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  1. I've pre-ordered the Croft Edition - SEVEN DLCs coming? I mean, the price will be worth it for that much content.
  2. Pre-Ordered Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Croft Edition!
  3. I’m in the UK (for now part of Europe) and our spines are all over the place. This is my collection from the side so far: I love when things match on the side (I’m very anal about this for my Blu-rays), but it seems PS4 box art is a little all over the place in the UK. We can have a logo on the side (aka Ni No Kuni 2) or the block writing (aka God of War). I don’t mind one over the other but I do mind when they keep changing back and forth between the two. Looks a mess.
  4. I don't scrub up often.
  5. Platinum #10 The Walking Dead: Season One April 22, 2018
  6. Thanks for your message! Haha you gave a fair evaluation about the whole self-confidence thing to be fair - I'm pretty good at putting myself down about any sort of achievement. And I can also understand your affection for LEGO games - I think that's what I like most about them too. I got my ninth platinum today - Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom!! I should have got the platinum three days ago but it took forever to find the final skirmish to get the God of War trophy, leading to the Platinum. So many stressful hours. But it's over now. Phew! Platinum #9 Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom April 10, 2018
  7. Honestly you've been amazing, thank you so much! And I almost forgot! I wonder when they'll release more information about DLCs and stuff. I'm praying there are zero skirmishes as part of the trophy - or if there is, I'm going to keep a list of which ones I've done haha.
  8. I've replayed all skirmishes in that area multiple times - still nothing. Which side quest was Wham Bango part of? I've done them all except 2 (the ones that require materials from the final dreamer's door to make new outfits for 2 of the characters). EDIT: I WAS A BIG BIG IDIOT!!! It wasn't the Wham Bango one I needed, it was Sandy Survey Party Rescue in the Drylands!!! I GOT THE PLATINUM!!! Oh my God, I'm so sorry for all this run around guys! I really appreciate all the help, honestly you're all lifesavers. That map saved my life. I'm so happy right now. I NEVER HAVE TO DO ANOTHER SKIRMISH EVER AGAIN!!!! AAAHHH!!!
  9. I've completed every side quest except two - the ones where you have to get materials for the new outfits for two of the characters (materials I can find in the final dreamer's door). I've completed the story and everything else too. There is never a third skirmish that spawns in Goldpaw for me, only two appear and never Wham Bongo. Every single time I've reloaded and I've reloaded for hours. I can't understand why.
  10. The entire Calmlands is the place I’m looking at for the skirmish, that whole general area, but the only 3 that ever appear are Criminal Capture, Joint Exercise and Fabricas. I’ll try and just reload from one spot but this is seriously the last time then I’m selling this game on. It hasn’t been worth this hassle for the ridiculous God of War trophy.
  11. ^^ I posted that an hour ago and I've been constantly saving (in multiple different slots too) and reloading from every different location imaginable (Jack Frost's Playground, Broadleaf, Drylands, etc.) and it still hasn't appeared. I'm not joking when I say for a whole straight hour I've been reloading. The ones around it appear (Criminal Capture, Joint Exercise Code Yellow, and Fabricas' Fortlets) and I've replayed them a couple of times each to see if it would appear - still nothing. Every other skirmish on the map has Hard Mode available so I've completed them. Is this a glitch? I finished every other trophy 2 days ago, so for two solid days I've been at it with these skirmishes. It's really bugging and frustrating me and I just want this game to be over with so I can move on with my life 😭 I'm that bothered by this I feel I need to e-mail Level-5 or something.
  12. Thanks, I'm gonna keep trying and trying until it comes up. I'm definitely not missing a pre-requisite for Wham Bango am I?
  13. Thanks for this list, it sure is helpful. I've definitely done all of the skirmishes now but there is one that just won't spawn - Wham! Bango! I have saved and loaded and reloaded and replayed skirmishes in the area dozens of times to try and make it spawn but it just isn't spawning. I've done all the Invaders of Evermore and Whamelie Feud battles, even a couple that I missed in Broadleaf - so I definitely think Wham Bango is the very last one I need to do. But it just isn't spawning. What can I do to make it come up? I've replayed the skirmishes that are directly near it to see if it will appear after defeating those ones (again), but still no Wham Bango. I've won 73 skirmishes now through repeating ones to make others spawn and it's driving me insane. Why why why did the developers think random spawns was a good idea?!
  14. Thanks for the responses helping me out. I'll try this one more time tomorrow. I'm thinking maybe the Invaders of Evermore skirmishes are the ones I need to do. If not, then I seriously have no clue, most of the others sound familiar. I just wanna be done with this game and move to the next - I have a long list to get through so it doesn't help. I should have kept check of it when I started the game. I'm hoping some improvements are made with DLCs. I have no idea what these season passes hold.