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  1. I'm back! What did i miss?

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    2. Jak


      Are you new or an alt??

    3. Cuiling


      Eh? I was offline for some weeks lol.

    4. Jak


      Ok, new then..... wb.

  2. Happy new year everyone! Hope you have a good one.^^ ... Too early? Nah.

  3. In my opinion: Yes
  4. How is LBP 3? Is it good, bad, your opinion?

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    2. UndreyVITA


      In LBP3, levels like this are possible:

    3. 30 Year Old Boomer

      30 Year Old Boomer

      Its in my backlog. got it for ps4

    4. melka_ashur


      Still getting used to it, I think it hasn't had the attention with user created levels yet but it'll get better. The campaign is short but fun and the poppit puzzle mode to teach you creation is amazing. Worth getting!

  5. Easy plat, even if i don't care for platinums. The moon or the sun?
  6. Turned 17 today (in my country) \^0^/

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    2. Cuiling


      @milanbarca82 Where are you from?

    3. milanbarca82


      @Cuiling From Saudi Arabia (Middle East)! I just learned that there are several countries that use Lunar calendar in their daily routines! We're still using it but it seems we're heading into adopting the Gregorian one eventually!

    4. PureLuxiix


      Happy late birthday :)

  7. I'm 17 years old.
  8. This is me. My name is Feng by the way.
  9. Sadly, yes.
  10. Yes, i would buy it. ...or test it first.
  11. I remember the time then i was 6 and my parents told me that i have to die. In that time i was really sad and afraid of dying but today i accepted it and live with the fact that we have to die someday.
  12. SoM, PvZ: GW and GTA V are easy to plat in my opinion.