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  1. Of course you can join! We welcome everyone here whether they're planning on playing their first one or they've platinumed every single one. Welcome to the thread! Awesome job with the completions by the way. And not a problem, I hope this has helped people enjoy the series too. It's an awesome series and I'm glad it released on Xbox/PC now so more people can enjoy it. Here are your tiles and good luck with the rest of the games! Awesome! I've heard good things about 5 and I'm looking forward to playing it (I'm on 3 still). Hopefully you continue enjoying it!
  2. Hey guys, please bear with me. I made your tiles but imgur is down ATM so I will edit this post with updates when I can upload the tiles. EDIT: Imgur is back up. Here are your tiles guys! Amazing! You're really moving through the series, that's awesome! You only really have a couple more to go before you're in Majima's Finest! That sounds so irritating btw but at least you found out why you didn't get the trophy. Reminds me of back in the day when I played Lego Indy 2 and I only needed to beat freeplay for the plat (which would have been my first) but despite beating it twice (and again in one sitting) the trophy didn't pop so I shelved it. Loaded it up 6 years later and got it in 10 minutes lol. I'm sorry you aren't enjoying Judgment. I just picked it up for PS5 so I'm not sure which version I want to play yet but I hope it picks up for you. But awesome job! Here's your tile @thefourfoldroot! Welcome and great job! I haven't played Yakuza 7 yet but I did hear interesting things about it. But I can highly recommend the ones I have played and I really recommend you go back to Yakuza 0 after you're done. It may feel a bit more dated than 7 but it's an amazing game and I hope you enjoy it just the same! Here's your tile @FFATMA!
  3. Thank you very much! I appreciate your feedback, thanks for checking it out!
  4. Hey everyone, long time no see! Sorry for the lack of updates, things have been hectic. I started a new job in March and it was tough learning a new trade but I'm loving it and I'm finally starting to get the hang of it and get a more solid schedule. I've been jumping between Switch and Playstation lately and across platforms, trying to wrap up some games in my backlog and trying some new ones. I went back to Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires after reading part of Romance of the Three Kingdoms (I'm about 1200 pages in atm, started reading it on lunch breaks) and I played some old classics I enjoyed as a kid. I actually knocked a couple of online trophies out of the way, thanks to some buddies I found on this site (thanks guys!) and managed to platinum NFS Most Wanted on PS3 (need a regular boosting buddy to get the others). I would have gotten the Vita version too but I'm stuck on Needle Point (it's super tough on Vita). I also got a house decorating game (mainly for the wife) but I really enjoyed playing it. The biggest news is that I FINALLY found a PS5 at retail price! I had been searching for months and came close a few times but never got it. After working a serious OT day last tuesday (got off around 4 AM), I nonchalantly decided to check when I woke up to see if they had any in stock. And just my luck, I managed to score a Gamestop bundle! It managed to get to me on Sunday and I've been playing with it ever since. I love it. The features are so cool, the fast load times are amazing and the controller also blew me away when I first played Astro's Playroom. I also got the 3D Pulse headset and it's so immersive. Playing that game or Spider-man with it on is just awesome. I also love that it's so quiet (my PS4 pro sounded like it was trying to reach 10,000 feet whenever I played anything on it) so that's amazing. It does run pretty hot though and I wish the home was customizable like the PS4 (folders and more game listings) but I am super happy with the purchase (also it will take some adjusting to get used to turning it off by pressing and not holding the button). Plus, on a very cool note, I have like 15 PS5 games already due to me purchasing last gen versions, such as RE8, Borderlands, Miles Morales, Sackboy, etc. So I have no shortage of things to play right now. There was also a slight glimmer of hope on my glitched trophies when it showed Vice City was hidden but unfortunately, switching it back didn't do anything. I also started the Mass Effect remaster and it's amazing. I was trying to get the PS3 version done recently but the trophies are so much easier now on PS4. Whoever designed the trophies this time around deserves a huge bonus, I love the way they did it. You can actually platinum it in 1 run instead of three and the more difficult trophies, such as romances and insanity difficulty have their own separate list. Seriously, major props to the devs for this trophy list, I will probably finish ME1 relatively soon (barring me getting distracted on PS5 games). Here are the games that I managed to complete since the last update! #212 Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and Lion King March 15, 2021 (3:47 PM) I grew up with both of these games and it was a blast replaying them again. Lion King was a bit harder than I remembered but still lots of fun. I liked how you got multiple versions of each game and the trophy lists were very easy considering you can use passwords to cheese through the game. But it was a fun little side game and a trip