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  1. So I kinda splurged a bit with all the recent sales. On top of a few games my wife purchased for me, I also got quite a few new games from the midyear sale, Prime Day and the flash sale. So truthfully, I expect to see my completion percentage drop relatively quickly as I play through a bunch of new games here shortly. In the meantime though, I've completed two additional games and again one of them is one I've had on the backburner for a while! #80 Lost Grimoires: Stolen Kingdom July 6, 2018 (6:30 PM) Wow, eighty platinums! I also recently surpassed my Xbox gamerscore which is a feat I didn't think I'd accomplish (due to it being 160,000+ points). My wife and I like to play hidden puzzle games together and when I heard there were a few for PS4, I added them to the wishilst. This game was part of the mid year sale so I got it and played through it with my wife, only to find that it is an incredibly easy completion. Sure, most hidden puzzle games are very easy and quick games to complete but I enjoyed playing this with my wife, despite it being very much a cliche hidden puzzle game. However, unless you're looking for an easy platinum I recommend waiting for this one to go on sale. Still, I'll be playing the sequel here shortly with my wife. #81 Lego Marvel Superheroes 2 July 19, 2018 (8:17 PM) Another Lego platinum and this one was more of a challenge this time around. Not necessarily because it was hard but more because it was long and tedious. You can tell they really tried to mix things up this time around with things like challenges and different boss mechanics but it just ended up making it feel more drawn out. I started this one when it came out but kind of put it on the backburner until the DLC was finished. Still, there's a ton of cool superheroes in this one and they returned to having a big overworld instead of tons of little ones so I appreciate that. But searching for hours to look for the one missing Kang surveillance droid or flying around the old west looking for a single poster I was missing wasn't very fun nor was fighting wave after wave of enemies for quests or to make the boss vulnerable again.
  2. Nice! I do enjoy mahjong but I personally don't understand it well enough to be good at it. I believe I know what game you're talking about too but I have yet to try it out myself though I am a bit worried now lol. Yakuza Kiwami 2 does look very fun but I understand where you're coming from, it does feel like you could get fatigued playing too many in a row. Personally I do well with repetition though.
  3. Thanks for the vote of confidence! Yeah the Mahjong trophies worry me a bit but I still really enjoy the game and I'm glad I preordered the second one. I hope the PS4 ports of 3-5 come over as well. Good luck to you as well!
  4. Another platinum update! This has been a very prolific couple of months for me and I've got a couple more platinum games I can hopefully unlock soon! #79 Awkward July 2, 2018 (12:27 AM) Ever since playing Jackbox Party Pack, my wife and I have had a huge resurgence of interest in party games. Awkward is an interesting take on the party game as the questions are specifically written to spark debate and get people upset with each other. While the early round questions are simple and usually involve questions such as "Which alcoholic drink do you prefer?" or "Do you like pineapple on your pizza?" but end up getting very personal quickly with questions such as "Have you ever had a crush on your partner's friends?" or "Do you believe disabled people have the right to have children?". It was a very interesting game and I didn't really see any duplicates (duplicate questions usually had different answers each time) but I still prefer Jackbox to it. It does have the distinction of being my first ever trophy guide though so hopefully when that gets reviewed it will help you get the platinum too!
  5. Honestly I've tried getting this legitimately and getting it by setting the date (both offline and online) and I can't get this trophy to pop either. Did they patch it out with 1.01? EDIT: I've finally gotten this one to work thanks to a poster at Trueachievements. Apparently, the game date runs on GMT time and the Saturday Night trophy only unlocks between 9 PM and 12 AM. Because I'm in Pacific Time, my 9 PM was around 4 AM on Sunday GMT so it wasn't unlocking despite it being Saturday after 9 PM (I had to earn it around 2 PM instead). If you're having trouble like I was, check the time difference between your time zone and GMT time. Hope this helps someone out!
  6. It's been a very prolific month for me and I owe it mainly to Camp Wannalottaplat! Another update: two more platinum trophies including another backburner game! #77 Life is Strange: Before the Storm June 21, 2018 (1:05 AM) I was eagerly anticipating this one when it was announced but I got sidetracked in my backlog. However, the deluxe version went on sale for E3 and I ended up picking it up and swapping out my Sims 3 game for this one in the camp. My wife and I did really enjoy playing this one and the backtalk system was pretty awesome. Even though there weren't any superpowers in this one, it was still fun. I was slightly disappointed in the choices though. The thing I loved about Life is Strange were the characters and the huge impactful choices you had to make. In BfS, I didn't really get that same feeling, even though it did delve more into Chloe's life before Max. Still a very fun game though I much prefer the first game, even though it only took a few hours to get through. #78 Final Fantasy XV June 26, 2018 (9:09 PM) Now I just need the one after 909 (kudos to anyone who gets the reference)! At first, I had mixed feelings about this game and how different it was compared to the previous games. I wasn't a huge fan though I did spend roughly 30 hours exploring and doing side quests. However, after reading about Camp Wannalottaplat, I decided to sit down and give this one a fair shot. And I'm glad I did because I ended up enjoying it a lot. Sure the story was a mess and it only took roughly 15 hours to finish after I started but I kept coming back to it afterwards, not so much because I had to but because I wanted to. I still have DLC to finish up (especially with a second season pass releasing this next year) so I'll likely be coming back to this as soon as I finish up replaying FF7 with my wife (who fortunately has yet to be spoiled about anything in the game).
