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  1. Short update time! I've been playing a lot of games here and there mostly for fun but time has been really limited due to the holiday season really impacting work. I actually beat GTA 5 after years of playing only a couple of mission here and there. I was going for the platinum for a minute but there's just so much to that platinum that I took a break. I'm also playing through GoW Ragnarok when my PS5 doesn't glitch trying to update it (it's been forcing me to reinstall the game after every update because of weird errors). And I've also been playing AC3, Temtem and Pokemon on the side here and there. I also got the multiplayer trophies out of the way for AC Unity but that was annoying due to the multitude of errors and the fact that you have to unlink Uplay from your account in order to even connect to the server. But thankfully, I've gotten the last two multiplayer AC trophies I needed (I'm not super concerned with the PS3 versions as I have the remastered plats). But I've managed to complete a couple of games in the last couple months: #260 TMNT Cowabunga Collection (PS4) September 19, 2022 (1:21 AM) This collection came out of nowhere! All of my favorite TMNT games from back in the day in one collection with online play, strategy guides, rewind and a slew of amazing features to hold me over. This collection has all of the classics including the arcade versions of TMNT 89 and Turtles in Time, two of my favorites (and the main reason I picked this up). This collection has so much love put into it though that it's totally worth every penny. The trophies are super easy too and most simply require you to watch the computer beat the game and hop in at the last moment. Still, this is one game I'll be playing for a while, especially with my buddies. Highly recommend this collection. #261 Zero Escape: The Nonary Games December 6, 2022 (1:52 AM) I had heard lots of great things about these games but I didn't want to jump in on the sequel without playing 999. When they announced the Nonary Games collection featuring an updated 999 and VLR, I pounced on it and I'm so glad I did. These games are a blast and both of them feature engaging plots with mystery and escape rooms that can be really challenging at times. My only real gripes with this collection are that jumping through the timeline to get all the endings is super disorienting at times and the ending of VLR really left me hanging. Still, I played these with the wife and every time we picked them up, we didn't want to put them down just to see what happened next. Looking forward to closing out the trilogy with ZTD, even if the reviews are middling we want to see how the story wraps up. Highly recommend this collection as well. #262 Assassin's Creed III Remastered (PS4) December 7, 2022 (2:05 AM) When I first heard about this game, everything seemed amazing. But to be honest, the game itself was pretty middling for me. Despite taking place in colonial US, I wasn't engaged in the story. And the twist at the end was so sudden and unexplained it felt surreal. But the thing that really irked me about this game was how tedious the platinum was. Following people in the colony to try and get random observations that weren't tracked, searching for animals to spawn in specific regions so you can complete the hunting map, doing all of the challenges for every club, searching for convoys to spawn just for the trophy not to unlock, this platinum was mind numbingly boring. I felt like I spent more time doing the side trophies than I did 100%ing the main campaign. And that was including the frustrating optional missions that took 100 tries to complete, such as sinking the fleet in less than 1:30. I'm so glad to be done with this game and move onto Liberation. Heck, I was loving Unity when I played it briefly for the trophies and that opened my eyes to just how tedious and bored I was with AC3, mostly due to the platinum requirements. To summarize, there's so many things in this game that sound cool on paper, like the naval missions (which AC4 perfected), the setting, hunting for upgrades, etc. But they do it in such a boring, bland way that it never really feels fun like the Ezio trilogy. Couple that with having to 100% everything in the game, frustrating optional objectives and boring side missions and this is not a platinum I recommend. The game is worth a playthrough but definitely do not recommend trying for the platinum.
  2. Awesome job and welcome to masters of unlocking! I'm glad you enjoyed both games. I liked RE8 too but I liked the slower pace and puzzle oriented gameplay of RE7 a bit better myself. Here's your ammo! Welcome back! Awesome job! I still have to play shadow of rose but I know I'm more inclined to go back to it after having fun with the new mercenaries characters (I wasn't a fan of the mode originally). Great job, here's your ammo! I'd say it's allowed. People can talk about organizing playthroughs here! You may have some better luck looking in the gaming sessions (or creating one) though cause this thread isn't super active lately. Just some advice though: Pro mode on RE5 isn't too terrible if you have upgraded weapons with unlimited ammo. The true test will be the giant fight and the big spoiler fight as they are tough.
