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  1. Hey guys! Sorry about the wait. I got a promotion at work and it's awesome but exhausting and I've been zoning out when I get off. Sorry to everyone who posted this thread is definitely not dying I've just been really tired lately. Makes sense, thanks for the heads up! I can definitely understand why that's frustrating. And I completely understand what you mean about Yakuza. It's such a multi layered series. There's a ton of stuff to do and explore and despite the wackiness the series gets into, it still manages to touch you emotionally. My wife and I always joke about how in 0 you can (minor spoilers) Thanks for the advice! I appreciate it! I still have to go back and wrap up 3's side content (I petered out on trying to win 50k in Mahjong) but when I get to 4's colosseum I will definitely take this advice to heart. Thanks! Awesome! I'd have to say that's the one I'm most looking forward to trying (I'm still on the beginning of 4). But I'm hoping Lost Judgment will be awesome! I'll likely get it sometime soon (still gotta beat Judgment) but best of luck with RE8! I had a lot of fun with that game too. Absolutely! Sorry it took me so long to respond to you! Thanks for joining and here are your tiles! @teejota22
  2. Thanks for your input! I think that's one of the reasons I'm looking so forward to it but I will definitely be on the lookout for the colosseum (hopefully it wasn't as bad as the wrestling in Yakuza 0). Thanks for sharing! Thanks! I was worried for a minute that someone else created a profile like me but that's very strange. Thanks for pointing that out though I'm not sure why it would do that. And so far I'm liking 4 a lot but I think it's more the improvements over 3 (and the fact I'm starting this time on normal and no one is blocking near as much). I did finally wrap up batting in Y3 though. You were right, it does feel like there are some weird timing issues with it where I feel like it's a good hit and it isn't. I ended up using my Wii U's sensor bar and dangling it over the TV where the marker was to aim on Extra Hard. Once I finally got the timing down I managed to clear it without too much hassle. I just have the gambling games and fishing/darts to complete the minigames but I'm nearly done with darts. Then I'll probably move to the colosseum after that.
  3. Thanks! Yeah I decided just grind through it on hard since it wasn't too tough, it was just super aggravating trying to hit enemies who kept guarding. That and it felt like every five steps someone would attack you. But I started 4 yesterday and it seems interesting but I'm only on Chapter 2. Also best of luck with Fist! But no, this is my original profile and I haven't changed anything on it. I did hide a couple games in the past for various reasons that stayed hidden after I unhid them. My only other accounts are my JPN and EUR accounts which I don't really trophy hunt with. Why do you ask @thefourfoldroot?
  4. Well, I've finally beaten Yakuza 3. I'd have to say it was interesting at first but kinda petered out near the end for me. I think it's because I chose to play it on Hard mode and everyone is constantly guarding which got old really fast (I resorted to throwing most of the enemies a lot of time until I learned the Tiger Fist). I will likely start Yakuza 4 tomorrow for the story (my wife is off with me tomorrow) and catch up on completing Yakuza 3 when I'm by myself again. I mainly just have minigames and hitman missions so I can unlock the last substory and trophies then do a Legend run. Yeah I have a feeling until the PS5 and Series X become more commonplace and build up their user bases, Sega will continue to port games to the PS4 (especially given how popular the PS4 was). I'm glad to hear you're enjoying LaD though, I hear it's a lot of fun despite the battle changes. And I'm glad to hear about the deal you got. Are you gonna finish off LaD and get the Tojo Clan Captain title or go for FotNS first when you've got some time? And yeah, I'm definitely not complaining that she's interested in the series, I really enjoy that we can share it together. But we work opposite shifts so it's hard to coordinate sometimes. Still, now that we've beaten the story of Yakuza 3, we'll move on to Yakuza 4 and hopefully get a buffer so I can clean up completions when I'm alone (she's only really interested in the substories and story). Awesome! I'm glad to hear it. Haven't gotten that far in the series yet but I'm excited to play Yakuza 5 (I've heard it's pretty awesome).
