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    Hey my names Karl. Joined this site for the gaming sessions and to meet new people to play coop/ multiplayer with.

    Mostly like FPS , but will have a try of anything.
    Add me if you wanna play. Especially dying light ,GTA and advanced warfare.

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  1. At the moment just started fallout 3 and my mate lend me the guilde first time ever to use guildes or anything like this but can see the benefits of it now Why I never got on to this way before beats the hell out of me
  2. Since October 2010 but now on my 4th PS3 and had ps4 since November 2014 still on my 1st one lol
  3. Used a xbox 360 off my friend, got no intention to buy or use one ever again. Have had 2 PS1's, 2 PS2's. Proud owner of my 3rd PS3 and first PS4. Only outher console I owned was a Sega Megadrive (Sonic rules) .
  4. Call of Duty ADVANCED WARFARE ASCENDANCE Does it count? as i got the it all in November but was only released last week.
  5. Never alone Village historian - you found all the culturl insights in Nuna's village.
  6. i've always dreamt of you in my nightmares............
  7. this is the family coat of arms
  8. Got a few game's on the go at the moment but here goes what i'm playing...... 1. Black Opps 2 ps3 for trophy huntin. 2. Walking Dead Season 2 ps3 ( just to get the 100% ). 3. Destiny ps4 ( just start'ed with girlfriend ). 4. C.O.D AW ps4 ( When board or to get to prestigue master )
  9. too many to pick from but the main one i keep going to and playing is Pearl Jam ------- 10
  10. 12 years a slave last night for the 2nd time in a year best film for a long time
  11. last thing I watched was big brother last night, but at the moment going through breaking bad box set on Netflix, walking dead season 5 starts tomorrow lol on fox after its xmas break and American horror story last one of the season
  12. hi my names Karl and my psn id is lightinfantry2nd wont be going back to ps3 as much now but hope to do it all right on ps4 with trophy hunting lol into C.O.D AW , Dying light and GTA V (noob) at the moment. ps3 black opps 2 and doing BF3 for trophy collecting feel free to add me or message me for any games multiplayer or coop really want to get stuck into my trophy hunting.
  13. Basically its like a chatroom but with an avatar so you walk around have a chat do the challenges and collect trophies. but because it is at the end of the day a chatroom you have like grown men talking to like younger girls , in a creepy way, and even sometimes just full on wrong. you have grown men pretending to be girls and then they end up getting creeped on lol. and yeah its a good thing for a chat and looking for somebody to play a few games of cod with. but people get to be weird behind an avatar. as for you playing it , if your at all bothered by trophies you may have to be quick and research fi you still can get 100% because one of the trophies is for logging on 50 different days, and there is no way to boost it by changing the date on your ps3. and I know that it is closing in March so the time frame for that may have passed or you may just be able to do it if you logged in everyday and started now . just a warning though I'm not sure on the closure date but its something I would check before you go on if you are trophy hunting.
  14. our ps3 logs my account in automatically but it used to log my gf in first, so my gf forgets and starts playing. so that's Lego harry potter 1-4, don't starve, steamworld dig and sly cooper. I don't mind playing them, but now they are on my list lol. no worries.
  15. Play Station Home because of the weirdo's you have to endure to get 100%