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  1. not really best screenshots but I decided to do a buncha random runs and battles with Claire in Sen 2 I dunno who's gonna take late Matsuki-san's place as Claire's CV in Sen 3 but to me, there's no other person who'll be as fitting. RIP Matsuki Mayu-san. 心より謹んでお悔やみ申し上げます
  2. Yayness another Silica fan other than Satoshi
  3. nay Silica/Keiko's already married to Kirito in muh mindspace < Or prepare to eat a buncha adorable Cait Sith punches
  4. Awww just look at these two :3 they're just so cute together. Please BAMCO we really need the character specific ending to be back in Hollow Realization so I can freely ship Kirito x Silica all day
  5. >signature

    1. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      Moe lolis best anime :D

    2. Risr1s


      Aye those smiles, those sparkles that makes your heart goes swoon~. Smiles worth protecting

  6. Lets see.. I wanna say Persona 5 but it's also on PS3 so no problem there. Gotta go with Natsuiro this time. It's also on PS3 but no way am playing that on my PS3 in the living room ;P So yea Natsuiro it is
  7. Finally done with Tokyo Xanadu(normal ending because apparently there's a true end) and thought about posting some of my fav shots from the game. And I swear I didn't cry at that ending *sobs* And also Bikinis
  8. Oh so it already has a release date. Shame that it's gonna be PSN only but it sure does look promising ;o
  9. It depends on the type of horror that you want really. A story-dependent horror or just simply something that can make you jump. For the former we have quite a bit on Vita but most of them are already mentioned. But if you're just looking for something to scare the heck outta you on those lonely Saturday nights, then yea quite a lot of those are available on STEAM, like Cobby said. Btw I wonder what happened to that Project Scissors. Havent heard anything about it in months
  10. oh so they already have some screens up. And we're talking about BAMCO here even if they're not in the story they could do their usual thing and put them up as DLCs. Of course, God please don't give them any weird ideas with DLCs lol
  11. Heh that's pretty much the reason I'm not as motivated to start anything with Lost Song(altho seems that there're side episodes with each heroines) imo already existing casts are pretty much confirmed to be in the game at this point. Altho I do am curious about whether other characters in the Kirito gang will have new design as well. Kirito's looking cool with that new outfit.
  12. Wishing for the return of the character specific ending so I can get my Silica ending again. Welp barely touched Lost Song myself but this looks even better than Lost Song and HF(the action parts and character movements at least looks more polished)
  13. lol ya finally managed to see some personally and, it didnt even last 1 sec >.>
  14. it's exactly as I expected it to be lol. And, currently I'm investigating a so-called bug that lets you see through the clothes(females only for some reason) and see what's underneath but now still negative with zero findings. Damn shouldnt have patched the game first thing after I got it ;V the results that fellow researchers had come up with http://otakomu.jp/archives/305054.html
  15. Finally got my Vita again after lotsa lotsa lotsa lotsa rage(like, seriously SONY). Lotsa catching up to do but for now, gonna no life on Tokyo Xanadu and uhh...the other two ;V