  5. Yeah there was a bit of a lull after RE3 came out and before Village released and I know it's been a while since anyone really posted in this thread. Speaking of, congrats on beating Darkside Chronicles but I haven't updated since Village came out (it's required now for Masters of Unlocking, sorry, I hope you don't think I'm intentionally trying to block you!). I remember I really liked UC on Wii but playing it with a controller felt weird on PS3. Never got a chance to play DC (though I have it on my PS3 waiting). Glad to hear it was a lot of fun, even if the completion was tedious. It was interesting reading your take on things and I'm surprised that they added lore into it as well. And hopefully you can score a PS5 soon. Village is a lot of fun and I'm curious on what your take on it will be. Here is your award by the way! @Undead Wolf Welcome aboard and congrats on being the first one to earn the Village award! Thanks for joining! Here are your awards: @Lonemankane
  6. Thanks for being a big part of it! I'm glad it seems like the new system works best for everyone and I thank you (and everyone else for that matter) for your opinions and input. I hope that this gives people multiple goals to strive for without anyone feeling left out. And I really do appreciate your arguments and giving me new perspectives to look at. I do respectfully disagree with what you're saying about creating a separate group for PS5 though. The biggest difference for me personally is that PS5s are continually in production and will become easier to find over time as more and more start to exist while PS3s are becoming more scarce and harder to find as time goes on (unless somehow they integrate PS3 backwards compatibility in the future). Thankfully, it sounds like most developers are going to continue supporting PS4 for at least a couple more years (based on what I've read) so hopefully Ryu ga Gotoku studios don't completely jump ship to PS5 just yet. Hopefully all the success of being multiplatform now will keep them supporting both generations for a while. I'm sorry again to hear you didn't like Judgment much. From what little I've played, it does seem a bit slower paced. It was interesting reading your perspective though. I suppose I'll see when I fire it up again in the future. But hopefully you're enjoying Yakuza Like a Dragon. Awesome that they had a sale on it! And on a funny side note, I talked to my wife about possibly breaking away and focusing on completing these by myself and she told me "you better prepare to play it twice then" lol. I'm getting near the end of Yakuza 3 though. Here's your tile! @thefourfoldroot Thank you for giving your thoughts on the matter! Hopefully they do release an updated Dead Souls/Kenzan/Ishin after Lost Judgment. I'd preorder them day one. And welcome to Majima's Finest! I'm glad things worked out! On an unrelated note, I have a similar picture as my phone's wallpaper (Kiryu and Majima dancing) lol. You're absolutely correct. But my concern is also that Sony very nearly took that option away by shutting down the PS3 store. Who's to say they won't try again in the near future? And there's also the investment cost of getting a working PS3 on top of that, which will likely only increase with time. Awesome job! You're one platinum away from Majima's Finest! Best of luck with LAD! Here's your tile! @ShadyWARcotix
  7. Thank you guys so much for your feedback and voicing your opinions. I really do enjoy reading your guys thoughts about the thread and becoming involved in how it works. It means a lot! I'm glad to see people also voicing their concerns too, it really helps me see things in a different viewpoint. After much talking and deliberation, I've implemented a new system. We now have Tojo Clan Captains for those who have platinumed the main series. We have Majima's Finest, which remains pretty much the same minus Dead Souls (it requires both of the other spin offs though as well as any future spin offs) and Dragons of Dojima, which requires all including Dead Souls and the three Japanese only games. I have also separated Dead Souls into its own category: Survivors of the End. The reason for this is I did something similar in another LP thread that seemed to go over well. For now, Dead Souls will be considered a bonus game. I hope you all enjoy the new system, feel free to keep leaving comments and thoughts and if you guys really don't like this new change, I will revert it back to the old system. Congrats to all of the new Majima's Finest/Tojo Captain members and super congrats to our first Dragon of Dojima: Undead Wolf! On a side note, looking on eBay and Amazon, Dead Souls is hovering around $50-$70 (£36-£50) which is starting to get more and more expensive as well. Sega could always make more (like they did with Yakuza 2 a few years back) but I'm sure it will get worse before it gets better and the price has already jumped over 200% since I bought it in 2019. This is probably further reason to exclude it. Thanks for pointing this out and I did mentally change your vote. In my opinion though, Dead Souls is the only game to really suffer from obsolescence as it's the only game not available on any other platform and is not playable in any form on modern hardware. PS5 is fully compatible with all PS4 Ryu ga Gotoku games and, barring any unforeseen circumstances, will remain so for the entirety of the PS5's lifecycle. This means that the PS4 titles aren't in any danger of facing the same problem as Dead Souls, even if PS5 versions come out later (or exclusively). The only benefit I personally can see for tracking consoles in this manner is for the two games that vary from their previous list: Yakuza 3 (which had