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  1. Hey guys, hope you're all doing well! It's time for the first 2020 trophy update that isn't related to the previous decade stats! It's been an interesting month and I've got quite a bit of progress to update on. First up, Yakuza Remastered collection is finally out! Go get it and the rest of the series if you haven't it's a fantastic series. I also managed to go back and clear out Borderlands on PS3, finally getting the 100%. Using that save on PS4, I quickly cleared out that list too so I'm finally re-experiencing Borderlands 2, mostly for the first time. I'm loving that game to be honest. I also picked up the Dusk trilogy DX and can't wait to start that one up but I don't want too many gaming projects going on as I know I'll dive head first into Atelier Ayesha again like I did last time. I also fired up Lego Hobbit on PS3 and my wife and I are having a blast playing through that game together. We're 75% done so I'll likely wrap that one up soon. I've also been playing a lot of PS Now games (some of them because they're easy as I'm getting really close to the 200 mark) so there are a few cool additions thanks to that service. I also went back and played/finished a few games on my backlog from years ago like Dragon Ball Z Budokai and Way of the Samurai 4. I also finished the guide for Fifty Words by POWGI so go check that out! Recently however I've been playing Diablo 3 in an attempt to finish the Necromancer trophies (which is still glitched hidden but I only have three left to get the 100%) and I fired up LA Noire which I am truly loving. This is such a cool unique game. I remember really enjoying this on Switch (though I never beat it) and I'm glad I double dipped on PS4. I've been watching a lot of stuff about Michael Franzese and Larry Lawton so I've been itching to play an open world crime game (will likely start GTA San Andreas back up soon or finally get around to playing GTA 4 after 12 years) and I found LA Noire, even though it's not at all like that style of game. Still, it's very unique and fun and I'm glad I started it. Anyway, below are my completions for the previous month: #174 Dragon Ball Z Budokai Collection January 16, 2020 (12:55 AM) My first platinum of the new decade! My wife and I wrapped up watching DBZ and the movies and my thoughts returned to this game and how much fun I had with it. I expected to have a lot more to go but I managed to wrap it up in a few days. This is still a great collection of games with DBZ Budokai 1 being a great story retelling and 3 being great for the super moves. However, I still hate Dragon Rushes with a passion. Still, it's worth playing with your buddies especially if you want to destroy them in an epic way. Great collection though I still wish Budokai 2 was on here. Now where's the Budokai Tenkaichi HD collection? #44 Jackbox Party Pack 3 January 24, 2020 (2:59 PM) I love the Jackbox games and three was one of my favorites in the series. I really enjoyed the improved Quiplash 2, Trivia Murder Party is a unique twist on trivia, Fakin' It was hilarious and one of our favorites and the other two were OK. Still, you can't go wrong with this pack and I still play it regularly with family and friends. It also has some of my rarest trophies despite being incredibly easy to obtain. I am working on a guide for this game which will hopefully be published soon but it's highly recommended as is the rest of the series. #175 Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition (PS4) January 29, 2020 (10:05 PM) This was such an enjoyable port of Borderlands 1 with lots of cool features added in like the mini map and picking up ammo/money automatically or even customizing your characters. While I started this one with the wife, she kind of lost interest in it so after wrapping up the PS3 version (after years of playing it) I imported my character and thankfully, popped most of the annoying trophies (Mad Moxxi should have been autopop too though). I still really enjoy this game but after playing this game so much, I think I'm ready to move onto Borderlands 2 and leave Borderlands 1 behind. Still a great game though. #176 Tic Tac Letters by POWGI (PS4) February 6, 2020 (2:54 PM) Another POWGI game! This one was interesting as it wasn't so much a word game but almost like tic tac sudoku where you can't let any letters line up more than twice (though diagonally is still OK). Unique game and I'll probably be writing a guide for it no doubt but I really hope these POWGI games keep coming out. #177 Gem Smashers (PS4) February 7, 2020 (5:13 PM) When I saw this, I immediately thought it was going to be a match 3 Bejeweled/Candy Crush style game. What I got was an interesting game where you fling yourself at blocks and can only destroy them if you're the same color. This one is pretty fun at first but it does grow tiresome quickly, especially when you have to redo worlds with separate characters. Somehow, it also didn't credit me with completing a boss on one of the worlds so I spent an extra hour or two trying to complete extra worlds to get the last trophy to no avail until I realized my mistake. Still, it wasn't bad for a game I got from PS Now (i'm glad it was just a subscription cost and I didn't buy this) and it was an easy completion. #178 Skyscrappers February 8, 2020 (4:36 PM) This was another easy completion from PS Now and unfortunately, this one was very boring. While the platinum was very quick and relatively painless, it was a monotonous one. The concept was somewhat cool, allowing you to ninja your way up debris to the top of a crumbling tower to win instantly or beat each other to a victory but it grew old after a few levels (and you have to complete 28 levels in a row for the plat). Still, another PS Now game I didn't buy and a relatively painless platinum. #179 Clockwork Tales of Glass and Ink February 9, 2020 (3:40 PM) I really enjoy hidden object style games. Yes they're a dime a dozen but they're great and I enjoy playing them with the wife. This one was a relatively easy platinum as well so win win all around.