  3. To each their own! You're always welcome if you want to join! Welcome to the thread! I like the username! Great job on your completions by the way! Very impressive with multi region stacks of several games! Which one has been your favorite? Are you planning on playing Fist of the North Star? Thanks of, here are your tiles! That's most likely what I'll do. Thanks for the suggestion! I'll probably work on that tile once I get a chance. Great job on the completion! I have heard Yakuza 6 is a bit easier to plat than other games in the series but I'm not quite there yet. Here's your tile! Of course you can join! I've already added you in, all you have to do is post! Great job on the completions! Are you planning on playing Like a Dragon soon? Here are your tiles, thanks for joining!
  4. Always happy to have new members no matter when they join! Thanks for joining, hope you enjoy it! Are you planning on playing Yakuza 3 soon? Thanks again and here are your tiles! Great job! I'm currently playing through Yakuza 5 here and there with the wife and I really enjoy it but I can tell it's a huge game with lots to do. And I have heard 6 is a bit easier to plat. Thanks for the update, here's your tile! There will likely be a new tile for Ishin since it's technically releasing as Ishin Kiwami in Japan (and will likely have a new trophy list on top of it). But your thoughts and input is always welcome. Nice! Have you tried it yourself? They're really addicting games.
  5. My code is SW9M3.
  6. Of course, welcome to the thread! Enjoy Yakuza 0, it's a blast!
  7. Hey everyone! Not a huge update but more just sharing the excitement that Ryza 3 was officially announced yesterday! While it won't come out until February, it's still exciting to see that we're getting a third Ryza game! Best of luck to you all!
  8. Hello everyone! This isn't so much an update but to share excitement that three games just got announced yesterday! For those who weren't aware, the series will now have a new name "Like a Dragon" (reverting to a translation of the Japanese name) so the thread title will be adjusted accordingly. Not only that, but we're getting an official translation of "Ishin", a spin off titled "LAD: The Man Who Erased His Name" and Like a Dragon 8! Also, for you PC gamers, Judgment and Lost Judgment just got released recently! Things are looking great for this series!
  9. Hello everyone! It's been a slow couple of months to be honest. Most of this is because I've been so tired and I've kind of hopped around playing different games, many of which are not really easy completions (Pinball FX, DBD, FFXIV PS5, etc). Most of the games I've played lately have been zone out games or just ones I'm playing with the wife (Zero Escape for example). But I've managed to get a couple completions here and there! #256 Resident Evil 5 (PS4) July 13, 2022 (2:47 AM) To be honest, when I first played RE5, I really disliked it. It was way too actiony and I preferred the exploration and survival of the first 3 games (and to some extent 4). It also didn't help that I had just played through 0-4 and CVX all in a row. But when I fired it up again, I actually really enjoyed the game. It was a lot of fun going through the game several times and while it's not an amazing RE game, it's still a fun game in general. The platinum was surprisingly easy as well. The only real tough part was getting through Pro and only on a couple of sections (mainly the giant boss fight). I still have to beat the Versus and Lost in Nightmares DLC but I'm gonna come back for those. Now to get through RE6 which so far is an actual chore. #257 House Builder July 18, 2022 (11:34 PM) My wife and I really loved House Flipper and this game seemed to have a similar vibe to it so we picked it up. I really enjoyed building houses from scratch in this game to be honest. However, there were a few glitchy and unpredictable things that happened along the way such as blocks not cutting or things not working properly though I think that was more cause we were playing it immediately after release. Still, it was a blast building the various houses and the platinum was quite easy consisting of only really unlocking the skill tree items (you really don't even have to build houses if you don't want). While not as replayable as House Flipper and a lot shorter due to the smaller amount of houses, this game is fun in its own right. Well worth the recommendation. #258 Sonic Origins (PS5) August 7, 2022 (8:29 PM) I do like me some old school Sonic and I always wondered why the upgraded mobile versions never made it to console. Thankfully, they have now. While the collection is way overpriced in my opinion, this was a really fun romp through classic Sonic games and the anniversary modes make it a lot easier to get through if you have trouble with the games. While the music in Sonic 3 took some getting used to, I actually had a lot of fun playing through this game and didn't run into any real glitches unlike other people who played this title. Exploring the changes was a lot of fun and playing through Hidden Palace zone or Sonic 1 as Knuckles was a blast. The platinum is also extremely easy with the challenges being the only real hard part (though you can pick and choose which ones you want to play). All in all, not nearly as bad as people make it out to be even though it still needs some work. I'll be likely playing the PS4 version sometime soon to get the double plat. #259 Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga (PS5) September 11, 2022 (5:03 PM) This game was such a blast to explore and play through! I really enjoyed it though to be honest, the mid to late game is kind of a drag. I really like exploring the universe, the new skill tree and the option to buy hints but 90% of this game is fetch quests and they put hundreds of fetch quests in this game. Still, I really enjoyed exploring and playing through the story (even if some of the levels were extremely short, Episode 1 I'm looking at you). If you're looking for a great, long lasting Lego game to play this is a great game and the plat is pretty much your par for the Lego (beat story missions, collect everything in certain planets, get all minikits, etc). Just be prepared cause this game is about 2.5x longer than other Lego games!