cut content/different translation) and Judgment (which PS5 made an easier list). Outside of these two lists, the other console versions share the same lists/content. I'm not trying to cut down your ideas (I really do appreciate feedback like this, thanks a ton, you've been very helpful) but more I'm not seeing how this would benefit the thread outside of encouraging more people to double platinum games as Dead Souls really is the only game that faces this issue. But I am more than happy to track individual platforms moving forward on the tournament fighters section if that's what the community wants (though the tiles will still be rewarded once per completion). Thanks and welcome! I appreciate your opinion. It isn't so much that other people have been complaining, more so that a good majority of people in the thread don't seem to have access to PS3 anymore (or it would be a big hassle to get it out) and PS3 is getting harder to find. And I really don't think thefourfoldroot is suggesting people in the thread would be forced to a specific version (we really don't want people forcing themselves to play the series here, especially in a language they can't understand), more that there would be a reward for people who do play different platforms. But I appreciate your feedback! Correct. Dragons of Dojima includes the Japan only HD collection. Kiwami would not cover it because of how vastly different Kiwami 1 and 2 are to the original PS2 versions, so to earn that title you would have to plat both the HD games and both Kiwamis. But in the Tojo Clan Captains section, you could substitute either or (as they both cover the events of 1 and 2). Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I've implemented mine/Undead Wolf's plan with one exception that I made after some thought. I felt that excluding FotNS from Majima's Finest, despite being so different, would have made things difficult for newcomers. Dragons of Dojima is more for people who are very invested in the series to the point they're willing to explore games that aren't even translated. Putting Fist of the North Star in with that would mean people would most likely ignore FotNS in the scope of the thread as they would have to import and platinum three Japan only games in order to get Dragons of Dojima and it would likely lead to this game being sidelined. Plus, barring Dead Souls which is now considered a bonus game, all of the spin offs are in Majima's Finest, which will differentiate it from Tojo Clan Captain now. Had we retained the two tier plan, I would definitely have kept the plan as is. But congrats buddy, you're finally part of Majima's Finest.
  8. I really appreciate your detailed response and explanations and I'm very glad to hear your opinions and having this discussion. Thanks for sharing! I can definitely see your point of view in dividing the series and I can very much agree that mainline series explanation is pretty much post decision rationalization. Though, in all fairness, group discussion like this often does allow you to gain new ideas and view points that help further rationalize decisions you already had. The main reason I brought this up to begin with was because the vast majority of people who join and are going through the series don't seem to have access to a PS3 and therefore Dead Souls. Couple that with the fact that the PS3 has been discontinued for the past 5 years (and are only becoming harder to find) and what we thought was the closure of the PS3 store in the near future (which would have limited access to the game further) and this definitely made me think. In contrast, every other game that has been translated is easily available on PS4 (and by extension PS5) and, barring any unforeseen circumstances, will remain easily available for many years to come, especially due to PS5's backwards compatibility. Also, I did something similar on my LP Resident Evil thread and it seemed to go over well. But I also wanted your guys opinions about this because your opinions matter and I never want to implement a change that would cause you guys to become less interested in the thread. Also, I appreciate your vote but for others your opinion matters even if it's against the crowd so please vote how you would prefer. Also, I did put it to a vote previously about whether or not to track console completions separately, but the vote seemed to fizzle out with no clear consensus. At this time, everyone is free to discuss it but I don't want to throw the whole thread in chaos right now. Definitely open to it though if everyone would like this to be a thing. I've been thinking about how to do this split most efficiently and perhaps the following is the best way to do this and compromise so everyone is happy: A new category is created that comprises only the main series (Yakuza 0-7): Tojo Clan Captains (or something with a better name). Majima's Finest remains how it is with all western games being a requirement including dead souls. Dragons of Dojima is created that includes all unique platinums including the Japanese only games. Yes, this may not allow for DoD to be as diverse as Undead Wolf suggested but this would create a new category that eases the requirements while making Majima's finest about going for the side games and rewarding those who imported. I'm really not trying to throw more at you guys especially this close to the deadline but please let me know your thoughts on this. I don't want to go against the vote (which if it passes will take effect on Sunday) but I feel this would be the most effective way to split up the series without having to have detailed explanations about each category. Please let me know if you guys are opposed to this. Thanks.
