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  1. I got my copy today too - i'm in the UK
  2. Easy list imo. Game arrived a day early, got it installed ready for finishing work!
  3. This is my thought process too, wait until all the DLC is out and just grind that out too.
  4. You don't even need to start a new game, chapter 15 when you're hanging from the rope with enemies shooting you, just kill them all with any weapon taking care not to miss (lock on aim) then die and rinse and repeat until you get to 70%. Save and quit - load epilogue and job done.
  5. Has anybody else played this recently and found that since the most recent patch the graphics have f***ed up and it's almost like it's gone back to 8-bit graphics??
  6. I think they'll add 6 more trophies for the discovery tour to round it out at 100 trophies. I hope they don't. But this is Ubi we are talking about.
  7. The final lost tale of Greece has been released, however there's no trophy support for it *yet*. I wonder if they'll add trophy support for it when they release the discovery tour on Tuesday....
  8. nope there's definitely at least one more trophy coming. I'm just leaving it for now and will do both when they next one arrives in September.
  9. No Missables!
  10. I've started on classic, and it took me a good 20 attempts to win the race in the sewers. Wondering if i should just restart it and play nitrofueled on easy.?
  11. I did the DLC first and then blazed through the NG+ on UH in a couple of hours.
  12. Nope!
  13. Patch 1.4 fixes this problem!
  14. Have this exact same issue and it's quite annoying.
  15. yeah im a level 26 club if that helps? Dannyscun