  10. Awesome job! That does sound like an epic summer. Thanks for joining! Welcome to Tojo Clan Captains! Are you planning on playing FotNS: Lost Paradise as well? Here are your tiles, great job!
  11. Of course! Great job on the completion! Welcome back to Masters of Alchemy! What did you think of Sophie 2? And they're teasing an announcement from Gust soon so hopefully you'll have another Atelier game to play soon! Here's your tile! Thanks for the update! I wouldn't worry about the time limit in the dusk trilogy. They're very forgiving with their time limit. But I'd recommend playing them in the order you want, they're fun games and you shouldn't get too hung up on which game to play. Go with whichever one you enjoy! Best of luck to you!
  12. Hey there, thanks for the update! I personally would have to disagree with you and say that I really enjoyed the remaster series. 5 especially is great (as thefourfoldroot mentioned). I understand wanting to take a break but you've still got some great games ahead of you. Great job with the completions, here are your tiles! @Tirmata Hey there, thanks for joining! Yes, Yakuza 0 is a great platinum to get but it can be challenging at times (especially with the more luck based trophies, such as those in the cat fighting arena). But the game was a blast, be prepared to spend some time with it though (I think I ended up with around 250-260 hours when I got it). I have not played 6 yet (I'm gonna play through it after I beat 5) but be prepared as the batting feels a bit more stiff in the older games. It is somewhat fun though. Here's your tile! @Spider5786 Great job with the completions and thanks for the update! From what I've played of Ishin, it's awesome and I hope they localize it. But best of luck wrapping up LaD, here are your tiles! @ShadyWARcotix Awesome and welcome! 0 is a lot of fun and so is the rest of the series! It may take a while but as ShadyWARcotix said, it's not a race! Have fun and we'll see you when you get your first plat! Awesome job! Also don't worry about region lock on PS3. All of the Playstation systems since the PS3/PSP have been region free so you can import games from any region and they'll work (I personally have imported lots of Yakuza games including Ishin and "Of the End" [Japanese Dead Souls]). Best of luck and here is your tile! @dark_moon689
  13. Welcome and thanks for joining! Thank you also for the detailed list of platinums! Which one has been your favorite so far? Do you plan on playing 7/Village? Here are your awards!
  14. Hello everyone. It's been an insane month to be honest not just on the gaming side. I managed to snag a promotion again at work and I've been adjusting to the change for a while. It's definitely a lot more work and more hours but I enjoy it. I also got sick a couple weeks ago and lost my voice which has kept me from investing too heavily into any one game, especially if I have to think about it. I've been playing a lot of random games over the last month but I've also been primarily focusing on RPG Maker for PC as I'm working on a game that side too. It's nothing major, just something I've been working on with the wife when I have free time. I was super bummed about my PS5 controller getting a bad drift in it though which is another reason I've been avoiding serious completions. I did manage to fix it with rubbing alcohol but I'm hoping it lasts (my switch joycons did the same thing and it only worked for a few days). But I've been going beyond my comfort zone in playing a lot of multiplayer games. FFXIV has been a big time sink lately as I can come home from work and just zone out exploring areas in that game and grinding out levels. I also, at the suggestion of a friend, played Dead by Daylight and I'm having a blast with it. I enjoy Killer a lot more but survivor is fun too. Here is my completions lately: #250 Grand Theft Auto III: DE (PS5) May 14, 2022 (12:21 PM) This is my second stack of this game and this one was honestly a lot harder than the original PS4 version. This game does have its issues, there is no denying that, but the world does look a lot better and I really enjoy the updated controls (and in game map). Besides, I love GTA III, I'm always down to play through it again and again. I'll likely be starting the final stack of this game soon (PS4 version) but I may jump over to Vice City first (not sure). Still, had a blast playing this game and laughing at the vehicle spawn rate changes (seeing Mr. Whoopees and Flatbeds everywhere) or finding new glitches. Not looking forward to ambulance missions again but this is still a blast to play and I had a lot of fun getting 100% again on this version. #57 Tarot Readings Premium (PS5) May 15, 2022 (12:23 AM) Another free PS5 upgrade I didn't realize was there. This one I'm not super interested in but its still kind of interesting to read your predictions and see how you fare. There is an annoying 5 day trophy on this (you can skip ahead with the clock but I didn't feel like doing it) so that makes it harder than the others but still very easy trophy