  9. Hey everyone! So there seems to be a loud consensus with the straw poll. As of this current writing, the vote is 8-1 in favor of making a new category and easing the Majima's Finest requirements! I really want to thank everyone who has voted and voiced their opinion on this matter and urge anyone who has not yet voted or has something to say to please do so now. Otherwise, I will likely implement the changes on Sunday so long as things remain the same. Thanks for your opinion! You do have a point regarding console vs series and I can definitely see where you're coming from. This is a thread about exploring the series and you're absolutely right about that though I do hope to encourage people to explore outside the games available to the west despite the language barrier. But the new title "Dragons of Dojima" would be more of a "all encompassing series" title while the new Majima's Finest will be more about finishing the main series. I hope this doesn't discourage you. I do like this idea a lot. Perhaps Majima's Finest could be for platinuming the main series while Dragons of Dojima could encompass the side games? I don't want to overload the community with so many proposals but this could be a good implementation to discuss in the future. Welcome! It is, but that's why I'm glad it's branching out to Xbox and PC so that more and more people can enjoy this game series. Also, here are your tiles! @FearElemental
  10. Thank you very much for your feedback, both of you! I haven't quite played FotNS but Undead Wolf, your explanation makes sense and I could see how it would have less ties to the Ryu Ga Gotoku universe (besides sharing devs and gameplay traits). I really do like your idea too, thanks for the detailed response! That would help make Majima's Finest more open and would reward and encourage players (such as yourself) who have gone above and beyond in exploring the series. Members of the Let's Play: I have created a straw poll with my/Undead Wolf's suggestions. Please vote on it and leave any feedback you have concerning this change. After one week or if there's a clear consensus before then, I will either adopt or reject this idea and make the necessary changes. The link is located here: Thanks!
  11. So this has come up a lot and I wanted to ask you guys to see what your opinions are. Dead Souls is PS3 exclusive and there seem to be no signs of remastering it. With every other game in the series on PS4/PS5 and PS3 becoming harder to find, should we remove Dead Souls from Majima's Finest? I was personally thinking of creating a new category along the lines of "Dragons of Dojima" and including the Japanese titles as a special title for those who go above and beyond and if you guys would like, we could move Dead Souls into this category and open up Majima's Finest to those who never had a PS3. But I'd like to hear your guys thoughts on this first before I make the change. Please let me know your thoughts and if you guys like this idea or if you prefer to keep Majima's Finest exclusive to holding platinums for every translated game. Awesome job yourself and welcome! Ishin got a PS4 version (as Undead Wolf kindly pointed out) but I would love a Kenzan/Ishin dual remaster that makes it overseas. Best of luck with FoTNS though! Are you planning on hopping into Yakuza Like a Dragon next? Here are your tiles btw! @ShadyWARcotix Very true, I have been exploring PS5 a bit more lately. You have been very dedicated to the series though and that's awesome. I think a big thing too though is that my wife loves the stories of Yakuza but she isn't interested in playing them herself (aside from the crane games and the card games, which I let her play usually). So when I play without her, she tends to be disappointed and prefers if I wait for her. And with us working opposite shifts now it's hard to coordinate times. But lately I've been thinking of keeping our save and going on without her and just having a separate save when we can play together. I am glad to hear you aren't burnt out on them. Also thank you very much for all your kind words! And Yakuza definitely does deserve a wider audience. That's why I'm glad Sega has been putting them on PC and Xbox lately and being on game pass is awesome so more people can play them. I'm very sorry. At the moment, Dead Souls is required but see the above proposal. Would you prefer we remove it from Majima's finest and start a separate category with it included? True, but you were enjoying the series and going above and beyond which is really what I hope people do! And you are quite right, I realized it when I went to bed last night but I was already falling asleep so I figured I would fix it in the morning. This should be fixed now though. But best of luck with Darkside Chronicles! I enjoyed Village myself (you can tell from the engine that they are definitely working on RE4 remake) but it's worth waiting for the DLC as well. Also, that's interesting about Lost Judgment. Definitely not complaining though ha ha.