down memory lane (my wife especially loved it considering she loves these movies). Rumor has it that Jungle Book will be released as DLC, which would be cool, but for now this is shelved. Good games though and recommended if you want a nostalgia trip or an easy platinum. However, if you're looking for a remaster or remake, these games are unchanged from their original version so keep that in mind. #213 House Flipper May 1, 2021 (10:51 PM) I half expected this to be shovelware-esque, but I thoroughly enjoyed my time with this game. It was a lot of fun fixing up old houses and remodeling/decorating them and it gave me a "Viscera Cleanup Detail" feeling, which is one of my favorite PC indie games. The gameplay was soothing in a weird way as you cleaned up trash and fixed the houses or did contracting jobs. There are even houses that are references to real ones, like the Home Alone house or the Breaking Bad house which was a cool touch. This is an oddly therapeutic game though and very relaxing. I just wish there was more to do. I even wrote a guide for the DLC, which I managed to complete as well but despite adding cool new features, it makes the game much glitchier. I really recommend the base version, which is a lot of fun, but wait till you've finished it before getting the DLC. #214 Need For Speed: Most Wanted 2012 (PS3) May 5, 2021 (9:47 PM) Ah, this game. I loved this game a lot. It reinvigorated me on the Need for Speed series and I spent a lot of time exploring Fairhaven and doing all the mini challenges and things of that nature. I loved this open world, finding cars, hitting cops and the like. While my initial run was on the Vita, I picked this one up to experience the DLC but this was my third or fourth run through this game, which made a few trophies tough. But thanks to some people from this site, I managed to wrap up the online trophies in the base game and earn the platinum trophy! I've since completed all single player content but I don't think I'll be able to get the rest of the trophies, considering how one requires at least 7 people. But I really enjoy this game and I will likely fire it up still just to explore more. The collectable trophies are still tough though considering how annoying it is to miss a single gate or billboard. #215 Astro's Playroom May 23, 2021 (10:06 PM) My first PS5 platinum trophy (as it will likely be for a lot of new PS5 owners!). This game was such a joy to play through. I loved every moment of my time with it. The nostalgia trip through Playstation history was so awesome and seeing so many cameos (such as MGS, Silent Hill or RE) was awesome. This is truly a game you have to play to enjoy and experience first hand though, watching videos won't do you justice. Feeling Astro move through the world on the controller is unique and so enjoyable and having the built in PS5 guide was incredibly helpful with finding a few stubborn collectables. I would love a full fledged sequel to this game with more levels, history and artifacts. Maybe worlds based on PSP and Vita? Even if it's just DLC for this game, I would love to play through more of it. Highly recommended and such a treat for a free game. Very proud to have this as my first PS5 platinum.
  5. Hey there! Sorry for the lack of updates but I got a platinum for May: Need for Speed: Most Wanted 54 of 61 Trophies 6th May 2021 • Platinum in 4 years, 4 months I love this game but I doubt I will be able to 100% the DLC trophies just because of the multiplayer time commitment (and I would need 6 other players and the game is dead). Still, I really enjoy this game and I will still try my best to finish it.
  6. I know to unlock one of the terminal velocity DLC trophies, you need at least 7 people as you have to jump over 6 cars at the airport for a license plate. But for the rest of them, you only really need two players.
  7. Awesome job with the platinum! Here is your tile! You're so close to Majima's Finest!
  8. Thanks for the heads up! I was considering it, but I decided against doing different awards. For example, Yakuza 3 PS4 has most of the cut content and different trophies than Yakuza 3 PS3 so that would need to be separate as well. However, I will leave it up to you guys on whether you want to do something like that. Would you guys like to do separate console lists (PS3, PS4, PS5) for every game, just the different games (like 3 and Judgment) or keep it the way it is right now (one plat per game)?
  9. Awesome! Looking forward to adding you back in! Awesome! That one seemed like it would be fun from what I've heard of it but I've still got a ways to go. And I would have thought given all the content it would be a longer plat but that's interesting that it was shorter. Have fun with Judgment! I started playing it and what I played of it was a lot of fun. Here's your tile! Welcome and awesome job getting into Majima's Finest! Even if your journey is pretty much complete, still glad to have you here! Have you considered importing Ishin? And yes, that's kind of what happened when Like a Dragon released (we had four people in Majima's Finest but only Inuty has reclaimed their title so far). Here are your tiles! Awesome job with Ishin! I love the setting of that (and Kenzan) and I really wish they would bring it over. I played it for a little while but the language barrier made things difficult (I can read some Japanese but not nearly enough to make sense of things). Great job though and good luck with 0! Here's your tile!
