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  1. Here's my proof for I Never Miss. This will also be the Youtube channel I use for further proof.
  2. This seems like a lot of fun! Do you mind if I join?
  3. Hi! Can you update me to Chief Builder? I've got 16 platinums now. PS4: Lego Ninjago Movie Lego City Undercover Lego Star Wars: Force Awakens Lego Avengers Lego Jurassic World Lego Batman 3 Lego The Hobbit The Lego Movie Game Lego Marvel Vita: Lego Star Wars: Force Awakens The Lego Movie Game Lego Chima Lego Batman 2 Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7 Lego Lord of the Rings PS3: Lego Indiana Jones 2
  4. Can you update my platinum count? I've got 7 now (R&C, R&C2, R&C3, Deadlocked, Crack in Time, Into The Nexus, R&C PS4)
  5. Can you put me down as a recruit? I've got the plat in AC2 and AC Brotherhood. Thanks!
  6. @Terra Midnight Club: LA. The online is gone so it's impossible to plat now.
  7. @stupid0089 ESO just because that emperor trophy is insane.
  8. Killzone 2. I hear that game is almost impossible to plat now.
  9. Can you sign me up please? I have a few trophies and I'm enjoying playing through this game.
  10. Can you sign me up for fan? I have the HDN:RB1 plat.
  11. Armored Core 4 and NBA Street Homecourt. I enjoyed Homecourt but felt Armored Core 4 was a bit of a step back from the last one I played (AC2:AA).
  12. Can you sign me up for Spartan? I've got plats in GoW, GoW2 and CoO. EDIT: (Platinumed 2 additional games).
  13. Could you sign me up for hedgehog? I have a plat in Sonic's Ultimate Genesis collection.
  14. Can you sign me up for protagonist? I've got the Danganronpa plat.
  15. Can you sign me up for LIghtning's sidekick? I've platinumed FF7.