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  1. 3/10 comparing it to alien isolation which was 8.5/10 Pretty shitty game if you ask me.
  2. soooo.. who wanna see romania win euro 2016?
  3. how is grow home dope?!?!?? peoplee what the hell you just grow plants and jump from one to another how is that dope i just can't freaking understand.
  4. Listen to this guys, freaking gold.
  5. holy fuck deathmode is seriously just about luck. pretty stupid if you ask me. did the first level and i feel like punching someone
  6. great game. gets boring sometimes but you somehow can't turn it off
  7. year 101 : still waiting for Infamous SS / KZ SF/Knack
  8. so can one of you point us where is this profile feed to be found?
  9. where is this profile feed found?
  10. did anyone find out if it tracks online km or not?
  11. thanks for the method, will use it!
  12. hehe . thanks. so is anyone having this problem too? or it's just me?
  13. When playing mp KM are not saved. when i check my rims the number of km is the same as before playing a MP game. same thing with my country's flag. time played ; 1 hour for example, then i played MP for another hour and it didnt save. does anyone know if it's a bug or if it's intended?
  14. if you're not playing MP , best decision ever.
  15. microsoft started giving out AC Black Flag , Sony gives Rocket shit taking in consideration that ps plus celebrated 5 years. you would have thought an infamous SS was at least to be given. but nooo.. xbox live is getting so much ahead of PS Plus.