  10. Thanks! I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying 5 a lot more than 4. I'm really looking forward to it (still on Yakuza 3 myself). It'll probably be a while before I get to it though. Hopefully I won't lose motivation on 4. Have fun with the free games though and best of luck with 5, I heard it's a huge completion! I've heard of people who didn't like the combat change but enjoyed it when they finally started playing it. Hopefully you'll enjoy it. I love the side missions in Yakuza as well, even though I constantly get lost in them to the point where I often forget what I was doing in the main story (thankfully the games have New Game+). And I loved 0 as well (my wife especially loved playing as Majima). Also, benvenuto, grazie per esserti unito. Yes, it's in Clubhouse Games. It also has Koi Koi in it. That's how I introduced my wife to Riichi Mahjong. It is a lot of fun, if you have a switch I'm sure you'd enjoy it! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the combat in Yakuza 7. Hopefully it will get better though (if they don't go back to the old system). Thanks! Hopefully you did well on your exams. Also, hopefully PS5s will be easier to find by the time you clear your backlog!
  11. Hey guys, it's been a while!. I'm sorry it's been so long since I got in here and updated the thread. I started a new job recently and it's been awesome but exhausting at the same time. Still, I hope you guys have been enjoying the series and possibly playing the PS5 version of Yakuza 7 now that it's been released! I can understand burnout. Just don't push yourself to complete them all at once or you'll grow bored of the series and even dislike it. These games are fun but in a way, they're not really meant to be played all in a row. I know you're working on 5 but don't force yourself to power through the series. And hopefully 5 is working better for you, I know I'm excited to get to play it though I heard the completion can be a nightmare. I'm still working on 3 myself though I haven't really played it in a while (I'm eager to go back to it soon though). Best of luck to you! Here's your overdue tile for 4! Welcome! I'm glad you enjoy this series and you have a really impressive list of platinums! In fact, you're really close to earning a place in Majima's Finest!This is definitely the place to connect with others who love this series as there are quite a few people here who have earned a lot of the platinums in the series (and even one who has every platinum). The series is really awesome and though I'm only on 3 as of right now, I've really enjoyed playing the series so far. I'm also glad to see it inspired you to play mahjong! It's fun but I don't understand it well enough to play in real life so I usually play it in Yakuza or on my switch. It's also great to see you found people to play it with in real life! While not mahjong, Yakuza did inspire me to pick up a pack of Hanafuda cards and my wife and I occasionally play Koi Koi in real life. Best of luck with Judgment and FotNS and here are your completion tiles! Welcome! That's impressive! I usually try to max out Haruka's rank but I haven't gotten it in 3 yet. I also love all the side missions and I often find myself getting sidetracked just playing arcade games or mini games. The stories are also amazing too and my wife loves Majima (he's one of my favorites too). Are you planning on playing Yakuza: Like a Dragon? Here are your tiles!
  12. Nice job! I'm still on Chapter 4 trying to wrap up side completions but thanks for the advice. Batting seems to be hard (reminds me of Kiwami 1's batting in a way but toughter) but I've knocked out Bowling and Golf. How is Yakuza 4 so far? Are you liking it more? Also here's your tile!
  13. Yeah, unfortunately PS3 trophies don't auto sync so you'll have to manually sync them from PS Now by clicking on your trophy list and choosing "sync with server".
  14. Thanks lol. Great job finishing off pool and golf though! I think you're right about the 60fps though. Trying to hook a tuna gives you roughly half a second to press the button. I can't attest to the changes because I haven't played much of the PS3 version but there might have been a conversion problem, similar to the pool sensitivity. And sure! I played 9 ball at aqua sky and I did "practice alone". I would push the cue all the way right on break, aim slightly between the 1 ball and the one below it (make sure to hit the 1 ball first or its a foul) and use full top English (I experimented with going slightly top left or top right and it had varied results). It took a few times but it was better than trying to do it against an opponent. I also saved before so I could reload once the trophy popped. Hopefully this helps! I'm the same way when it comes to Yakuza games. I'll often get absorbed in the side content so long I forget what's happening! But for my wife's sanity (she loves the story of the games), I decided to get through the story (and substories) and focus on side content when she's at work or gone.
  15. Congrats on the PS5! I can't add a whole lot that Undead Wolf and Redgrave haven't already touched upon (they are two of our resident Yakuza masters after all), but I would also suggest playing through 3-6 first as well, just because the stories in these games are so great and build on each other very well (having just started Yakuza 3 recently, I can attest that a lot happens just between 2 and 3 alone). If nothing else, there's still roughly 2 weeks until Yakuza 7 launches on PS5, if you're able to, why not fire up the games and at least play through the story and mop up completion later? Just a suggestion. I managed to squeeze past the expert rotation guy after about 4 hours of playing then immediately lost to the beginner 8 ball guy. So I'm taking a break from 8 ball and doing other side stuff lol. And thanks for the heads up about baseball!