  2. So Yakuza 5 officially launched in America yesterday, as did the physical remaster collection! I hope you all are enjoying it and the ability to play through the entire series on PS4! How has everyone been? Making any progress in Yakuza lately?
  3. Hi there, I'm not sure if this is the appropriate place to post this but I was curious if anyone had any suggestions on how to solve a problem I'm having with hidden trophies not appearing. Most of the posts I've found on this is from 2016/2017 which went unresolved and when I've contacted Sony they're not sure how to fix it. I had previously hidden nine games (which became ten thanks to one of them being part of a double release on PS4) and after unhiding them years ago, they became glitched and went back to hidden around 2016 despite them showing as visible. I had minor hope after a Playstation update when they showed up as hidden again but unhiding them did nothing except show my entire list as hidden (despite it not being hidden at all) and it went back to normal shortly afterwards with the glitched hidden trophies not showing up still. Four years later, I've still had no success. I've attempted making my entire list private, earning a trophy then going public and earning a trophy to no avail. I've tried from both the account settings menu and the profile menu to unhide it. I've checked my PS3 and Vita to make sure they're not showing up as hidden on there either and they are showing up as public. I've earned trophies in all of the games in an attempt to get it to recognize to no avail. I've tried hiding additional games to force the list to update and reverting has no effect aside from unhiding the new games I hid. I've posted on the support forums and contacted Sony to no avail. I'm convinced it's an issue with the PS4 side as Final Fantasy X-2, a game I barely started after this happened, is also hidden and the lists aren't lumped together on PS3 or Vita. Weirdly enough, it still posts my trophy progress to my friend feed as my wife saw when I got the Diablo and FFX platinums. I've also followed BlindMango's excellent guide posted here without results: Unfortunately, nothing has worked yet. I apologize if this has been answered elsewhere or if I'm posting in the wrong spot but I'm out of ideas and coming to grips with the fact that I may not ever unhide these games. However, if you guys have any additional tricks or tips I would very much appreciate your advice and suggestions. Thank you all for reading.
  4. Hi! Could you update me? I've got 4 plats now so I'm a Superfan. Platted Rebirth 1, 2, 3 and HDN U.
  5. Hi there! Could I join? I'm a Super Saiyan. I got the Budokai plat.
  6. Can you sign me up for the Quicker Man? I have 11 plats. Batman PS3 Game of Thrones PS3 Life is Strange PS4/PS3 Life is Strange: Before the Storm Tales from the Borderlands Digital Until Dawn The Walking Dead PS4/PS3/Vita The Walking Dead Season Two PS4 The Walking Dead: A New Frontier The Walking Dead: The Final Season NA The Wolf Among Us PS4/PS3
  7. OK, I lied. Truetrophies has a decade on Playstation thing going on as well so here's hopefully my last update on the past decade's trophies: I've mainly been playing Borderlands recently as I finally wrapped up the PS3 version and used my character to autopop most of the PS4 list. Thankfully, the zombie DLC and claptrap collectables autopopped but man I was sure hoping Mad Moxxi would too (that is such a pain). I'm almost done with the PS4 list too and I'll finally move onto Borderlands 2, only 8 years later!
