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  1. Same. I felt bad but had my head raised high the entire time. Some small solace from that at least.
  2. I absolutely love the TV show and I'm personally glad I've watched it, but you basically just summed up the TV show there, so you're not wrong in wanting to avoid it. It can be the most heart-wrenching show that has floored me time and time again (and I still get back up and go back for more), but I don't blame people for wanting to avoid it. So many good people get so much bad stuff happen to them (which is the point of the show I guess) that it really does affect you. I think about season 6 I started to feel like the good people were starting to have victories, and that makes it all the more better for me to watch. But yeah, I would totally recommend the TV show because it's so brilliant, but I can understand why you don't want to watch it.
  3. Found this really interesting and I was fascinated by most of the tours. Some of them I wasn't too bothered about, but things about the mummification process and the pyramids and whatnot were really well done. Not too much of a grind if you have a genuine interest in Ancient Egypt. Who knew learning could be so fun? Found this to be a great addition to the game.
  4. Thanks, it won't matter that I've played Before the Storm first will it? I don't think anything was spoiled or anything, but I hear it's a prequel of sorts so maybe it's a good thing I played it first?
  5. Thought I would get some hyped games after hearing very good things about them. Plus, I've already played Life is Strange: Before the Storm before the original (just because it was cheap on the PS Store) so I look forward to playing Life is Strange.
  6. That was pretty much me for the past 3 years, so since graduating recently, I've managed to play a lot more and it's been freaking great to be able to do it without feeling guilty for doing so. I have a part time job doing night shifts (I do 1 week, off for 1 week, in 1 week, off 1 week and so on) so I work midnight til 6am, then usually I play until about 11am, do other things that need to be done, go to bed 2pm and sleep til 9pm, then work, and repeat for that week I'm in. When I'm off work for the week, I play whenever I feel like it. I also have 2 games on the go, so if I get sick of one of them, I can go to the next one and go back to the other one when I fancy it.
  7. Update: I've been playing Origins for the past week or so and I am loving it. There is sooooo much exploration but I love the environments so it's really great to try and do everything, rather than it being tedious. I've done about 70 side quests and I've done the majority of the main quests (according to trophies, I only have 3 main quests left to do). I'm at Level 33 (so hopefully that's a decent level before tackling the final stages of the main quests). I've bought the season pass now so I look forward to playing the DLCs once I've completed the main campaign. Thanks for all the recommendations everyone, I'm definitely checking out other AC games now.
  8. 'The Festival' Assassin's Creed: Origins Complete Side Quest 'Lady of Slaughter'. This is my first Assassin's Creed game and I am loving it. This is only my third trophy from Origins but I'm sucked in. I'm now aiming for a Platinum.
  9. I'm a peasant 😭😭 I just looked at the prices of platinum trophies and I would never pay for them. That is money that could be spent towards games that you can actually play and enjoy. These cheating horror stories make me so glad I'm legit (but a peasant when it comes to trophies).
  10. Heya friend hope you don’t mind a follow from me.

  11. Rise of the Tomb Raider Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7 Until Dawn LEGO Dimensions Crash Bandicoot 1-3
  12. Awesome, thanks for this! Chronological order sounds pretty fun actually, should I love Origins, I'm sure I'll want to play through more AC games. This is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing that, after reading through, I'm really excited to play the Ezio Collection, it sounds great (and 3 Platinums wouldn't be so bad). Quite a few games to get into but that's even better, I love the historical time periods and getting to explore them. London, I live up North, but I visit London regularly, so Syndicate (though low on your list) also doesn't sound too bad. Thanks again, I appreciate this!
  13. I'm really excited to play - it should be okay to jump into this without prior knowledge of the series, right? I mean, I had Assassin's Creed 3 on the PS3 years ago but didn't really touch it, I maybe played the first 10 minutes but can't remember anything past the theatre (I think it was the 3rd one anyway). Not that I didn't enjoy it, I was just a really casual player back then. But Origins looks awesome, so I bought the game while it was on sale. Any advice for a totally new AC player jumping into the series with Origins?
  14. Is this why I can't purchase episodes 2 and 3 on the PS Store? I bought this game digitally a month ago and it said in the description it was episodes 1-3 but when I click on episode 2 and 3, it says I have to purchase and install them, but they aren't available for purchase. I am more than positive it said episodes 2 and 3 were included in my purchase and I've only just got round to playing this now. Edit: I am so silly. I scrolled down on the home screen where the game is to add-ons and saw I do have episodes 2 and 3 free I just hadn't installed them yet, but I was clicking on them in-game and it was taking me to the the Episodes 2 & 3 bundle which isn't available. I didn't realise I didn't install the remaining episodes. My bad.
  15. Some of the classic shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Charmed, or shows from the last decade like LOST, Spartacus, Heroes, Fringe, Grey's Anatomy, Orange is the New Black, Desperate Housewives, and Supernatural. Also agree on the Breaking Bad and Harry Potter suggestions.