  12. Hey everyone! So between work settling in and getting a PS5, I've been able to focus on completing several games and I've added a bunch of platinums to the list! I'm working on a couple still, such as Mass Effect, Demon Souls and Atelier Rorona but those may take a while as I get invested in the series. In the mean time, here are my newest completions! #216 Spider-Man Remastered (PS5) May 29, 2021 (2:36 PM) I missed Spider-Man the first time it came around on PS4 and when I got my new PS5, I had Miles Morales sidelined. But before I played that game, I wanted to experience the original so I downloaded the remaster and played through it. I really loved what Insomniac did with the game. It was really fun exploring the city, seeing real landmarks and the plot was actually pretty good. I really like how they handled certain characters and how lesser known villains got a chance to shine in this one. My only real gripe with this one was the random crimes that would sometimes glitch out. Before I even got the map working, the game would usually spawn a crime that I couldn't find even after activating the map or sometimes I would just get a random "We got it Spider-Man don't worry" without a notification popping up. Still, I really enjoyed this game and 100% all DLC as well. I hope Spider-Man 2 will be as good! #217 Spider-Man: Miles Morales (PS4) June 5, 2021 (12:10 AM) This was a short and sweet game that I really enjoyed! It was just long enough to never outstay it's welcome, I loved all the new upgrades (such as the app for crimes or the venom punch) and the winter theme made it feel fun to explore NYC all over again. I played the PS4 version mainly to autopop the PS5 version trophies but it was still awesome playing this game. Slightly easier than the first game but it was pretty much an expansion pack to the game and well worth playing through. Definitely another recommended game from Insomniac! #218 Spider-Man: Miles Morales (PS5) June 5, 2021 (12:16 AM) As I mentioned above, I played the PS4 version so I could autopop the PS5 trophies. Still highly recommended and exploring afterwards, the PS5 seems to make this beautiful game even better looking. In the future, I probably will play through this version again in New Game + and replay this game as it really was fun. #219 Cat Quest II June 6, 2021 (1:29 AM) This was an awesome follow up to an awesome game. Somewhat short and a bit harder than Cat Quest 1 but a very fun game and I loved having a Dog as a second player. The storyline also made me chuckle. It's basically more of the goodness that was Cat Quest 1 but with more features and 2 player mode. I really hope Cat Quest 3 comes out sometime soon. #220 Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart June 14, 2021 (5:51 PM) Playing this reminded me of why I love this series so much and just how long it's been. This was a fantastic game with fun gameplay and beautiful graphics. It also made good use of the PS5 controller as well. The story was a bit cliche but I enjoyed it overall and I really hope it doesn't take them another 5 years to make a sequel to this one. Still, this was a very fun game and one that I will probably replay in New Game + a few times so I can max out my weapons and re-experience the storyline again. A lot of people say this game is too short but I feel like it was perfect. It wasn't too short but it didn't drag on. Most people may want to wait until the price goes down a bit but I'm glad I got it and it's a very fun, highly recommended game. #221 Maneater (PS5) June 18, 2021 (12:01 AM) This is still a fun, short game that's pretty fun but I feel like it didn't use the PS5 capabilities as well as it could have. Yes, it looks fantastic and it doesn't sound like a jet engine taking off when I play it on PS5 but outside of a new skin it didn't really feel like much of an upgrade (especially when you can play the PS4 version on PS5). Still, it was a lot of fun replaying this game and it was awesome