  8. Good to hear! I'll have to start that one then! This one will be my last update regarding the past year of gaming. Trueachievements posted a decade review for Xbox as far as achievements go. To be honest, I was a huge Xbox gamer until 2012/2013 when I started playing PS3 more, mainly for the exclusives so it was awesome to see how my stats added up over there. Below is a recap of 2010-2019 for my xbox profile. It's interesting to read, especially considering how much it says I paid in games (though in reality, I almost never paid full price for a game). I also was a little freaked out yesterday when my Disgaea 1 Complete popped the trophies for 100 and 1000 levels while I was attempting to level in item world. I thought I misread them but it turns out this is a notorious glitch in the game that when you kill a certain enemy, it acts like you've gained 3000 levels. While you definitely don't see that in game, the stats menu even shows that you've gained that many levels despite my characters only being around level 4-5. Adding to that I finally finished Borderlands 100% and imported my character to PS4 which autopopped a lot of trophies which startled me as well. I'm glad I don't have to do the collectable trophies again but it did freak me out.
  9. I'm glad this is common. This just happened to me and I was worried. Thought I misread the trophies.
  10. Thanks! That's interesting, I'm glad you got it to work though. I tried Red Dead but I think I need to invest in it more to be honest. The intro kind of bored me at first but I hear lots of great things about it. I've been sitting on Ni No Kuni 2 as well cause I wanna beat NNK1 first. How was it? Lol, yeah I do get quite a bit on discount though.
  11. So Playstation released this cool yearly recap, similar to what Nintendo did a little while ago, where it shows you your overall stats! I screensnapped my stats and I will share them below to add to the above yearly recap! You can verify these stats by clicking here if you're so inclined. Spoiler tag so it's not too intrusive. Also, I've included my Switch stats as well!
  12. Thanks! I appreciate your comments! Yakuza is definitely one of my favorites too and it is unique in the way that one minute you're laughing at Kiryu acting like a director or flinging the phone at a phone club and the next feeling tense or heartbroken. It's goofy at times but not goofy enough that you feel like you can't take it seriously. I hope you enjoy the rest of the series I know Kiwami is good too but it's not as feature rich as 0 is. I also hope they bring Ishin over eventually because it's a fun game.
  13. Hey everyone! Hope you all had a great new years! So far things have been great, though I've been playing a lot of Switch at the moment rather than PS4. However, I've finally compiled my yearly trophy recap of 2019! It ended up being way more prolific than last year even though I took a few months off to play Switch and Wii U games and I very nearly got to 200 platinums last year alone! 2019 Trophy Stats Total Trophies Earned: 2666 Total XP Earned: 90,735 Total Levels Gained: 9 (10 technically due to the hidden trophy glitch) Total Platinum Trophies: 67 Total 100% Games: 7 Total PS4 Platinums: 49 Total PS3 Platinums: 7 Total Vita Platinums: 11 150th Platinum Earned: Hidden Agenda/Crossovers by POWGI (Due to PSN hidden trophies glitch, Crossovers actually appears as my 150th, though it was truly Hidden Agenda). First Platinum of 2019: Castlevania Requiem Last Platinum of 2019: Fifty Words by POWGI (PS4) Favorite Platinum: Resident Evil 2/Yakuza Kiwami/Final Fantasy X/Uncharted Remastered Favorite Game of 2019: Resident Evil 2 2019 wound up being a fantastic year for platinums as I got nearly 70 platinums for the year and almost crossed the 200 threshold, despite the fact that I spent a lot of time on individual games this year. Not only did I get more plats and completions than any other year by comparison but also completed several tough completions. Unfortunately, one of them is affected by the hidden trophy glitch (Final Fantasy X). I started the year completing several platinums that I had nearly obtained in 2018 but couldn't quite complete. Castlevania Reqiuem was one I was very much trying to complete before the new year but ended up wrapping up on January 2 and I was very disappointed in myself for never playing SotN before then. I also wrapped up That's You (which only needed a few additional games to get the plat) and HDN Re;Birth 3 and started on some fun new platinum projects. My wife and I finally played Walking Dead season 3 and really enjoyed it to the point where we finished it in a day and would also complete the final season later that year, which we thought was great (so much so we started replaying the series again with family). I also replayed a few old favorites in new packages, such as importing Phoenix Wright HD, thoroughly enjoying Stein's