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  1. Thanks for the reply, Kittet3. I can confirm that using chapter select to replay Chapter 5 and escape the psycho got me the missing collectables in Chapter 7 and the "You Opened Their Eyes" trophy. I just had to make sure to replay Chapter 6 sequentially as well. "New" butterfly effects do not replace "old" ones if you use chapter select to skip chapters.
  2. No idea why I failed that "Don't Move!" part (my heart must have been beating too hard lol), but the psycho caught Sam at the end of Chapter 5. I know that escaping the psycho allows me to get the last Mystery Man collectables in Chapter 7, but will this work if I replay Chapter 5 (and escape!) after beating the game? Will my butterfly effect of being caught be undone and allow me to get the You Opened Their Eyes trophy?
  3. I'm at the final mission now and yep, you're right. I only have one more upgrade to buy and plenty of points to spare. Thanks.
  4. Can you earn more weapon upgrade points in the campaign than you need to fully upgrade all weapons? I noticed that I missed one weapon upgrade point while progressing through the campaign towards platinum. I didn't think much of it and just continued, while getting every other upgrade point so far. Now I'm concerned that I won't have enough points to upgrade all weapons by the end of the campaign. Could anyone please confirm? Thanks.
  5. Problem solved! On a hunch, I replayed Mission 2 and it caused Mission 3 to unlock. Seems the game didn't register when I beat it the first time.
  6. Hi everyone, I have a problem and hope that you could help me. I downloaded the Scarecrow Nightmare pack and Missions 1 and 2 worked just fine. I completed them with all stars. However, Mission 3 isn't unlocking for me. It keeps telling me that I need to complete Mission 2 and gain batmobile access to Founder's Island. I've done both of these and the mission will still refuse to unlock. I've tried: >exiting to the main menu and re-entering the game >trying to access the mission through AR missions from the main menu instead of in-game >restarting my PS4 >turning my PS4 off and on again None of these work; the mission is still locked out. What should I do? Thanks. (also, I'm only 70% through the main story so no spoilers please)
  7. Hi, all! I finally got around to playing Uncharted: Drake's Fortune on Crushing and can confirm that the Crushing trophy popped after I beat the game! This was on a different HDD after switching from 80 GB to 500 GB. Thanks again to those who replied to my query!
  8. Dear gamers, I recently upgraded my PS3 from 80 GB to 500 GB. Before the upgrade, I backed up my saves and synced the trophies and everything is working fine. My question is, how will this affect my Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune trophy progress? I've only beaten the game once on Hard and still have Crushing to go. Will the remaining trophies pop if I simply carry my progress over to Crushing by starting a new game? Or will I have to start at Hard from scratch? I'm asking this because the game was out before trophies were a thing and I'm wondering if this will work if I simply redownload the trophy patch. If I've not been clear, please let me know and I’ll do my best to elaborate.