getting dead island definitive collection for 7.50 dollars, i really enjoyed them on ps3
  12. Is your avatar from Little Devil Girlfriend The Animation?

    1. dik_meplzdaddy


      Correct! It's Akuno-San! :D

    2. predator086siren
  13. Im going to get devil may cry hd collection for ps4 is just 14.99, but wait. Is really weird that is cheaper to buy devil may cry collection with dmc4 included for 11 dollars, better go for the bundle then.
  14. I have been trying to get this trophy but i always run out of intel, the guides i read say that the main missions appear 2 towers away from your hq where you start but for me they were 3 towers away each mission, meaning i need enough intel to construct 6 towers. Is it just me that has the worst luck. The thing that makes me mad is that everithing else is going great exept for the need of intel. Im so sad, i fell like giving up. Should i restart and hope for better rng. Sorry for my broken english
  15. You should play Borderlands 2 first, there are some events in the presequel that tell you how Borderlands 2 ends. I would recommend playing Borderlands 2 first