Gate Elite/Steins Gate 0 and revisiting Guacamelee STCE. However, RE2 remake blew my mind after picking it up in March and I loved it so much I replayed it several times throughout the year, finally finishing up REmake as well (two awesome platinums and two amazing games I thoroughly enjoyed). While I would play RE0 a lot, that one didn't capture me like the other ones did and I'm still standing in front of the final boss contemplating if I want to finish the game or replay the first two again. Afterwards, I enjoyed cleaning up a few older games on my list, such as Minecraft and Borderlands 1. However, during April, the majority of my free time went to Final Fantasy X, which I picked back up and resumed playing. Honestly, I was loving the game thoroughly, revisiting the story I loved back in the early 2000s and re-experiencing it with my wife to the point where I wanted to go for the platinum. I manged to beat the game after 50~ hours but it would take me another 150 hours on top of that to reconfigure my sphere grid, grind for spheres and levels, max everyone out and finally take out the superbosses at the end of the game. It was a trying platinum but one I am extremely proud of. Unfortunately, it's glitched hidden so I can't show it off (like my Diablo 3 and GTA Vice City plats) but it's still one of my more proud platinums and one I enjoyed getting. From there, I was ready to tackle some shorter, more manageable games and platinums and finished a few that had been on my backlog for ages including the PS3 versions of Telltale games and HDN U for Vita. It was around this time too that I got PS Plus and tested a few games. I also ended up being one of the first people to finish LSL WDDD, which I actually enjoyed (though it led me to play Box Office Bust, a terrible, terrible game). I also was really enjoying replaying Uncharted Remastered, which I introduced to a buddy, and actually managed to beat this game on Crushing and Brutal, which was another very proud platinum from 2019. After a huge scare where the post office seemingly misdelivered my package, I was happy to find it on my doorstep the next day with the Atelier series and I was so enamored with Atelier Ayesha that I binged the game and completed it in a week. I am seriously pumped to play the DX version releasing soon. I continued at this time wrapping up old games (including the frustratingly complex Deponia Doomsday) until my focus shifted to a game I picked up in 2017. At first, the gameplay was obtuse and confusing but as I played and appreciated the subtleties of it, it quickly grew to one of my favorite series and that was Yakuza Kiwami. I loved this game so much I even created a Let's Play for the series in 2019, which is available to anyone who wants to join. This one took me over 100 hours to plat but it was so enjoyable I immediately started the prequel and I'm still loving playing through that game. The remastered collection is something I'm really looking forward to in 2020. Around this time, I managed to complete the online portions of all three Driveclub games but I played a magical remake that pulled me away from Playstation and while I did come back and earn a few completions here and there, most of my focus shifted to Nintendo after really enjoying the LoZ remake. This led me to play through Breath of the Wild (finding all 900 korok seeds and complete all shrines), Twilight Princess HD, Skyward Sword and get 100% in all of them. I'm about 75% through Minish Cap with the intention to play Four Swords and Ocarina afterwards. I also revisited the Dragon Quest series on Switch and I'm still on a Switch kick. 2019 also saw several trophy guides written by me posted for the first time ever. Two POWGI games and Awkward! I have several more on the horizon so stay tuned! The year wrapped up with me completing the Truetrophies 12 days of Christmas challenge and enjoying Bloodstained and Crash Racing and while I do slightly regret not pushing harder to get the final 30 plats to get 100 in a year, I really enjoyed the games I played this year and my progress. It was a great way to end the decade and I'm excited to play some new games in 2020! There's gonna be a bunch I'm excited to play this year! Thanks for reading!
  14. Happy new year everyone! I hope you all had a good holiday season and you're safe tonight (or were safe if it already passed for you). I've been enjoying Yakuza 0 lately with the wife. How's everyone's progress? I also wanted to post to let everyone know that a Yakuza 7 tile has been made in preparation of the game's release in a few weeks. For now, it will not be a requirement for Majima's Finest though once the game releases worldwide it will be. Cheers and have a great holiday!
  15. Hi there! Could you update my platinum count? I got five more Lego Plats, making 24: Lego Harry Potter 5-7, Lego Marvel 2, Lego Incredibles, Lego Movie 2 and Lego DC Super Villains.