  7. @donut_plz Cabin 9 update: Just finished my bonus game Final Fantasy XV! It turned out to be better than I thought it initially was and I'm glad I sat down and gave it a fair shot. Now that I've finished my three games and my bonus game, I'll probably be juggling a bit of Borderlands along with some other games I've had on my backlog.
  8. Cabin 9 update #4: Got my third platinum for the event: Life is Strange Before the Storm! I liked it a lot but I felt it wasn't as strong as the first game. Still worth playing though. Currently on Chapter 10 of FFXV as well (50% done with the trophies). Should wrap that one up in the next week or so (hopefully).
  9. Sorry, is it possible for me to switch out my Sims 3 for Life is Strange: Before the Storm? I'm in Cabin 9 by the way. (Didn't realize my save file had corrupted before I started playing).
  10. Alright! Busy month of June on Playstation as I just earned my fifth and sixth platinums of June and my seventh platinum in the last month! The first one has been in my backlog for years and the second was a game I was anxious to try and ended up loving and finishing! #75 Jak and Daxter: Precursor Legacy (Vita) June 13, 2018 (5:55 PM) This was the first rerelease of Jak & Daxter I played back in 2014 but honestly, it wasn't a fantastic port and I ended up switching to the PS3 version after I got that one instead. Still, I love collect-a-thons and this game is really awesome to play through again. Interestingly enough, since I last played a debug mode was found which I used sparingly to make finding precursor orbs a whole lot easier (though I didn't unlock the power cells early as I felt that would make the game boring). Still a blast to play through even if the game locked up on me five or six times trying to get the platinum. Most likely I'll be going for the triple platinum once my camp games are finished. #76 Resident Evil 7: Biohazard June 15, 2018 (10:48 PM) I got the gold edition of this game a while ago for really cheap and wanted to play this game but never got around to it. I'm glad I finally did though because this game was awesome. Very creepy and tense and it had a unique atmosphere that I felt called back to the older RE games while having it's own unique gameplay. Sure, the game lost a lot of that near the end of the game (and subsequent playthroughs as well) but the game was refreshing and a lot of fun. I'm hoping RE8 continues this style of gameplay! I'll eventually play through the DLC but it will likely be after I finish Final Fantasy XV (or fail to do so before the camp event expires).
  11. Camp update #3: got the Resident Evil 7 platinum! Very creepy game the first time through but the next few times not so much. Madhouse is a lot easier after getting bonus items though. Also, could I change my friendship game from Sims 3 to Life is Strange: Before the Storm? Thanks.
  12. Camp update #2: Got my first platinum in summer camp! Add one for Cabin 9! After playing Jak & Daxter again, I remembered how much I enjoyed the game (even on the less than perfect Vita port) and managed to complete it a second time, earning myself the plat! I've also finished two runs of RE7 and only have the Madhouse run left. I'm hoping I can finish that one soon but I may struggle a bit. Hopefully should have that one finished before the end of the week!
  13. Thanks for letting me be a part of this! I started my camp journey yesterday by firing up Sims 3 and reacquainting myself with the controls. Unfortunately, I also forgot that my save file had corrupted and I had to start over but part of the camp experience is meeting new people so I don't mind. My new family is on their way to earning the last few trophies! I also started Resident Evil 7 and man that game is creepy. I'm kind of glad I didn't start the game in VR mode. Also, could I update my list of games and add Jak & Daxter 1 (Vita) as "hang out by the lake"?
  14. Another platinum! This one is for Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 2, which I finally got around to completing! I'll be starting Re;Birth 3 soon! #74 Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 2 June 6, 2018 (1:16 PM) I bought this one with the other two Re;Birth games a couple years ago and briefly started it after joining the Let's Play Neptunia forum (though I moved onto Cyberdimension instead). While the game is very samey to Re;Birth 1, the story was interesting and I enjoyed the little upgrades this game offered. I also enjoyed Nepgear a bit more as the protagonist of this one. However, I will say the DLC absolutely breaks this game if you get it. Nepgear's anime inspired sword boosts her strength up to 3000 at level 1 (allowing you to solo nearly every boss in the game), the super EXP saves tons of grinding and the Stella DLC almost feels necessary as it both halves the exploration time of dungeons and allows you to keep your gear to simply retry if you fail. Stella's minigame was not my favorite but with the DLC was manageable (though I was not happy when I failed True Neptral Tower three times after exploring for 13 hours each time). Still, I enjoyed this one and I'm looking forward to the next one. I also joined another club, Camp Wannalottaplat, which is a summer camp experience through trophies. It seemed like a blast so I'm likely going to mix my time between Re;Birth 3 and the five games I chose for the Camp (which you can see through my recent RE7 trophies). I also screenshot my Vice City platinum in my vita trophies just to prove it's real (since PSN is still glitched and won't show the actual trophy). I really hope that gets fixed soon but until then, here's my proof:
  15. Update: I got the Rebirth 2 plat! I liked it a lot (though screw Conquest ending) and also got my one and only game over after overestimating a Dogoo boss. Should be starting the third game soon!