that it was a free upgrade from the PS4 version. Hopefully the developers make a sequel with lots of more content (and a higher level cap) but if you're looking for a fun game to unwind to that lets you eat some people as an electric shark, look no further! #222 Hatsune Miku Project Diva Future Tone DX June 18, 2021 (1:36 PM) Project Diva Future Tone is by far my favorite game in the series and one of the ultimate Miku packages. How can you beat over 200 Miku songs with customizable modules and a variety of modes? I originally imported the Japanese digital version thinking there was no way they'd ever license that many songs for overseas (of course, they did and I bought that version too) and I fell in love with the game instantly. I even really enjoyed the Switch version (though I wish all of the songs made it over). So when I heard that they made a physical version with all the DLC (minus the Megamix songs), I had to import it. This is the ultimate Miku game (unless you really like Diva Room or Edit Mode) as nearly every song from every Miku game (minus Project Diva X) is in it. They even upgraded the visuals on the PVs, which is awesome. The physical version even comes with a platinum trophy which is super easy to get (mainly playing and taking photos of the DLC songs). If you have any interest in Miku songs, buy this game! You will not regret it as there is a ton of content and pretty much all of the top Miku songs are here.
  13. Hey guys! Managed to wrap up a somewhat more recent backlog game: Cat Quest II All 20 Trophies 6th June 2021 • Platinum in 1 year, 6 months Fun game. Not sure why I sat on it for so long but I really do enjoy this series and I hope Cat Quest III comes out sometime soon.
  14. Just think of them as extra achievements, even if you don't plan on using them. Getting the plat for one or two Yakuza games is tough enough but the fact that you've nearly finished the entire series is crazy and awesome. It's still crazy to think as we both started Yakuza 3 relatively around the same time but I'm still on it and you're finishing up the last few PS4 games. I am sorry to hear you're not enjoying Judgment as much as the rest of the series though. Hopefully you enjoy Fist of the North Star more. Are you feeling burnt out after so many games in a row? Also, I really enjoy this thread and the people who've joined it so thanks to everyone who's joined it! I'm glad to see the Yakuza series getting a lot of love. Awesome job! Unfortunately there is a caveat that came to my attention while updating your list. Have you finished Yakuza: Dead Souls? I can't seem to find it on your profile and it is required for Majima's Finest. I know I had you on it previously, which I sincerely apologize for the mistake, but it is required at this time for Majima's Finest. Still, your completions are majorly impressive. But in the mean time, here is the tile for your Yakuza Like a Dragon! Keep up the great work though! @bogaards1997 Awesome job and welcome back to Majima's Finest! Glad to see you fired it up. I know this is a separate topic but have you tried out Village yet or are you still waiting for the PS5 version? Here's your tile and great job once again! @Undead Wolf Awesome job with the double plat! I'm glad you enjoyed it so much and that it turned you onto the series! Yakuza 0 is one of the best games in the series and I had a blast with it, hopefully you do too!
  15. Of course you can join! We welcome everyone here whether they're planning on playing their first one or they've platinumed every single one. Welcome to the thread! Awesome job with the completions by the way. And not a problem, I hope this has helped people enjoy the series too. It's an awesome series and I'm glad it released on Xbox/PC now so more people can enjoy it. Here are your tiles and good luck with the rest of the games! Awesome! I've heard good things about 5 and I'm looking forward to playing it (I'm on 3 still). Hopefully you continue enjoying it!