list. Thankfully, this one didn't glitch like the others did. #251 Our Church And Halloween RPG: Story Two May 15, 2022 (1:41 AM) More platinum fodder. There was a challenge on TrueTrophies for completions in May and I played this one to get an easy completion. I thought the game looked really cool and bought several of the chapters at once but was upset with the first game's length of 5 minutes and never continued. It was a bit more fleshed out than the first game but the battles didn't matter cause you killed everything in one shot anyway. Honestly, I know it's only 99 cents but they really should have packaged all of these games together as one game. Even then it would be short but it wouldn't feel this disappointing when you beat in a few minutes. It has the potential to be a cool game but it's literally just selling because it's a 5 minute platinum and I'm sure the devs know that. #252 Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition May 17, 2022 (11:38 AM) I started this due to TrueTrophies' May RPG target. At first, I thought this game was just a cash grab. But after playing it, I really enjoyed it a lot. Yes, the graphics aren't as pretty but I feel like FFXV makes more sense when you consolidate it down to the essentials. The real FFXV had so much empty space and running from spot to spot that when the maps are concise like this, it feels a lot smoother and more focused. Yes, there's a lot of grinding involved for the platinum but I really enjoyed this version of the game (even though it got repetitive at times) and it managed to tell the entire story of FFXV. My biggest complaints are the repetitive nature and the meaningless choices but other than that, this is likely my go to version if I want to re-experience FFXV. While it's definitely meant to recoup some of FFXV's losses, it's a very enjoyable game on its own. #253 Deeeer Simulator May 31, 2022 (8:43 PM) This game is utterly ridiculous and is a blast. Very goat sim like where there is stuff to do but for the most part, it involves you just causing as much chaos as possible. While not nearly as fleshed out as goat simulator, this game was just hilarious and fun. Not a game that you should take seriously but a great game to unwind with and just screw around in for a little while. The platinum is also pretty easy, my only real complaint is that the game was very short (I beat it in a couple hours). Still, props to the developer! #58 Discovery June 13, 2022 (10:17 AM) This game seemed really cool at first when I saw it on the Playstation store. Sure, it's an obvious Minecraft rip off but it took place on alien worlds and seemed to be a bit smoother than Minecraft. However, after starting the game up, I realized it was just 10 blocks and no real direction. Definitely a rip off if you're considering this game. There are also only 4 trophies with 1 being a multiplayer trophy (which I boosted with the wife today) but just pick up Minecraft if that's what you're interested in. This is just a cheap knock off in comparison. #254 Resident Evil 2 (PS5) June 13, 2022 (7:35 PM) Surprise! Three of my favorite RE games just got PS5 versions today, the same day that the original RE dropped on PS5! I'm very much looking forward to replaying this version and seeing all the new upgrades and fancy features (and not hearing the turbine sound of my PS4 when I played this game). This game does autopop if you have a PS4 save file so it autopopped everything except the final trophy I've been struggling with but I'm still gonna enjoy replaying this game. Great time to be a RE fan! #255 Resident Evil 3 (PS5) June 13, 2022 (7:37 PM) Another autopop from my PS4 save. Can't wait to try out these new versions though! Looking forward to playing them!
  15. Hello, I hope you're all doing well. This thread is definitely open to anyone who wants to join or update their profile and get some Resident Evil awards! Feel free to join! As I'm sure you're aware, today was a great day for RE fans. The PS5 versions of RE2, RE3 and RE7 released today as free upgrades (and RE2/RE3 are 100% autopops, RE7 is mostly autopop) and there are new custom awards you can earn for getting them! I've gotten the PS5 version of RE2/3 so I'll post my awards below if you're curious. We also got news of RE8's DLC so when that finally releases, the golden shotgun shell will be available to be earned! Lastly, the new Playstation Plus tiers rolled out today including a surprise rerelease of Resident Evil: Director's Cut! While there are PS4/PS5 versions of this game, unfortunately they are not part of the thread due to Capcom not including trophies in the release. Still, it's a fun cheesy game to play! Looking forward to hopefully seeing some updates soon! Here are my new awards if you're curious on what you can earn: EDIT: I managed to go back and get the RE5 plat. When I first played this game, I really disliked it. However, after coming back to it, I enjoyed it quite a bit. It's not like other RE games but it's still a lot better than I initially thought. Still have to get the DLC but I got the platinum now.